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Mufti Menk
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My brothers and sisters, the Quran is a miracle if you read a single letter of the Quran you earn rewards 10 rewards minimum as you go more and more you're getting more reward more reward. The Quran has in it an amazing unique power the Quran has in it's something that is inexplicable, you need to you need to read it in order to feel it. And you will realize this is indeed the gift of Allah subhanho wa Taala in Allah Allah alpha will be handled Kitabi Aquaman why Elba will be here when through the same book Allah elevates some people and the same book Allah drops some people you are connected to it Allah elevates you look at those who are reciting of the Quran. We know them we

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named so many of them. What is your connection with them? It's only that they can recite the Quran in a beautiful melodious way. What is another connection, no other connection? There are Muslimeen who can read the Quran? I've benefited from the recitation. I love this recitation. For example, unis a Suillus, a guy from North Africa. What a lovely recital. MashAllah Tabata Kala, a guy called Hassan salah, now based in America reading so beautifully, what's my connection with these people? Nothing besides the word of Allah. So Allah elevates people through the Quran, and then some have dropped through the same Quran. And that's why you find people they spend their entire lives trying

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to find fault in the Quran.

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It started from the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam.

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They tried to find fault in the Quran, they couldn't. And they kept on picking on things picking on it's going to happen right to the end of time. If you're a Muslim, and you don't know the response to something that someone has said against the Quran, you need to learn it. You don't just become impressed by someone who supposedly found a fault. There are no faults, there is no contradiction. Not at all. But the unsuspecting those who don't have knowledge. They might think that oh, these guys are quite, you know, they've studied and they found some mistakes, no errors, no errors, not at all. May Allah Almighty grant us the ability to understand how gifted we are. It has in it the news

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of those before us the news of those who are to come after us and the rulings of whatever we may require in our current lives.

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This is what the Quran has in it. It has prophecies of the future. It has the stories of the past and it has the rulings rules and regulations that would apply presently everything is for a reason. And it is there because Allah wants to teach us

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