Mohammed Hijab – Quran Burner Being Crowned After Losing Debate

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © A man is trying to move to the Muslim community and is using his camera to help fundraiser. The man is causing people to protest and is using his name as a cheerleader to increase funds. The man is asking people to donate to him and is planning to increase the fund in Scandinavia.
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I'm saying to you right now, you know I want to thank you. Wait a minute, what did you say? You know, we've been using this man as a servant to the Muslim community because of him we have been able to raise $1 million

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this camera and now we're gonna raise even more look at this man right behind me. Since we've contrived we've got this guy now. Now you're gonna have to donate for the masjid and the dollar center in Norway. Now as you can see, this guy is trying to move to big calm they're getting so angry but we have shown without a shadow of a doubt that they have no intellectual leg to stand on. We've also shown that the Muslim community now must take these as opportunities to raise funds we've already raised for this man help the fundraiser of the month please take a look at him. Everyone gives a fundraiser

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fundraiser of the month 1 million now I'll tell you what, he's going to use them again our mascot our cheerleader our cash cow we're gonna milk you for all you've got

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yes okay for her she said that she said Donate now.

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She said Donate now. So you click on that link below. And she What's your name? Darling? It doesn't matter what your

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darling. Okay, so you're going to go ahead and donate and we're gonna go for another million you know why cuz Scandinavia needs it. The Muslim community needs institutions. These people the more they shout the more we respond, respond.

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Donate now so I'm not going to lie.

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