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My brothers, my sisters This evening we're talking about the Quran, the divine book, the word of Allah revelation from Allah, the most powerful word in existence. That's the word of Allah. We are here to listen to the word of Allah and about the word of Allah. I want to speak to you about something very, very important. What is the ultimate goal of a believer? Where would you like to go? Ultimately, can you say it loudly?

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Jana, everyone says Jana. Destination Jana, we all would like to go to Jana. I like to give a few examples number one,

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this event is probably one of the most well attended events I have ever been to

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Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us success. I grew up I asked Allah to grant all of us is in our struggles I am with my family and mashallah, we were standing up there, watching what was going on And subhanAllah it brought tears to my eyes to see brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, the elderly, the young, everyone coming, the practicing the not so practicing were all in one huge boat. This is our boat. It's the ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. There is love for one another. You're struggling with your deen I still love you. You're sailing through with your deen I still love you but be careful of shaytan he comes to you and I as well. My brothers, my sisters before you

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came here, you had to book a seat. Am I right or wrong?

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You had to book a seat in order to have this venue you had to pay for the seat that you're sitting on. It was advertised a few months ago and many of you are known as early birds. What's an early bird you get a bit of a discount you get a what

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a discount early bird Mashallah. The brothers and the sisters who booked early you paid less mashallah, but what were you looking forward to, to meet this person, that person to listen to this speech and that speech to be motivated to be guided to feel good about myself, improve the goodness and to feel a little bit guilty about some of the wrongs that I'm doing so that I can quit the church while Ibrahim spoke to us in such an amazing way? Don't you agree?

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There we are. He actually analyzed words of songs and I'm thinking oh, that's something interesting. And then he spoke about how if a person thinks smoking is good, or whatever is good, they should all think about if they can say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim before they start smoking, can they say that? No, they can't which means it's a bad thing and when you're done smoking or your shisha would you say Alhamdulillah you wouldn't say that amazing. So we came in order to listen to be reminded to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala we thank him for it but we booked in advance so that we could attend here and mashallah some happened to book a little bit later but we all did and therefore when you

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came in, you had to show them a little card they looked at the card they saw they gave you a little seat somewhere here and mashallah, you came and you sat and you sat for hours on end? I'm the last speaker should I cut my seat speed short or can I speak a little bit longer?

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Hola Hola. Allah leads is leading the way mashallah, now I know why they call it leads hamdulillah

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Subhan Allah leading the way. So I tell you, my brothers, my sisters, it's interesting to note that we had to book or save a seat I need to save a seat, my own seat in Jannah. I also need to be an early bird. When I get to the other side I need to show a card or they will show me my own card because they know the cards what's going to happen. I will then be granted entry into Janna and shown my place in Jana and I will have to be mashallah assuming taking up that particular place that Allah has prepared for me but I need to book when I book there is a payment. Early bird might pay a little bit less. If you practice the deen of Allah from an early age. The hadith says Shaban Nisha

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uffi Bada Tila heeta Allah, a young person who grew up practicing and close to Allah, they will have a VIP status on the Day of Judgment because why you're coming in, you've saved your seat from a very young age, early bird as we would say. And as you come in Subhanallah, you are granted a special place of waiting and then in Jannah tool for DOS, because Allah has praised you but it's not too late for the others. Some of you might have booked as latest today or this afternoon but you're still here. So even if we were not practicing from the very beginning we are taught that if you if you actually make amends, you repent to Allah you turn to Allah before it is too late. Allah will

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grant you the love

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fierson Best ranks of Jannah while loving

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AMILO Sani hottie Hola, Inca

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Jun, those who believe and do good deeds they are the dwellers of Paradise, they will be in Jannah they have saved their seats in paradise. But when it comes to those who have sinned and wronged you and die, who have done things we're not so proud of sometimes we feel, is my ticket valid or not? Will my ticket be accepted or not imagine coming to the door and you find that this ticket is actually entry into a totally different venue and the different event all together. How would you feel you feel like a fool that I booked the wrong ticket. Therefore, if a person were to do deeds that would result in them entering hellfire

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and then expected to enter Jannah Allah says, if you're alive, you can quickly change that and it's not going to be so difficult to change that by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala