Hadith #9 True Strength, Mastery Over Anger and the Essence of Discipline

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Do you find yourself getting mad all the time? It's okay. The fact that you get mad is not haram. It's not an ailment. It's not a sickness. It's not a misogynistic trait. Rather, it's something that's natural. It's part of your physical, your natural inclination. What is important is that you know how to channel that anger for something that is beneficial. The Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam will get angry for the sake of Allah. If Allah as Dean was violated by someone voluntarily, with the intention to violate Islam or a Muslim, or even humanity, this would make him upset. We see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam debunks the common understanding of masculinity. Because many

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times we think just the fact of exerting aggression any way is a masculine trait that can inherently have masculine traits. But how one exerts that aggression is to where one could lose his title of masculinity. Or it could be an emasculating trait, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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Lisa should you do this surah in the machete, do lady young Malika NAFSA who end up this hadith is narrated on Behati and Muslim and it is so hate insha Allah on the authority of Abu Huraira

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so he, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam first debunks the common understanding of masculinity, being that this person can fight, he says laces should either be Surat, verily, the harsh one is not the one that can wrestle. This was something that they used to do in their time was wrestling. But wrestling, in and of itself is a skill that is a manifestation of your body mechanics, using it in a way that can hurt someone whether offensively or defensively. But the fact that you can wrestle is not a sign of you being a man. It is a character trait of a man being that he is strong enough to wrestle, and it can be a character trait of discipline, if you are proficient

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Yeah, and you are very good wrestler means that you have to have done it over time, because you done it over time, which requires a level of discipline, and discipline requires patience, and patience and discipline is without a doubt, a strong sign of masculinity and of manhood. But he says, that is not only this should eat, the harsh one

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this should eat is, is the one that can control themselves in a time of anger. The second which leads me to the second point.

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This shiddhi is the one that can control themselves. self restraint, control.

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Discipline is consistent acts of control to reach a desired goal. When one has his self constraint or restraint, they voluntarily withhold that which they want for that which is better. That's a wise man. That's a man of self constraint. That's a restraint. That's a man of discipline. Discipline is what is needed, knowing how to control yourself consistently for a greater good, a greater goal. So when you are at school, and a female may come on to you, she may send you a text, she may send you a DM through social media, you have to learn how to block people out and then you have to learn how to leave WhatsApp groups. You got to learn and it may be something that you don't want to do but you

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know, down the line, it's better for you. So when the Prophet SAW Selim said yam lick min Malik owns, what owns you, our devices own you, or does Allah own you. And the way that you can prove that is when you consistently restrain yourself for that which is greater for that which owns you. And that's ultimately what it is. The third point is what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in dental hub, he acknowledges the law, but he acknowledges the anger. It is the into integration of your aggression to to integrate your aggression into that which is beneficial for you. So if you're learning wrestling, for example, you exert that aggression to learn wrestling to move to the next

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point, next, next point to the next level, the next belt, whatever it is, if you're lifting weights, if you're learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, there's a level of aggression that you even need to stay still, that may sound weird, but that aggression inside that I really want to hit that bullseye, and I'm going to come day in and day out when my instructor says, I can't make it at 6pm. You say, Okay, are we able to do it at 8pm You're a little aggressive in the in the fact that you want this. When someone sees that you really want something, that aggression that you have, you're directing it in a way that's conducive to you that anger that you have when you walk around and you

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people that are dressed inappropriately, for example, it makes you angry, but you don't exert that anger and speed

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badly to that person or talk down to that person as though they're lesser of a person, rather your anger for the sake of Allah. And yes, Oh Allah subhanaw taala you know, guide this person, oh Allah guide them that angle that anger is trick channeled into you making dua when you saw something into hack, when you saw something that was violating Allah's law, that's what makes you angry. But then you control that anger, and channel that anger into dua. When you see something from a relative, when you see something from someone that may not, you know, you're angry at your parents, sometimes, they may do something that you may not like, you channel that anger into making to offer them, you

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channel that anger into restraint and doing something good. Your mom didn't let you go out with your friends and you wanted to after you cleaned your room when she asked you to your patient. And then you tell her the next day or you say Mom, is there anything else you need for me? You're angry inside, but you control yourself, not your emotions. And that is one of the strongest characteristics that a young man a male needs, controlling his emotions. Ultimately, that's what this hadith is, is talking about. May Allah subhanaw taala make us have those that control our emotions and don't allow our emotions to control us. Burkle offical was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi

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