My Moment of Conviction – Learning Who Allah Is

Abdullah Oduro


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When did I know Islam was true man, Islam was true when I was in a room full of guys that I used to freestyle with from Brooklyn. And they used to tell me about a lot. And I used to think Allah was something that dealt with another practice of Islam. But when they said, No, No man, Allah is a Creator of the heavens in the earth. And he's not a man. He's not a human being. As soon as they said that, that's when it sparks something from inside. Okay, what is this? They started to tell me about God. And everything I naturally believed about God, is what made me listen more.

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When they started to talk about his qualities, particularly his names and attributes, that God is a creator, how could he be a form of creation? It's not befitting for him. So the more that they started to talk, the more it was so much easier for me to listen to and to accept, but I didn't tell him at that time. But that was really the what set it off for me. Yeah.

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