Sajid Ahmed Umar – The Young Learners’ Hub Ramadan Series #4

Sajid Ahmed Umar
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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah and he was a big marine among Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Everyone from mainlanders have said was why?

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As you can see young learners have we have three students in house when I said as Salam alikoum they said

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let's try that again. I said I'm Ali Kumara to everyone

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All right, we towards the end of Ramadan, the fastest starting to take their toll, especially on the little ones. How's your guys fasting going? Let me know in sha Allah. Whenever you see me looking up, I'm looking at your chat. Okay, so let me know how your fasting is going. Especially this late in Ramadan. There's only about a week left panel last month went by so fast was the last panel except on our worship. I mean, you know, but I mean, also, Abdullah and Khadija and I met they also welcome you welcome you to our final Ramadan for an class. Lesson number four, lesson four of four of the lenders have our chances of ever Milan to build genda together. We do have one more session

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tomorrow. And that is the question and answer session. I'll tell you a little bit about that at the end of today's episode. As always, we bilgin that together also by sending a special welcome to some specific people and today I want to extend a special welcome to Emad was 10 years old, and Maria was eight years old from Sydney. I also have a special welcome for Mohammed yazeed from Dubai, and Shafi was 12 years old from Coventry in the UK. And zacky was seven from India. And Khadija who's 12 and Lena who's six from Sri Lanka special welcome to you all. Another special welcome goes out to how old I was seven and waste who is six from England. And we have a special welcome for the sneem who's

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nine and Lisa who's six from Scotland. And we have two interesting names especially welcome goes to misc. Who's seven and Saunders who is five years old from Sharjah, Masha Allah Allah bless you all. And a special charger is in the United Arab Emirates it's close to Dubai

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and we also have a special welcome for Zahara, Mr. Rude who's nine years old from Malaysia Mashallah, I think it's almost the third time in Malaysia. Almost if that thing so especially welcome to you all and as always, obviously to everyone joining in live or the local hemp Milla subhanho wa Taala bless our time together our final moments in which we build gentlemen together. Now don't forget let me know where you from your age if possible, and where you from. So at least I can read your comments after the episode and smile I always find Mashallah when I see different people who have joined in Mashallah, some of the people who have just shared a special welcome to

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they are here again, for today's class will be language and obviously I get the special outcomes from the previous episode by reading Mashallah, all your messages, mail those words and bless you all, and to all the young boys and girls mentioning how they love me. I love you too, for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa tarang All right. We started our Quran. Young ladies have Ramadan series at the beginning of Ramadan very early in Ramadan because Mashallah Ramadan started just before the weekend. So we had the first Saturday, and we discussed Sudoku Cafiero. And the next Saturday, we discussed Sudoku.

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And then last week, which was the third Saturday, we

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discussed, sort of Salatu Falak surah to Fela. And today, I want to lend Sora to ness Now, most likely, next Friday, or next Saturday, where I come from at least will be eat, which means this has to be our last session, because this is the last Saturday that we have in Vermont, especially for where we are right some of the people will have either on Saturday or Sunday. I think some people will have read on Sunday or Monday, but for us, it's probably going to be Friday or Saturday and allows kind of who knows best. Now in Surah, two Fela, we learned how to develop a surah are also a two alpha protection, right? And today's NES is also a doula for protection. And normally, as I

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explained to you in previous episodes, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to read every morning and every evening and after every Salah, the three fools Paulo I had gone out to grumble Fela and pull out the grumpy

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And in doing so, what happens? We get protected we gain protection Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala just went dark outside. So I think I can help us by switching on the lights vertical. Oh, Vicki Abdullah. It looks like we may have some rainfall insha Allah, which is very special when you level him, especially when we live in the desert, any chance of rain is special. And it was raining last night in mocap suit panela. So hopefully we I am in real, we will get some rain today strangely dark and that inshallah is a sign of some clouds out there. All right. So these sutras are surahs from the Quran, and they are also a means of protection and we discussed in swordfighter last week,

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the different things that we get protected from and in pseudo profila we said that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, pull out your bill Falak. So we seek protection in the Lord of the fall of the daybreak. Right? So we ask Allah we seek protection in Allah. And we mentioned one Maxim pertaining to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is related to Allah subhanho wa Taala being the Lord of the daybreak The Lord of the daybreak Okay. And then after that we ask Allah to protect us from three things

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mean Shall we mahalik woman shall be lost in either lockup or mean, shall we not fantastical occurred? Okay. Three things right? We asked a lot. Once we we call out to Allah, using one reality of Allah subhanho wa Taala that He is the Lord of the daybreak. But then after that, we ask Allah to protect us from three things. We ask Allah to protect us koolau the grumpy fella from what mean? Shall we maffra from all the scary things that Allah created, even monsters, right, even once this is a DJ Minami masala woman Sharia law certain either walk up and from the scary things of the night when the night settles, we shall read enough as it will open and from the evil of the people who

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blow in the north. Who are they?

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The Magicians who practice black magic, right? So we call out to Allah using one reality of Allah, but then we ask Allah to protect us on how many things everybody three days. Okay, in Surah to ness in today's era, we do the opposite. We do the opposite. As we mentioned three realities of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we ask Allah to protect us from one thing we say cool out of Europe, Venus, many came next Illa in Korea even refresh witness, or if anyone's read for assata Nast. She's going to start by saying she's going to read loud Go ahead, Khadija.

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Thank you.

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fun last

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Masha Allah, Allah you and your mother have been doing a phenomenal job by the calligraphy That was amazing. Yes, it Masha Allah. So in sooner to know us as Khadija reciting for us in this episode. We call out to Allah using three realities of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect us from one thing is to develop we call out to Allah using one reality Allah that He is the Lord of the daybreak and ask Allah to protect us from three things. In surah to NASS, we mentioned three realities of Allah, we see a call to purify bigness. We seek protection in the lord of mankind, who is the Lord of mankind. Allah many keenness, we seek protection in the king of

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mankind, who has absolute sovereignty, who is the king of mankind who has absolute sovereignty?

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No one can hear you. Allah conclusive. All right, so you don't have to use too much energy in you. You can protect your energy, so that you lost to the far right, a lot many keenness, Isla hiddenness. We seek protection in the God of mankind, who is the God of mankind, Allah we worship only. So Allah is the God of mankind. So here we mentioned three realities of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect us from one thing, are you following the hermit? Maybe I can summarize the lesson for us after we manage inshallah, all right, you have to put your thinking cap on and you have to focus Okay. All right, guys.

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thinking cap on in focus. All right. So here in Surah ness, we ask Allah calling out to Allah mentioning three realities, we asked you to protect yourself protect us from one thing, which is that one thing being shared was where I sell her ness. from the evil of the whispers that come in our hearts and minds and disappear. They come and they disappear.

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Sometimes chipin comes to you, and not sometimes a lot of the Chapin comes to you, and he whispers things to you.

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He whispers things to you to do things that Allah doesn't like.

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Right? Sometimes you you you get angry reasons it makes you get frustrated, right? You get frustrated, he whispers to you things that makes you frustrated and you get angry. But then you don't get angry. Those go away. When did those was going when someone tells you a tequila when someone says it tequila. remember Allah subhana wa tada you getting angry? Remember I was watching you. Sometimes you saying something which is not true. So if I was supposed to just tell them, just tell them did it just tell them you didn't do it? Then someone says, Listen, Fear Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala can hear you. Then you remember when you remember that Allah

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can hear you what happens to them? They go away. Do you get angry? Do you like? Do you see something you're not supposed to see? Yeah. Do you listen to something here happens when it comes to speech. You just listen to the music. It's only music. It's you're not listening to music. You're just watching the cartoon. So you don't have to make the music soft. Then you remember Allah is watching me what happens with that whisper. It disappears, isn't it? So this is the evil of the whispers that come and go. They come when you don't remember a law and they go when you remember law

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is he

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says in Aladdin a taco either massamba evil Mina Schaefer, tobacco

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that is inserted

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in the lady in a taco bar. It

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doesn't come to that code. Right? Allah says the people who have Taqwa and we all try and acquire in Ramadan, the people of taqwa when shavon just when he whispers to them.

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He whispers to them that they remember Allah for either they remain guided, and they don't follow the way of Shiva. They remain on the right path, the straight path, the path that takes us way to Jenna. Thank you.

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To everyone who has questions, please save your questions for tomorrow. Insha Allah. At the bottom of this video, there is a link to tomorrow's q&a, you can click that link and put your question there. Okay. Today, I just want you guys to focus on the explanation of Sudoku NES. And if people are not being well behaved, and they chatting a lot, don't read the chat. Just look at me, okay? Just look at me and listen to what I'm saying. All right, you don't have to read the chat. All right. Okay. So Allah tells us in Surah, to ness, to seek protection in Allah from the whispers of shape. I mean, Chevron was was alpha ness. And let me use this official doctrine as the whispers

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that I was put into the hearts of the people. It has served you think if you start getting the voice in your mind, isn't it? You start feeling it in your heart, isn't it? Right?

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Then Allah says mean anything that you are next, these whispers come from the gym, and they come from mankind as well. They come from gym kind and they come from, so a lot of the whispers come from Jin Chi. They whisper because you can't see them. No one can see the jinn from us. They can see us and the bad ones. They don't like us being good. They don't like us being people of taqwa. So what do they do? They whisper things to us. It's okay. It's just one time. You know, you fasting. No one can see you just just eat. Just drink a cup of water. No one is seeing can see you. Your mommy and daddy are sleeping. Quickly. Just have a quick sip. That's what happens. Right? Sometimes you're in

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class. And there's this. There's friends who do bad things, right? As a fan comes to you and says, Listen, you could you can't hear it in your you can't hear it with your ears. But you can hear it inside you. They tune your heart and mind. You can hear it in your mind, isn't it? Right? Just go play with them. Only now. Just go and listen, you go play with them. People will think you could just go just one time. Don't worry. You'll be okay. It's only one time. How bad can it be if it's only one time. Chapin comes to you with that right?

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Should you? Do you remember? No, I was watching me a lot told me to respect my parents. My parents said I shouldn't have bad friends. So I'm not gonna do it even one time. Right? Right. So for example, you fasting shavon Singh, just drink quickly, outside one, look at that cup of water is really cold. Come on one step no one will see you. And shaytan will say I won't tell anybody. You can hear the thoughts in your mind. You say no, I'm not gonna do it. Because Allah is watching. And this is taco. This is what Allah loves this. Allah loves this. And I say give us Jenna. Why? Because for we can't see a lot but we believe in Allah and we believe in the promise of Allah. And that's

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why we didn't do it because if you didn't believe in the promise of Allah, you couldn't have the drink of water.

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To the Quran didn't believe in the promise of Allah. They didn't believe in gender. So they just wanted to live out they wanted to, but we say no, we believed we didn't see Allah. We didn't the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we didn't see the Quran coming down, but we believe it. And we will improve that we believe it. That we whenever shavon whispers to us we don't follow chiffon because we remember that Allah is watching. Now when you remember that Kuru when you remember that Allah is watching me what happens to those whispers in your heart, they disappear. That's what Allah says. I mean, sure will was was in Hannah's calmness refers to the whispers that come in and they

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disappear. They come and then they disappear. They but if you're not careful, they can stay. And then they become a bigger problem for you. And it starts affecting your email. And then it starts affecting your Islam. Right so you always have to go back to La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, a lot of us think it's easy there ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, I know how to say I know what it means but do you really know what it means? You really know what it means? Whenever whispers Can you say eyeshadow La ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasul Allah, that is to him. That is you reminding us of when you get angry, La ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasul Allah, you remember I worship I believe in

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what Allah and I worship Allah upon the way of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah is also don't want me to get angry. When it's fasting time aligners want me to fast. When you go to school, a line is those who don't want me to have bad friends. A line is those who want me to listen to my parents, so you'd be good to your parents. You respect your parents, you be excellent to your parents. You don't argue with your parents. You don't stomp your feet with your parents.

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But a stomp your feet means a teacher.

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You don't know stomp your feet means when you're when your mommy tells you or your daddy tells you come in Khadija in sleep time you say okay, Bismillah let's go to sleep. I don't like for example, a bad child who says

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stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp and walked away. And cross say I'm crossing now. I'm not your friend now. No. allows us to be good to our parents. Allah says what adds up Aloma off. Don't even say off to your parents what is off of his don't even go.

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Allah says don't do that.

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Right. Because your parents look after you. Your parents love you. Your parents do good to you. Your parents teach you. Your parents want the best for you. No one loves you more than your parents from the people. No one loves you more than your parents. I love you. But your parents love you more than me.

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Except the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. No doubt about it. Thank you all right, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is an exception. He loves us more than even our parents, and we need to love him more than our parents. But the reality is, if I say I love you, I do love you. But your parents love you more. Right? They do so much for you. So you have to remember Allah, whenever she whispers things to you that are coming. Your parents are not being cool. Some people say my parents are not cool. You always tell me Don't do this. Don't do this. Don't do this. I want to go out and say you got to go out. You have to stay at home. I want to go with my friends. They say no, it's not

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good for you to go with your friends. My parents are not. Your parents love you.

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They want to protect you. Okay? And they might see that if you do this, then what's going to happen? You're going to go astray. And your parents want to see you in general. That's what they want to see you. They don't even want you to go into the fire for one second for half a second. So they tell you know, don't do this. And remember, no matter how clever you are, no matter how clever you are. A mommy and daddy are clever. You must always remember that. Even if you can build a spaceship, and a rocket, even if you can build the plane or a car, even if

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your parents are still more clever, why? They have the knowledge of life, which we don't have our parents have the knowledge of life.

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Which we don't have. Right? Why? Because they live life. They saw how things are, is they made mistakes, they learned from the mistakes, and they don't want us to make the mistakes. So we can see that by doing this, I'm going to have a problem. But our parents can see it already. Why? Because they already did what you want to do. And they saw what happened. You see, right, they saw. So always remember that our parents, they love us, they cool. They very cool. It's not that they're not cool. When they tell us don't do something, take superglue.

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Because they want to protect us from being in a problem. And in life, you can only lend in two ways.

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The right way, which is the easy way or the wrong way, which is the hard way.

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Right. And then people that when they learned the hard way they say Oh, if only I didn't listen to the whispers of shaper. If only I listened to what my parents were telling, right, when the people in the Hellfire it will be sent to the island. Yeah, definitely. Did the Prophet not come to you? will say kalu Bella, Prophet, yes, the Prophet came to us. Right? And then they'll say, location.

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If we only listened and understood, if we only listened then understood this is called hindsight. hindsight is after things go wrong. Now you start thinking If only I did this, if only I did that, if only I If only I listened to the messengers, if only I listened and understood what they said, I wouldn't be in the hellfire. So don't be a child who listens to those priests of shape and, and you don't listen to your parents and you don't listen to Allah before that you don't listen to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam I think you go into a problem. And then you say,

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now I'm in a big big problem If only I listened to my to the to Allah, if only I listened to the lawsuit. If only I listened to my parents, then I wouldn't be in this problem. If only no one wants to do that, right? So you should listen to Allah and His rule and your parents and your Cincy advisors from the beginning. And then you be happy, no problem come to realize and it is a no problem. You said it is really making me want to go. But my parents said No, those friends are not good friends with you. If you go, it's not gonna be good. Go with those other friends. And she has been told, no, those friends are boring. If you go with these friends who play football, if you go

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with those friends, you're just going to be praying.

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And you know, those friends will be playing football the whole day and the whole life is going to be much more fun. So that's the this was the whispers that come in. Go but when do they go live? You remember? Allah? Allah Allah Allah Allah.

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Muhammad Rasul Allah worship one Allah, what do you want me to have good friends? He said, Yeah, even Medina Allah tala Baku Masayuki all you believe Fiala we got conscious of Allah. remember Allah and have a good friend circle have a truthful friend circle be with the truth will

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be with the truthful people. So I'm not gonna listen to shepherds whispers about the football friends. Yes, it's cool. But you know what's cooler, listening to Allah. My parents that I can't go. Going to play football is cool. But you know what's cooler listening to my parents. Always remember that. Okay, boys and girls, listen to your parents. Unless your parents tell you to do something which Allah said you shouldn't do. Like if your parents say listen to music or dance, we say that, but we sit nicely. We don't shout and say we don't get angry with our parents. We're not allowed to get angry with our parents. We say no, my dear mother, no, my dear father, I love you. But I love a

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llama. I love you. But I love Allah more. I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mo and they taught us that we can't listen to music. Sometimes in the car, and the parents the music because they don't know sometimes they forget. So what should you do? Should block your ears. block your ears and tell them that Oh my dear mother and father. This is not to a lie. These are suits Allah.

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Right? And Allah is hearing us and watching what we do. Do we want to see Do we want a lot to watch us do something which is bad? Right, so we should speak nicely. Like remember, before Ramadan, we did the young learners have stories of the prophets. And we spoke about how Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam spoke respectfully to his parents. All right. So this is what could be wrong bigness is but at the end of the surah Allah says that these whispers also come from people.

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When Sharia was worse, it has led us to Sufi pseudo rhenus they put the whispers in our hearts and minds, mineral genus evenness, mineral gin from the gin because most of those priests come from the bad gin when NES was teaching us that also people can be bad

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They can make you think things which are incorrect. They can make you start questioning things which you never used to question. Right? You believe in Allah you never ever question that belief person as they tell you things that causes thoughts to come. Why? Because they're not happy that you believe bla bla they want you to just live life how you want to live like the courageous to live the life. So unlike us, teaching us that bad friends, sometimes they can make whispers coming to you how, by when you meet them, they talk to you things that you don't understand. And then you start thinking about them. So where did those thoughts come from? those thoughts came from the

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conversation that you had with with your with your friends, that they're not they're not good friends, they bad friends, they don't want to take you closer to LA they want to take you farther away. So they say things to you and it causes you to to do what to start thinking having thoughts. So whenever you have these thoughts, remember Allah subhanho wa Taala and remember to reach out to be Robin ness, many keenness, illa hiddenness We ask Allah to protect us three times from one thing, instead of to develop We ask Allah to protect us one time from three things instead of Nebraska law to protect us three times from one thing, because this was a dangerous whispers assignment. You see,

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right? I mean, in order to find out when it's dark, you can see it's dark. You scared because it's dark. At nighttime, dangerous animals come so you know of these animals. You've seen them right? But whispers Can you see that? You can't.

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So something that you scared off that you can see is easier than something that you scared of that you can't see. But you can't see it. So how are you going to attack it?

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How are you going to save yourself from it? You can't see where it's coming from.

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Right. So in order to nest We ask Allah to protect us three times you say Allah, we say put out the grumpiness we ask our Lord to protect us. We ask the king to protect us. We asked our God to protect us. ask Allah three times to protect you from one thing because that's how dangerous the whispers of shapefile and those of the Friends of Shaban from mankind. I hope this is clear everybody. If you have any other questions, please use the link at the bottom insha Allah to ask you a question. I will answer your sooner to ness sooner to develop sooner to the class and suited to the coffee room questions tomorrow. Okay, now very quickly, we are going to have a quiz for the for an Ramadan young

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learners program and everyone who passes the quiz. I'm going to send you certificates Okay, I'm going to send you certificates inshallah, I hope you've got your other certificates. I emailed everybody out their certificates with the unluckiness tab I sent them out I hope you got your certificates. Okay. There's gonna be another quiz. But that quiz is going to be live on my website on the 27th of Ramallah on the 27th of Ramadan. Okay, at night inshallah. The quiz will be live, and inshallah we'll keep the quiz live for two weeks. Okay, so you have two weeks to do the quiz. And it will be one quiz, but the quiz will have questions from Sudoku cafe rune, surah, Julius last surah,

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Al fadak, and surah two ness. Okay, so one quiz with questions on all fours for us. Now in the description box below if you have a read quickly, and I want your parents to have a read as well. I put all the information in terms of when the practice questions are going to pop, and when the quiz will be released. And also we have a worksheet for Sudoku NES, which you can download. There's a link just below the video just below the video. Okay, there's a link to today's worksheet to help you consolidate what we learned in today's lesson. And there's also a worksheet for Sudoku fella. If you missed it, go back to the Sudoku Falak lesson, which was lesson number three of our young

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learners happy Ramadan, you see in the description box, a link to that worksheet. And as for the worksheets for Sudoku, cafe rule and Sudoku ness, you find it under the video of Sudoku the last sorry so as with the worksheet have so little caffeine and similar to this last little caffeine and silicon it allows you find it at the bottom of the video

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of Sora to the UCLA School of Law, which is lesson number two of our Quran Ramadan series, so be sure to download them all it will help consolidate your knowledge, it will help you and hamdulillah remember what we've taken and also inshallah we will release all the practice questions before the 27th of Ramadan. You don't have to rush okay, but if you want to do it on the 27th of Ramadan No problem, but we are going to keep it open for you for two weeks so that you still have read and after read if you want to learn the lessons again, you still have time and then two weeks after that be the law everyone who passed

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I will email you your certificates. I hope we've answered that question. Don't forget tomorrow's program. All right, everyone. Tomorrow, same time, Sunday 12pm. UK time 2pm. Saudi time, Mancha time, we will be having your question and answer. Episode. And it's the last question and answer episode forum one. And at the bottom of today's video, there's a link right at the end the last link that is a link to the question form, you have to send me the question via the question form. I know some of us are asking questions on the chat box. It's difficult for me to read any question all the questions, so please use the form okay. And I will get your questions from the formula. In fact,

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Abdullah inshallah will the questions and read for us the questions tomorrow as he did last week, I love you And for the sake of Allah, until then, be the best that you can be. May Allah accept our fast except our move on? And May Allah help us gain the rewards of a little cutter? I mean, you're gonna tell me it's not 4pm Saudi time, it's 2pm. Saudi time. Wherever is asking tomorrow's program is 2pm Saudi time. All right, everyone, I have you for the sake of Allah. Our time has come to an end. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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