Mufti Menk – Boasting about your Deeds

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of showing off one's Islam deeds and not boasting. They suggest that it is important to show off deeds in public and that it is a form of association that can cause problems. The speaker also mentions a video of someone trying to suede a phone in one hand and the potential consequences of doing so.
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Do my brothers and sisters we have a gift of Allah. It is an amazing gift. Allah has made life so easy for us one after the other things are easy. You get up you have hot water, you can have a shower, you can get so easily to the masjid. But still we don't go we are not participating. We are not connected to each other. Come on. We are one family, one big family. We are supposed to solve our matters and problems respect each other. Look at those who are struggling, what have you done to help them.

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We like to show off our good deeds. So sometimes we say my brother, take the camera, take the camera, put it in front, I'm coming to this person, I'm going to give them $1 I want you to show the people how I'm giving the dollar. So now you walk walk pretending like it was all just natural, but it's not natural, it was arranged.

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And then you want to walk and show the people want Oh, how are you? I'm fine. What do you need? Here is the money SubhanAllah? What Subhanallah you should be saying how do Billa you know why? You are showing off? What do you want to show for?

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If someone else gave you the money to say please give it to some one to some third party, maybe you can take a picture to show that I gave it that's fine. But if you want to show off and boast then you are losing your good deeds no boasting in Islam, we are not showing off our deeds. We don't want to do something for anyone besides Allah. Ria, to show off is a form of association of partners with Allah it is wrong.

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So let's do things between us and Allah. When do we want to show off and we want to show the whole world and being subdued? I remember there was one man.

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Long back when we first saw the photos when he was going to sujood one hand was on the phone like this, and the other hands were down. The other hand was down and the legs were down, omitted to us Judah, Allah Sabathia of the Hadith says, I have been instructed to do prostration on seven bowls, you know, what are the seven bones one is that of the face, the forehead and the nose, then the two hands that makes you three, then the knees which makes it seem which makes it five, and then the tips of your toes, which makes it seven. But if you have a phone in one hand, it's only six. It's only how many? Six. Imagine you're going to sujood phone in one hand. Our biller our the biller.

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Nowadays at least that doesn't happen. As bad as that but sometimes someone else is videoing. Yes if it is just a normal video, no problem but if you are planning to show off then there is a problem.

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