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Some Crazy Questions Answered – FULL Podcast

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You can catch him chilling with his cat or in Dubai flying on his jet knitting with his kids on Twitter spitting facts, millions of followers. He's putting Islam on the map. His name is Mufti Menk. And I'm so glad to have him back.

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We got it.

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Leave me alone. This is not haram and I know what I do. Perhaps I've actually thought about it and studied it way deeper than you. You know, I will be honest with you as much as I It might sound very strange, but I didn't really know who Andrew Tate was. Look for example, he has a massive impact and a huge following among Muslims and non Muslims. Don't forget to like subscribe and hit the bell for now

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how's everything mashallah Santa Monica?

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The lava kettle. It's a pleasure to have you on Mufti. First time for me but I'm sure you had a conversation before with brother came out a couple years ago just Yes. Coronavirus period of belief hamdulillah a lot has changed. How long has it been since you've been in Australia? I think two and a half years just before Corona, you've become a local. You've been coming here regularly. hamdulillah How are you finding Australia. It's a lovely place. I must say it's only a little bit too far. Sometimes the jetlag messes with you. Anyway, that must be bothersome for you going on a pen because I'm sure you get recognized wherever you are, by the flight attendants. Whoever sitting

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next to you is like cheering they're having the best flight of their life. Well, not always. But a lot of the times a lot of the times but I think people are now they're used to it and the the initial excitement of a few minutes wears off when they realize you just a human being you know that I spent the whole 14 hours trying to get into your head trying to answer it a few times, not 14 hours, but a few times you have some people who probably lacked that etiquette and they irritate you with, you know, videoing you at any time. That's a bit annoying. We'll try not to annoy you for the next hour to an hour, but we're going to try to ask you as much questions as possible. Muhammad

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Malik, let's go 50 To add to my sentiment, you know, since you've been here, I think the skies have been a little bit brighter and the roses a bit more sweeter. Subhanallah but to get to the question to the topic of today's discussion for today's opening question, willfully. We live in a world full of media personalities. So hamdulillah you've accumulated I think 9.6 million followers on Twitter SubhanAllah. But as being of course one of your most devoted followers on Tiktok we see Muslims such as hobby lane, who's arguably the biggest tick tock star that is your hobby, right? Yes, he's the most followed person on earth. He has amazing he also have broccoli, a Finnish chef, but I can tell

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you those budak yo, we recently I've seen in the videos, our videos we moved to make and work in Taksim, Allah, someone told me that the video of him sort of dumping the food in front of me has more than 100 million views.

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I don't think any of it went to waste that movie. No, it didn't actually one of his qualities is that they pack up the food that's worth packing up and they distributed to the poor. That's one of the beautiful things about that brother. He's very generous and he's very charitable as well. He's loved. He's absolutely loved. I love him too. If he watches this show, we have hospitalar which is everyone's favorite. I don't think he doesn't love hospital everless Hospital.

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But mufti, you have to buy all these personalities, they've dominated the online world, these personalities, Muslims are coming out of the shadows and coming into these kind of platforms. The question I would ask you is a bit of a controversial one, would you consider this a win for the ummah? And is this enough representation, it's not enough representation. And it may not be immediately translated as a full out when because I think it's got to do with responsibility. It's not good enough to just be famous and waste that I think there has to be an underlying goodness that must come out of it. The values you stand for the morals, the teachings, the character, the conduct.

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I always tell people who are sports persons and those who are famous that listen, you don't need to go out and actually do physical Dawa in the sense of cold people towards something you may not be able to articulate to them in a way you might not have enough knowledge to do certain things. But if you carry yourself as a Muslim, then it's a win. If you do not carry yourself as a Muslim, then we need to work towards that before it becomes a win.

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I think one of the most prominent Hadees that comes to my mind during this topic is the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam when he alludes to the fact that there'll be a capital, there'll be an abundance of Muslims HOSA

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Yeah, but without meaning like, like the froth on the waves of the ocean, meaning they will be it will be meaningless. So what I've noticed is there is a lot of there are a lot of challenges that we're facing every single day. And there are many Muslims who are grappling, you know, they are holding on to their faith, many of them have questions that are not being answered. And the times

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people put pressure on them. So as much as there are people coming into the fold of Islam, I must say there are Muslims who are not so strong in their faith, because they haven't educated themselves because Islam is knowledge based. If you know, you become strong, if you don't know, anyone can actually sway you. So with all these pressures,

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I have over the years specialized in

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attending to those who are weaker, those who are further perhaps, and helping them rediscover their identity, strengthen it, and inch closer, and then they may latch on to others as they come closer because my the level that I have, perhaps, ultimately specialized in is that but it's the majority trust me, a lot of people want to be better Muslims, and instead of being doomed and just pointed out as though you guys are useless, someone needs to help them identify with that and help them come closer. Although accept from you know, a lot of us do and allow us, us and a lot allow us to be of you know, I mean, help me to those around us. I mean that that's very important that you say Allah

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us, you and Allah use us because what I believe is, we are all serving the Ummah, there are scholars who are quite hard and harsh. There are scholars who are a little bit more lenient, there are some who specialize in specific topics, there are some who have mastered, you know, certain things, we need all of these. And I feel sorry for those who look at someone and say, you know, this guy, we don't need him in the online, he's way a waste of time, because they're catering to a group that is benefiting from them somehow. And you might have a person who's a little bit softer in approach like myself, I may appeal to a lot of people who are struggling with their faith. But trust me, the same

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people, when they come closer, they might look at me and say, Ah, this guy's a little bit too lenient, but they forget that there was a time when had it not been for the leniency, they wouldn't even have come closer. So we shouldn't discount people, we should look at what they're doing. Sometimes it's well thought out. And it's very, very careful work in order to aim at a certain category, but people couldn't know any better. So when you say,

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you and us and all of us, I really believe in that I wouldn't ever want to punch a person who's within the, you know, doing some good work. Actually, interestingly enough, I might bring up a very controversial figure. But we've just had Andrew Tate accept Islam, someone who is the most Googled person on earth. And it's very interesting that Allah subhanaw taala would use such a person to accept Islam, someone who has a very strong influence on disenfranchised young men, young males, who speaks to them, he calls them young kings and has a very profound impact on them. It's very interesting that Allah would use someone like him, and we ask a lot to protect him and to actually

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make this conversion sincere. What are your thoughts on that? You know, I will be honest with you as much as I It might sound very strange, but I didn't really know who Andrew Tate was obviously, I am busy and so on. But then when when when the hype came, I obviously found out and I obviously then I checked him out and I was very happy at the shahada obviously, who wouldn't be I mean, we're Muslimeen and we're all excited and wish for everyone to be Muslim. I mean, yeah, exactly. And mashallah, he seems like a very sincere brother and he sees what he feels that's that means the the hypocrisy factor doesn't seem to be there at all. In fact, it probably isn't because he sees it as

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he he thinks that that's how it comes across. Alhamdulillah so it's a good thing. And what I believe Islam would do for a brother like that is amazing. It would streamline his ideas. And actually, you know, between massagin ism and feminism are those are the terminologies that people use today. We have a beautiful Islam. The Prophet SAW Selim approach because I know I faced some of my friends some scholars as well and some irregular Muslims who sometimes have told me certain things, no shirt you too soft and no shirt you this and, and I tell you, it's not that Islam is a balance. There are times when the Prophet SAW Selim was extremely lenient and very forgiving. There were times when he

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spoiled his family man.

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As you know, I want to clarify one thing that really made its rounds because what happens on social media is, people take a clip, and they use it either for a laugh, or they use it to, to get views or for for for a point, it's been a story. One day I was speaking to a brother, Musa Adnan, beautiful brother, beautiful brothers. And we were talking about how important it is when you get married, to know where your friends are, and where your spouse stands. Right. And the point I was raising is, if your friends, you know, call you names, because you no longer spend as much time as you did with them. Don't, don't become a slave of that, and don't be impacted by that to oppress your spouse. And

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then the point I raised was, well, even if they call you a chicken, what's the point? You know, I mean, don't so what if they could, I wouldn't mind being called a chicken. So what they did is they took the clip from that point.

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And they didn't understand the context of what was being said. And then they said, This man says, You can be a chicken to your wife and you can quack quack. And I did say that. And chickens don't quite by the way, but yeah, I and what I what I was trying to say is, look, if there's something that's minor, why do you want to make a big issue out of it? Islam does allow mean if the wives of the Prophet or sell them, you know, when one of them said, I don't want to ride on this camera, because it's too slow. He changed the camera, and he put her on a faster one. You know? I mean, what, what's that? So it, there is a balance, it's happened to me where people say, Oh, you said

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this, and you said that, but we're calling towards a balance. A man needs to know and a woman, when to be lenient, when to be a little bit harder, when to be a bit harsh, when to forgive, when to hold things, and so on. So it's a beautiful balance. I believe that's what Islam would do to anyone who's genuine in learning, it would create a balance. It's not all about being, you know, so I'm, I'm the king, I'm the boss. And that's me. I mean, no one would like you in that case, because why it's not the case would regulate you towards that loss of you need the middle path you are you are a king, but if only you have a queen Nikhil, Sana, I think you've touched on a lot of them of being one of

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them from what I was showing is the attractiveness of Islam. I think from my recent conversation with a couple of converts and people who've come into the fold of Islam. I think there's actually three main reasons as to why they fell in love with Islam. I think one of them was a return to traditional family values. That was definitely one that you talked about. Second one second one was, and forgive me for saying this, but it was the hookup and ghosting culture that social media kind of feeds in. And the third one, believe it or not, was actually having clean, non processed like food, as well. So that was they were all quite a dark moment. So they were all quite holistic things, but

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Mufti. What else do you think? What is the what is the attractiveness of Islam that, that people just fall in love with? Is it that design that you're talking about that balance? Well, I tell you what, definitely the balance is one of the key factors, but people are fed up of a life of glamour, that actually brings no meaning to you. I mean, the most famous of people are not necessarily the happiest of people, the wealthiest of people are not necessarily the most content of people yet they have. So what is it that you add that actually would give the meaning to your life that you're looking for so desperately? Is it wealth? Well, if it was wealth, why are they people with that?

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They don't have it, you know what I mean? And if it was fame, and those are the two most sought after things by the material world today, why is it that the famous people are also quite depressed? And they because you need to discipline yourself and you need to submit yourself to a higher power something that's greater than yourself? Yes, absolutely. And when you look at Islam, and you look at the Quran, and you look at the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. You look at what Allah has ordained, it's a balance, it's discipline. I mean, if we say no intoxicants, it's because the mind is sacred. Allah doesn't want you to compromise or cloud that most beautiful, powerful

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organ of your body. So those type of teachings with discipline today, if someone wants to, you know, shape up and become fit, they need discipline to go to the gym. And they need to make sure that every single day there's a routine I eat something and so if you're gonna eat specific foods only because you need a good shape and you need to feel your that your body is in good shape, don't you think you're going to have to also discipline yourself in a similar way to ensure that your spirituality is in good shape? Even some talks about gluttony as well they say like a third of evils is from gluttony and become makes you become very lazy in that, you know, nobody's doing the prayers

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what diseases Yeah,

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So this balance is something that's really,

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you know, interesting the people and they come towards the goodness of Islam. It's a very balanced faith,

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the most balance and Allah calls the Ummah, the balanced Ummah, the middle path. Similarly, people are, like I said, fed up.

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Also a lot of people, the concept of Godhood, Islam has worship of the Deity that makes a direct relationship between you and your Creator, that is unmatched. That is something that's unique. I mean, when you drop down in prostration, or sujood, and you actually know that I'm prostrating for he who made me he whom I'm going to return to, and here I am saying you are the highest and the greatest, it is nothing that beats that there is nothing that beats that. So alhamdulillah, as much as we have people who always pick on us, but you have a lot of people, mashallah who are seeing the light and they come forth, Islam is different, I guess, to some other faith based religions,

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religions in the sense that it's not named after a figure, so of Islam, but then you've look at Christianity, Christ, and, you know, Buddhism, Buddha, and so on, and so forth. It's a very interesting point, on the topic of data autonomy fall into the topic of data. Your name actually popped up in a conversation a few days ago, I was having with my friend. And I actually mentioned to him that mostly make it I'm not praising you to your face, but I said mostly make revolutionized the data of our current era or our current time, because he normalized, being normal, if that makes sense. So from we saw a shift from you, whereby we were used to the chef that was sitting on the

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table like this, giving his talk and very, very strict, very stern. But then we saw a movie on a jetpack in Dubai. Right? And then I moved to playing with his cats, and you kind of normalize being normal. So I want to talk about your philosophy of data. You've touched on it a little bit. That what is the philosophy of your data, which I personally believe is one of the biggest secrets behind the appeal behind the millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. What is the secret? I think, as you say, okay, revolutionize I don't know about, but I changed the Transform. Yeah, but I do agree with the normalization, because when I was young, obviously, we have the shakes used to visit

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us and, you know, scholars and so on, and we couldn't even get close to them. And they always okay, these people came in, they taught us something they weren't. But we were as I grew older, you know, there were things that we had to do because of our children. And there were things I remember teaching my little girls how to knit and a few people picked on that. Like, I felt that they were nitpicking, if you

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in all honesty, there's I would do it, I would do it again. And I have and it's just that the world needs to see these things. It doesn't make you any, it doesn't make you feminine. Listen to me. I mean, I totally disagree with it with with the people who may have looked at it that way. It's not it's actually part of your part of your masculinity, to be able to do certain things for your own children and for whatever I mean, they look at you, like your kids love you as masculine. Yes. And the irony of it is the same people who picked on me at that time never ever mentioned how masculine it might have been to do to do some of the other stuff.

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But yes, when people look at it, here, when, when and even jumping off a plane on Florida,

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I did it again, recently, I haven't posted that maybe I should I have the video. So the reality is, all of that lets the masses out there, and the vast majority who are looking to strike a balance within the work between the worldly life and the faith, and what it requires of you to say look for as long as it's halal fun, it's permissible. It's okay. And if you do it with the right intention, you're going out with your family. And you know, someone actually told me about the jet pack. This is Oh, how was the beach when you went back? Trying to trying to sort of find something wrong? Yeah, to say, and to be honest, it was a very, it's a very private little place. So there was nothing. So

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it's just that I didn't respond to the brother because I didn't want to give it importance, but I'm laughing to myself and you can help people. But the vast majority appreciate it. And at least they look forward to something and it's not something haram

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and at the same time, it is an alternative for our children. Because if you take a look at social media and what's going on across the globe today, there is a lot of stuff that appeals that may be haram but to the youth it may appeal to a degree at a certain point, especially when they read so if you've given them an alternative to that to say No, you'd rather aim for this aim for that. And so many people have have gone for certain things, you know that I've done, because I did it. And then guys say but you wasted the time you should have told

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salah, hang on salah is the it will come and so many other. I speak about it so many times but there goes. So to be able to normalize certain things in that particular way. I think it is very important. Not all the scholars would would fit into that. But if you can, you should. I had a friend. Heck, my name's hikma, he's the manager of brother side and a sheet artist. He said, We need to make people happy to be Muslim. And he goes, there is goodness in making people happy to be Muslim, because there are so many people out there that are not happy to be Muslim. They don't want to be Muslim. They don't know that Islam, you can still be happy. Have fun, so props to you.

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When we say so many people, I mean, it's not not definitely not majority. But there are a lot of people out there. Yeah, I agree with you may Allah make it easy. And I pray that all of us could actually, you know, do things that would make the masses realize that you know what, it's lovely to be a Muslim, we were disciplined. I mean, for as long as that food is halal, whether it is in the shape of a burger, or in the shape of just something else, it's fine. For as long as it's halal food doesn't mean that it has to be cutting a specific meaning shape in order for it to, for me to be able to eat and so on. But Alhamdulillah they say good advice that you're talking about? 15? I think

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that I shall, as we said, you do actually you're actively doing that on your Twitter space. And I don't know if you notice now, but Elon Musk has acquired Twitter for I think about $4,000,000,000.44 $44 billion $44 billion, he walked him to Twitter headquarters carrying his sink, tweeting, let that sink in. So you know, this is a crazy world out there. But mostly, I would ask you if you are in charge of Twitter, and talking about having a healthy lifestyle and and guiding the youth, how what would you do? What would you change? What would you implement on Twitter, I wouldn't be in charge of Twitter, you wouldn't be charged with you wouldn't want to seek a position.

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Now, actually, perhaps, I haven't thought of it. But if I were in charge of a massive social media platform, I think two things we would we would try and achieve. One is to ensure that people speak the truth, because there's a lot of lies about one another. And you know, they call it fake news and other information. It is misinformation, disinformation, it is a problem. So if something could happen about it, I'm not a professional in that field. But that would probably be a priority. And secondary is I would give the opportunity to people of all faiths to actually, you know, have have have a respectful say, in order for there to be healthy discussion. Because, you know, I know some

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Muslims might say, Oh, let this be a purely Muslim platform and so on. But I think that when you have the truth, and you're convinced about it, you're not intimidated by what you consider not the truth. You're not intimidated by it. I mean, if I've sat and met with people of different faiths different, I'm so confident about the truth that I have, I don't need to worry about the something that they have. That's not on that level. But when we become so upset, and so you know, so

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exclusively us alone, I mean, what is the are you are you are you doubting yourself, because the tip for tat kind of thing, and there's no healthy has desertion, that powerful verse in the Quran, what will help was

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just as long as the truth presents itself, falsehood will be will perish, and it just needs to present itself. Because a lot of the times there are questions that are raised by the youngsters, and nobody responds to them. You know, it's tricky. So that creates a doubt in the mind. And the doubt. I remember Ahmed Deedat Rahmatullah. He wants said that, the only thing you need to do is to create a doubt in the mind of the other. And that's the beginning of the end. That's very tricky. Well, for me, personally, that's quite tangible for me, I probably would have done and no social media days on Twitter have Friday off or any other day, but Friday, but in particular for us, and

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have it for just to clear your mind and have a healthy connection. What would you do come out if you were charged to make sure one path network gets a verified badge without having to pay $8?

00:24:18--> 00:24:21

I'll probably see you guys have thought about it. We have

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worked a bit on that as well. If you were in a room with the most world's richest man, which is Elon Musk, as we were mentioning, how would that conversation be? What would you tell him to guide him to the path or what would the conversation be in general? I'd bring a sink to the conversation. Oh,

00:24:40--> 00:24:50

indeed. I shall make it easy. I mean, I think he's South African. So we yeah, we would probably start the discussion. See, I'm a person.

00:24:51--> 00:24:55

Even if I want to get religion to you, I would start it off

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somewhere 10 kilometers away. And I'd get to it

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In a way that you probably wouldn't even figure that I've gotten to it, but I did. I do that in nearly all my lectures. I mean, if I delivered a lecture I delivered on this evening here in Sydney.

00:25:10--> 00:25:49

And when you want to when you want to say something, and this is advice to the, to the to the days, especially, when you want to say something, be conscious of who you're talking to what they would like to listen to, and give them what you would like to give them, not necessarily with the Olden method of wording things, you need to word it in a way that they know that, yes, and it's appealing to them, I would get the same message across if you want to bring people to pray five times a day, you don't just come in and say guys, you guys are gonna go to hell, or you know, you gotta pray five times a day, because that's the first thing you're going to be it's important those that's an

00:25:49--> 00:26:26

important Hadith, the one about the first thing you're going to be questioned about, but how are you going to word it for the people today? How are you going to bring it to the to the point where you give that hadith, you have to first you know, build, there are a few, a few points you must make that they that they would definitely agree with, they would feel that you understand them, you know, the challenges they're going through, you appreciate the hardship, and how tough it is to navigate through the difficulties of society. And then you give them what you have to bit by bit. So the same would apply if you were given an opportunity to sit with someone you can't just say Elon Musk. Yeah,

00:26:27--> 00:26:29

Elon Musk. You can't just say to them, say Brother, say your Shahada.

00:26:31--> 00:26:48

Because I could even when you asked me the question I could have easily I would tell him say a shadow shadow. That's not That's not realistic. Realistic is you? You know, you exchange pleasantries. You speak about common things, you know, he knows. And you can probably introduce, I did make I did make a comment about

00:26:49--> 00:27:31

faith when he was, you know, questioning God Almighty at once. The was it the Hellfire tweet? Yes. So I did make a comment. But it was very, it wasn't only directed at him, I have this habit, you know, marble ACOEM. And we take it from the Hadith, where, if there is an issue, I don't necessarily need to name name and shame. But you need to broadly make mention of whatever the matter is, and try and give a word of advice. It might not be full and holistically covering every aspect of it, but others will do it. So if I said something, another scholar said something one or two might have been direct, some might not all that together makes a response to what we needed the response. Maybe one

00:27:31--> 00:27:42

day, we can see a move to make sits down with Elon Musk podcast. I think everyone would love it. I think we five hours, six hours, I would watch that. Definitely watch that. You'd be surprised chances I probably sit with you before he says

00:27:44--> 00:27:47

I'm just a few billion dollars away from Elon

00:27:48--> 00:28:12

Musk, the honest topic of Twitter. I think most of them Twitter in particular, it's been described as a very toxic place, unfortunately. Primarily because algorithms, they promote toxic behavior. That's like, let's be honest, the outrage, drama hysteria. It's promoted by by algorithms, Facebook, YouTube, like there's so much statistics that have proved this. You yourself haven't been safe from the criticism?

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How do you deal with the I guess the toxic barrage of criticism? Sometimes when it's valid, sometimes when it's invalid? Sometimes when it's over exaggerated? How do you balance? I think what I've done over time is I do my thing, and I push off. That's it. So I will do what I have to and then I don't take the rest of it to heart.

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Yes, if someone raises something, and it comes to my attention by those close to me, if it is valid, we will immediately make amends, we will immediately change things and we will maybe even apologize if need be. But if it's invalid you know what, thank Allah, that there are people there who have an understanding, and he's blessed you with a better understanding. And sometimes good people, they think very bad of you. I mean, people say, Oh, this guy is not even a Muslim, this guy is a sellout this guy, those type of words, they no longer hurt. Because you know, you're beyond that. You look at the 99% who are actually

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benefiting and you keep going. Another thing is I have specialized in specific things. I stick to them on specific platforms. If someone doesn't understand that, I'm sorry, I do not need to explain it simple is that if you look at the way I use Twitter and Facebook, the specific accounts that are verified, are used very differently from YouTube and Instagram. And even from my own lessons, series lectures. I'm the imam in the masjid, and so on. Every space has its methodology. Every space is used for a specific reason. So you have some people who want you to use it exactly the way

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They are using it or they call you a stray or deviated, not realizing that leave me alone. This is not haram and I know what I'm doing perhaps, I have actually thought about it and studied it way deeper than you have. You know, so you have to excuse the people, when I sit on, you know, to actually post what I would like to post.

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I tried to clear it between me and Allah.

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And if they really there is something that is the small circle of people, scholars that I really look up to, and I feel that you know, if these people told me something, it means because they're genuine, and mashallah we go ahead with it, or Hamdulillah. This is the methodology of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I'm not comparing any of us or any of our actions to the Prophet SAW Selim, sal Allahu Allah was of the greatest of stature, stature and status, when he would give his data, you know, and it was rejected. It was like y'all as long as you're pleased with

00:31:01--> 00:31:37

as long as you're pleased, I think you've what you've explained with these other necess that's what you've done. You've you've basically JIM Oh, think it's right at his time, you've given that that's what you're essentially doing. I think, mashallah, you've and even you coming into studio today? Do you think you've personified that as well? Well, I can tell you one thing, very interesting is we're not in competition. You know, you have one path network, you have Muslim Central, for example, that I'm a big part of you have, my own personal channels may be and so many other scholars and youngsters in their ears and on different different levels. We're not in competition with one

00:31:37--> 00:32:17

another, we're in competition with our own selves. The minute we feel, I need the views. I need the likes, and you know what your intention is actually being warped. So people start attacking, they start they start hating on their own colleagues, but I'm serving the same company the same as you know, boss, the, the supreme deity we worship is obviously Allah, and we're all working towards it. Are you really working towards the same? You know? Cause? If you are why are you jealous of your brother? It's true. He's your brother, let him go help him. I have one quality people always ask me, What's your secret? What's your secret? I don't know of a specific secret. But a few things that I

00:32:17--> 00:32:21

feel may have resulted in, you know, perhaps a little bit of

00:32:22--> 00:32:55

maybe ask Allah for it to be, but one of it is bring up others in your field in a way that people might not know. Bring them up, help them, be it morally, with support, even financially if need be. Whatever other ability you have to prop them up to bring them up to support them to cheer them on. And you know what, as a result, Allah gives you 10 times more mentorship, I think 100 Come brother come I was my teacher tried to say I'd like to be Habib to Islam. I want to give this book I'm

00:32:59--> 00:33:02

sorry, for the UFC. I try to be that kind of

00:33:04--> 00:33:48

income and we're not look for example, Habib, brilliant guy, he has his, he has a massive impact and a huge following among Muslims and non Muslims. And then there is a discussion as to whether the field or the sport is actually recommended or even permissible, you know, that's discussion is all in its place. But that discussion aside, look at the impact of the man look at the what he's done. He's done a lot now, am I going to sit and just rule him and everything he stands for out just because him just because he does something that some of the scholars have said, You know what this is not supposed to be? Or should I just say, look, I disagree on one matter, but 99 other matters.

00:33:48--> 00:34:26

He's a brilliant guy with everything. What we do is we cancel a man, his salah, his EBA, his shahada, His goodness, His character, His Quran every simply because we've disagreed with that person on one or two matters. That is a weakness of the Ummah, if we'd like to succeed as an ummah, we're going to need to get along with those whom we disagree with to a degree. Otherwise, what's gonna happen, we'll be so fragmented, we can't even move forward. I feel like what you're saying most is that we kind of sometimes the Muslim community and other communities are too are kind of like in a crab bucket, where we're all just trying to pull each other down and no one's giving rise

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

to anyone or just bring everyone down. This I bet. I found this even in Islamic organizations, if someone invites you look, I'll give you my own example. someone invites you I have certain criteria. It's not easy. You get several 1000 invites a day a day, but this when you you know, on this level, and you can only respond to one every so often, right? And so so many people get on each one thinks this guy's a sellout. He's being paid. He's really He's after the money's after the fame. Why doesn't he come with us? Why did he go with them? But my brother put yourself in my shoes.

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

was just thank Allah that I managed to do the little that I did. You know, I can't really respond to everyone and anyone when you just one human being I'm sure it happens to you. I mean, Kamal, I know, because I've invited him unable to

00:35:15--> 00:35:18

really come out expose on that commitments to the

00:35:19--> 00:35:57

that's that's that's very true that's very true. mufti, you were saying there's different people on different spectrums. Nowadays we have a lot of young brothers trying to connect with their Deen couldn't try to connect with us a lot. We have a lot of young sisters trying to connect with the deen and perhaps observe the hijab. For example, just in one instance. What would your message be to those people to the to everyone really to those who are really struggling to connect with their brother young sister to the camera, let them know, mashallah, my beloved brother, my beloved sister. Number one is our connection with Allah Almighty, we need to make sure every day we improve on it,

00:35:57--> 00:36:39

we must improve on this relationship with Allah Almighty on a daily basis. And beyond that, we need to be very responsible because so many others will benefit from our movement forward. People are watching today, social media as people, some people remove their hijab and it impacts a lot when people don't the hijab, it equally impacts a lot of people, you may know you may not know. So whatever you do in whatever you're going to showcase. And you know, times that showcasing really helps when it's done with the right intention. Make sure that it's responsible and understand the repercussions of what you're doing. May Allah make it easy for all of us? I mean, of the beginning

00:36:39--> 00:37:12

to feel like the annoying passenger that was sitting next to you on the plane. So forgive me, this will be the last question. You can ask a few more. Really? Okay, can I touch on something just then just done with it? Yeah, I think in your message was very poignant. And I think you know, what, um, you know, the scholars of old, for example, even Nautilus comedy would say, in many of his teachings, essentially, we're trying to say is that the human experience is so powerful, but throughout everything that you experience, and that you see, and we come to the greater realization is the Oneness of Allah Subhan Allah, I think, or we pray and emphasize his words, connect to sit

00:37:12--> 00:37:28

down with yourself, because those who knows themselves know also download its funnel. So you've just given me permission to ask a few more questions, or six or two? No problem. Maybe three because it's okay with it. Okay, Malik. You're gonna you're gonna grab one of the middle, I'll give the last one. mufti, I'm gonna ask a personal question.

00:37:30--> 00:37:54

You're someone who travels, the world goes around, like, I never see you in Zimbabwe. Rarely in Zimbabwe, you just everywhere in a different country, different city. Dubai, Australia, here, they're everywhere. How do you maintain a happy, successful family and marriage life? living this lifestyle? What is your secret? It's not a secret.

00:37:55--> 00:38:35

Maybe I don't show when I'm in Zimbabwe, maybe I don't showcase it. Maybe it's not online. So that's your secret? No, the thing is, when you're traveling, you're always recording something people someone's recording, people are recording like, now I'm sitting with you. I don't have a team like this back at home. So that's the reason why you wouldn't notice when I'm back at home, but those who carefully follow would actually pick it up. And now this guy's back on. And I am there quite often, but I'm not trying to say like, you know, no, no, I do agree. It's a big sacrifice on the part of your family and on the part of your children. And it's very important to connect with them on a

00:38:35--> 00:38:39

daily basis. And yeah, Alhamdulillah Allah who helps us keep going.

00:38:41--> 00:39:13

It's very challenging. But mashallah, we do have our struggles when we're human beings. But without the support of family, I would never and I always say it, I would never be able to have achieved even a fraction of what of what we have inshallah achieved. May Allah make it with as a family, without their understanding without their preparedness to sacrifice? Yeah, but I do try my best to, to be there. You know, important occasions, I've cancelled things. I've changed things. I mean,

00:39:15--> 00:39:17

childbirth, for example, I've always tried to be there.

00:39:18--> 00:39:23

Because that's an important occasion. Not only that, but even other things.

00:39:24--> 00:39:29

Nowadays, we just plan a certain season when it's just holiday.

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

So cut out everything, I don't care, you know, but that's going to be dedicated to them. So they feel important as well given that another thing is nearly every day if not every day. I'm in touch with them. And we talk to them and you know, they've nowadays the video calls and so on so hamdulillah it's a good thing. So a meaningful conversation, meaningful conversations and yeah, your love language you got you got to know the love languages. This guy has begun to love them. But it really helps. What about your love languages? That's what we're probably it's time. Thank you.

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

And isn't Ecomotive retiring words of affirmation mashallah beautiful jacket? Genuinely is very nice. Mashallah, I've got a big question for you, Miguel perhaps, might be the final one for you, and Sharla with the bank. If you had the chance to speak with the most noblest of creation, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam,

00:40:19--> 00:40:20

how would that conversation go?

00:40:23--> 00:40:29

I think, you know, that's such a big one, such a big one. I'm trying to put myself into it.

00:40:31--> 00:40:33

I just wait for him to say what he has to tell me.

00:40:35--> 00:40:47

I wouldn't even be able to say much. I mean, as much as there'd be a lot that we'd like to say. But I think it would only be correct to, to leave the moment for him to say,

00:40:48--> 00:40:51

to guide to give.

00:40:52--> 00:41:19

And it's an amazing question. Subhan Allah, the next time I come up probably have a bit more to say. It's almost got smashed for the last question I put out you know, you know, you know, subhanAllah sometimes Allah Almighty gives you an opportunity in a dream to see the Prophet peace be upon him. And, you know, it's while I wouldn't like to talk too much about things.

00:41:21--> 00:41:34

What happens is the all overtakes the whole situation, and it's something amazing. I think if it were and it will happen, Inshallah, and after that, I mean, who said no.

00:41:36--> 00:41:51

But who are we, in comparison to there's no comparison we are nothing. He is the messenger salat wa salam, the instructions given through him by Allah subhanho wa taala. It would only be that you just

00:41:52--> 00:41:55

let him you know, take over completely.

00:41:56--> 00:42:17

Allahu Allah. Yeah. So Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah join us with him. All of us with him. And model moment I had the mental way with whom he loves. I love you move. We love each other Hamdulillah we love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I won't ask any more questions, because the last time I asked the big question about if Mufti mink passed away, almost had all of YouTube after me, hearing them.

00:42:20--> 00:42:58

So why did you do that, and they were like, threatening to do things to me. But I thought you said passed our way. Like you pass to Sydney. It was just like it was it was like a graphic was a fake one. But Hamdulillah, Zack Lohan and so much, it's been a pleasure to have you so much. It's an honor, we take you guys from strength to strength. And really, I pray for all those who are doing good work, those whom we were able to, or we are able to assist personally and those whom we're not if you're doing good work, keep it going. Because you know what nobody may cheer you on. But trust me, there are people who appreciate the work you do anyone doing good work, no matter what it is.

00:42:58--> 00:43:37

And let's not be, you know, jealous of one another and do down one another and just look at the negatives and just pick on people because that is damaging the OMA, you know, the youth, I'm going to seize the opportunity to say this, because it's very important. I've spoken to a lot of youngsters who feel despondent because they are confused, because each scholar they followed later started, you know, refer not only refuting but belittling the other scholars. And when they went to another scholar, he was doing it about others. And when they went to a third one, that one was doing it about all of those and when they went and so on. So they say look, we just fed up after this. So

00:43:37--> 00:44:15

we don't realize the negativity created by people who do this. And you know what, from from one and a half to 2 billion Muslims on Earth, it's my estimate. I mean, it's just a thing. But if you have a following of 100,000 a million, it's actually negligible. It's very negligible. You know, don't think that you you own entire all these platforms, and you're the one who everyone actually looks up to a no, even if I have as you were saying nine point some that's a fraction, man. That's a little dot and a speck.

00:44:16--> 00:44:20

The responsibility is across the board.

00:44:21--> 00:45:00

You have to be responsible and you must we have to learn to look at positives do your thing and carry on Yeah, you're Latina Armando Alikum, InfoSec. I'm liable recommendable either today to Oh, you who believe? You know, be concerned about yourselves, your own your yourselves your development, the goodness that comes from you beam it you know, those who are astray won't be able to affect you negatively if you yourselves are rightly guided. So keep it that way. And help others and it's not wrong to disagree. Like I said, you could refute someone and it's it has to be because sometimes people will say nonsense, but that refutation needs to happen respectfully, not in a bit.

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

Literally, what I find a lot of scholars are lacking today is the care for the person they refuting enough for creating hope within themselves that perhaps because of the way I disagreed or expressed the disagreement, this person will actually come to the right path. That's something lacking I don't know if I can explain that the way we the way we refute people is like we don't want them to come it's like they canceled it's like there's no hope for them. I remember someone did something wrong on on in their personal lives and they were like, written off by the whole lot. And I'm thinking to myself, Oh, so does this person not really have another chance? Ever and I'm a mentor, I'm a father.

00:45:48--> 00:46:26

I'm a grandfather now. And I'm I want to tell you that I care for my kids who would make a mistake and I'd love to see that eradicated and then come back on the path. Why don't you like the same for everyone else? If you see a brother who's been mashallah doing good and whatever, and he he faltered, does it mean all the good that he's done is also lost? It's not and if you think so you're affected by the modern day thinking not by Islam? Because in Islam, the goodness will remain your error you will come out of it you'll seek forgiveness perhaps you will change your life and you come back on track.

00:46:27--> 00:47:00

But don't you don't you think that we need to work on this that on ourselves to say, go easy on people man, the challenges of the globe are tremendous, tremendous. May Allah forgive us and help us Zack Allah for having me here this evening. Thank you for that absolutely powerful personal reminder and that really goes to speak to the current time we live in So does that go off and on for the better coffee? absolutely honored to have you Inshallah, we can get you again and again, and as long as he continues to use us until our last breath, Zack Rohilla but don't forget to like

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the camera there. Don't forget to like subscribe and what else?

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