Are Hijabi Tutorial Youtubers Using and Sexualising Religion

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Okay, well, let's try and take this talk to the sisters, our sisters in the audience, because obviously this is a situation which particularly affects them. I mean, now there's been a growth of let's say, YouTube, or equal hijabi tutorial lists, who are putting forward videos of how to wear hijab in certain ways. What are your opinions on this? Is this a positive phenomenon? is a negative phenomena? has it affected you in a positive way? has it affected you in a negative way? What are your opinions on that? Think about that for a second. We've got someone here in the in the front,

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trying to answer the question.

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Justin from the fact that yeah.

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So my opinion on this matter is that there have been a lot of YouTube personalities, as you said. And I would say that it's a commodification of the job. And the way the commodification is being done in the Western world, there is an element of sexualization that creeps into it. And I think that's, that's how it's common to, like, the the sexualization that you mentioned, it's, it's an extension of the commodification that we see in the Western world. But I do see that there, there are some positives in this issue, like, for example, Muslim sportswear, because it's being commodified. There people are seeing more commercial potential in it, which has resulted in Muslim

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sportswear, for example, being mainstreamed and more options for Muslim woman. So there are good sides and bad sides. But

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it depends on what we as Muslims take from it. Right. Okay. sister wants to say something. Yeah. Okay, so, so avoid ostracization and kind of alienation. Yeah. What what women have done in your opinion is that they've kind of tried to amalgamate the two cultures. Sister over there wants to say something.

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Oh, sorry. No, sorry, the one behind you. Oh, shoot next. I'm sorry, I just want to go back to your point where you said that, how does it impact

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us like this society? negatively? And positively? I feel like, I'm on social media. Yeah, die. There are loads of Islamic power couples. So I feel like that impact the female side?

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I would say not, I would say negatively. Because there are loads of

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the Muslim females who do like wear the hijab and stuff. But

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what I'm trying to say is they only do it for like, the publicity and social media, if you get onto they're not actually doing it because of their faith and because of Allah and because they really, truly want to end because it's really not how would you How would you ascertain that how would you move toward that that? How do you know their intention is what I'm saying? Well, I mean, like, you know, how all these I'm not obviously trying to pick on anyone or anything, by anyone. But there are loads of famous Muslim makeup artists who do wear hijab, but I feel like that's just become a really big thing in the 21st century, which is in they are impacting us in a good way where they are making

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those young girls wear a hijab, but I don't feel like they really know why they're wearing it. They don't really have a perhaps what you're saying is that direct like for example, what they're doing in terms of wearing makeup contradicts the very spirit and letter of the Islamic law, and therefore you couldn't trust that they're actually doing it for the sake of God or for the sake of their religion also wanted to say so yeah, and I also wanted to say that when you do wear a hijab, like you like how they are makeup artist, but under wearing Good job, isn't wearing a hijab, the whole purpose of it is covering yourself and making sure that no one sees like you saying there is that

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this is this wouldn't even be called hijab. Wujin babble. Anyways, so would you say that then they using kind of the terminology to try and further their own interest in what you're saying.

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I've had real dominated sister side which is good, we'll come back to you and you do need to have more of a say in these things.