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Some allow him to allow sort of silence or less than a modicum of light out of what a castle is rather as, as he were coming up to the stories of the prophets. And we are with Episode 61, Episode 61. And we are with the birth of married.

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61 lectures so far, Mashallah. And we, yeah, we're pretty much almost done because we are paving the road to a Saudi stem. So, once we're done with ERISA, and we'll be talking about Mary, and I said, haven't enough to Mary, we'll be talking about, you know, as it set up, and we'll conclude our series, the stories of the prophets, but it's been, it's been a very amazing, excuse me, the journey with all of you being here. And all these episodes are actually recorded on online, they're all recorded on Facebook and on YouTube. There are some who are actually also recorded on Instagram. So, last week, we talked about the family of Enron,

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the family of Enron, the

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there was this amazing family, you know, this

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environment. In fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala has one

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chapter in the end after the after this family one saw that in the end, after this family, which alludes to how significant you know, role they've played, and how very important they are, if Eliza was to put a solar a chapter in the end, you know, under the name of this family, that must be a very, very special family. So indeed it was special as Allah subhana wa tada says, In sought after Mr. adenine Milan, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in Allah has to offer them I know how

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evil Hema Milan

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Milan nanny in the law, Allah has chosen Allah has favored, you see, Allah creates any favors. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has created and has favored. So he allows it just says Allah has favored

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Adam, Adam Elisa them when and know what added him and the family of about him and our profit is from the progeny of Ibrahim Harrison, wherever in Milan and the family of M Milan, either I mean upon mankind or me.

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One sola, after then, you know after this family after the name of this family.

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This family lived with Allah is the illusion this family lived with the intention to

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to cause what we call an arbitrary or Islamic every formation they live to to start a reform because

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this the era at that time, the situation was that the Romans were causing love mischeif and corruption. Benyus la isla Gan were deviated. So this family, you know, was this man by the name of Milan and his wife. We don't want reading her name from the Quran or the Hadith. You know, in the Islamic Eliot, they say her name is Hannah, but in from in, or the Hadeeth we don't know her actual name, but allows us to her as an Emma know, the family of Emma. They, they got married, right? And then they gave a baby, they gave a they, they you know, they got married and you know, bless them with with a baby with a daughter. And then they have not had any, you know, they had a daughter, and

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then they hadn't had any children after that. Right. This daughter so follow the sisters and brothers. Okay, follow this because you will see how they related to to eSATA. He's set up. Mr. Zakaria. Yeah, how they're all related. So this family, I'm Ron and his wife, right? They got married and and then they give birth to a girl to give birth to a girl. This girl married zecharia Zakaria is Navy.

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Right? The Cadiz Navy.

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They have not given birth until years later. And we talked about the story of Zakaria and his wife is a carrier an old man, an older man. When he said in the end that his bones were getting weak and he's

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Hey I wish you know showing was getting great. And then he asked Allah subhana wa tada for enough sprint for that for the for the tribe. So Allah subhanho wa Taala this team would Yeah. So we have Mr. And his wife, they got married, and then they gave birth to a girl, girl. You know when she grew up, she married Zachary Adams. Okay, as a prophet, we talked about zirconia.

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And then they gave birth to Yeah. And then they haven't given birth again until Isaac Gino bless them with the hair. And then the Jeddah who's the Chanel the grandmother, you know, the grandmother, which is that wife again of Milan, you know, who gave birth to the first girl, right? who married Zakaria. This grandmother agenda she gave birth again. She gave birth you know, she got pregnant and then she gave birth to a girl by the name of Mary. Mary. So medium in Arabic medium. So Mary medium, and the wife of Zakaria, they are sisters. You see that?

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Those of you who just joined I know if you guys are following or not. Right? We have a Milan one more time. This is the last time I'm going to repeat this. It's gonna be recorded, you can go back and watch it. So the last time and Milan and his wife, the family of a Milan, Eliza, there's a chapter in Japan by the name of Milan, right? So you have this man in Milan married this lady. No. And then they gave birth to a girl with her name. And this lady she married Zakaria, this lady she married Zakaria. They haven't given birth to to the house, they were not able to give birth to any children. And then he knows that anyone he made that daughter lives there was just a blessing with a

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baby with a boy. So Allah subhanaw taala bless them with with your hair with your hair. Then the grandmother, again, the mother of the of Zachary, his wife,

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the wife of Emma, right, the wife of grandma, she again became pregnant, she wanted to have a baby she became pregnant.

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And then she gave birth to another girl. And this girl's name is Mary. So now, if this girl's name is Mary, who's going to give birth to Jesus, what is the relationship between Jesus between Lisa and yahia?

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What is the relationship brothers and sisters? Those of you on Instagram and those of you on Facebook? What is the relationship between Jesus between the ISA and you're here? Who can tell me

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who can tell me quickly? brothers and sisters? I repeated it three times. So you should not follow the right the there are cousins manisa of course there are cousins because he goes mom, yeah, he has mom. and and, and and Jesus mom, Mary they are sisters. They are sisters. Right? So Jesus Isa and yet here they are cousins, right? Jesus and your hair their cousins. So anyways,

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there is historical world of the time as they were saying you have the Romans they were you know the spreading love mischeif and and follow there were a lot of you know corruption and

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and and

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and a Milan What do you still need this even for Spain, they used to live in Spain as bait lock this as bait mark this will which was under the the

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which was conquered by the little man by the Romans at the time and venue slighly used to live there and again when you saw it again. They they went straight after the death of Zakaria and yeah, you know, they you know they give everyone a straight.

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So this woman,

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this woman, she wanted to have a baby, you know what woman and Emma the family of Avalon. And then she made the right to Allah subhana wa tada because she wanted to have she wanted to cause a change. She wanted to cause a reformulation in philosophy in Baden mckinnis the Romans are causing mischeif and wrong and evil. So she wanted to have somebody who can you know, spread good and make change. Right? So she said, Okay, well, this is a long term project.

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It's a long term project. I'm gonna have a baby and inshallah tada from that baby that you know, who grew up to be a son, inshallah would cause that change. Right. So she made thoughts on loss of Hannah Montana. She made an oath is politeama attorney Milan are being Nina Murphy. Bhavani Maha Voila.

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For the abun Mini in the semi on any brothers, sisters, especially sisters, I need you to listen up really, really well. Right? This woman she made up what kind of she made an oath,

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a pledge. Oh my Lord, indeed I have pledged that which is in my womb.

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That which is in my womb consecrated for you to serve you.

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Right. So look at this pledge that she has made. If I were to become pregnant to Allah, I'm going to dedicate my son to serve to serve you.

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You know, sisters,

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what an amazing pledge she made this woman, the family of Mr. The wife of Emma you can do that in sha Allah who tada you could say if you measure me Allah bless you with many children but you can say this child that I have this child I'm going to dedicate this child to me maybe the others can become whatever they want to become doctors and lawyers and whatever you want to become in or writers and and educators and you know but I want inshallah Tata to focus on this maybe you want them all to be colleagues and Harvard's Mashallah. But one I'm going to dedicate to be dim

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dim Yeah, and if I didn't need Dean for the dean to be a servant, just like this woman she said, Yeah, I'm be you know, I want to dedicate that which is in my womb to serve you.

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To serve them up this to serve kids.

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To work in quotes.

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To serve to work as a as your employee. Allies employee Allahu Akbar.

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Allah employee, Allah servant.

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What an amazing pledge.

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We all think you know sisters and brothers and now we think my son shoutout to Allah he'll be a great This is amazing. A pilot I want him to be a doctor. I want him to be surgeon. I want him to be a lawyer. I want him to be

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an IT professional. I want him to be in this I want him to be that right? This is all great. But Mike, why don't you you know, Jambi. I want to be like the wife of Emma. I want to be like the wife of Emma. I'm going to dedicate this baby If I were to become pregnant to serve is that to be

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to be a limb

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to be like so they watch this to be like a big shift to lead salon in an at home?

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Yes, right so this woman she did that this is maybe why she's so special. Why Allah zildjian has made a solar after this woman after this family.

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A lot of made a sought after this family. We look at the thinking of this woman look at the sacrifice of this woman did dication she dedicated that which is in her room to serve the people the the will suddenly to serve the worshipers in beta democritus What an amazing pledge What an amazing dedication What an amazing you know she believes that she has made

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a woman who moved she took action so action cannot just be taken by men by male action can also be taken by female by you know like we mentioned last week by women women are the entire you know sisters Tell me if I'm wrong all right. If the wife at home if the mother at home if the lady at home when she really moves the whole house can move and not like move like how heavy

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don't mean that

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like woman she's heavy moving. I didn't mean that. Yeah, I need the whole house can go on the disarray somehow. But if the woman Mashallah she can move she can move the whole house, she can shake the whole house, the whole house, the father will start praying, the children will start praying the there will be what when the woman moves, so Pamela the woman she is the entire mu stomach.

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The woman she is the entire society when they say women are half of the society where these are saying right there's an expression. It says women are half of the society. No women are the entire society. The woman the wife, the the the mother, the sister, the daughter, the grandmother, the Auntie, she is everything. She's in the entire society. You she is the backbone, of course. Right.

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So when she moves for the dean, the whole house will move for the dean. That's what I meant to say.

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When a woman moves from the dean, when a woman makes the honey for the dean, you know

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The woman she's the one who would grab her children let's go and listen to the you know, let's go to the let's go

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and participate in you know in this

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benefit at work let's go to the machine and and and there's a lecture there there's a seminar here there's a conference there mesh how much she can't maybe the husband can be busy in there but the woman if she has that, Mashallah that that mindset

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her children will become Mashallah Lakota, illiberal and the whole family will become dedicated and developed and developed. So, you know, this is this is no brainer, so this woman she moved, she made an act she took action,

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this Alabama and the wife of Mr. Human

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you know, so sister inshallah, those of you who are, you know, getting to get married or thinking to get married, live in Charlottetown, to find the guy, both of you who can work towards a project Islam, every formation, some sort of a project, you know, together we go into inshallah, who to Ana, after we get married, we want to have a child and this child will want to dedicate to serve the dean to become an alum in sha Allah Who taught you to become Mufti. Right? Maybe the other children can, whatever we are, but we want to have one child, maybe inshallah, you can have, you know, a husband with that same mindset. You can find that husband with that same mindset, why not?

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And together, you can work together and shout out to Anna, you know, to this, look at the intention. What are the beautiful intention?

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Before you get married, or even after you get married, you can make that intention show.

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And then when she gives birth, the wife of Mr. farnum, our daughter, Paula Toby, in the

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one who will be Malwarebytes when he said the Caracal

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when Lisa matewan Oh,

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my lord. So Emma, when she gave birth, she says, Oh my Lord, I gave birth to female. And Allah knows what she gave birth to. And she's singing. And then females are not like male, what a cervical cancer male or not like female, and I gave her the name of Mary. I gave her the name of Mary.

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When a woman gives birth, she's happy. When any woman gives birth, she's happy. Any woman when she gives birth, she's very happy. But this woman she was disappointed when she gave birth. This woman she was sad when she gave birth. She's wondering, oh my lord, oh my lord. I gave birth to female. She wanted the male. She wanted a son. But she gave birth to a man that your fear to female Yeah, don't be he's Myskina maybe she was crying. Maybe she was really disappointed. Or be, oh my lord, I gave her two female.

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Thinking that this is like this reformation can only happen, you know, with male. And we proved that we talked about that last week that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to prove her wrong, that also you know, change can happen with women, with with with women and hamdulillah. And because this woman she will all the the the benefits of our he or the Christianity. In fact, all the Christianity will be in the Book of Records of the fact of the wife of Emma,

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the family of Emma, all the Christians there will be in the book of record of this woman.

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With that intention, she gave birth to marry.

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And then she says I seek refuge. Wherever you go happy Caledonia tamina shape and the virgin sisters and brothers listen to his beauty.

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Listen to this beauty as the Prophet Mohammed slotum says, ma'am in mono, this is headed Zaha Hadid, very sound and authentic ma'am in mono. Any new birth? Any baby that is that is given a new birth newborn any newborn baby is pricked by shaitan at birth. At birth, his brain is pricked by shaitan and begins to weep you know when anybody who are any new baby one day as soon as the baby comes out there baby Stop crying. You know why? Yeah, they say because it needs to breathe. Yeah, but also our Prophet says that the shaitan trixin killer. Any new birth new baby born right? As soon as comes out, that baby comes out from the womb of the mother the shape on Brixham then the baby starts

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crying. It happens to all the babies until the end of time. The only baby didn't happen to some harmala.

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were in your head because of the time in the shadow machine. It didn't happen to Mary and it did not happen to Lisa at a Hema center. Because of the the death of the mother, the wife of Emma. I love it.

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About what an amazing woman again,

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what an amazing woman she made Allah, I seek refuge in You for her and her descendants from shaitan.

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I seek refuge for her and her descendants from shaitan. And the province says any newborn will get pricked by shaitan. So I began to weep begins to cry, except the wife except except Mary. And Lisa shaytan was not able to come because of the drama of the wife of MRI.

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a law surgeon wanted to teach us a lesson.

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And that lesson my brothers and sisters is yes, not only men can do change or can make a change. Women can also make a big huge change. They say women are half of the society. I say I'm sorry, maybe No, no, I disagree. Women are the entire society, not just half of the society, they are the entire society. Yes, we know we have the nation builders, the profits the nation builders, also women on nation builders, women are nation builders. They they not the nation builders build, you know people like like

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Abu Bakar and, and and like Oman, and like as obey and Abdullah was obey and he shot and Heidi and and Fatima and they need you need you know, these heroes and heroes. These are lions and lioness they are the product of, of of, of amazing, amazing, great women. Right? So they are the entire society. Definitely, you know women. So don't think wrong sisters. Don't think wrong. Don't think wrong of yourselves. And don't let others make you think any lower of yourself or whatnot because you can't be a lesbian has elevated you. Allah has innovated you subhanho wa Taala

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Are you with me sisters and brothers?

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Are you with me? Because this, this family of Milan

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300 years later,

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the Romans will embrace Christianity.

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Look at the lesson.

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The lesson that we learn here

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the lesson that we learn here,

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ah killin it.

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The lesson that we learn here, this woman she came, and she made that pledge, right?

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And she wanted to cause a change. 300 years later, these Romans who are causing mischief and evil and wronged they embraced Christianity, and they are all in the book of record of that woman, the woman the wife of Milan, now it makes more sense. It makes more sense why this family has been favored by Allah. Ya Allah subhanho wa Taala has chosen one chapter in the end to be after the name of this family, Mr. And Mr. And the family of Emma

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it's all in the meezan of hacer net of this woman. So sisters, you have to play a role. Your role is not just to you know, on your phone that and keep on an hour chatting and sending messages here and there and go to here and come back here and then cook and then if you were to cook and then eat and know that you know that's not your role just the role does not lie just within those lines, sisters that evident you'll have a bigger role to play. You are the the the nation builder You are the one who moves nations who moves Nations communities negatively and positively. Yes, true. negatively and positively. So you choose for yourselves. You choose for yourselves. Allah has chosen and favored

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the family of Mr. Sister. What is it that you're doing word? For a lot to favor you?

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What is it that you're doing? Which is word for a lot to favor you lucky has favored the family of Milan, look what she did this lady.

00:24:39--> 00:24:42

This lady with that amazing intention only she made the pledge.

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So you could do that in sha Allah who Tara you could do that. And your your son or your daughter inshallah, who will be at EMA, who will be an alum. So many people can embrace. Embrace your stem and learn

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Through them insha Allah Allah or will be in your book of records. All will be in your book of records, sister inshallah.

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And then Mary Kay.

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Mary Kane.

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And as she made that dedication, her mother, now she has to work where she has to serve the Muslims. While she has to serve the worshipers were in beta democritus.

00:25:25--> 00:25:30

She's still a teenager in her 50s in her teens.

00:25:31--> 00:25:43

And she had no mom no Midian Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, I meant to say she had no money. She had a mother and father passed away. So 1516 she's working

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in beta muck this.

00:25:47--> 00:25:52

Then she needs someone to sponsor her to look after her to adopt her.

00:25:53--> 00:26:13

Because her mom cannot do it. So who came in to do it? Bunch of men. They all came in, they all want to take, it'll be all on the head. The only one that has Oh, they all are seeking the reward of adopting and looking after Mary because she's going to serve the worshipers were in beta blockers.

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So they all came everybody was saying ay ay ay. Amongst them is Zakaria.

00:26:21--> 00:26:36

Amongst them is Zachary as well. What's going to happen? There's a carrier. What's going to happen to this woman? 15 1617 years old. What would Mary do? At that age?

00:26:37--> 00:26:40

She will be she will do two things.

00:26:41--> 00:26:43

Sisters and brothers Listen up

00:26:44--> 00:27:01

a girl when she is in that age of 1514 1617. Right? She has a huge, huge, I won't say anything. Something called Exxon tell you what that x is until tomorrow.

00:27:02--> 00:27:04

How would she release

00:27:06--> 00:27:53

that x that she has? She will do two things. She will do a and b what's x? What's a? What's B? Tomorrow inshallah Tada. We've talked about more about Mary, the life of Mary, what will Mary do inshallah. What would zecharia do insha Allah and then we would pave the road for the birth of a Salah his Salaam in shallow data. As a Camilla Hey brothers and sisters May Allah bless you Melanie would you thank you for joining I shall see you tomorrow at 6pm Eastern Time. 11pm UK time inshallah. hota is that Camilla hair Baraka Luffy calm it's almost my time here. That's why I had to cut it short today. Half an hour, but it is recorded. Those of you who have come in late you can

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always go back and watch this is a really interesting session. Please go back and watch it inshallah May Allah bless you all Bala koloff. Eco is that Kamala Harris said mid convert leftover capital. We'll see you tomorrow. Six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time in Charlotte alrighty sisters and brothers is that Kamala hair said America hot lava cat