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So when we said to him, you know, how would you feel be Muslim? And of course, he said, Oh, it's amazing. You know, I think I'm a Muslim. So that's your question, or did you convert to

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Islam? Sorry, I'm gonna be straight. They're asking you to convert.

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convert to Islam. I'll let that one slide. Yes, I did convert to Islam. The sense of brotherhood is a really big

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Polycom brothers and sisters I am here in Tampa, Florida in front of the future Dean Center, which would be the first Mega Dawa center in America. Brothers and sisters, Allah subhanahu wa taala has privileged you and I with the truth and this is an opportunity for us to do a prophet's work and earn a prophet's reward. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this is a matter that will reach every home and now is your opportunity to be involved in such a thing that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prophesized which will impact hundreds and millions of people and generation after generation to come donate right now we have $350,000 left, donate right

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now click the link below. May Allah Subhana Allah reward all of you Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam alikoum greetings of Peace Welcome to the D Show. I'm your host subscribe if you haven't already so you don't miss exciting episode shows like this. Well my next guest is start to smell Bullock for this mouse from the UK and was brought up in the suburbs of Isbin, Surrey. He accepted Islam in 1991. While at school get this while at school at the age of 14 after seeing a few Muslims praying in a classroom. After accepting Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation He began to learn by attending regular classes and seminars, visiting with and learning from major scholars. He has a

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BA in Islamic Studies and an MA in Dawa. He also has his own Weekly Islamic chat show called guest of the week on soja. TV. Currently, he works as the head of Dawa for the Islamic Information Center in Dubai. And that's where he met our brother Andrew Tate. Let's learn more about this and more with our brother Ismail Bullock. Not only will they come Sunanda How you doing brother smell Candida? How you doing? How you been? Hamdulillah. Abdullah, good to be on the deen show. We know we've all watched it now and again all these years so it's nice to nice to be on with you. Mashallah, it's nice to have you on 100 in LA. So we got a lot to talk about. Let's start off with. So you work as

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the head of Dawa here at the Islamic educational institute in Dubai. Islamic Information Center in Dubai. That's correct. Yes, yeah, we see how important it is getting the right information or education. So your How long have you been there? I've been there just for about four and a half years now.

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Let's get right into this video. You can kind of break this down for us and we'll go from there.

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Is it every day you get a surprise visit like this. And

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the thing is we actually like everybody, we you know, we

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heard that agitator become Muslim. I'll be quite honest with you that I'd seen him. I'd seen him as a figure on the net. But I can't I can't say that I personally had like, watched lots of his stuff. But I knew that he was a person that many people look up to from certain perspective, especially the masculine side of things. So when we heard you became a Muslim, and I was familiar with tam climb, as you obviously you had in recent on your show. I knew of him. So I had we had a mutual friend and actually a makeup person, you know, because obviously, as we already know, as you're into jujitsu, and I am happy to be a blue belt, which needs to go. I need to go back into practice, though. But we

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have a mutual friend, a very well known person he called a mean he is the owner of the hoist Gracie Academy in Dubai.

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So we have we have this mutual friend we both know, you know, he knows Tim Khan and I know him. So I reached out to him. I said to him, Look, advertise become a Muslim. He's a very well known figure, if you'd like to call controversial, whatever it may be, but he has a massive audience. He has a massive impact on people. So he said it's very important that now it's become a must and we tried to reach out and try to say to him like we are here for you. I mean, just in the name you know, Islamic Information Center shows that we are like a one stop center for information on Islam. So we thought it's really important for him to come and sit down

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I'm with us to chat with him. So we reached out. And we said, you know, would you like to come in? And Tom said he actually would, because we've had so many, and are still seeing that today. So many people are doubting that he's become a Muslim or saying it's not real, it's propaganda or, or he was just trying out the prayer. And unfortunately, many Muslims are even saying that and saying, even as you probably know, even crazier things. So he said, we'd love to come down, and we'd love to film it. So we will absolutely fine. He said, because we want to show them not only has become, you know, he's praying, he's clearly said he's become a monster. But look, he's even go into an Islamic center

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now to get more information. So they came down and had that meeting with us. So, so it's safe to say officially, I mean, it was confirmed with our brother, Tam Khan, who was recently on the show. But now you had $1 there in Dubai, he comes into the center. What was that conversation? Like? It? Yeah, of course, first of all, we said to him, you know, how would you feel being Muslim? And of course, he said, Oh, it's amazing, you know, I become a Muslim. So you know, this is no doubt about this, you know.

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So it's official.

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I've seen something, I think, coming out a day or two ago of another show, but I think that was recorded probably before he took shahada. So yeah, like I said, he sat with us for like, maybe 3045 minutes, it wasn't like a five minute meeting. And the whole thing, we were talking about him becoming a muslim, and what led him to that. And we also told him as well, you know, you have such a big platform. So now, that shouldn't be the way things work. But the fact that you're a Muslim, now, people will judge Islam by you. And we always tell everybody, don't judge Islam by Muslims. Islam is perfect. Muslims aren't. But unfortunately, though, in the world we live in, that's not how it

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works. And we know that from you know, how Islam has always been judged by certain people, or some actions that are done that aren't from Islam. So we told him, You have a very big responsibility. Now we have so many people look up look up to you. So we advised him to use his platform in the best possible way he can, you know, for positive, positive message.

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And obviously, you guys now he, he knows the six articles of faith, the five pillars of Islam, all just basic stuff, he pretty much everything is made clear to him, obviously. That's right, and the what we have at the center, I mean, I'll probably when you're ready, I can elaborate a bit more what we're doing a center, but in our center, we have an online academy, it's literally Academy dot Islamic And that is literally, we have a new Muslim course level one, a new Muslim course level two, working on level three. So you could say someone can go from the very basics, even to advanced and that's all online, it's all free of charge. We even have a getting ready for married

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life course we have a course that your first Ramadan. And to be honest, these courses are even good for the average Muslim. They're very, very nice courses. And we got started Mohammed, Tim humble, which is he's very well known. He's the one who's giving those recorded lessons. So we gave him that as well. We recommended him he's a very busy man, he's really busy lifestyle, we told him at least try and spend, you know, a day or every day watching one of his videos, to continue your learning journey. I mean, this is so important education is so important. I mean, obviously someone takes the first step acknowledges what's in their fitrah their innate nature, that there is nothing worthy of

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worship except the creator of heaven and earth, God Almighty Allah, and then they start to establish all based on on knowledge, evidence, Islam as evidence based religion way of life is not blind faith. And it's, it's not like you have so many man made religions, but Andrew Tate, he got to see through all of this, you got to see many of the, the, the moral code of Islam, you know, he loved that he talks a lot about that he talks about so many of the things that are set up in Islam that just goes with the nature of the human being, but then this most important thing about establishing a direct connection with your Creator, I mean, this this, this overshadows everything, this is the

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foundation of pillar. I mean, this is the towhee the pure monotheism. So how, how was it? You know, and then the love for Jesus? You know, when, when people like yourself, you know, you were seeing Muslims praying, and then we saw agitate, also praying this video that got out. And when anyone who just couldn't make those connections, that's how Jesus peace be upon him pray. So we're seeing that Jesus worship God alone, he prayed like, he prayed. He was praying like Jesus, you saw Muslims praying like Jesus, you know, when these things come together, it's just easy to digest. It's not hard to comprehend, and it's easy to fall in line with this.

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Exactly. I mean, like you said, I mean, the one of the main things that at such a young age attracted me to Islam was seeing some of my Muslim school friends pray, which was a big surprise, because, you know, unfortunately, you know, especially in the West, we don't think of prayer and we don't think about that teenager. So to see these Muslims pray, and to be honest, they weren't necessarily people they would always pray, but they used to pray Friday prayer, and seeing them praying and see them bearing down. There's no images, there's no idols or anything like that was what really struck me and I remember saying to them, I'm interested and you know, initially they

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were like, Yeah, whatever. I said, No, no, so

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I'm actually interested. So they were really limited in their knowledge and what was quite funny as they, the first thing they did is they wrote down on a piece of paper for me and they said, You must take this piece of paper and read it every single day so much. And it literally was in English letters, of course, Subhan, Allah Alhamdulillah, La ilaha illallah and stuff that Allah and I like this one, you have to do a lot of stock for Allah, because you're not a Muslim. So they did their best. But I mean, they took me to the mosque and actually joined in the maid. Whoo, that was an amazing feeling for the first time, and they actually joined the prayer. And I still remember, you

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know, 14, almost 15 year old, that whole thing of going down in frustration,

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which is an amazing feeling. And obviously, as now, as we've become Muslim, we've learned more, it really you realize, you know, you're saying that you in that frustration, that please note that the person's face, the person's head is usually a thing of pride or vanity, you know, you've got that on the floor, it's kind of the lowest you can be as a human, really in submission. And what you're saying that your lowest point, you're saying subpar, there'll be at a gallery beat to my Lord, who is the most high. So this is this was an amazing feeling. And after that I became a Muslim. And you know, that was just the beginning of a long journey. That way, we're still on and we make, you know,

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we ask a lot that we continue on this journey until we die. And that's a beautiful thing. Islam is a is an evidence based way of life. And based on authentic evidence from the preservation of the Quran. You had the prophecies, the scientific miracles, I mean, no room left for any doubt that this is indeed from the Creator that heavens and earth, believable message, everything falls in line, and you wouldn't have gotten to where you are today, the head of the Dawa Academy, they're really growing in your deen if you weren't dedicated to learning. So agitate also has a great opportunity here and many of the new reverbs converts who come in how important it is to really, really spend

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time learning your deen so you can grow in it?

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Definitely, definitely. I mean, we know that that is what is another I mean, when it comes to Islam, everything is so unique, you know, but I mean, even the concept of knowledge we know in, you know, we may have been told maybe it's growing up. Just believe in this or you know, God works in mysterious ways. And you don't need to know you don't need to ask him. You know, we always say and always say to everybody, when it comes to the belief, the essential creed or essential, you know, I guess you could say pillar of faith or statement or a central belief for you to be to attain salvation, it has to be easy for everyone to understand it has to be whether you're, you know,

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you're as intelligent as Einstein or you're just a very simple person with a with a simple intellect. It has to be something that everybody because it, you know, the Creator, Allah Mighty God, He created all of us so that the faith that we have to believe in, and the essential belief which we know as Muslims is La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, that there is nothing worthy of worship, except ALLAH, and the Prophet Muhammad is his final messenger, it has to be understood. Whereas you may see other concepts, whether they're Trinity, whatever it may be, that you can't make sense of when we're just told to like, don't worry about that, just believe, whereas we know that

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the essential thing of our salvation must be comprehended, well must be is from the, from the child to that to the adult from their most intellectual, from the most simple of person, they must be able to understand this because they otherwise they themselves cannot attain salvation. So this is, this is the beauty of Islam and Islam encourages us, you know, we know the Prophet Muhammad, it's not like other things, we were told, Don't delve too deep. Don't study, just follow the clergy just follow the the sheiks or the Imams know, we are encouraged the Prophet Muhammad this morning. As we as we all know, he said that seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every male or female, and so many

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so many Hadith where he you know, he mentioned the reward of the one who gets knowledge to encourage them. And this is whole emphasis, even Allah says in the Quran, know that Allah is your Lord. So it's not just blind faith but no, you know, they just encouragement where it's just completely opposite to most, you know, other religions where you're just told to but you know, believe and that's it don't Delve Don't Ask Don't Don't, don't search and don't learn.

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Know how are you going to know if you don't study if you don't learn if you don't grow? It reminds me of the Hadith where the prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon them. And if you can elaborate on this, this authentic hadith where he talks about what's heavier on shaytaan then a you can have paraphrasing Hadith 1000 worshipers, but the olive the learned person is much more heavier on che Don than 1000 worshipers or more.

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That's right, because you know, you can have a person who worships and an example of that comes to mind when you say that is that famous hadith of a man who killed 100

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to 99 people. And then he was trying to find a way can I make Toba repentance from this? And he went to a

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someone who was a worshiper, and the person basically said to him, No, you know, you cannot, you know, make Toba. So killed him. No knowledge. Yeah, yeah. And then he came, he came to another person who told him that, you know, there is talk about so this is, this is what we see. And if you see what the scholars what they say is they say like, what is better? Is it the person who is a constant worshiper? Or was he talking about we're not talking about the obligatory worship of talking about the one who goes the extra mile in worship? Who is better, the one who goes the extra mile and worship, so maybe he's waking up every single day for Claremont lay, and maybe he's, every

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other day he's fasting? Who is better him? Or the one who is the scholar, or the one who is knowledgeable, who maybe has less a badass, but has more knowledge? And all the scholars say, is the one who has knowledge? Because in reality, how can you know the truth? If you don't know falsehood? How can you know what is Tawheed the Oneness of Allah, if you don't know what he shouldn't. So you may have a person who is very pious and very worships a lot, but he's lacking a central religion, and he can end up falling into some of these, you know, things like associated things with Allah like innovation. So this is why, you know, the, the knowledge knowledge is so, so important. So tell

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me, were you also like Andrew Tate, he came from a Christian background. Were you also from a Christian background? Just like Andrew? That's correct. Yeah. On my, my mother's side of the family were Roman Catholic, and my father's side, Church of England, which is basically a former Protestant. So I had a fairly, I wouldn't say I had a religious upbringing, but my, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. And my grandfather was quite active in the church. I forget what they call them. But he was one of the people who were, we have what we call the vicar, like the father. And they would have people who would walk behind him, like maybe carrying a big candlestick and take

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it apart, you know, assisting you in some of the practices. So he was quite active doing that every Sunday. So I did have, that was part of my life growing up. But like the majority of people in the West, you know, we weren't particularly over religious, but I had good exposure, you could say, to the Christian religion.

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And what was it at that point? You're 14 years old? And now you're seeing Muslims pray? Did you have any prior knowledge of Islam up until then what was your understanding? I think we were taught what it is religious education. But for now, I can remember until now, it's pilot, something stick in your mind is that I remember the textbook and it would have like a picture of Mohammed, he comes home from school, his mother, based upon maybe the majority of Muslims in the UK. So for example, his mother, Pakistani, so she's looking like a Pakistani in this book, she's wearing Pakistani dress, ahamed comes home, his mother makes for him a Parata, and some curry. So it's a very Indian

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Pakistani kind of thing that's coming across. So at that stage, you may not necessarily from back then anyway, maybe it's improved. Now. Unless you're really, really interested in studying religion, which most of us, you know, lots of classes as teenagers, you're not maybe paying too much attention. You're not going to really differentiate between what they're telling you there, for example, and maybe Hinduism or another what looks like Indian subcontinent as we know. And as you know, of course, better than me. We have a very strong, white European Islam. We have, you know, Bosnians, we have costumes, but, you know, they were choosing what they see in the UK, especially

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back then, which was mostly Pakistani, so I didn't really have any idea what Islam really was. It's only when I saw them praying, it got me more interested. And I remember going to my grandfather's house and had this book called the Reader's Digest, which is a publication a lot of them are factual, the World Book of facts, very big book, which has all kinds of statistics. And they had a section on religion. And I remember, at such a young age, when I look back now I say, wow, how did I do such a decision at the age of 14, especially when we see 14 year olds in this modern time? They're all 24 hours gaming and consoles? We were a bit different back in that time.

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Yes, I remember going and reading this Reader's Digest. And even at such a young age when I read about each religion, of course, there may be some, each religion has some aspect that kind of said, Oh, that sounds interesting. That sounds good, or, but I remember what really struck out about Islam was the fact that it said, you know, Islam, believing one true God, Allah, that He is the Creator, He is the only one who deserves worship, and he is the only

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only himself. You don't need to go through any intermediaries. You don't need to pray to anybody. And that just said, I mean, even at a young age, I just said to myself, that just makes complete sense. Even he has no image you know, there's no image

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He's over here. And everything I could think of it just said, that sounds like how Almighty God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, how it should sound, you know, and there's a part of us. So that was kind of, you know, made the decision. And to be fair back then, I did get hold of, but I think and by then, it was pretty much the time that I decided I wanted to become Muslim, it just made so much sense. But two cents, but to kind of cement that belief I was given I think some of my deedat books like there is by is the is the Bible, God's word and Muhammad in the Bible and other things like that. And I just kind of, you know, as a as a new Muslim, you could say, is that a bit

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like a baby in that sense, this was what really gave me the, these things and reading more was really what just made me even more firm. In my decision, I realized, you know, that this was the, this was the right decision. And I say to so many people, over the years, before I worked, where I work, now, I worked for Dubai government exhibition, and we had many tourists would come in, and it was an Islamic exhibition. And I remember, you know, so many of them, they would sit down with us would give them Arabic coffee and dates and have a chat with them. And they would say, so many of them, you'd be surprised. Or maybe, maybe we wouldn't be surprised. They would say, I know Islam is

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the truth, Islam as the only religion that actually makes sense.

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My family, but my friends, but my society, so many I've had I've had close relatives, without like, naming and shaming them on the show, because that's obviously private conversations, who have said, I believe, you know, Islam, but my father would never take it, or I believe in Islam, but my wife and my daughters and my social life, and we know that was like a body of the Prophet SAW. Selim is Uncle, she knew the process and was the prophet. He believed in his prophecy. He knew Islam was the truth. But he said, How can I leave the way of the Quran of my tribe of my people? And that, unfortunately, is,

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we see it multiplied all over the place, with so many people. And that's just my experience. I mean, you've probably come across similar people. And there's probably so many viewers who are sitting there now maybe watching this who aren't even a Muslim. I think deep down Yeah, well, I do believe Islam is the only religion that actually makes sense. But it's just they don't follow up. You know?

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That is one of the things wow, that's really deep. So from you've from being in this position, where you're meeting so many people come into the educational institute, the data center exhibition there, and you're sitting with eating, and having some dates, coffee, tea, whatever the case, and they're telling you that telling you that we know Islam is the truth submission to one and only one God created heavens and earth, worshiping the Creator, not the crazy, this is the truth. But then all these excuses come into line. It definitely Yeah, more. I mean, I can't even count how many times I mean, I won't exaggerate and say every word of course not. But, you know, that was it was a regular

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occurrence. Where these two people, at least the people would say, I mean, you even had people who would come in, you know, and start jumping on like, you know, you can have four wives, and you can have this. And I remember, one of them came in very, very kind of like, not aggressive, but kind of about the four waves. And of course, we can't talk about that now, because it's a long topic, but I broke it down. And I said, you know, if you look at the demographics, or the population, there's more men than women, and that sometimes there's wars, what happens to those widows and I went to all different scenarios. And surprisingly, at the end, she actually said to me, you know, what, that

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actually makes complete sense. So she wasn't adamant, you could say, coming from a very feminist angle. But when she left, she actually said, you know, I know what I did was, it's not because you know, wow, look at this, while Bullock is such a great orator. It was just literally, I'm just talking to the facts, you know, and the evidence is that most of us know, and she ended up saying, you know, okay, I can understand where you're coming from, it kind of makes sense. But as she left, you said, Well, I can I can never get my husband to have a second wife. So you know, you'd be surprised how many people weren't, you get the chance to speak to them? You know, they actually

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realize that so, you know, so many things make sense. But and that's why it's such a responsibility for us as well. And it's amazing, you know, him that he would do this kind of show for us to as best we can to pass on that message to people that's also responsibility upon us, isn't it for us to pass on the message and make them see the reality of Islam and make them see the truth of Islam? As best as we can? Exactly. Yeah. If you care you share, as often say, So, what would you advise people who are like Andrew Tate, just new to accepting Islam, you can have you can see a video of him joking around with his brother, indirectly kind of given him some Dawa. I don't know if you've seen that

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video. Oh, yes. He's got PAYG tax and all this kind of stuff.

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Yeah. So what would you continue to advise agitator others who now okay, according to your experience, and you also, knowing now that

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as you learn, you grow, and now there's certain things that you're gonna have to leave off and how was that with you? How hard or difficult was it at your young age? You learn certain things your love for your creativity.

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Raul, also that fear of the craters displeasure and now certain things come up at what point do you advise reverse converts and applying that to yourself? How immediately or did it take time? You know how much time let's say a lot there's certain things that are very common now it elicits Take for example of alcohol for instance, you know,

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things come up and now you learn that I gotta let Porthcawl I gotta let this go there's not too many in Islam there's not too many things there's a few things that are very harmful for the human being and God Almighty out of his love he had prohibited certain things so we love the Creator want to please the creator and now a revert convert comes across something that they love. You know, and now they got a jihad going on a struggle with themselves. How should they go about this? What do you advise them? It definitely, I mean, that, you know, the, like you mentioned, there's going to be things that they became accustomed to.

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point that I like to always mention is, you know, people always focus on and this is from our people's weaknesses, and definitely from the shaytani from the devil is point making people think that everything is forbidden in Islam. And if we look at the exactly, and if we look at the, if you look at, okay, we can't have alcoholic drinks, but look at the, you know, the variety of other amazing drinks that we can drink, we can't have pork and certain food, what like, you know, like finding a dead carcass and eating it, you know, it has to be sacrificed in a certain way. But that's in the in the bigger scale of the picture. That's literally like everything on earth apart from a

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very small category of meat. So and even when it comes to entertainment, okay, we can't we shouldn't go night clubbing and partying and smoking weed. But look at all the other amazing, exciting journey journaling stuff we can do, you know, like, like jujitsu, for example. So many things we can do that people always focus on that, which probably not even 5% of things are haram. So that's one thing I'd like to point out for those people who, you know, who are Muslims themselves thinking that or new Muslims thinking, Oh, look, oh, no, I become a Muslim. No, everything is forbidden, or non Muslims thinking the same thing. Like if I become a Muslim, I have to become like a monk or, you know, a

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hermit and go and live in a cave somewhere. And in fact, we know that living your daily life in Islam is worship. You know, we were told that going about your daily life and earning money and feeding your wife and kids and giving to society and being a good member of society is considered worship, and we're rewarded. So when it comes to becoming a muslim, is definitely something that needs to be taken step by step. And we do have a problem with some Muslims, they rush into things, you know, or some or they try to rush people into things. So the guy became a Muslim, what's your name, you haven't changed your name, how come you haven't changed your name, but there's no emphasis

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on changing name, I mean, Abu Bakr Padula, and Omar with mine, Ali, that was their name when they were not Muslims, they didn't change it, that we know Islamically the only reason you have to change your name, of course, it's nice to have a Muslim name to be identified in, you know, amongst people as a Muslim, but my name is still officially Louis. And your name is Eddie, you know, I'm known as his smile, but officially, I'm Louis. So there's no need for these kinds of things, you know, like rushing to change your name, as long as you don't have a name that has a very has a negative meaning, or has a meaning that you worship something other than Allah, then there's no need to rush

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into things like that. Even things like you know, people, they have, like you said, they have vices, they have alcohol, we always tell people is better. And this is a problem. And this is a big barrier that stops

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people from becoming Muslim, or maybe even make some non Muslims kind of leave Islam or feel like they, they're gonna leave Islam, because they feel like they're hypocritical. Or they say, I can never become a Muslim because I can never wear a hijab, or I can never give up drink, or I can't break up with my girlfriend. Now, of course, we would never encourage any of those acts. But the fact of the matter is, if you become a Muslim, and you have a girlfriend,

00:28:42 --> 00:29:21

you're sinful, but you're a Muslim. And if you look at the other flipside of that, would you rather realize the truth, and know that you need to become a believer, but remain a disbeliever? So if you weigh that up, what is the what is the bigger sin, to remain in denial of your Lord and disbelieving in him by not making that final step, you've come to the conclusion in your heart, but making that final word, that which was taught by all the prophets as a condition to make the final step? Or you're going to, you're going to get you know, give that up? Because you say, I'm going to still commit a certain sin. So this is very important, you know, you can be a Muslim is not encouraging.

00:29:21 --> 00:29:58

So don't anyone clip this now and say, but the reality is, if someone said, I want to become a Muslim, but I can't give up alcohol right now, we say to them, become a Muslim, but realize alcohol is forbidden. And this is something you need to ASAP. It's not a license to keep on drinking with us of your life. But if someone we see you know, we seek refuge in that did become a Muslim and drink for the rest of their life. They became a Muslim, you know, they did the most important thing they can do, but they have like many Muslims, we know there are many Muslims out there who have their problems. Some of them may drink some of them may have some of them may have girlfriends. Some of

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

them may do things they shouldn't do.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

but genuinely speaking, they're obviously still Muslim, right? We don't take them out of the fold of Islam. So this is very important, don't delay yourself becoming a muslim, because you feel that you may not get to give certain things. And I'm not the best example because you know, a lot less than me that became Muslim, so young, so I didn't have a big deep life or alcohol, or, you know, women or clubbing or whatever it may be. But of course, you know, living in the west until I came out here, and even in life, there's always temptation. So the real emphasis is you, you've come to that conclusion, is to accept Islam. And even for the ones become a Muslim, it will be difficult in the

00:30:34 --> 00:31:02

beginning, and, you know, maybe yourself and even the shaytaan, as sometimes that the devil can be in the form of himself whispering to you, it can be in the form of humans acting like the devil, you know, coming and saying to you, like, you know, why did you become a Muslim, you know, you're not even a good one, or you look, you're still drinking, or you didn't break up with your girlfriend, you might as well leave Islam. So it's important not to fall into these kinds of doubts and realize, it's always better to be a Muslim who has mistakes, than to be

00:31:03 --> 00:31:10

someone who recognizes the truth or not to accept it. Because of those mistakes. This is very important that we always like to point out to people.

00:31:11 --> 00:31:34

It reminds me of one of the companions. These were the best also, men that walked the earth who were alongside the Prophet Muhammad SAW some and one of them who also had a hard time giving up alcohol, you know, the story behind him, right? And but he was someone who loved Allah, God Almighty and the messenger, deeply an, and he went through his struggles at the end, you know,

00:31:35 --> 00:31:43

I met another Sahaba you as you say, and that comes to my mind, were one of the companions, he came to the Prophet Muhammad peace upon him. I said, allow me to fornicator allow me to make Zina.

00:31:45 --> 00:31:45


00:31:46 --> 00:31:58

this is this is also an amazing thing, because this count this count is the concept that you know, in modern terms, let's let's break that down in modern like vernacular, like, allow me to hook up with the girls like

00:32:01 --> 00:32:22

yeah, just you pretty much equal salami go to the club, allow me to fulfill my desires. That's what he said, you know, literally, and what is even more of that because the word Zina literally means to have you know, to fornicate literally, it's like someone saying, let me go and you know, without going into, you know, Vogue modern terms, but let me literally go and have * with a woman. It's literally, you know, and

00:32:23 --> 00:32:51

just a disclaimer, who's not my wife? Of course, yeah, yeah, definitely. And one thing that I want to before I mentioned the end of that, what happened in that scenario, it just, it just shows you and counters this evil and false narrative that the Prophet SAW Selim was a very harsh and very, you know, elder Biller, we don't even want to repeat what people say, but you know, the fact that he heard such a statement, you know, imagine now unfortunately, maybe somebody will come into me a new, you know, we may lose our temper.

00:32:53 --> 00:33:14

You crazy, you know, we'll go into maybe some of the imams in the mosque and the guy that this young guy goes and says, Can you give me permission to you can imagine the response? So this is the progress I set on the most religious, the most strict in the sense of the correct strictness the balance, moderate middle way path. What was his reply? He just replied and said to him, would you

00:33:15 --> 00:33:53

would you approve of such a thing for your mother or your sister or your auntie? And then the man realized, you know, made him kind of take a step back? And he said, No. So he said, also, you know, likewise, people don't approve of this for their mothers and their daughters and their aunts. So what a beautiful response. So this shows that, you know, these are the best of people, and they had their own struggles and their own mistakes. No one from the Muslims ever told them, leave Islam, you're a hypocrite, or don't become a Muslim, because we know you have an alcohol problem. And like you mentioned, one of the Sahaba he was known that he kept having this problem, he'd make Toba. He'd

00:33:53 --> 00:34:20

feel bad, it fall into the same mistake. He was never told to leave Islam, he was never called a hypocrite. He was never banished from the, you know, away from the community, you know, totality and these kinds of things. So this is important, you know, that you can this is a precedence to show people that you may have mistakes, no one's perfect. And that's why the Prophet Muhammad, he mentioned in the Hadith that all of the children of Adam, they make mistakes. And the best of those who are the ones who repent.

00:34:21 --> 00:34:52

So this is this is going to its life. So no one should like stop themselves with coming coming Muslim because they feel that they're going to be they're not going to be a perfect Muslim. I'll tell you something. Now, there are no perfect Muslims. There's not a perfect Muslim on the planet of the earth on the planet. Perfection is only to Allah. So never anyone should think that they're going to delay becoming Muslim because we're not going to be perfect. Everyone is different. Some will practice at different levels. But it's that recognition, you know, you know, why would you not do it? You know, you're only fooling yourself. You're only kidding yourself. You're only betraying

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

yourself when you know, deep down, that is long as the truth and there is only one true God and that's the only thing that makes sense. Why delay

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

It won't even if you're gonna have immediate you're gonna have mistakes. That's life. You got to, as they say, you're on the you got to fall off the bandwagon you jump back on again, you slip off and keep on going. It's life. Let's touch upon now because what would agitate have done? Because I mean, this is somebody who was the most Googled man on the on the planet. And now people are like, what he accepted Islam? What would he have to have done to accept Islam? Let's break that down. Let's spend a little bit time going over that. Let's start with this thing that you're talking about, go ahead and accept accept? What what is it that I have to say and do it differently? You know, the main, I

00:35:40 --> 00:35:43

guess you could say, journey, or the main

00:35:46 --> 00:36:24

becoming a muslim is the, you know, the actual recognition. So you're, you know, you've come to that conclusion, that there is only one true God, Allah because Allah is the unique and personal name of God. It's not, you know, God, as we know, if you look in the dictionary, now, yes, it will tell you God is the word used for Christian God, but it will tell you underneath anything that's worship. So God is more of a description, it's not a personal name. So his personal name is Allah, and this is the name that all the prophets would have caught him. So one of the persons they then you know, which I always say, if anyone truly, and I say this in great confidence, because you know, this line

00:36:24 --> 00:36:59

or this, if anybody truly looks into Islam, with an open mind, with all the pre notions behind them, all the prejudices, you know, and they're really sincerely want to find the truth, they can only come up with Islam, it's, you know, you know, we may sound biased, but you know, at what stage we weren't Muslim. So, you know, we can we can say that with confidence, we're not, you know, we're not necessarily born Muslims brought up all our lives in religious Muslim family. So we're bound to say that No, most of them, you know, pretty much all of my family are still non Muslims. But you know, so when someone looks into this, they come to that conclusion, there is only one true god Allah, and

00:36:59 --> 00:37:39

that only he deserves to be worshipped. The Prophet Muhammad doesn't deserve to be worshipped, Jesus, Abraham, Moses, they will all humans, they were the best of mankind, the best examples of human beings, but they were not gods themselves, or the sons of gods or parts of gods. And you've come to that conclusion, and that the Prophet Muhammad was his last and final messenger, then you could say, your letters, you know, for the sake of it, say your 95% there, that is the essential, that is the real part that you need to come to. And then the final step is just literally professing what you say. And somebody may say, well, I'll just believe it. And I won't say it. What we you

00:37:39 --> 00:38:17

know, what we were told by the Prophet Muhammad, and we see this, even through all the prophets, they would call their people to testify, to bear witness. So the final step, to literally make you a Muslim is when you, you just literally say, you know, you say what's called the shahada, the testimony of faith. And this is the first pillar of Islam, we have the five pillars of Islam. And these pillars are like the pillars in a built in a building, you know, if you want to have a structure that you can call a stable and firm structure, that doesn't collapse. You need these foundations, these pillars, and those pillars of Islam are this testimony, the praying five times a

00:38:17 --> 00:38:23

day, the giving annual charity, if, if it's applicable to you, there's a certain amount of money that you have to have saved away

00:38:25 --> 00:39:10

the fasting month of Ramadan, and once in your lifetime making the pilgrimage in the footsteps of the Prophet Abraham and his son, Ismail, and the Prophet Muhammad in Mecca. So these are the five pillars and the most important one that brings you into Islam is the shahada, that bearing witness or the testimony of faith, and that is literally when you testify, you say you say an Arabic ish head, and let ilaha IL Allah, which had a name Muhammad Rasul Allah, and Muhammad Rasool Allah, I testify that there is nothing worthy of worship, nothing, no deity, no God, nothing worthy of worship, except ALLAH, and that the Prophet Muhammad is his last and final messenger. And that is

00:39:10 --> 00:39:43

exactly what agitate myself, anyone who becomes a Muslim, they have to come to that belief and make that statement, and then they have become a Muslim, something that's very important to mention as well. And I'm not the best person to talk about whether it's Andrew Tate, wherever it may be people's past. Like I said, I don't maybe follow so many influences out there to know what they've done and what they haven't done. But one important thing we must note, for anyone out there who thinks they've got so many bad things they've done in the past is that when you become a Muslim with me, when you become a Muslim,

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

all your sins, all of your sins are wiped away. So it's like imagine you have a bank account that's millions of dollars or millions of pounds or Durham's overdrawn. You're in big trouble. You become a Muslim that Oh,

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

over that overdraft is canceled. And not only is it canceled, if you continue to be a good Muslim, and you know your Islam becomes strong, all of those bad deeds in the past are transferred to good deeds. So it's like you have billions of dollars in overdraw, then it was wiped out. And then the bank came and said, Hey, what you've been a good customer, he is a billions of dollars credit just like that for nothing. And of course, to Allah the best of examples. So you can imagine this, what is what an amazing start that is not only have you recognized your Creator stepped into the Islam, which means as you, as many of us know, submission, that's what is Islam is not named after a

00:40:43 --> 00:41:18

particular nation, particular language, a particular person. We're not calling Mohammed ism, we're not called Arabian ism. And as we know, most the biggest Muslim populations in Indonesia, where Islam went there, from the good characteristics of the Muslim traders, that people embraced Islam. Similarly, we know that in you know, places like Bosnia, when, when the Muslims came over there, the Bosnian people were already on this concept of, of the original message of Jesus of Jesus is the Messenger of Allah, but not Allah Himself. So they accepted Islam. So this is, you know, this is what we see. And this is what people

00:41:19 --> 00:41:54

this is what they need to become a Muslim is just to accept that it's a very simple process. And this is where, you know, the journey begins and your life starts again. And, you know, it's a clean slate. It's amazing. So if you're Andrew Tate fan, and you want to know what he did, that's what he did, he would have had to testify, you could do it right now as hadoo. Allah ilaha illallah, you see is so easy to flows off the tongue. You're testifying that there's nothing worthy of worship, as our brother had just so beautifully explained, except the one who created you the one who created Jesus, Moses, Abraham, the One who created this whole universe and everything in it, you want to do it

00:41:54 --> 00:42:35

right now go ahead. And doing so this is something that beautiful Subhanallah tell me when you talked about that, you know, some people sadly, say you had some Muslims. How did you react to that? What's your advice? Some Muslims were kind of upset that he actually accepted Islam. Yeah, but like I said, you know, maybe I can't comment on individual things. But maybe there were some things he may have said that maybe we as Muslims don't agree with. But that's clear. That's, that's that's clear. I mean, obviously, we there's things obviously that go against Islam, we're gonna disagree with that, right? Of course, but like I said to him, we have to take the perspective or from as

00:42:35 --> 00:43:07

Muslims now. Now, it may be difficult for non Muslims watching to say, but I can I can never forgive what he said here. And what he said there and I even had some people reach out to me, for my family was saying, like, how could you even shake this guy's hand? Whoever, whatever it may be, right? So you've had some personal experiences like that, huh? Yeah. But that's, that's from non Muslim, maybe non Muslim relatives and stuff, you know, because you know, it you have to understand as well, I guess, it shouldn't be so much for us as Muslims, but from a non Muslim perspective, they don't understand this concept. Some of them may not even believe that there is there is a Creator,

00:43:07 --> 00:43:48

unfortunately, they don't have this concept is amazing cause that we have of like repentance and, and becoming more Muslim wipes out what you did before. And, you know, we know that there will companions who, who became Muslim, who were arch enemies of Islam, they, they slaughtered believers, of Allah, they slaughtered Sahaba in battle. And they wanted to kill the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and they became Muslim, what is what is worse? Whether it's whoever it may be, what could anyone done that's worse than trying to kill a messenger of Almighty God? killing his companions, you know, like disciples, killing them, and then later becoming a muslim, and being treated like a

00:43:48 --> 00:43:56

brother and being treated like the past is the past, that's not an easy thing. Can you imagine that? I want I want people let that sink in, let that sink in for a moment.

00:43:58 --> 00:44:32

Keep going, that's just the law. So we have to look at it for Muslims, that whatever he said in the past, that may have been very controversial and may have gone you know, I'm sure like anybody who wasn't a Muslim would have said many things that go against Islam, we have to realize that that was there. And we you know, and we cannot judge someone by the pass of course, now if the person wherever they may be, continue, say things against Islam, then you know, that's an issue and we have to like, you know, it's fair enough. We're going to be disappointed or we're going to say this is wrong, but we can't You know, I heard some really crazy statements in I'm sure you I'm sure. Firstly

00:44:32 --> 00:44:59

talk about this, but it was going around and I didn't see it myself. But we heard so many things like, you know, influences saying that I'm gonna leave Islam if he became a Muslim. I mean, this is just like, really crazy. I mean, how can you how can anyone say I'm gonna leave Islam? Islam doesn't need you. Islam doesn't need Andrew Tate Islam doesn't need me. It doesn't need Eddie. You know, Islam. As you know, Islam doesn't need anybody. So, you know, it's just really really crazy statements, you know?

00:45:00 --> 00:45:39

So Islam is balanced. So we don't go to we don't we don't, whoever becomes a Muslim, we don't make them to the status of like, you know, elder Billa almost like a prophet or like a super, the super in our authority of Islam or as if they automatically become, you know, eyes like we respect major scholars No, but at the same time, we don't judge them upon the past, we Islam, as we know is about moderation. And we don't prophesy certainly always choose moderation in matters. So we have to say, such and such, whoever it may be has become a Muslim, he may have had certain things in the past that were bad, may Allah forgive him, and we hope we make to our that he will move on. But making

00:45:39 --> 00:46:04

crazy statements out there, like people even saying things like, Would you be happy if Sharon became a Muslim? Yes. No. Would you be happy if Shepard became a true believer? Yes. You know, it's really, really like crazy statements. You know, like, we'd be happy if anyone big, you know, accepts the truth is, that's an amazing thing. So we will have to take the middle part of everything, you know, especially in this matter.

00:46:05 --> 00:46:45

Yeah, that's extremely, extremely important. I mean, obviously, I mean, this is something that we got to go back to the basics, he or anyone else is not our example, example is the problem Mohamed Salah Salem, you have his companions, you have the righteous predecessors, you have people who are trying to live that model today, we can take good from but if you know the truth, then you know those who follow the truth. And then human beings are going to make mistakes, you don't follow human beings and those mistakes, you advise them to go back to who we should be following. It's very straightforward and simple. But times people fall into making certain celebrity people out there as

00:46:45 --> 00:46:49

their role models. That's not the right thing to do, is it?

00:46:50 --> 00:47:17

Definitely, definitely. And that has to be a balanced, you know, whether there's, you know, obviously if the celebrities, you know, don't have on don't set a good example, they're definitely the right people to, to follow. But again, we shouldn't, it's very important that we don't tie out Islam into celebrities, whether they're Muslim celebrities who become Muslim, or non Muslim celebrities. And, you know, without mentioning names, we all you know, I remember Muslims who were very,

00:47:19 --> 00:47:39

I wouldn't say addicted, but to a certain, you know, maybe a certain psychologist from North America, because there's a lot of good stuff when it comes to this, you know, gender roles and, and other things, and it has amazing stuff. But I've only watched a very few of it to be honest, because I, I don't find the time I like to spend my time if I can spend my time.

00:47:40 --> 00:48:17

You know, listen to scholars lectures, and what have you. But I've come across some of these and I felt, you know, very, very good words were being said, but some Muslims made it as if they need these people to prove what Islam is all about. And when that person may come out and say, I have advice for Muslims and, and sound patronizing. Everyone's like, oh, no, as if this person is like, an Islamic scholar or something. So we have to remember that we don't, our religion is not based on, you know, celebrities, and we have to always do everything, everything in moderation, literally. So even if you're going to look up to somebody who may have some good content with a Muslim or non

00:48:17 --> 00:48:26

Muslim, again, it's in moderation, because you never know what come the next day. So if you be if you base your faith or your beliefs on an individual person,

00:48:27 --> 00:48:51

apart from obviously, the prophet sighs I live as the as the companion that the seller for the pious predecessors in the past, they said, you know, like, everyone statement is accepted and rejected, except the person in the grave pointing to the precise grave. So he's the only one that we can, you know, ultimately follow and, and take us our 100% role model.

00:48:52 --> 00:49:16

Just quickly, going back to your story, real quick, before we conclude a few more questions, did you have a affinity towards Jesus as a Christian at that time? Were you stuck on the concept that he died for your sins? And now was that something hard to let go to Trinity? For example, how did you battle with these things? After, right before accepting Islam?

00:49:18 --> 00:49:26

Good question. I mean, I to be, to be quite honest, I can't say that I had this, this concept of Dying for the Sins was really like, you know,

00:49:27 --> 00:49:35

you know, embedded me so much that it was really hard to be honest, when I read about Islam, and I saw this concept

00:49:37 --> 00:49:53

that you know, God can only be one and he doesn't have any sons or partners, or there's no intermediary if you don't need to confess to anybody if you make a sin, you confess to him he's all here that all see and all loving to all merciful. All of the descriptions, to be honest, I was just convinced to be quite honest with you.

00:49:55 --> 00:49:59

So it's really hard as well to remember because we're talking now you know, and now 45. So we're talking about it

00:50:00 --> 00:50:29

31 years ago, 3031 years ago, when I embraced Islam, I don't remember really struggling as such. From that perspective, I think that I was just so convinced with the, the this concept of the monotheism, true monotheism that you cannot find anywhere else, that that it just kind of taken over everything else in the sense of that at and pushed me forward to, to make that decision and become a Muslim. So I don't think I had much of a struggle in that sense, because I was just so convinced by that concept.

00:50:31 --> 00:51:19

I relate to that, because that's something that really, once you get to know, the pure monotheism to toe heat, it's so powerful, it just dominates. It just takes over everything out there. And it clears up any doubts or anything. So I cannot stress how important it is to really know, your toe heed to really know because this is what everything else, if this is strong, I cannot forget one time when I did my first homage. And back in 2006. And I was visiting with one scholar there, and he ended up being sick. You know how in the 10 cities there, and a lot of people end up getting, some people get sick while they're there. And I went to see him, and we were expecting to have a long,

00:51:20 --> 00:51:45

you know, advice for maybe 20 minutes 30. And he just two words like, and this was in Bosnian, he said, Hold on to toe heat. And that to this day stuck with me. Because when you hold on to this, this is your salvation, this is what will get you into Jannah This is what if you let go you lose it and you end up in that in the hellfire? What are your comments on that?

00:51:46 --> 00:52:24

Yeah, definitely. I mean, that's, that is the key. That is the fundamental thing. And that's why, you know, when I mentioned earlier about those people who have recognized that, to not hold back, because that is the essential thing, you know, you could struggle you could slip up, you could fall into some sins, you could, you know, all these things could happen. But when you have that firm belief, of monotheism, and you know, deep down, that's the only thing that makes sense. This is literally like you said, this is the foundation of your life. This is a foundation of our existence. As we know, in the Quran, people wander around, say, what's the purpose of life and coming out with

00:52:24 --> 00:53:04

wax statements like YOLO, and all this nonsense, of course, YOLO you only live once, we actually believe that in the sense of in this, in this world, the life you only live once you better make the right decisions. But of course, there is the, you know, the second life ever, you know, everlasting life. And we find people wandering around not knowing what the real purpose of life is. And you've, I'm sure, you know, you ask people, they come up with all kinds of different things. And it says in the Quran, you know, that Allah created the spirit, life and mankind to worship Him alone. And another verse, he mentioned that he created life and death, to see which is best of you in actions.

00:53:04 --> 00:53:46

So, you know, this is our purpose in life. This is why we're here to recognize our Lord, to worship him, of course, we can live a life, you know, we can still live a very happy life, a very modern life, within the boundaries. And as we mentioned earlier, what's not allowed to do and what is allowed to do 95% of things you can do 5% Things you can't do. So you can live a, you know, a normal, happy life. But why would you not accept and recognize your Lord, and like I said, anybody out there? It's a challenge, when we know that, we will say to them, put your three notions behind, pray and say to Almighty God, that you want the truth. And if you you can't come to any conclusion.

00:53:46 --> 00:54:26

I mean, we could talk about this evidence of Islam, and we could you do this every week. But this is just something that, you know, if you're really looking for it, you cannot deny it's 100% Islam, no doubt about it, you will come Inshallah, to that conclusion. Of course, if that's written for you, as well. Yeah. And obviously, then everything else builds on that, developing your character, you know, the your moral integrity, all these things start to grow, grow. And it goes back to what we started with seeking knowledge. You know, like you, you would, what was the key for you Now, also, obviously, you've sought a lot of knowledge sitting with scholars and whatnot for 30 years, you

00:54:26 --> 00:54:50

know, and what I've seen a lot of times people who will fall off, they'll fall off because they didn't seek knowledge. They didn't implement what God Almighty Allah told him to implement, they follow their desires. And then what happens you fall in the traps of Shakedown, and then you end up deviating you get lost, you get misguided. So let's just talk about briefly like 30 years now, and to get where you're at. What was the key to that?

00:54:51 --> 00:54:59

Well, no doubt, you know, I've had my ups and downs and you know, periods where we we may fall into those periods of not being

00:55:00 --> 00:55:11

You know, a studio, so as good as we can, but, you know, there has to be, there has to be consistency. And like you said, the more you learn, so you, the person needs to be learning they need to be

00:55:12 --> 00:55:48

doing the better. To seek knowledge, you know, you may have a period of time where you get very busy, but you should never, you know, completely leave off that journey of knowledge. It's a lifelong journey. You know, even even as we know, the greatest of scholars, we hear about them, like, learning and studying until they literally, you know, until until they died, some of them you know, maybe died while they're writing books, you know. So it's an, it's an ongoing journey. And, you know, I don't want to say that I'm a great example. I'm probably one of the very basic of examples, there's so many people out there who have really take it, take it to another level. But

00:55:48 --> 00:56:24

you know, you just have to keep seeking knowledge, whatever it may be, you know, a lot of time now we're driving around in our cars. This is a perfect time, you know, you can't You're not that kind of studious guy who goes to the masjid and writes notes, listen to something in your car, because you gotta walk away with some benefit. And you know, and be with good people. We know the famous Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad peace important said, a good companion is like the musk seller, that, you know, either he's going to give you some of his perfumes with his mask, or you're going to walk away smelling nice. And then he gave the example of the bad companion, that the bad companion is

00:56:24 --> 00:56:41

like the one who is a blacksmith, either he's going to burn you with the sparks are coming off, or you're going to leave with that horrible bird smoky smell. And this is reality. So the more you with good people, the more you're going to, it's going to impact you and the more you're going to want to do things like seek knowledge and do good deeds.

00:56:42 --> 00:57:09

That it's basically it's an ongoing journey that you need to do to take and there's so many Hadith that we read to even to too many to mention, but one that always amazes me is those people who only Yama, Yama, were destined to on a day of judgment were destined to you know, maybe they were Muslims, but they were sinful. So they were destined to go and taste some of the punishment of the Hellfire to cleanse them of their sins.

00:57:10 --> 00:57:48

And they will the angels are mentioned to Allah. And of course, Allah knows everything. That these were the people that sat in circles of knowledge. So these weren't the actual students of knowledge, the real studious ones, but they used to go to the masjid the mosque really sat at the back, kind of half listening, half not listening. But they, they still went there, right? They still went to these, they could have been at the clubs, they could have been out, partying, but they're in the mosque, even though they're not really dedicated, really serious students, but they're in the sittings, that it will be said that these are the people who is the gatherings that those who are in

00:57:48 --> 00:58:24

them, you know that they will, that they will basically that they will be saved, you know, so this will take them out of the punishment. So just, if you can do your best to even attend these kind of circles of knowledge, the reward is amazing. And like I said, it's an up and down journey. I'm definitely not the best example at all. But it's not the diamond journey. Sometimes you'd be more students and others. Sometimes you may take a break of years where you feel a bit. It's really offered on and off. But then you come back again. And that's life. It's a mess, what we say about everyone that we said so many times in this episode, the thinking of becoming a muslim, you think

00:58:24 --> 00:58:56

you're not going to be good enough, you're never going to be perfect. You're going to make mistakes, you're going to slip, it's about starting the journey. And continuing. It's like life, how many times you have ups and downs in life, you have a job, you get fired, you have a job, you lose your job, you have a house, you have a car, you have a car crash, your car breaks down, your car catches fire, whatever it may be. Your faith may be like that, but it's about staying on. You look genuine people don't give up on life, they just go ahead, and they continue. That's what you've got to do. When it comes to Islam comes to accepting the truth and continued on the truth and seeking knowledge

00:58:56 --> 00:59:34

as well. I have a good feeling here that Dubai right now is a hotspot, you got a lot of celebrities, you got a lot of Americans and non Americans, just people from all over the globe, visiting Dubai. And I have a good feeling. If they're watching this program, they're going to want to come in to this dollar center educational center where agitate came to learn, go ahead and tell us if they want to go ahead and meet you. And they're in Dubai and want to stop by and get some more information on it. Tell us about that before we conclude. What is it amazing a couple of projects we have as well before I before I get contact information is that we actually have mosque tours, where we

00:59:35 --> 00:59:59

we tourists are coming in and we're coming in to come into the mosque or explain to them that the essentials of Islam. You know the five pillars of Islam is testimonial, Faisal explains what is the mosque and why do we pray and what is prayer? Who do we pray to. So this is a message received very well with a lot of tourists really enjoying it. We have a project where we have in all the hotels in Dubai and most of the whole country actually, in every single hotel room is a beautifully

01:00:00 --> 01:00:31

Translated designed copy of the Quran motionless. But first of all time in the world actually, it's the first time that we're aware of in the world where on the scale of, of a country or most of the country, or a whole massive city like Dubai and the surrounding cities have a Quran in every single hotel room and we're getting a lot of positive response people are calling us, you know, hunt, you know, telling us we want to take a copy with us, and they're ordering from us copies we deliver to their hotel room, European American tourists are taking these currents back with them.

01:00:32 --> 01:00:45

And of course, anybody who's in Dubai or visits Dubai and they want to reach out to us, they can get us at Islamic That's the best format on social media where Islamic IC D SX be

01:00:46 --> 01:01:12

on Instagram and Facebook and they can reach out to us and we can take them on one of these free mosque tours is free. They get a nice tour. They get some Emirati could say traditional kind of breakfast hospitality snacks and we give them a very nice tour of some of them you know, one of the most beautiful mosques right in the Dubai Marina, which is a very big tourist hotspot anyway booty. It's a bit like Monte Carlo the the way it looks the beautiful Marina with the boats.

01:01:13 --> 01:01:50

Yeah, and we're more than willing to do that for them. And of course, anybody else who's around the world who also wants to reach out we have sometimes surprisingly enough people from the states from around the world. Maybe they feel a bit apprehensive to go to a local mosque. So they end up reaching out to us and sometimes they become a Muslim with us and then we tried to direct them to a new after that to a senator. So you know, it will open for everybody in that sense. We anyone could reach out, talk to on the deen show sentia and keep us posted on that there'll be interesting. Let us know how that goes. I'm sure inshallah God willing, some people will come in there. And tell him

01:01:50 --> 01:02:02

again that we sent you from the D show. You saw him on the D show and stop by and visit there and Dubai. Brother, thank you very much for sharing that. Some of the highlights of their meeting with Andrew Tate and also your story coming to this day people have

01:02:04 --> 01:02:43

been a pleasure brother. Thank you brother supplies salami grandpa cut by the salah Tula. I cannot leave without giving you a gift. If you're not yet Muslim and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time. Until then Peace be with you as salaam aleikum, and if you liked this episode of the deen show, like this video, share this video far and wide and support us on our Patreon page so we can continue this work. Thank you for

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tuning in Peace be with you as salam aleikum

ANDREW TATE EXPLAINS HOW IT FEELS TO BE MUSLIM (To Lewis Bullock who accepted Islam)

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