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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh europian alameen wa Salatu was salam o wl Karim Allah Allah He was heavy at from amin from Bishop recently we have Sunni only. Amina Sonia Coco Lee. We begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala. And asking Allah to send his peace and blessings upon the final prophet, Muhammad ibn Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all those who follow his way with righteousness until the end of time. So today's Hooda, our virtual football will inshallah focus on the topic of debt. And really, the topic I want to cover today is embracing our own mortality.

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accepting the fact that our time on this earth is limited.

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None of us actually know how long we have. And what do we do with this information.

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And the reason why I'm bringing up this topic, I think, is quite obvious. You know, we are currently experiencing the second wave of the virus. Every day, we have multiple janazah notifications in our community. People we know a passing away,

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we don't know who's next can be any of us. That's always been the reality of life. But it's only in times like this in situations like this, that it becomes so

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it becomes so in your face that you can't ignore it. Right? So there's always been there in everybody's lives. This fact that anyone can die any day. But because for the bulk of the past 30 to 40 years, people have been living very peaceful lives, are we, you know, we had a longer life expectancy and for the bulk of human history, we haven't had any major pandemics for a long time. Because of all of this, many of us forget, and many of us became, you know, negligent. But the reality of that.

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And this past nine months has really driven it home. debt is something real, that can affect any of us, all of us at any time.

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And many people are dealing with an anxiety about it. Many people can't sleep at night because they are terrified. They're terrified. What happens if I get it and I pass it? What if my kids what if my spouse or my parents get it? You know this? These thoughts are keeping people up at night, and it's it's terrifying us. And inshallah I'll do another video on anxiety and how to deal with it in the near future. But today, I just want to focus on the topic of debt itself. Let's have a handle data tells us no kurashikku nuptse dichotomy. Every so shall taste debt. Debt is more of a reality in life. debt is something that it's there for everyone. Right? illogical. Hegel describes the nature

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of this world.

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He says he's the one who created death and life to test which of the other testing needs. He mentioned death before life, because that is what is guaranteed. That is what is normal. Life is not

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like we didn't exist for the bulk of human history, we will not exist for the bulk of human history, we are only on this earth. But for the blink of an eye,

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to be honest with you, I mean, even if you are here for 70 years, in the history of the universe, it's a blink of an eye. And so the bulk of our existence is debt, not not life. And, you know, we get so caught up in this world, we get so caught up in enjoying all these pleasures that we have been gifted with fun, our entertainment to our luxurious houses, to our businesses, our travels, our

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good food, all of it, that we forget to prepare for what really matters, the eternal life.

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And so, while all this is going on, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that plagues or pandemics or these global or national illnesses, the prophets always have described them as a punishment to some but immersi to the believers. And how are you the mercy to the beneath as well as a variety of ways in which they are mostly to the believers? One of the ways in which is immersive for the believers is that it makes us more conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It turns us back to Allah. It makes us from those who were previously wasting time if we are previously wasting our lives. We wake up and we start to do what is right. And in this way, is a mercy for us because had

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it not occurred. We continued on the path towards Jana.

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So anything that turns us away from the path of jahannam, towards the path towards gender is immersive.

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And so for someone who entered 2020, in the state of Oregon in the state of heedlessness with no interest in worshipping Allah with no focus on the purpose of life,

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this individual, if these past nine months caused them to wake up, to study Islam, to start worshipping Allah to give up their major sense, then these months have been the biggest blessing that Allah has given their person.

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We need to remember the life is a test. That's all it is. This is one big exam. And we don't know when when the exam ends, you know, when you go to write an examination, the examiner normally tells you, you have one hour, or you have one and a half hours, you have two hours.

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Our exam can last anywhere between one year and 70 years. We don't know how long it lasts, but every second that we spend, they also spend in this body. Every second that we spend on this earth is time that we are spending in the example being tested.

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Whether you've been tested with luxury and bounty, or whether you've been tested with calamity and tragedy. Either way, we are being tested. Allah said again back in Fira mukhi, created death in life to test which of you are best in your deeds. This is the test of life, which of us are best in our deeds. It's not just about just getting by. It's not just about oh, I believe in hopefully Allah will forgive my sins, aiming to be the best.

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That whatever time I have left on earth, whether it's one day, one year, one decade, 60 years, whatever it is,

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I want to invest that time

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in doing things that are pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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It's about prioritizing.

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You hear this word thrown around a lot in personal development, that we need to set our priorities straight. But of course, the priorities of the believer are different from the priorities of anyone else. Because we know life is a test and we know that we are going to pass away and we know that is a day of judgment. And we know that what we do in this life determines whether we end up in Paradise, or how and which level of Paradise or how we end up in, right. What we do determines our eternity.

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So what are our priorities? I mean, let's start with the basic solar.

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Are we putting solar on time every day, as if it could be our last year not because for many people around us, it has been the last day even as we speak. We are all getting these messages coming on our phones. This person has passed away that person has passed away someone shows in the ICU, that person's on the ventilator. This this is reality.

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If you're not in the habit of praying five times a day, change that today. Just repent completely and start today start praying five times a day today. Because that is the number one thing that's going to save us a day of judgment after

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that we believe and then we pray five times a day. This is like you know that we talk about the five pillars of Islam number one is the Shahada. Number two is the Salah. The humbling I think everyone who's who's attending this Juma hookah has the Shahada has Eman.

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Next is the Salah. Get our soul in order. If the Salah is in order, Allah forgives the rest. If disallow is not in order, then we can be in a lot of trouble on the Day of Judgment. So let's start off with getting our slide on it's our number one priority. What else should be a priority for the uniform?

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Well, doba repentance, because we all have since we all have mistakes we all have things we are ashamed of. We all have things that we don't want to have in our book of the Day of Judgment. That's the reality of life for every individual. You know, you look at someone you think that person's pie is 100 a person's pie. And because Allah has hidden their sins, but piety doesn't mean that they are similar. It simply means is Allah's bounty and mercy upon him that he has hidden the instance, only Allah knows this, and the only that individual knows that sense for everybody upon the earth today has something that they are ashamed of.

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So you know, we should make Toba. Whenever we think about debt, whenever we remember the reality of Daydream, we realize that we are mortal.

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We don't know how long we have there to understand it. We should engage in Doha. We should ask Allah to forgive us for whatever has passed.

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And Toba is a multiple steps number one did we regret what we have done? Number two that we commit to not doing it again, number three, that we ask Allah for forgiveness, right. And

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number four, if we have heart

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Anyone in the process of our sins, that we asked that person for forgiveness as well, if they are still with us, if they have already passed on, then all you can do is ask for forgiveness.

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So it's important that we prioritize, and that we understand.

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You know what's important, and you make that important. I mean, if you spending a lockdown just watching Netflix and playing video games, then we've kind of missed out on the whole reason why things like this happen. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have fun. I'm not saying we should live a morbid life. I'm not saying that we should never smile and they will be happy not Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam taught us to smile, to be happy to be optimistic. But he also taught us to prepare for the afterlife. And to remember that often, and finding the balance is difficult. But balance is required.

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Another priority is spending time with our families. Many of us are so caught up with our work, that we don't spend time with our spouses, we don't spend time with our children, we don't spend time with our parents, we don't even message them. And you know, what happens if you get the message or one of them has passed away.

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Remember, the maintaining Family Ties is amongst the greatest good deeds. And from the rewards of maintaining Family Ties is a long life with a lot of risk. We all need that right now. Like the guarantee of a long life, it's something we need right now and how one of the ways to earn it is to maintain family types. We don't know when a family member is going to leave this world or in via continued to sport. And so you know, we need to value our relationships, we need to value our family. And we need to make time for each other.

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We shouldn't be too busy, to for our parents to find out grandparents, to spend time with our spouse to spend time with our children to spend quality family time. Because these are things that we're going to regret if we don't do it now.

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There are a few other things that we need to focus on.

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If we are,

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you know, focusing on the reality of debt is if a lot of people with the reality of debt, when it sets in, they they become anxious, and they can't sleep. And they become depressed.

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And they don't understand you know what's there to look for. And you know, where's the joy in life. And normally, this sits in once a person reaches an age with their friends and their family members are passing away. But for many people, this is going to happen that much younger age because of what's happening right now. Now islamically

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this should not be our main reaction to knowing the reality of that, yes, this can happen naturally. But eventually we have to move past it and build upon that and develop a more Islamic approach to dealing with the reality of death. So what is that to the Muslim death is simply leaving this test behind and going to Allah leaving this test behind. And again, if you live our life with optimism, and Krishna is on the line doing good deeds, inshallah eternal bliss, it's not a bad thing.

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It's simply a reality of life.

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Now, a few weeks ago into Juma goodbye coated the story about an eyeshadow jello and how it's passing away. And Abdullah, even Abbas rajala, who went to visit her.

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And, you know, when you go into visit those who are passing away, you're supposed to say things that are optimistic as opposed to say things

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that give them hope. And normally when we do this without them, you're going to live long. Without them they don't work, you're going to get better. This habit a different approach to this issue. How different do you get when Abdullah even Abbas, you interpret the eyeshadow on her on a date that he told her good news. Soon you will be with the profits and all your supplemental some

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good news. I mean, think about this. He looked at debt as good news, that you are going to be reunited with the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam and all the other loved ones who have passed away.

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So we don't view death as entirely a bad thing.

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We don't view debt as a punishment. We don't view debt as the end. inshallah, it's the beginning of eternal bliss. initialize the beginning of a life with no worries, initialize the beginning of a life without fear.

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But to get there, we have to do certain things. Now just want to end today by mentioning three things that all of us should be doing at the moment to read things that all of us must prioritize, especially in uncertain times like this. Actually, the three things we should be prioritizing our entire lives, but this is

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A time when really you can't afford to be point. Number one, our obligations to Allah subhana wa,

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the fibroid, if there are any obligations to Allah, that we have been neglecting, or any major sins that we have been committing, and we need to change. If you have been, if you have been neglecting any of the obligations, we have to start doing it today.

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If we have been committing major sins, we have to make to work.

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We cannot continue in the state of negligence. Knowing what we know about how short life is, knowing what we know about the fact that any of us can go at any time.

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I mentioned earlier, the solar that's the number one obligation but there are others as well. You know, there are many of us who have been discharged, there was a god. And it's piling up and piling up years upon years of Zika. It has not been fulfilled. We need to take care of that. There are many of us who have outstanding fasts that we missed in Ramadan, we need to make up for

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we have family issues, many people have broken family ties, many people have not fulfilled the rights of the parents. Many people have not fulfilled the rights of their spouses, we need to change in this area, we need to make sure that we are fulfilling the rights of others, and that we are doing what Allah expects of us to do in our interactions with each other.

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The major sense

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if there's someone watching this, who's addicted to some kind of major isn't

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realizing how short life is realizing that we can go at any moment. This is one of the few things that can shock a person into instant change. And so I would say that if this if this reality hasn't hit you yet, if this issue of mortality, and the fact that we can die at any moment hasn't hit you yet, then please take some time to meditate. Take some time to sit alone.

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And to think

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about debt. To think about how short life is to think about the fact that anyone can get sick at any day. And tomorrow, it could be our janaza notification.

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But it doesn't end. When you're meditating. Think about the fact that when you die, it's not over here, so now has to answer to mcaren. Okay, now I have to answer to Who is your Lord? What is your religion? Who is your prophet does not have to be accountable for your deeds?

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What have you prepared for that?

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So many people talk about times like this, and they say it's a sign of the end times reality is that people have been saying that over 1000 years, every time Have they happened, people say it's a sign at the End Times. It takes me back to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which a man came to me and said, When was it? When will the hour happened into the Day of Judgment happen? And the prophets always say, what have you prepared for it.

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And that's the approach we should take. Whether it's the end times or not, doesn't matter. It could be our end.

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What have we prepared for the afterlife. So again, point number one, if there are any for write any obligations that we are neglecting, start fulfilling it today. If the any major sins that we are committing NATO by giving up today,

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point number two,

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we need to get our worldly affairs in order. And by that time, they really immediately did not have a world, please make sure you have a world and make sure that your loved ones have copies of it. And not just one family member, at least three because you don't know. I mean, if you just give a copy to your spouse, you know who passed away on the same day from COVID, may Allah protect us or reality, you want to make sure somebody else has a copy of it. So as Muslims, we should not have a gigabyte image of what is not made. And

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we should really make sure that this is in order now more than ever, what should we know? Well, number one, that our inheritance should be discharged according to the Islamic

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shares. Number two, anyone who we have any was CFO, it should be mentioned explicitly. Anybody that we owe any money to should be mentioned it. But nowadays, because of the modern world, we're living in the other things we need to mention in our world as well. So for example, our passwords to our internet accounts or what to do with it after you pass away. I mean, do you want somebody else to continue running your Facebook page? Or do you want people to shut it down? What about your online businesses, your bank accounts? I mean, you know, these things, somebody needs to take care of it. If you pass away, do you shut it down? Do you keep it going? Do you pass it on to a spouse, you have

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to think about all of these things and have it in writing? Have we kept a document somewhere to be opened upon yet? Right. So and this is something people don't

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Want to think about and people don't want to talk about. But it's a reality. It's actually part of our religion, that everyone should have a will, is part of our religion.

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And so if you don't have one, take time today to sit with your family and figure it out. What do you need to have in game? You know, where do you Where do you keep your money? Do you have any stocks? Do you have any properties,

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you know, whether you pass with your social media, what needs to be done with your social media, if you pass away, you know, things like anybody who you're giving a request to, if there's somebody who you want to give anything extra to give it to them as a gift while they are alive. So it doesn't affect the inheritance shapes, you know, you have to look at all of these things now, so that

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there isn't any partially because we don't want it to be there. When we pass away, our family members have to deal with on one hand, leaving our debt. On the other hand, dealing with the mess we're left behind in terms of owing people money, and not having our inheritance clearly marked out. And people fighting over money. And people know where the money is in our Facebook page, people don't know what to do with it, how to access it, we don't want these messes. And you have to make things as easy for all families as possible. And the best way to do that is to have everything in a world have done will seal it and have it kept somewhere to be opened upon it. And perhaps we have

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copies of multiple trustworthy family members who will only open it up on your debt. Right then we don't trust family, which unfortunately is the case in some families, then with a lawyer or, you know, with accountant with someone you trust. inshallah, we all have someone we trust in our lives, if we don't open the doors for us to find trustworthy people.

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So number one is are you bothered that we need to get our iba number two is our world our worldly affairs. Number three, another point that we all neglect. And really, this is something in the past, it was a way of life for people. But for some reason people have neglected it in our times, sources of survival, charity, sources of continuous support.

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Let's use our time and our money and our resources to bullies. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when a person passes away, all of the deeds come to an end except for money, or charity that continues to benefit people knowledge they left behind the continues to benefit people and their children to offer them. Meaning. If you want to continue doing good deeds after you die, there are three ways to do that. Number one, to invest your money into ongoing sources of charity, like in school, or an orphanage, or madrasa or a Masjid, or a well, some kind of ongoing source of reward something that's going to benefit people for hundreds, if not 1000s of years after you pass

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away, I to invest our money to that. In the past, we had the walk of system where entire cities were basically run and walk up with the wealthy people respond to everything from the hospitals, to the orphanages, to the old age, facilities for animals to everything was just run through a system of so I will tell you that people are setting these up, because they want to invest their money the after and nothing to do.

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Somehow we lost. And instead, our money's piling up in our bank accounts. And in the stock market, we should take a share of that and invested in our afternoon as well.

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And if you don't have money, knowledge, what knowledge are we leaving behind? The other people can benefit from things like books, or videos.

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You're mentoring, mentoring people, advising people,

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teaching people, if you've got something that can benefit someone else, get it out there. Because you never know, you never know that you may pass away. And you may left behind one beneficial YouTube video that benefits billions of people. And that continues to pile up on your on your scale on the Day of Judgment, as not as beneficial knowledge that you left behind.

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And then the third one, the final one is our children, that we dedicate a portion of our life to raising righteous children and grandchildren. So whatever good deeds they do, we also receive a lot. These are the sources of the wobble God, money, knowledge and children like the part of Allah.

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And really, once the reality of debt sets in, these should be priorities in our life.

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So to conclude,

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debt is a reality. Nobody knows how long they have left in this world. We all should prioritize preparing for the afterlife. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't have fun. It doesn't mean we shouldn't smile. It doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy what is hard. But we should prioritize our divided our for our aid, our family times, we should get our world in order. And we must set up sources of so Apple jargon for one

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With that, we come to the conclusion of today's football. In the end of the day, you ask Allah to protect us all, to keep us healthy, and to protect us from this virus. For all those who have it, we ask Allah to help them complete Shiva. And to make things easy for the families, for those who have passed away upon Imani as well not to accept it as martyrdom for them, and to make things easy for their families and to grant a family support and to replace what they lost with that which is better for them.

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So honourably is at the mercy food for Salam ala mursaleen with hamdulillah I mean, what Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh