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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a tragic incident where a woman named Connolly was killed by a woman named Queenie. The incident happened after Connolly was almost killed by a woman named Queenie, and the speaker describes how Allah has designed a woman named Queenie to be his partner. The speaker also mentions that Islam has designed people to be his partner, and that people who are around him are the lucky ones.
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burqa tiny Bunka tiny but can tiny Ana them be women to mean curvy Thalia heavily.

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Kaija, jelly, either

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Connolly he'll be famous the heath and Darcy knee. Wanna show

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Last week, a sister came to me were called me up and explained a situation of hers.

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And her story is very tragic. I'm not going to go into the details, but she suffered one calamity after another, from being a refugee, to personal marital problems, to financial problems, and then an issue with her child. And she was almost to the point of breaking down completely and saying for how long? For how long is this going to happen? I feel helpless and hopeless. And in the course of that conversation, I reminded her of some verses of the Quran. Allah says in the Quran, what the shooter saw beating

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give good tidings to those who are patient, by shadow means to cause to cheer up. And that is why a smile comes from the same root in the Arabic language. This is really profound because the one who is patient, we come and we console that person. We never say cheer up. We never say good news. We feel that the one who is afflicted, we need to make them feel sympathetic, and that's fine. Nothing wrong with that. The Quran flips it around what Bashir tell them they're fortunate, tell them they're lucky where Bashir is sobbing in and the psychology here is very straightforward, and that is that from our perspective, those that are being afflicted and our patient, Allah has blessed

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them, Allah has chosen them, they are the elite amongst this they are the chosen as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when Allah loves somebody he afflicts them with some calamity some disaster in Allah Tala EDA have become a better home. The more someone is beloved to Allah, the more they are tested and the other Hadith the ones who are tested the most are the prophets and then those closest to them, and then those closest to them were best should change the psychology around when you're struggling. When you're undergoing misfortunes, when calamity seemed to surround you. Rather than feel despondent, depressed, flip it around. Allah has chosen you

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me, start here, doll seni wanna tell

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me what to feed?

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Sunday. What

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feels cool. Go Ruby. My journey tassa down.

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