Mufti Menk – How to earn Allahs Mercy

Mufti Menk
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla here will hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he wa Allah, Allah, he was happy he mine, my brothers and sisters, we would be excited if someone were to tell us that I have a good deal for you. whereby if you do such a simple thing, you will make so many $1,000 And perhaps we can repeat this on a monthly basis or a weekly basis. You and I would both be happy, wouldn't we? Because we know that sustenance is absolutely important for our survival on Earth. And everyone is looking for Halal sustenance, everyone needs some form of income may Allah give us blessings in our income and May He make it easy for us. But that excitement if you look at it is only worth it if

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that money that we are going to earn comes with the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala if the money you have is part and parcel of the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala it is worth it. But sometimes Allah gives people wealth in order to test them and knowing that they may fail that test depending on their relationship with him and their relationship with the rest of the creatures that he has created. If he knows that their relationship with Him is distant, and he knows that they abuse and despise and belittle other people, he may give them wealth as the entry point into his ultimate punishment. And this is mentioned in the Quran where Allah says file Amana Zuma do chemo be he fed

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him but couldn't initially when they forgot us, they forgot what they were reminded about in terms of their relationship with Allah. Allah says we opened all the doors for them the doors of what worldly successes, we opened all the doors as what as an entry point into the punishment of Allah. So they are confused. So Allah says, Allah.

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Allah subhanahu wa taala says, For Tana Lea him, Baku, Nisha, he had either very Hobbema or two of Nan

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Botha for either

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moodily so.

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Allah says when we opened the doors of all these worldly little successes in inverted commas for them, then they forgot us when they became happy and arrogant and proud in the wrong sense with what they were given. Allah says We suddenly took them without punishment. And they were confused for either who Mobley soon why confused, confused because they thought Masha, Allah, Allah is giving us this is a sign of Allah's mercy, He loves us, He cares for us, he really, you know, he will never punish us and so on. And Allah says suddenly, when the punishment came, and everything disappeared, they are confused because on one hand, they had worldly stuff the other hand, they are being

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punished. Allah Almighty says, when we give you it is not necessarily a sign that we are happy with you. And when we have taken away from you, it is not necessarily a sign that we are angry with you or upset. So what is it?

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What is it? I need to be happier than when I strike a brilliant deal with something else? What is that item?

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If I don't know whether this deal is actually a means of mercy or punishment, surely, I need to have a yardstick to measure. What is it that would result in

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this or that Subhanallah so Allah Almighty says it beautifully in the Quran, pull me if

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he were being rock muddy, Furby. Lee Calvin, you have Franco who works on your own.

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Maya Gemma on let me translate the second part before the first to make it interesting. Allah says, It is better for them than that which they have amassed. Your Joomla own what have they amassed the wealth, the authority, the power, the worldly items, whatever they may have. Allah says something is better for them than whatever they have amassed. What is it for the Allah he will be at the virtue of Allah and His mercy?

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When Allah has favored you, it's better than anything this world has. That's the reason why the person who gets up early for Salah till Fudger and for the sake of Allah fulfills extra from the forum

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what is known as sunnah of Fajr? Allah says, Through the blessed lips of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Rakata, alpha g Cairo Mina dunya wa mafia, the two units of sunnah of Fajr are better than the whole world and what ever it contains every single day. Whoa, why? Because that's for the Lord Allah. That is the favor of Allah. Allah favors people to get up for Fudger if you want to be favored by Allah, ask him and make an effort. Those two things you have to do. Oh, Allah helped me to get up for Fudger then make an effort. If you do the two you will get up and you will be chosen by Allah and favored because Allah does not favor anyone and everyone he chooses whom he favors. You want to be

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chosen by Allah, try. Allah says, call out to me and try I will favor you, Allahu Akbar. May Allah grant us the ability to try May Allah help us to get up for Salah to find your early and beautifully do those two units of prayer for indeed that is the father of Allah, that is the Mercy of Allah that's the reason why ALLAH says who are Cairo min Maya Mahone it is better for them then whatever they have amassed or can amass right. So what else is the favor of Allah the fact that you're a Muslim you believe in Allah Alone, you worship Allah, you obey His instruction, all of those are the favor of Allah. And the second thing Allah makes mention off is the mercy when Allah has mercy on

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you while Allah He even if you've got nothing material, even if you don't have a salary and you are unemployed, that Mercy of Allah will give you contentment. You know what? I've been surviving on avocados which grow mashallah, in this country. I've been surviving on avocados for the last month and just a little bit extra here and there wherever I can. But Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah cashew Kuya Awaji to Jana, Jana. I thank you, oh Allah. Oh, if you can say that while you are surviving on something that most would consider me girl. You know what, there are others who are depressed although they are surviving on brilliant food, mashallah, there are others who are depressed simply

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because something small went wrong in their lives. And here we are, everything has gone wrong according to the world, but right according to Allah, so that's why we have the Mercy of Allah. Surely that Mercy is better than anything you can amass. Look, I tell you a rule.

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If the happiness of Allah was connected to giving you in this world, the most pious from amongst us would be the wealthiest, straight. That's the rule. And if the anger of Allah was connected to taking away from you in this world, the west from amongst us would be the poorest from amongst us as well. But Allah says La Jolla who run Nikita Lobo levena, Carvalho, Philippine Mata, Connie, when you see those far from Allah, those who disbelieved those who, sinful or whatever else it may be, in this verse, Allah speaks of the disbelievers. And he says, When you see them with much on Earth, moving around on the earth, don't let it deceive you about what don't let you think for a moment we

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are pleased with them. That's why we gave them Allah says Mata on Khalil, they have the luxury for a short time. That's it. They have though that provision only for a short time, after that, we will deal with them. Allah says we will deal with him. So what is better? Look, the scholars from amongst us, in all honesty, in many places, they are the least paid, let's be honest, and let's be frank, they are the least paid yet their job is more important than the doctors. Their job is more important than a lot of the others don't you agree? But they are the least paid. You know what? People say? Well, you know, you're supposed to be sincere.

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rich guys will look at the scholar who is struggling to survive and say, Don't worry, Allah will give you your reward in the akhira, my brother, my brother, what did you just say, Allah will give you your reward in the era. But all this goes to show that scholar or no scholar, it's not necessarily a sign of the pleasure or displeasure of Allah. It's Allah for you, testing you to say strive a little bit for as long as you have two things you have more than what that millionaire has. What are these two things firstly, Allah he will be

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the virtue of Allah, the favor of Allah, he favored you together for Fortune, you have more even if you have your bank balance that is zero, but in the balance of Allah, you had more than the whole word because why Allah accepted me to get up for Salah tun Fajr. That's it. Imagine your five daily prayers. So I want to spend the next few moments letting you know some of the ways of earning this pleasure of Allah and this mercy of Allah. You want the Mercy of Allah, people talk about how you will be punished when you do that and that and that you will be punished when you don't do this and this and this, you will be punished. Let's talk of the other side of the coin because Allah speaks

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about you. How will I earn the Mercy of Allah number one, seek the forgiveness of Allah

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when US

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seek the forgiveness of Allah. Allah will have mercy on you. A stove Urewera back home from Matobo Li, seek the forgiveness of Allah and then turn to Him. So don't just make it every day you commit the same sin and you say a star for Allah Oh Allah forgive me and so on next day back into the same sin. What's the difference between a sterile far and Toba? They say make Toba and someone says make a sterile photo in English, right? There's no word to translate is still far is to seek the forgiveness of Allah. Toba is to return to the path of Allah long term. That's what it is. So there's a difference between the two. One is short term you are seeking the forgiveness of Allah. If

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you're genuine, Allah forgave you, but don't go back into your ways make an effort to make Toba and that's why Toba is what is more praised in the Quran and the Sunnah than is still far. Although both of them are absolutely important. They come hand in hand because to do toe but you start off with so far a stone for Allah wa to boo LA. I seek the forgiveness of Allah and I returned to the way of Allah. That's what it is. So we do is still far and we do Toba. When you do that Allah says, You know what? Our mercy descends on you.

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What else? Be conscious of Allah develop a better relationship with Allah, he'll have mercy on you. What duckula la isla Kontor hormone. You want to have the Mercy of Allah. Be conscious of Allah, look into your life, improve yourself, no matter what level you're on, none of us can say we are perfect. I need improvement. You need improvement. We all need improvement. So improve yourself every day you making five salah, add to it, watch out how you treat other people because another beautiful means of earning the Mercy of Allah is to treat the creatures of Allah with utmost respect. He will hum Omen Phil or the or hyung command fish or in another Hadith.

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Mala yah Humla your hum.

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If you don't have mercy on those around you, you won't have had mercy upon you. From who from Allah.

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Have mercy upon those on earth and the one in the skies will have mercy on you in the heavens. Meaning Allah will have mercy on you. May Allah Almighty grant us ease. You want mercy of Allah be merciful. Talk to people with kindness. Try your best to solve problems. When you resolve matters and when you are striving to solve matters, you earn the Mercy of Allah. Allah says this a soulful buy in a nursing is a very important characteristic of a believer. You want the Mercy of Allah will strive to solve people's problems, disputes amongst the Muslims. Allah says in me Nona fo the believers are brothers and sisters, we are all one family for us. Nico Benina, Hawaii come so strive

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and make an effort to solve the problems between the two fighting brothers law Allah comb through hormone in order that you earn the Mercy of Allah. Today we see people fighting what do we say? I promise you, we say a statement that we are not supposed to say we say this problem will never resolve. Have you heard people say that Wallah he you are under estimating the Lord of the Worlds who made the fire for Ibrahim cold, you are under estimating the Lord of the word. Why don't you make a dua the other way around to say, according to human nature, this problem perhaps we might not be able to solve but for Lord of the Worlds he can solve it in a flesh. Allah can create a situation

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now do you not have your pain and conviction in Allah, He can create a situation now to resolve a matter the whole world thought was not possible to resolve May Allah help us and resolve our matters.

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You need faith you need to try you need a genuine heart and you need to have the help of Allah. How do you achieve the help of Allah cry to him, call out to Him, be genuine, be good to your people. Be kind learn to speak to people with respect. When you respect others you earn the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala another means of earning the Mercy give charity, a lot of charity.

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Well Hakim was salah, Tawa katawa rasool Allah, Allah come to hormone, another verse of Mercy of Allah. Allah says establish your prayer. You want the Mercy of Allah, five daily prayers make sure they they then when something negative is coming in your direction, you can smile and thank Allah and say, Yeah, Allah, I fulfill my salah. I tried to be the best person. This cannot be a punishment. In fact, it is your mercy. How many times my beloved brothers and sisters have negative things happened in our lives and two years later, we realize that was the most positive thing ever had it not been for that I would not be where I am today. Allahu Akbar has

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Isn't it happen but when it did happen you were upset you were sad you were you were whatever you were your Eman was dwindling that's why you were like that you don't know were you a bad evil person if not by the will of Allah this is the Mercy look at her deja been to Hawaii literally Allahu Allah when the prophets Allah Allah Allah Selim received first revelation, he came down the mound. Long story short, he came to Khadija are the Allahu anha asking her or telling her what happened and this is what happened and he says hugged me Give me a tight hug some Maloney that Tirone those statements What did she say? Can Allah Allah Hila you Zeke Allah Who ever done no never it's impossible. I

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swear by Allah, He cannot ever let you down. Do you know why you're a good man? That's what it was. You fulfill the rights of the people you are honest and upright, you have done whatever it is you solve people's problems you help people you look after the orphans and widows How can Allah let you down what you might have perceived to be something challenging is actually a blessing. Let me take you to someone I know Subhanallah her cousin was a cabin NOFA

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so even pre Islam people knew you're a good person. Don't worry what's coming in. You're like you made a massive accident. But you know what you did your five Salah that day, forget about the accident, you wrote off your car, a limb was amputated. I swear if the Mercy of Allah is with it, you will be content. And on top of that, you will know Oh Allah, Oh Allah for as long as you are pleased with me Never mind what's happening. Look at what Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam did into if when they did what they didn't you know, they abused they tried they did they threw things at him. Bless a blood was flowing and gushing, but Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the great

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messenger, what did he say? He says Allah who made the call me for inner Humla mon Oh Allah guide my people, they don't know what they're doing. Number one, number two, he says Oh Allah, for as long as you are not upset or angry with me if you are pleased with me. Everything else is by the way, literally. That's what he said.

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Can we not say did you fulfill your Salah? Are you a good person? Do you harm others? Do you speak to them disrespectfully? Do you despise? Do you back bite and slander and spread gossip? If you are free from all of these sins, Allah will not let you down. You might lose your job. It's a blessing. Trust me, your hands or your your hand that is filled with something is being released in order to fool both hands with something bigger. That's Allah have trust in Allah. You're looking for something for two years, no problem another four years, then watch what happens.

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May Allah grant us ease.

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But if you are distant from Allah, when you have, you ought to be worried. You ought to be worried. I'm an evil person I have done bad, I slander I beg bite, I cheat, I deceive, especially when you harm fellow humans. Why?

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When you commit to the sin between you and Allah in terms of perhaps alcohol, drugs, adultery, and so on sins between you and Allah, Allah will forgive you those major sins when you seek proper forgiveness from him, but the minute you slandered back but someone or you have engaged in gossip and so on, then you need to involve a third party, they might not forgive you. They might say, I catch you on the Day of Judgment. That statement is a bit heavy, may Allah protect us, but it's their right, they want to see justice on Earth, they might not see the justice. So the best thing for you to do stay away from the lives of others. in a negative fashion. Don't do that. Say good

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things or you want to solve a problem, by all means you may do so respectfully. Be respectful. That's all. It doesn't mean you need to side with those who are wrong in order to appease them in order to show them look, I haven't done anything against you. No, no, huh? I've got nothing to do with you. Because you know what? It's a toxic relationship, but I will not oppress you. That's it. I fear Allah enough. That's all. I fear Allah enough to maintain a decent dignified presence. That's it. May Allah Almighty grant that to us. This is how you earn the Mercy of Allah, respect people, fulfill your duties Unto Allah give charity, when you give charity, what is it? Why is it that you

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are going to earn the Mercy of Allah simple, when Allah gave you?

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You didn't only think of how to get more you thought of who doesn't have what I have? Let's look for them. So you found 1020 People said, right, let me give them a little bit of what I have. Because Allah gave me Allah says, Oh, the mercy of mine descends upon you look at you, I created these people. It's up to me to sustain them. I put it in your heart to give them so that I can reward you and I can give them at the same time. Amazing. But if I wanted I didn't need to give you to give them. It's part of the plan of Allah. You might ask why? Good question. Because Allah decided it. That's the true answer. Allah wants to see

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Are you selfish? Do you care for the others? Just like you want people to care for you. Do you care for others? If you do, they'll have mercy on you.

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May Allah Almighty bless us all my brothers, my sisters, there are so many ways of earning the Mercy of Allah Almighty. But in a nutshell, we just need to be upright. We earn the Mercy of Allah when you greet each other properly As salam o aleikum. And the reply comes Wa alaykum wa salam that itself you earn the Mercy of Allah. Did you ever know I spoke of Salat al fajr I want to give you a life changing Hadith, life changing Hadith, you're ready to hear it.

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The hadith in Sahih Muslim says

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when a person comes early for Salah and sits in the masjid waiting for Salah

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the angels keep repeating Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Mumfie Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Muhammad. Oh ALLAH forgive him or Allah have mercy on him. Oh ALLAH forgive him or Allah have mercy on him. Why? You came early. You are sitting and you are waiting for the FARA Allahu Akbar. Isn't it? Life changing? All of us, myself included. We are guilty last minute I'm here what time is Salah by the way, quarter past 114 minutes and 35 seconds. I'm just rolling into the door it happens me included. I'm not why should I deny that? But come on. Isn't it life changing? Today? When I read the Hadith this morning, I told myself I need to do better. I must come

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early because I want the angels to say Allahu Allahu Allah Muhammad every single day, the day I die. Whoa, may Allah grant us a death Institute. I mean, I mean, how me and my brothers, my sisters, so come five minutes early for Salah 10 minutes early. May Allah give me the energy to do that. Why? It's not compulsory, but don't you want the Mercy of Allah he has the angel saying oh Allah have mercy on him. Come on. May Allah Almighty grant us the goodness. So good news to those who come early to the masjid for all the prayers and I want to end with something amazing also, on a Friday, that same narration which speaks about Allahu Allahu Allah Allah Muhammad goes one step higher. The

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angels are standing at the doors of the massage throughout the world.

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Either kind of normal Jumeau it worker Fatima la Iike to Allah barbil Masjid to Boone a wonderful a well,

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all the massage on earth come Friday morning, the angels are standing at the doors. What are they writing? Who came first? Who came second? Who came third? Who came fourth palace. When the Imam gets up onto the member they close their books and they want to listen to the hotbar to Allahu Akbar. So technically your Salah is done your hotbar is done but if you arrived after the Imam got up on the member perhaps that competition that was there your numbers not even there you know when you're running the marathon the Ironman mashallah even if you come 100 Euro champion then the fact that you took part in that iron, you can say I was part of the you know, the the marathon, they tell you a

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Wow, they look at you, you came last my brother, but they look at you and say that guy's hot man. It was Ironman, this guy took part in the Ironman, right? And you got your T shirt and you got your certificate, but no one knew that when you were swimming across the five kilometer stretch, you are dead, you're guessing whatever was happening, they don't mind. The fact that you took part you're a champion. The same applies. In fact, it's a better example in the in the case of the deen of Allah, the fact that you came and you are part of the championship, even though you lost my brother, my sister, you made it you made it to the book. May Allah grant us goodness, I pray that that can

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encourage myself and yourself to come a bit early. And may Allah have mercy on us or Julio Kohli have sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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