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You mentioned Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. We know he's the last and final messenger sent to mankind when you bring this up to certain people to let's say the Christians, some of them and how would you answer this they tried to compare him to like a Joseph Smith and the Mormons who they reject. They say, Oh, this is just another sect that just like we have the Mormons. Mormons or members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are a religious group who practice Mormonism. The origin of Mormonism dates back to the 1820s when Joseph Smith, the founder of the religion, published the book of Mormon, which he claimed he translated from ancient Egyptian

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writings on golden plates that an angel showed him in Manchester New York, Mormonism teaches the trillions of planets scattered throughout the cosmos are ruled by countless gods, who once were human like us.

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The Latter Day Saints hoped to prove their worthiness and thus become Gods believe you're gonna become a god for me. Yeah. Why

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isn't the scriptures and the prophets of dwells

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it's all throughout Scripture. Where

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have you heard this argument?

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Maybe you're an angel, because I'm allergic to feathers

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spark you blew me away

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no matter what technology

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you can never beat the power of the knock. What is the celestial girl like you doing an interest replace like this?

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You're reading from BYU, BYU.

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I have I we hear we hear all kinds of interesting points brought up and so on. How do you like to answer that? Sure. So the first foremost thing is, if we look at the Mormon church, and what was developed there, and so on, and other sects that you have in Christianity and false prophets and things, we show a distinction between that and the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, in first and foremost, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, and again, with no disrespect to Mormons, I have it, I've read it, I've gone through it, you will find many things that are not in accordance to what modern science has found today, you will find many things that would be, I would say

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racially unacceptable for us to stay today. And I don't want to go too deep unless you want to go down that rabbit hole. But, but you can look at the writings of Brigham Young, and you can write about the Mark of Cain and how black skin was a curse, and things like this, that today, if you really want to discuss, you couldn't say these would be the three teachings of a true prophet right? You don't find any actual historically verified miracles. You don't find any scientific facts that scientists Joseph Smith could not have known at the time and son, found out later we find all those miracles in the life of the prophet peace and blessings be upon him. First and foremost sign that

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showed that he was a true prophet is the Quran itself. We challenge Christians and say, Look, tell us this. How can a man in the desert who doesn't know how to read or write according to the story and across the board from Bass Hawk, Shaman, you go back to the scholars and Muslims and orientalist, you will find that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was illiterate unlettered couldn't read or write? How could he then write a book that was so eloquent that none of the points of Arabia could answer that none of them could bring anything like it? And they tried? I have a series on the life of the prophet peace and blessings be upon him. And we show evidence is historic

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evidences of those points that tried and failed to show that nobody could bring the literate literally work, though it had such Bulava excellent in speech, right. Not just that. The Quran talks about the sun and the moon and the planetary bodies being in an orbit. You know, till very recently scientists were were saying that the sun doesn't have an orbit, I mean, the sun and very recently they said, you know, it does, it's a very slower but but it does have an orbit. How can a man in a desert who didn't know astronomy who didn't have access to the works of the Greeks and the Romans and all of this? Even the Greeks and Romans didn't know this thing? How could he have known that?

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Okay, somebody could say maybe he guessed that okay, no problem. You guessed once you get it right, I got it. But then you have multiple miracles like that scientific facts how saltwater and teat water touch but don't make our mountains of twigs go on the ground. Things that he wasn't a geologist. He didn't the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. We don't have any evidence that he ever went to a place that had saltwater. What was around him. It was all Sweetwater. So how would he know there's waves under the ocean? How would he know this thing? How could he guess? Every time and get a drink? Not just that there.

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Historic prophecies. You see, like like, like when you put all of these together, it becomes a numeric fact that this could not have been without divine intervention and I'll explain this. So there's scientific miracles. Then there are linguistic miracles Bulava. And we talked about, then there are prophecies about the Romans and Persians and battles and who would win that came true. Even if you look at the prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad says do not in the Quran, in Hadith, when he talked about the victory of Constantinople, today, we call it Istanbul right? How would you have known that the victory over the Persians? How would he have known that, at a time where he didn't

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even control the Arabian peninsula at the time in Hunt duck, when the all the different Arab tribes were attacking Medina, there was the fear that the Muslims would be genocided to be finished by the Arabian tribes. He was telling them, we will have concerts, he will prophesizing these things. And those came true one after the other, every one of them. How do you guess every time and get it right? And then there are physical miracles. And I have a video especially about the genetic mean, you spoke about this before about the splitting of the moon.

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Today, if we go, I mean, amongst the Mormon church, they still have prophets, they have people that they call prophets, right? And there are many other

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Christian denominations that have prophets. I will I will challenge any one of them. Come meet me in San Diego. And we'll go out on a clear night. And I'll point at the moon and I'll ask them split the moon for me. Right? Can they do it?

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I don't think so. Right? The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him during his lifetime. The Mushrikeen that is the politics of Mecca. They told him show us a miracle. So what do you want? This is split the moon. And this is no Quran. So somebody in the first area, and he put it, and Allah made it that the moon split Now again, this sounds like a very wild claim, I understand. But we will bring extraordinary evidence for this. Right? We're not just saying it's in the Quran, so we believe it no, like, for example, Moses split the ocean. Okay, we believe it. But if we ask Jews to show historic evidence, we don't have it.

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If you talk about Jesus walking on water, if you talk about firsthand reports that can be verified to chain of narration. You don't have it. Right? In Islam, we will show that the people who are eyewitnesses of the left the Abbas, undisciplined Malik, who were from different cities, I believe now but he was in Mecca, unearthing the Malik at this time, he was in Medina. Now, each one of these eyewitnesses, we can give you their historic profile, meaning we can tell you, what was their name, their father's name, their mother's name, their children, how was their memory where they lived? Where were they born? Where did they die? How good was their precision of reporting, recall, depth

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and other All right, not just that, who did they share this information with? Who were the one that reported from them? Who wrote it down? Who were the scholars of Hadith? Not just that, these are from not just the companions of the Prophet peace be upon him. But even the enemies of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Now imagine, Eddie, if I'm in Balboa Park, and I'm having a debate. And I tell guys, hey, you know what? I can split the moon. Right or I can split the sun. Okay, maybe the people on my side? I hope not. But maybe some of them will back me just because it's a partisan thing, right?

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But my enemies were debating against me. No way. They're gonna be like, we got them. Finally we got you know, he didn't do it. We didn't see it. Right. They would make a big fuss out of it.

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The enemies of the Prophet peace be upon him who were the polytheist idol worshippers of Mecca. They admitted that yes, this happened. And imagine that. Nobody from that historical time denied. Right? It's in the Quran, meaning it was recited in front of the politics for years after that. None of them said no, we were in Mecca and it didn't happen. We challenged Christians, atheist, Jews, Hindus, whoever else to bring us one single report of anybody from that time period whether he was a Masonic polytheist or not. That said, No, I was in Mecca and this did not happen. We will bring multiple reports from Abu Sufian who will not Muslim at that time, from Abuja, * and Willie the

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Primavera and others who never became Muslim that died in enemies of Islam, but they still admitted Yes, this did happen. So how does the False Prophet bring something like this? Just yeah, and you have the the Mormon prophets they're making predictions of the End of Times is going to come when that date comes in passes. You don't have these things with Prophet Muhammad peace and bus would be a wake up there are over 300 million Americans that don't know what Islam is. This is why we are opening the deen center the

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first of its kind, 35,000 square foot data center and Masjid to show America the beautiful message of Islam inshallah with your help and donations we can close on the property launch nationwide our programs a state of the art production studio for online content and an on site Dawa center to show what true Islam is. Donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you

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