Tom Facchine – They Believe In Allah But This Dunya Is Too Sweet For Them

Tom Facchine
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Allah azza wa jal calls us to the home of everlasting peace, through Tao feed, through the core and through the thick of through the shed era. This is the way to peace. But some people are hesitant. Some people are holding out, they're not convinced they believe in Allah. But this dunya is to sweets for them.

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The parties, the substances, life in the fast lane, as we say, they've got a sweet tooth for it.

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For such a person, prayer and piety, the restraint, makes them feel like they're missing out.

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They would prefer if at all possible, to get to how to the house of eternal peace but

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by living any way that they want to, as we say they want to have their cake and eat it too. Allah subhanaw taala addresses these people in excellent solar units and because Allah subhanho wa Taala is R Rahman r Rahim as I do then Karim he does not condemn them. He tries to reason with them who may have Zupa comida sama he went out and yum Nico seminar of Asana were made up to a higher minimum 80 or up to will make you eat a meal and hire a woman you don't Bill Mo, per se Oh Luna Hola. Hola, como, se who provides for you from heaven and from the earth? Or who controls hearing and sight? And who brings the living out from the dead and brings the dead out from the living? And who arranges

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every single issue? They will say Allah, so say to them, then why don't you fear them? Why don't you fear Allah, Allah azza wa jal brings us back to our indebtedness to him, which we freely admit, who provides for you, from the heaven and from the earth, all the food you've ever eaten in your life would never exist. If it weren't for sunshine, rain, and soil who made those

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who allowed us to benefit from it. Of course, it can only be a law.

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Now we're no longer a nation of farmers. So that example might feel a little distant. Let's talk about our truckers and our taxi drivers are Uber and Lyft. Drivers. If Allah subhanahu Azada wanted, he could make the roads impassable boom, you're out of work.

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Just this week, we received six inches of snow. in Utica, every time a snow storm blows through the meteorologists, they gather and they get paid over time for all the work that they do. Making models and maps and predictions and forecasts are color coded every few hours that predictions changed. First, we're in the dark blue, then we're in the light blue, all of a sudden we're pink on the map, then the snow actually comes down and Allah's Will is done. And sometimes it's more or less like they predict it. And sometimes it's completely different. We joke about this all the time, all our technology, all our knowledge and we still don't really know how much snow is going to fall until it

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actually happens. Allah subhana is in control. That 22 inches of snowfall, ALLAH SubhanA hota Allah decides whether it comes down on you and puts you out of work, or if it comes down from somewhere else.

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In the era of COVID We should get this lesson right away how many jobs have been lost, made remotes or fundamentally changed because of the pandemic Allah subhanho wa Taala is in control. He allows entire industries to rise and thrive.

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And he can bring them to a screeching halt. In an instance, it's all from Allah.

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Some of us own gas stations. Gasoline is now about 350 a gallon. What happens when it becomes so expensive that someone invents a mode of transportation that doesn't need gasoline anymore? Or what will happen when the gasoline runs out? Who decides

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is when the invention will happen, who decides when the gasoline runs out, and you have to find a new way to make a living?

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Allah knows.

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Then Allah subhana wa Taala approaches the issue from another angle who controls hearing and sight.

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These are automatic things that make life possible. That give us a sense of independence. We take them for granted until they're gone. Who controls them? Only Allah azza wa jal, when my mother in law was a little girl, she mysteriously went blind for several days. This is true. She was admitted into a hospital. Her parents were worried sick, all sorts of doctors came and visited her. They ran every test they could think to run, no one could figure out why her vision had suddenly and completely left her.

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They were terrified. They thought she was going to be blind for the rest of her life.

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Then one day, as suddenly as her vision had left, it came back. No one could figure out why. Allah subhanahu Itza other is in control, he decides.

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Allah Allah asks, Who Controls death?

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Our doctors know this better than anyone. Statistics are statistics. But sometimes you will find someone who has the least healthy lifestyle. They smoke, they drink, they eat garbage, junk food, and yet they end up living longer than anybody imagined longer even then some people who exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle who's keeping them alive?

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Genetics, okay, maybe Allah. Of course, Allah subhanho wa Taala decides when we die, He is in control.

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Who can bring the living from the dead, who can take a dry, barren field and bring rain and turn it into lush greenery. Who can take space dust, and form it into planets? Who can take carbon and turn it into a conscious human being? Only Allah subhanaw taala. And if he couldn't do that, how easy is it for him to take the people the inhabitants of their graves and resurrect them for judgment?

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Notice the progression of examples Allah gives here. Allah starts with something that's very close, very immediate to our worldly life, our livelihood, our hearing our vision.

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And then he ends up talking about the soul.

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The lesson is simple. Who's Who's in control?

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Everyone knows the answer. It's Allah. Allah controls all of this. But Allah's purpose in bringing this up is not theoretical. It's not about belief, in the Western or English sense of the word where belief is a sense, or a set of propositions that we think are true. That's not Amen. That's not belief. In Islam. That's not belief in the Arabic language. Belief in Islam is about action. Letting the decisions that you make and the lifestyle that you lead, prove the things that you profess with your tongue. Actions, as we say, speak louder than words.

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