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Episode Notes

Jum’uah Bayaan- Hamidia Musjid;

  • Earlier life
  • Crusaders taking over Al Quds
  • The effort of regaining Al Quds
  • Nurudden Zangi RA
  • The efforts and strategy of Salahuddeen in freeing Al Quds
  • Preparation- achieving Unity- His Piety
  • The fairness- Justice & chivalry of Salahuddin
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The history and success of Islam is discussed, including the rise of Islam in Nigeria and the loss of Islam in other countries. The rise of Islam in India and the loss of Islam in other countries is also discussed. The importance of unity in achieving victory over military and political forces is also emphasized. The transcript describes the history of Islam's actions, including a famous Christian interim event, and touches on the use of ridiculous language and negative language in the past.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala mandala via Raja Amudha

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Tony Raju University let your wife know the winner that 740 rupees

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but after

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him us Akun setup Allah will ask him, my dear respected elders and brothers.

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Recently I was invited to the United Kingdom to speak about

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the situation in Palestine and the sanctity of Jerusalem and Manchuria, TSA. So, the thought came into my mind that when we speak about Nigeria, AXA is one person whose name comes to the home and I would like to speak about that person today and let us learn lessons from his amazing life. And that is set up with a UB Rafa Talalay who took Jerusalem and he took muscaria AXA any free material from the Crusaders. And this is something that is well known.

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Material Halla material XRP adoption what will happen close filmora or material XRP bear huruma T jaw holder here will stay about me to homework if they can hum jump material XRP about him embark karate head to hfcl Konami Z Hanmer attire or wa sallahu Deena UBA Jean Ana Maria AXA for Salim yourself

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Karwa. Now one of the main important things with regard to the life of Salah Butina UB Rama to rally surrounding the UB Rahul Ali was born in 1167 in Crete in Kurdistan. So he was acquired these are the unicel kata and he has achieved 35 visa, Allah Tala matale Phil Alcocer loco said DeLuca calm this. So I'm not gonna fix work of deal from different regions and different places. Although Islam came from Mecca, Medina, it came from Arabia. But when you look at the history of Islam you find this there were so many great people who came from different places. Salah Adina UB came from Iraq, some manifested a theologian who came from Persia. Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah Lee was also a

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Persian and then of course there are many sites sharper, majestic jewelry came from the Indo Pak subcontinent, and many great on Ammar came from different regions Umar matar came from North Africa. So we find that Allah Tala has not kept Islam and service of Islam confined to any one particular region, a letter that takes work from whomsoever he wants from different regions. In a similar manner, Allah subhanho wa Taala took work from Salah Adina Umi although he was from Kurdistan

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at that particular time of the Sun

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Mercury AXA was freed and taken over by the Muslims in a time of Illuminati Allah will travel and one day inshallah we will make mention of that because the rumor of the aloud

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but to MacArthur's Kappa, Tatia or who swag salacres Karissa, leave your job sorry Leona Jarrah Jerusalem Joker Humla PR Fatah has swept up musalman okay.

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It was in the hands of the Muslims until the Crusaders. They created an enthusiasm in Europe against Muslims. And they came in attack Jerusalem. When they came in attack Jerusalem. They not only attacked Jerusalem, they completely annihilated and great amount of persecution and oppression that they meted out to the Muslims and other people of Jerusalem. In one day they killed 70,000 Muslims. It didn't me on a sector AS Monaco childcare, or even the the Jews take it and leave them and spare them also, the Jews were burnt alive in the synagogue, okay, Gary German on a Yahoo Jacobi gelada. In this particular way they took over the Jerusalem and Marciniak started was in the hands of the

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Muslims. From the time of Amara, the Allahu Anhu. He was taken away from the Muslims. It was a very calamitous occasion, Muslims who had a picture of the Ummah they cried. They used to say in our history, it was the greatest calamity since the wars of apostasy in the time of Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Toronto. That was the situation

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and they say whenever there is a need and that Allah creates a hero, and they arose in the firmament of Islam a star by the name of new routines and to learn a

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new routine suddenly Rahmatullah what an amazing human being. Unless you Anna what Allah put in his heart that he must take over Jerusalem and free must be accepted. He had such a great amount of concern for material while fighting for the freedom of material itself. He built a member of cedar wood, it was an amazing number, it was no nails it for us. It was put together an amazing way and told the people this number must be put in Masjid Al Aqsa after its freedom. On an AMA member, Tamika Marciniak Sucuri Heike, but as Daddy Cuban was called America, it did not fall upon him, that that particular member could be placed in machi xi in his lifetime. He passed away before that.

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And when he passed away, Allah subhanho wa Taala put it into his student was given the honor that he must be the one who will put that member backfill material and who was his student, Sarah

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sencilla, who did a UB Rama toolani came. He initially was a scholar. He was learning Quran and Hadith. When he was put into leadership position, he was not very comfortable. He wanted to remain a scholar, but Allah kinda wanted to take work from him in this particular way. So Salah was Dean a UB Rahmatullah. He became a leader at the age of 1000 at 1169 at the age of 31. He became the general of the Muslim army in Syria. So the first thing that's allowed him up Ramat Telerik it was he brought Egypt under the control of the Muslims under the AU but Denison

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Egypt at that time, was under the shear rules apartments. Egypt to swap to Anna was she up to commodity Mehta to do so Salta Chiaki, Matata for 200 years, they create a great amount of zulip and they completely distorted the Sharia.

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So surrounding the UV Rahmatullah Lee realized we cannot, we cannot free Palestine until we gain control over Egypt. So the first thing he did was he gained control over Egypt. In fact, it took him 10 years to gain control over Egypt and bring the different Muslims together and create unity amongst them. And after he had completed taking over Egypt from the 40 minutes from the shears then he said I'm going to now a tech Majid AXA, and that's the way he started a decade and he started preparing with regard to the takeover of Majid AXA. Now, after this whole particular situation, on on have set out in their Beta McCarthy's closet connect him or him Shirky or who's Kausar, kaneka,

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Assam karate, or Johanna come on key Azim Fatah Kwame Agra de him on key junkie Tayyar you are Hekmati umbilical AMQP Kabara Nasser and ask them now what was the main things how did he achieve this victory something for us to think about first was He was meticulous in his preparations we don't realize brothers just under cannot get the work cool casted as Bob No to Allah Tala Fatah needed on purpose. We have to create the means to be able to gain victory. And the means was adopted by as he says we'll set our dinner up. He had 400 loads of cameras with arrows that were all the time in any battle. In any better that he fought. He ate 70s spec demos with arrows that were kept

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anytime any soldier needed arrows 70 cameras were there that you could pick up the arrows and suddenly you get to Anaheim Allah Tala center baccarat table jacket.

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jacket you had come here Jamari Kenny Cunningham but again Catolica. Nabil Kareem saw Salam also took meticulous preparation for every better. So this was his meticulous situation. The second thing that he did was political acumen

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on an epic Madame Lisa Campea. They used to be Italian boats that used to come and they used to feed the Crusaders with regard to the business dealings. So what's allowed you know, up Rahmatullah ality he created a deal with the Italian businessman from Genoa, Genoa and

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In Venice, that humans come and do business with us. The business was taken away from the Crusaders and came to the Muslims. He broke the backbone. He broke the economic strength. This is what you do political acumen. So he had a political acumen. Then the third thing that he did was, he realized that the only way to gain victory over the Crusaders in Jerusalem was to create Muslim unity. So he spent most of his time in creating unity unity, the first 10 years of his role. He created unity, the four major cities of the Muslims at a time he brought them together, Cairo, Damascus, Aleppo and Mosul. He brought the leaders of those folks cities, he brought them together. He said, I never knew

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who are the rulers of the Muslim cities, until I took a decision on going to free material. Then I realized that the only way to free materials is to bring people together. Then I went pleading to all the Muslim people and said, Get together become united if you want to free material. Without unity, my dear respected brothers, Allah Tala will not give him three. As a man I used to surf Rahmatullah used to say the only way unless but it will come upon you if you are united. And you say, Medina actually really what 10,000 people, everyone had the support of 9999 Sometimes people make, you know, they're regarded as insignificant, but that's the reality. If we don't have proper

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unity, Allah subhanaw taala will not grant us victory, so that we

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realized that he had a passion for jihad, Jihad Kiriona never completes in the Republic of Korea to nap net Nagasaka Mariama claro

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don't fight for me, you go and fight for Allah subhanho wa taala. His mother saw a dream when she was pregnant with Salah within a year actually, that in her stomach, there was a there was a child who had two swords. This was an indication that this particular child is going to make jihad for the sake of the ummah. And one of you it was his coming closer towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. He told one of his 17 sons, fear Allah, punky Johanna was Shariati. Oprah probably still Jihad Kilbirnie still theology opening Likud Taqwa SATA, a very famous interim of surrounding jewelry in the middle of the battle. He won they came to know that the Europeans have sentry enforcement from

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the European states to come and help the Crusaders so he went into the budget and he spent his whole life making

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he came up with a budget for just your McNicholas

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just met Zion Hotaka you need to say Karthik, what did you say? Was it Johanna on Cape Town Killian was a look at it to Nick Agni chakra

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Otto Katerina Kooskia Allah Tala en que pueden amico

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that you're crying of the night Oh Salah would be in front of Allah Tala the tears of your night of Sango chips. He was someone who dealt was Almighty Allah in His allottees written that although he was in a better field, he'll rarely muster that Bucha man, he used to have an imam with him. We used to make salad with tomatoes he made every particular time. He used to say I want to go make much. But my preoccupation with the freedom of Jerusalem did not allow me to make much. Despite his greatness, he did not perform Hajj because he was so preoccupied on the earth. And amongst his allotted, he's made mention that he never spoke ill of another person. He never humiliated another

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person. He never wrote or said anything in humiliation, or humiliating another person. And then when he got ready, and after he had brought Egypt under his control that he wanted, and he started laying siege to Jerusalem.

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And he complained to the Muslim rulers he wrote to them a letter he said, that compared to the zeros of the Christians in protecting material outside you don't have enthusiasm. Today we have the same thing. He said they have greatest ceiling for protecting the only places you don't have the same as he, he encouraged them, he goes with them. But of course, you know, we know what Muslim rulers are today as it was at the time, but he managed to get some of them to come together. And he ordered the city, the city to be beseech and he surrounded the city when it was Coco Malacca, and then Allah subhana wa Tada granted him, you know, you know victory. He shuddered was a historian at that time.

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He says amazing things he said. Salah Adina up Rama parameter

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was like a mother who lost his child. He used to be so concerned with regard to Jerusalem. He used to be on the battlefield

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that someone who is lost a mother losing his child he used to be so worried about.

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That's the way Allah subhanaw taala grants victory. He said that sellout in a humid night. I used to be with him. I used to be with him all night he used to call center. He never used to sleep in the morning, all of a sudden he was in the hospital. You saw him full of revival. You saw him full of strength. At night, he couldn't sleep in the day when he was on the hospital. He just had complete, you know, Shujaat. Roscoe was alternator. They can build up

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to smell 200 words but I agree.

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In this particular way, he told the people when you were fighting that call was a Marathi film called The Mahatma he intended to read hadith of Nebia creamy sauce Salam that maybe ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will grant us Baraka in that particular way.

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Allah Tala granted him Baraka, on the fourth of July 18 1187. Allah Tala granted Muslims victory in 80, which was the means of Jerusalem becoming conquered. And then, you know, admission that said, first time for 87 years, there was no drama in Nigeria.

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Today, despite the fact that things are bad, we still read through my

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sleeve, you can no way startup drummer Johanna

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for 87 to 90 years, there was no one. And then when

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he came, he said he takes me to Jerusalem.

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He said I can't explain to you the excitement. In all four quarters there was the deal.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala granted, sir, you know, so now what do you know, you'll be under oath, but victory in that particular way, he conquered Jerusalem and he made the first Joomla after 57 years.

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After that, one of the most immediate immediate things that you find granted in victory with regard to the beautiful product is I made mention another very great quality with regard to so you know, they say that after this whole particular situation, what was the reaction? So from the reaction from the Christians was Pope Urban the Second when he came to know that Salah who did had conquered Jerusalem, he died out of grief.

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One of the great

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causes of Damascus, one of the great causes of Damascus as he unfolded, when he came to know that Salah Adina Uberaba is free Jerusalem. He wrote him a letter in the letter, what did he write?

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He said,

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I will not be able to wipe away my tears out of happiness. I have not been able to take my head out of system

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out of happiness since I have conquered you have regained Jerusalem for the Muslims Subhan Allah they after he showed such great compassion to the people of Jerusalem, unlike the Crusaders who kill so many people, unlike the Crusaders who make so much will have recognized

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as a sellout Dino Umeda Rama Polina Lon kizad Insaaf C'mon Nokia, on top of Rama Karim, come on. He showed such great compassion that he free everyone. The day the situation came what was we do with the church of culture, the only church of the culture. Some of his people said look at what they did to us when they let us destroy the only church of the culture he said Musa manda Seneca

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we don't destroy the temples and the religious places of other nations and other religions. He did not do so. He did not do so this is the tolerance of Islam. This is the justice of Islam. People today make a joke with regard to it. And they feel that this Islam is like this Nigeria is known for his testers. When a gift you're called when a faceless man naked Islam to fluff it out of your mouth or on me salvia tomorrow, the ultimate also didn't destroy the tutors. In this particular way he did. He only made one exception. And this one very interesting idea Mr. Poulos, you see there was a person by the name of Reginald Reginald shuttle on of Kruk not correct che.

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He was from Correct, correct this region above, you know a man. So there's reginal he when Muslims were weak, he said I'm going to conquer Makkah and Medina and I'm going to take the body of Arabia creams

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out from Medina and I will show the Muslims the body of the reoccurring source.

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And one day he took Muslim prisoners, and he started killing the prisoners. So one president has said we've got an agreement you're not supposed to kill us. Instead going tell him

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where he tells you to save you. So where is it

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You heard this he said, I will make a very on behalf of Muhammad.

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So when everyone after he conquered everyone, all the leaders were there of the Christians. So the leader of Jerusalem, gave him a glass of water. So he drank it. And he gave it to Reginald Salatin became said having a cool company and yet I gave it to you. You see this person, I will deal with him separately. And you don't

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realize when you said you killed the Muslims and you said, call your Muhammad.

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Muhammad is

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it to take revenge on behalf of Muhammad? And he cut off he said, this was the only person that Salah Houdini showed that particular situation. And there were a few others who are known as the Templars sellout showed such great compassion. Stanley Lane Poole, one of the great in his classes, right. He said Santa will be taught Christiane DOM. He taught Christiane Dom, kindness and compassion. Christian say we are caring, compassion, compassionate, and our deep thought customs what is kindness and compassion? Richard is known a very famous, you know, Richard, he's known as the lion hearted in English literature. When he became sick while he was fighting with Salah who

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said I would

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send him a bowl of fruit.

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Send him a bowl of fruit while he was fighting with him because he was sick, even the queen of Jerusalem. You see there was there was an agreement the agreement was that you must pay ransom to people. Some of them couldn't pay ransom. So that will deny you gave them the money to pay ransom to the Jerusalem with dignity and honor and with freedom. This was set out in a UB Rahman Fulani, my dear respected brothers, that his time of death key.

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For three days he was in a coma. Quran used to be recited around him and kidneys shut down. When they came to the ayat who Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah He they were called to a horrible of Silla him. He just opened his eyes. He lifted up his hand, he said shahada, and he passed away.

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And admission. He says, I'm always in literature. I've always heard people say, I hope I could have sacrificed my life. For this. Listen up. Mr. Nigel had asked me a good while boardmasters To look at Akagera Maga was okay to admit John cocobod Cardon, que mucho Anita can you? Can you also tell me they can jump when I saw him dying, and I saw him passing away said I hope I could have given up my life for his life. My dear stater brothers lesson said I will give up this is the way he conquered Jerusalem. When I

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gave a talk once to the Muslim World League, Roberta Adams Islam. And he made mention of regard me to say the only solution to the issue of Palestine is put another seller who deem to be born and he can bring that particular product is at that particular way of regaining Jerusalem. May Allah subhanaw taala give us another Salam. How it will happen order Allah subhanaw taala knows, but what we can, what we can do is take lessons from his mobile app life