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Salam Alaikum Peace be with you. Welcome to another episode of The Daily Show my next guests coming in all the way from New York. You might know him from his starring role and where's that woman to Vail or not to Valle Muhammad, as show Wally here on The Daily Show to cover to vet that's the question that we're asking today to veil or not to veil. You decide here on the D show. We'll be right back.

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This is the

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this is the

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welcome back to the deen show. Shaykh Muhammad s Chanel, we How are you like,

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all the way from New York, the Big Apple here in the Windy City? First time?

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Pretty much. Yeah. So I introduced you as the person who had the starring role in where's that woman? And from veil or not to view? And that's the question we know that, you know, in this show, we really talk about serious topics purpose of life, why you've been created, where you go, when you die, death is a reality, even though you want to ignore it, sleep on it, but it's something that you should really take seriously. And then when we investigate, we come to know that there is a purpose in life. And it comes from the Creator, not from just you know, US conjuring things up and just you know, as you go make it up, based on proof, knowing that is the truth. And from there, we try our

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humble best to submit all the beautiful injunctions that the creator's told us to do, because it's for our own good. Everything that our creators told us to do. It's good for us. One of these things, it's a lot of misconceptions about many of the women, when they come to this realization that God knows best I want to please Him. And they start to establish the prayer five times a day only worshiping God giving in charity,

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being the best in character, and the modest way of dress not only for the man but for the woman too. We come to this issue of the veil. So you are known for that starring role, the starring lecture that you covered to veil or not to veil and we want to talk about this and at the end, we really want to encourage people to go we're going to have it at the D show.com. People can download it and share it with their families, their friends, what made you do this?

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They are not to hear what made you come up with this and why what was the motivating factor behind this smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam wa rahmatullah mean all earlier sorry, Adrian will begin first In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Bestower of mercy, all praise due to Allah, Almighty God, Lord of the worlds and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon his final messenger Muhammad, who he sent as a mercy to the world.

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it was a whole bombardment of issues, mostly many of our sisters, for one reason or another, who felt disinterested, or chased away,

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or perhaps undesired.

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from putting this hijab on, especially in these times, and even more so than the likes of these cultures, that was probably it's people that are very close to me very dear to my heart, that I wish they could have an insight scope as to the implications of hijab and not wearing Hijab and what it means to them and what kind of honor it is for them. I felt like it was fundamental for them to know. Why do you think what why is it it's so important that you know, in today's society, it's like, show more, and you'll get more, you get a higher pay maybe higher position, you know, you'll be worth more than, you know, the skirts keep going up, even in our country here, where if you go

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back so far, the women were, instead of having the sleeves up to here, they were down here and then here, the more you go back, and now the skirts they went down from covering the ankles to now all the way above the knee and girls just even she's really uncomfortable. She's trying to pull it down. But it's like, you won't get that anchor position. You might not even fit in, you're not cool, right? You're old fashioned. Now, the more modest that you carry yourself, the more modestly you carry. So why do you think this is? Well, first of all, this is an established fact, just to further back what you're saying. Even some sociologists have put out statistics that a woman has a 14%

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chance, better chance at getting hired, depending on how more provocatively she's dressed, and like you said, the reason being is because it's the fashion

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Nowadays, it's the culture.

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We're in an age, unfortunately, of moral decay. And I said, dismal, slippery slope.

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And that's why one of the important issues to understand is that the that hijab is not a matter of fashion. And it's not a matter of culture. Thus, it's not bound to time and place rather, is something that our sisters should be proud of and know this is a divine ordinate there's something that comes from Allah the Most High, who knows what has happened and what will happen and what didn't happen, how it happened, how it would have happened, these things are all the same to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I'm sure and I've asked sisters, that many of them they don't put hijab on why because they believe it's culture. So why would I wear something that belongs to an old culture

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or an outside culture when I'm part of this culture?

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And this is a good argument, had hijab been culture, but the issue of hijab, those that claim that it's unfounded in Islam and its tradition, these people simply have not opened up for an explicit in the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Prep is not the time in place to expound on that they can perhaps go back to that lecture. So to know Souter, hijab abundant resources can tell you this as a matter of complete agreement unanimously between the Muslims, this is a command from the Lord of the worlds for the honor and the betterment of our sisters. Right.

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And once again, I'm sure that they think it's culture and of the proofs of that is that many of our sisters have different definitions as to what hijab is. Why? Because they took it from their surrounding environments, not from the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the best of examples are Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So what is the proper concept of hijab?

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Allah subhana wa tada the Exalted and the high, he says, and sort of the nor, and tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their chastity after telling the men to do it in the verse before men he continues and saying, and let them drape their coverings over their bosoms mean supposed to start from above the buzzer, right and drape below, it's not an issue of hair, it's not an issue of just the neck. Rather, it's reported to check the interpretations of McAfee and others, that this was already known to the people in the pre Islamic period, right, they used to do these things, but hijab was for to begin there and to conceal the entire body to conceal what is naturally

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different about the woman's body and what is unique, and what is more inviting, to the opposite gender, so to uncover her entire body, whereas it is not seen. Nor is the garment that she wears tight. So it shows the shape in order to see through so it shows the skin behind it.

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This in general,

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is the the guideline for hijab and the protocol for Muslim woman that wants to now have someone from the outside looking in or even some Muslims who let's say they look at this as something cultural, or Okay. Now they say that the argument This is something demeaning to them, why would God if he wanted this Job's not there? It's not it doesn't say he job. And what you're saying, Is this something old fashioned that you're trying to just put this woman behind the veil and you're demeaning her, you're putting her down? We're in a modern age brother.

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If adding close to a woman is demeaning, then the woman that is saying that has also been denigrate, because she's wearing clothes as well. Right. But if she says, I changed the way I was initially created a baby I was naked, I put clothes on for modesty, and we say our sisters have more modesty. Right? And actually, the Quran says the exact opposite. The Quran in the verses with Allah has said that I alluded to, before it mentions that velika Edna, you're often affilaite within this hijab ordinance is so that it will be more likely they may be recognized, does not to curb the woman is for her to be recognized that I'm a free, respectable individual that does not succumb to the

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conformity to society, that are a result of trial and error between generations where they decide something and then repeat it the next day, and the likes know this for to be recognized. I am something different. As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said Nathan, Muslim photo by Laura glad tidings to the strangers, this for her to be put on a pedestal for her honor and prestige and her intellect. I heard you mentioned something about the people. You were quoting somebody saying that the people who say that this is not in the Quran, what was your response to that is explicit, it's the sort of thing Oh, yeah, the fourth chapter of the Quran as well as the third chapter of the

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Quran in more than one and two and three verses. So those people I know heard someone saying that they're not picking up the crown, even reading the Quran, because if they read it, then they would see that as they're, they're banking on ignorance, you know, many times we say, and it's in that book. Why? Because we know that we're an age of YouTube, junkies and Facebook fanatics and advice when people don't read anymore. It's not as common long time ago, you go into a train station, you find everyone with a book in his hand. Now everyone has their iPad and they're watching a video or music video or a clip or reading some sports reviews. That's it. But reading meaningful content.

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This is an endangered species nowadays. Don't we see remnants of this also in the Bible? Absolutely. It's mentioned that

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is shameful for a woman to show her hair perhaps in church it was mentioned one reference, and it's the Bible now this is the Christian scripture and the Jewish absolutely and I know Christian women that cover their hair, religious, committed Baptist, elderly woman friends of mine that I went to school with, they would explain this to me I didn't learn this from Islamic services, or or some will go actually with you know, the the high skirts and the tawdry dress into the trip, but they'll put a little bit something on the hair, because they know something is supposed to be done today that perhaps they're hoping that this is sufficient. This is like going far away from the organic

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way the organic ways worshipping God alone, people resorted to worship in the creation of God. Islam is calling you to that which is organic, which is good, which is pure, pure monotheism. And everything has good good character good manners, modesty as a part of your your faith, isn't it? Absolutely. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Indeed, what has remained among the people from the words of the very first profitted, meaning this was taught by all the prophets, Jesus and Moses and Abraham and all peace and blessings be upon them all. This statement has remained What is it? If you do not have modesty and do what you wish meaning case clothes is done

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after modesty? That's the hijab modesty and a man or two twins, he said some of audio sometimes narrated by hacking, and one of them is lifted, the other goes with it. Yeah, it does talk that speech. That's actually that's dress modesty, and to veil or not to veil. It's out there at the D show calm, you can watch it, we're talking about it. We'll be right back with more in Sharla here on a daily show.

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Outside everything looks good. You see the $100,000 cars, you see a lot of diamonds, you see a lot of females, and they think that this is you know, this is a life this is this is like no paradise right here on Earth.

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It's not anyone's job to go into someone's heart and change your heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. The reality of it is while we're sitting here, while I'm sitting here, constantly paying for the disease to kill was free.

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You think these things are gonna bring you happiness. You know why you keep going back to the club, and you keep getting going back to these desires.

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Because you never find satisfaction.

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It's gonna end up causing you if it hasn't already a lot of pain.

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You're kidding yourself, is really

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what we are offering in Islam. What we have found in Islam for ourselves, is a means by which our hearts are at peace. They're at rest. They're not discontent, we are pleased with what we have.

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Back here on a D show, we're discussing to veil or not to veil, you put it together, we want to get it out there to the world. So people can download it Do you mind, they can share it? Because Look, man, we care. So that's why we share. And that's why we're here with you on the D show. And I'm telling you, anyone who takes the time to investigate this way of life, his way of life, all the messages of God, Jesus lived it. He was a Muslim, he submitted to the will of God, Moses, Abraham, and the last and final master problem, Muhammad, peace be upon them. They all lived his way of life. We were humbly trying to live the way of life from the Creator. It's not man made organized by men

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or men is organized by the one who created men and men. Am I telling the truth, amen. So we're talking about modesty. People who dig deep, they look into Islam, your character gets better, and you stop using that filter that you might have used. Your dress gets better. Some people start smelling better, hmm. And you start feeling better, you start feeling good, but the pop culture, people are emulating the superstars who are not dressing modestly, and not setting a good example. So people tend to follow them instead of following the best of examples, and they start to unveil Why do you think this is? Talk to us? There's actually an excellent research and researcher

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Professor Eileen Zurbriggen from the University of California. She's a psychologist. I've been following her literature for years now. She has a book on their print called the sexualization of girls and girl. What's her name? Again? Eileen Zurbriggen. Okay, she's a psychologist, University of California. She talks about how from a very young age in this culture, girls are bombarded with a certain style of media and fashion. And brainwashing Tinkerbell in her miniskirt, right? And then Little Mermaid, a fish on the bottom and nothing on top right. Yeah.

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Hannah Montana and the likes. This instills in the girls through the magazines and through the cartoons or through the Barbie, a sense of incompetence when they grow up. If they can be attractive, according to today's definition of attractive and catch the attention of men. And then when they grow up and they can't do it. That's their grading. And I say time and time again if Islam so poor

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Italy oppressed women. Even if you ask our sisters, they'll tell you, we want to put the hijab on right? Our father didn't make us do it. But let's say they were oppressed, what is worse or pressing her mind, or pressing her body, or pressing her mind in the sense that when they grow, and they feel incompetent, because she can't turn heads, you have no anemia, they stop eating, then the psychological disorders, and anemia and bulimia and the likes, this is all, you know, physical that we cannot psychological. It's a disaster. And it's something we're living nowadays. You know, the industries and the money invested in the likes

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of these efforts is profound. It's greater than all the sports industry is combined. They're using a woman as a commodity, she just sex object. It's that simple. Just saw a billboard the other day, I mean, they had something for, you know, selling oil or something for a car. And they had like, when we stopped for law, you have a woman? Why is she up there for oil? Because if you put a guy up there, and I'm going to sell your oil, yeah, you know, they know that a woman is unique. And we say we are acknowledging the woman's beauty. And that's why it is not to be a free

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distribution in the streets. Nor does she feel worthy only when she catches a witch whistle from someone, or beauty is more than that. It's her physical, we acknowledge and it's even beyond that. It's at heart and in her mind, and she's more than just that piece of flesh. I'm not talking about cooking oil, I'm talking about car oil.

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It's disgusting, what they've done to our, our mothers, our sisters, and Islam. God wants to best that's why he sent us the guidance. So when we go away from it, we got trouble. Don't wait. So when you have your children, they're watching. You mentioned Timmy Tam was this Baker? What was it the names Miley Cyrus, some of these things that we think are innocent, but they're getting programmed, should the parents stay away from letting their kids watch somebody things or even on the Disney Channel. But now at the end, these young girls are coming up, and now they're taking it all off. They're on stage singing, you know, in a tawdry dress. And now the children been watching them since

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youth. And this is very important to not allow our measuring system.

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b, r and pG 13 and G because this is not our system of measuring. And even there's it's unstable it changes what was pG 13 years ago is G now and what was our long time ago is pG 13. borderline now, this is the system that was not set by Allah subhanaw taala not not doesn't take into consideration what's best is the consideration what's gonna make money, not what's best for humanity. And that's why we tell the people that have the greatest tricks of shape on and they're humans that are employed by shaitan because it serves their momentary worldly interests of the tricks of shaitan is to name things right the gradings on movies and the likes with other than their name. Right? He went

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to add them peace and blessings be upon him and he said, shall I not invite you to the tree of eternal life when I was a disaster, and a kingdom that will never perish? nowadays? Same thing. Adultery is called what they're making love. Right? intoxication is what a cold drink. Mm hmm. And this is a long list of satanic mechanisms that is used Disney, you know, we have Quran and Sunnah and we raise our head Hi, thanking Allah for that blessing. It's a beautiful Bessie paradise. At the end, you obey the one who created you will be the boss, you get paid, you expect to get paid, you can put your hand up, um, you don't even show up to work. You don't do the job. I mean, you're still

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a little bit timid, you won't even put your hand out, you know, to ask for a paycheck. How can we expect to get we're going to die? Is that a fact we can't argue about that everyone knows that. So even our brothers in humanity, who are not yet Muslim, everyone has a potential to submit to God. That's all we're talking about submitting to God and obeying God based on true proofs and evidences, we're not blindly strong, calling you to blindly follow something. Know, our logic. And our reason, directs us to realize that this is the message from the one true God that has been unadulterated, perfect for every walk of life, right? upon realizing that we say we trusted fully. So if anyone is

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a skeptic now, but he looks at the verbatim Word of God the Quran, will he come to the conclusion? If he's sincere, looking for the truth, that this is from the creator? It's not some man writing it from 14 centuries ago? are men a collaboration of man? Will they come to that realization? The Quran itself says the Quran tells us Don't you reflect on the Quran? If it was from other than Allah, you would have found many discrepancies in the Quran says don't you reason Don't you think? Don't you look, it's asking you to call upon that blessing that God differentiated between you and the animals with reason. So reason even the Bible says come let us reason together. And it makes sense because

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I'm sure even if you're our guest today and you're tuning in, you bumped into us by accident you like you know, the moral decay of society. And you see things that even you you're not falling trapped to victim to you don't like it. And you see that we're talking about this is something good, organic, wholesome modesty. And God has called us to be modest. Absolutely. So before we go to a break, tell us now to veil or not to veil. Get it. We're just discussing some

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The things that you discussed in it and you can get this at the deen show.com you'll have your own private section there people can go and download it share it with the world. What are some one one obstacle when I go many that some of our Muslim sisters have in wearing our Muslim sisters May Allah preserve them and empower them and increase them and guidance upon their guidance. They deal with lots of obstacles Some are more legitimate than others some you can categorize them maybe as excuses.

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But definitely the family issue right? It's not easy to go against the tide. And this is legitimate This must be recognized families family issues, let's hold off there too soon. We got to go to break we're going to continue on from there some of these excuses challenges family we'll start off with that obstacle that challenge when we come back here on the deen Show.

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I'm not afraid

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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Back here on the dean show to Vail or not to bail you gotta listen to this lecture. My guest here by the grace of the creditor Hamilton put it together have hummed allow me to credit rewards you

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Me too I want to get reward I want to get the agenda and that's what we should be striving for. Shouldn't we? We know this life is transitory is short we're gonna die let's be the best at whatever profession that we are in currently, but if we just put all of our chips in this basket at the end we're gonna die. But what's Islam called us to do isn't it I mean should we should our hopes and aspiration to something that's eternal is forever agenda paradise, avoiding the Hellfire that's a smart thing to do. I'm sorry, you mentioned that we we work for the ultimate goal paradise. And Islam actually calls us to a paradise wherein there exists with the eye has never seen the or has

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never heard with never dawned upon the imagination of a human being. As our Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. It's been confirmed that he formed us

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also invites us even before that, to enjoy and live the goodly life, a life where in your happy life or in your safe life when you're prosperous and successful. Life we're in humanity is working for the betterment of themselves. Right? And this is what's pleasing to their Creator. Amazing. Tell us now Okay, we had a live sit down session, someone that you can get some perspective from a sister. So we left off with family obstacles. Sometimes a law will test you through your fat you love your mother and father, but now they're the ones are Muslim to maybe Cat Cat. They've copped a culture, clash, right? So now they think his job is some cultural thing. And they're scared they say, Man,

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look, you're gonna end up six feet under if you wear this people Islamophobia. It's crazy. So they say no, they were gonna disown you if you do they give you a hard time you sat with a sister, who we love our sisters and we not being judgmental. We just want the best form, because we care. So tell us how did this go? And what advice do you give your sisters who are having that obstacle in their way?

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Well, as you mentioned, it's very important for the Muslim to get past any obstacle in his life is to remember that this life is transitory, its temporal. And at the same time that our ultimate goal is paradise and our Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him,

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who we believe him with our eyes closed, he informed us that Paradise is surrounded with difficulties with hardship. So that's one, you know, keep our eyes on the prize. And we move forward confident that Allah will not allow our efforts to go to waste and that if we try, he will empower us by His permission, if we seek the means we will arrive at our desired destination. The second issue is very important. Our sisters need to remember that they owe it to their parents, for example, to lighten their load on the Day of Judgment, their parents perhaps

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did not adopt or learn or perhaps dismiss this aspect of Islam. So if you love your parents, and you truly want to be kind to your parents lighten the load that they have to carry on their shoulders on a day of judgment by disobeying them. And that was a beautiful word that I heard from my family and Ohio law that was of the manifestations of his, you know, his scholarly nature. May Allah have mercy on him. Someone came to him and said what he said Islam tells me to be kind to my parents, so the person has not where his job came to this great scholar and said,

00:24:45--> 00:25:00

Islam says Be good to my parents, but my parents saying don't wear hijab, what do I do? So everyone knows the ruling. You don't disobey the creator for the sake of the creation irrespective of who they are. Who do you owe more to? What his words were brilliant, he said, it is out of kindness.

00:25:00--> 00:25:37

To your parents, that you disobeyed them in this, because you're helping them attain salvation or they have judgment when there's questioning. And this was something remarkable and I try always to relate to my sisters hoping that they can find a fuel tank and those words, by Allah's permission to climb out of their their dilemma, one scholar that we had as a person of knowledge, this issue came up about parents, and the person of knowledge, he flipped. He said, Look, man, be real with yourself. If you wanted to fornicate, if you wanted to do draw you, you wouldn't be asking your parents, you'd be going to do it if it was for that sin. But now the good you're using your parents

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as you can sometimes be something. Yeah, obviously, the parents, you know, this might be holding you back. But sometimes do we use these things as a scapegoat? Sometimes, at times, and I know that this is a conversation with me, and you'll have great passion for that perhaps it will lead to many, many stories. Yeah.

00:25:55--> 00:26:01

But I want to once again, reiterate to my sisters that you owe it number one to your parents, right.

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Number two, you owe it to your sisters, that they want to do what you want to do. So everyone's waiting for someone to be the first brick, be that first brick and get the rewards for everyone after you write be that strong person be that person that is a role model that is so scarce nowadays. You owe it to the brothers as well, that are having difficulty lowering their gaze and the likes. Don't be a reason for them to take glance after glance and have their hearts black and distance them from Allah. Don't accept for yourself to be a tool for shaytaan like the others, you're different. You're not like everybody else. you're someone that Allah chose with the gift of

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Islam. So be grateful for that gift to Elkin. Keep that gift for you. And keep it there safe and sound to the day that you meet him. We have some of our brothers all of us we made mistakes middle off, forgive us who've ran off and they've you know, gotten married or the sister ran off and got married didn't get the parents permission just still kind of wrapping this up with the parents. But now you know they're they're worried about this. So May Allah make it soft in their heart that they can do it so you know, kind of look back. And when you want that when you have that drive in you to want to please Allah, you're sincere, Allah will give you the strength to do it. The courage is that

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true? Absolutely. Absolutely. The person that wants to find an excuse to find an excuse, yeah, no one that wants to please Allah. Allah is too merciful to leave them hanging dry. Yeah. Back to this before we we wrap it up. What other from the sisters perspective perspective side did the sister give you from other sisters who are out there that we can help? You know, soften their hearts and get their perspective on the issue some of the some of the obstacles as we said some have more legitimacy than others have the good responses that low reward our sisters for their answers. They said the issue of with being uncomfortable choking other likes. I mean, this is a very nice, the

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argument I'm not sure they're convinced of to begin with perhaps it's not worth the time, but of it is the harshness of the brothers. And I remind our brothers, time and time again of the height of the Prophet sallallahu irisin that Allah is gentle, and he loves gentleness fill me equally in all matters. So as narrated by Ahmed, and he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and indeed Allah grants on the basis of gentleness, what is not grant on the basis of harshness. So don't you dare be an obstacle? Right? Not being patient or approaching the wrong way or talking down to them? our sisters, many of them they don't know, hijab is part of Islamic photos from culture. Many of them we

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assume, don't live alone as messenger, even if they know it's from Islam. That doesn't mean they're enemies to the deen. No, we have to encourage them and push them and carry them along and be grateful that Allah guided us. So we want to, you know, move that guidance beyond ourselves. In Bukhari and Muslim the man that used to drink wine when the Punisher was carried out on him a man cursing said don't curse him, he's a sinner a major sin. He said for I know that he loves alone His Messenger. So our sisters, more of an add on to this category as well. So we were to wish the good for them and pray for them and be gentle and patient time and time again, in effort that they will

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be in our skill of good deeds and their love, preserve them wherever they are, and keep them strong and keep them steadfast upon this do. We have like a minute left, we're almost out of time. There's one we got to address this also. Some of the sisters we see this as an obstacle. They'll see sisters or sisters who are wearing a veil on their head. But everything else is exposed out there real ties joyed as jeans, everything is just you know, the finger is just totally out there for the wealthy but they got something on their head is this job.

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Go back to the developer not to do to fail or not to wait. Okay, so we have so much we have so much to cover. Obviously, so little time to veil or not to veil people and get it at your private sector, Dijon calm, you go into detail on these things to a certain degree. Last closing comments and suggestions advice is like a local you read to me a quote that I hope in our lives that our viewers can benefit from as well. For a famous boxer. Oh, we'll get that Yeah, and apply

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

That was something amazing for me to hear. Yeah.

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So okay, well, thank you very much we're going to give people to travailler not to Vale, look it up at the D show.com. We look forward to having you here back on the D show again. So if you can thank you very much welcome aboard. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the D shot and inside of the love, that we give this advice. And we hope that you got to benefit we're going to finish up we want to get your your stories, also those sisters who've overcome some of these challenges, you know, write to us at the D show calm, you also have many people that help us, you know, maintain his Facebook page, our volunteers will get it to us send it posted there. We want to end off with a

00:30:41--> 00:31:10

beautiful quote, you guys know Muhammad Ali, he accepted his beautiful way of life Islam as many hours the fastest growing way of life in the world today. And he sat his his beloved, his daughter on his lap. And she narrates the story from her father saying that, you know, he sat me down and he looked me straight in the eyes and he said, Hannah, this is daughter, everything that God made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. He said to his daughter, Muhammad Ali is saying, we're a diamonds

00:31:11--> 00:31:43

deep down in the ground, covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? He says to his daughter, deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful show. He continued I was talking to Don he said, Where do you find gold. He said way down in the mind covered over the layers and layers of rock. You've got to work hard to get them he continued. He she said he looked me with seriousness in my eyes that your body is sacred. You're far more precious than diamonds and pearls and you should be covered too.

00:31:44--> 00:32:19

This is from Mohammed Ali and I hope that you get to benefit from it from this know that the cradle loves you the most more than your parents more than this whole world and everything combined. So you want to work to please your credit before you meet your Creator so you can get his pleasure and get his paradise and avoid the hellfire. We'll see you next time here in Sharla de show. Make sure to pick up also the new dunya to Dean we got the DVDs for share this message of peace with the world you can call us at one 800 662 Islam operators standing by if you want to accept if you want to gain peace in life. If you're one of our brothers in humanity, this is tune in for the first time and you

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want to submit to the one guy the same guy that Jesus submitted to call us right now. One 800 access to Islam until next time, peace be with you.