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The speaker discusses three traits that make one person stronger and how they can be used to overcome pride and arrogance. They also mention a culture of being a small and fearful person, as well as a culture of being a small and fearful person. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not being too afraid to speak out and not overwhelm others.

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Three negative qualities, three traits that the prophet SAW. Selim described that if a person died free from them, meaning not practicing them while he's still alive, and MIT Allah subhanaw taala, free from them, he will be in Jannah in sha Allah. The prophet SAW Allah Allah hollier Samson mummert our Horbury or mineral kebari, well holy wood, then the halogen which means that if anyone dies free from pride, arrogance, unfaithfulness regarding the spoils of war and that will enter Jannah in sha Allah, let us try in sha Allah data to understand briefly each of these traits make a dua to Allah subhana wa Taala to free us completely from them before we meet mean number one is L

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kibra. Or arrogance what is pride to feel like you are better than other people's panelo in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was asked about arrogance, he say bottle Huck, but our hope is not to accept the truth, except if it is upon your own whims and desires. If it suits your desires, then it is the truth Otherwise, you will reject it. That's what it means by bottle hoc Welcome to ness Olam to nurse is to look down upon others will just like how Iblees look down upon Adam and tools Allah subhanaw taala Holla Holla Potanin nurdin wahala Patel home clean I am better than him you create me from fire and you created him from mud. This is how arrogance was described by the prophet sauce and

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not only that, but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Lariat hooligan such and such will never enter Jannah when they asked him who is that person? He said a person who has an atom weight of arrogance in his heart What are the chances so be careful arrogance is off the table the second quality that if it's not part of who you are not part of your trades in sha Allah tala, you will end up in Jannah is L Whirlpool. And Hulu means to take secretly unfaithfully from the spoils of war before the actual division before the prophet SAW Selim divide the share of each person who participated in that particular battlefield. This is the specific meaning of the word alone, but its general meaning

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really means betrayal to betray the trust whether that trust is a secret someone entrusted you with a secret or wealth or even in trusted with emotions, and they wanted you to keep these information secret and you betray them. This is the general meaning of the word of the Lord. So be careful my brothers and sisters in STEM when you are entrusted with a secret when you are entrusted with anything be faithful, because the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had mentioned in another narration a atel munaf upsales. The sign of a hypocrite is three if you wanted to identify a hypocrite, look for three signs either hug data, when he alter anything he lies were either on the

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upper left and when he promised he break his promise were either to mean to harm the third on the list in this particular narration. And when he's entrusted with anything, he betrayed a trust to be cared for rectify your situation, my brothers and sisters repent if that trait is something that you need to work on and meet Allah subhana wa Taala before it's too late, the third is a Dane or death and as we all know, that is when someone is experiencing certain difficulties, financial difficulties, then he will borrow an amount of money and some people they would die. May Allah protect us all before actually repaying that debt. But the one who was intending this particular

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narration is a person who was capable actually to pay back and clear off his debt yet he was reluctant he didn't want to pay back he had the means but he said you know what, later in sha Allah to Morrow, maybe the brother would forgive me and so on and so forth. You were able to pay your debt yet you did not do so. But if you were really struggling sincerely to pay off your debt, and you couldn't for any reasons, Allah subhanaw taala may look at your situation differently May Allah Subhana Allah protect the soul But hey, my brothers and sisters in Islam if you borrowed money, if you borrowed something that's not belong to you, it's not yours and you have the means to pay back

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to return it returning before it's too late. Make it a Priority in your life to pay off your debt because it is actually a very serious as you can see here, the prophet SAW Selim said, if that trade is not new, if you died free of Dane free of Hulu, free of cable Janna is yours, which means if you died with all these traits, the opposite could be true as well. So remember, my brothers and sisters and slam the queue

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For these negative traits are the exact opposite. If you feel like you're a little bit arrogant Allah Allah May Allah protect the soul. You have some kind of different air you feel like you're better than others, humble yourself. Go down to earth the prophet SAW Sam said whoever humbles himself before Allah subhanaw taala allow an elevated status in general. So Parliament tada Lillahi arafa. And if you have noticed that the hole is in you then rectify that quickly. My brothers and sisters go back quickly and seek forgiveness from those people that you have wronged. And finally, if you are in danger, if you are in debt, return and pay off your debt before it's too late. May

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Allah protect us all. As salam Ali Kumar