Mufti Menk – Jollof Wars – Final Fatwa

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the topic of Jollof, a dish in Nigeria called biryani, and its portability in Nigeria. They mention that the Ghanaian one is the best job for eating in Nigeria, but theating on the way to Nigeria does not taste great in Nigeria. The speaker suggests that the Ghanaian one is a very sensitive subject and that people should consider it when eating in Nigeria.
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You know, the topic of Jollof is one of the most sensitive topics in this part of the world but

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I have a fatwa

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that will not be debated

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because I have traveled many countries. So Malama Abu Bakr I'm very sorry to see something different from what you said regarding Jollof

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because when I have stayed at * manga last place several times he's an elder brother to me.

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And I will tell you the Ghanaian Jollof what is Jonathan the first place

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is from Australia. He doesn't know what is Jollof Jollof is the rice dish in India they call it biryani. Okay. So this is African in Saudi they call it Mandy. Okay, hear that college? Jollof. Why don't you just call it twice? No, no, no, it's especially I told you it's a very sensitive topic.

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The Jollof of Ghana is the best Jollof.

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it's a fact. It's a fact. Listen. When Listen, listen. The Jollof of Ghana is the best job for as long as it is eaten in gun

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to go to Nigeria, the minute you go to Nigeria, guys, are you listening to me? The minute you go to Nigeria Nigerian Jollof

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so when you are eating it in Nigeria, the Ghanaian one doesn't taste that great. And when you are eating the Nigerian one in Ghana, it doesn't taste nice. So it depends my brother today we are in Ghana, Ghana

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to sit on my leg

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