Zahir Mahmood – The Day of Judgement #08 Helping others

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam and how it will affect the Day of Judgment. They explain that actions that will cause suffering will not be allowed in the future, and that individuals will not be exposed to others' suffering. The speaker also mentions that Islam will help people in the present the future and will help people in the present.
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Despite the horrific nature of the Day of Judgment, they will be those individuals who will be in total bliss and tranquility almost as though they are oblivious to their surroundings

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those are the people that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran He said yeah EBA de la joven la familia wala and traditional, oh my server, no faith for you today and you will not grieve in another place. Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the earlier Allah the earlier Allah on the Day of Judgment will not pay and nor will they grieve they will be totally and utterly tranquil. There is a secret to this wish the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned the hadith of conceit and you and I need to memorize this and know this. What is that? That is the words of Allah subhanaw taala. In the Hadith, where Allah takes an oath, there is a tip Jalali, Allah takes the

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oath by his honor, he is and he Jellal he says that I will not gather upon my servant to face and nor will I gather up on my servant to false delusions, to false hopes, what are those two fears, that if you fail Allah in this dunya, that Allah will not make you fear in the hereafter. But if you don't fear Allah subhanaw taala in this dunya that Allah will make you fearful on the day of judgment, and I will give not my seven to false hope to false delusions that you are deluded in this dunya you do whatever you want, you don't fear Allah subhanaw taala you feel secure in this dunya that Allah subhanaw taala will not grant you security on the Day of Judgment, we need to understand

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that there are certain actions that we can do in this world, which will be a source of Allah subhanaw taala assisting us on that day, when your mother will run away when your father will run away when every single person will run away. There are certain actions that if we do them, they will come to assistance on the Day of Judgment, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Manna for some in Muslim and KURU button in Cordoba duniya, na first Allah Allahu Anhu Kuru button min Cora will yo Milkha that whoever removed a difficulty from a believer in this dunya then Allah subhana, Allah will remove a difficulty from the difficulties of the euro on that day when we will

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need help and nobody will be ready to help us. If you assist relieve the stress from a believer in this dunya on that day, Allah subhanaw taala will relieve your stress and match it.

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That when nobody is around, no action that you did in this dunya Allah subhanaw taala will assist you. And then the rest of you Allah has goes on in the Hadith. He said Woman Yes sir Allah more certain for dunya Yes, sir Allahu Allah, even duniya will aka whoever makes it easy upon a person who is going through financial difficulty, he helps him or if that person owes him a debt, he says forget it or gives him more time that Allah subhanaw taala will make matters easy for him, not just in the Arcor, but in the dunya in the dimia as well. And then the message of Allah is Allah, Allah, Allah, he was a liquid Tom. And he said, Well, mon Satara, Allah muslim, if it dunya, sometime Allah

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Alayhi dunya will occur whoever

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hides the faults of a believer in this dunya that Allah subhanaw taala will hide his fault in the dunya and the archaea. Dunya and the earth Hara, I imagine that you see a person doing something wrong. And you don't expose that individual because we live in an era where we love exposing, we're so good at exposing today. You can sit in behind your computer where nobody knows who you are with a pseudo name. If you like exposing people, then a day will come where the first person and the last person where your parents will be there where your family members were the MBI lives that will be there where Abu Bakr, Omar and Osman are the Allah Allah will be there and Allah will expose you

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because you expose other people. And then the messenger Allah goes on in the same Hadith. He said, Well Luffy only loved mme and He, Allah will always, always remain in your assistance, as long as you remain in the assistance of your brother and sister. As long as you are ready to help your brother and sister Allah's power Bala will assist you. These other actions will come to you assistance on the Day of Judgment. LG Xiao min, Jimson Amel. This is this principle that Allah will deal with you on

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A day of judgment, the way you dealt with other people. If you are a person who are ready to help people look at all the suffering of individuals around us. If you are a person whose nature was to help other people, Allah will help you. But if you're a person who sees other people suffering

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and you gloat over their suffering, then Allah subhanaw taala will deal with you, in the same manner that you dealt with other individuals.

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