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Muhammad he also has a bad day here a little drama they lived on Alima to move out okay, we'll send you a few Hello XL Romeo salatu Allah say Ed Mola Rasulillah while early he also having human Cooley Armenian Salah is native Juma. So bless at night is a beautiful night or baraka and this night, the sunnah to increase your salah upon the profile of your Salah to seminar good deeds. Yahweh ha ha No Fee Mata ka li him in Hadith iavi Herat are the Allahu Anhu call Colin abuso Allah Allah wa salam, let me have to call them Bill Murray in Salah as

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you said memorium also a Hebrew your age and Hadith. So this hadith is a collection of both Bukhari and Muslim writers by Abu Huraira in the theme of treating your parents with excellence and your relatives and so on,

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which I will be talking about for another few weeks, probably to the end of this month.

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This is a long hadith is called Hadith, your rage. It's a long Hadith. And actually, honestly, I'm not going to I'm not going to read the whole thing because it's not the whole thing that we need. We just need this story of July you specifically. And it's actually a hadith that I find different difficult to actually narrate to you word for words on narrate just the meanings of it as we go along. But it's an important story I think for for this theme and I think if you understand what what the prophet Isaiah sought to ascend was trying to allude to or try to explain to us was hadith is very much worth your time to to contemplate a call about Ghana, your age will

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be done, but it took more than enough. See you Salma gets aberdovey hala dois This is a gentleman from Bani Israel, meaning he was a person from the previous nations, and most likely is one of the followers of musante, who stood up. And he was a pious man, and he had built for himself a Soma there were so my means a small space for worship that doesn't really done a mystery is not until Sunday, where more than one person is this place a space that's only enough for maybe one or two people to be in. So it's a space that he used to use to worship Allah subhana what's the item that says that's what most scholars tend to see the psalm it? And it was some narrations point out that

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he was also someone who performed some form of teaching amongst people. So he has a certain degree of respect.

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What if I tend to have more? Well, who are you suddenly tuna D his mother came and called him one day, when he was in his summer he was praying. A follow up beam oh me was sadati Kabbalah, la sala de France, all of it. He said, Oh, Allah is my mother who was calling me and I'm in the midst of my prayer. What do I do? And he continued in his prayer, and she left that to me.

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By now that to him the next day, she also came and she called upon me your age. Come here.

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He was praying Bacala your OB on me was salah, T for our Kabbalah, Allah, Allah T once all of it. He said the same thing in the midst of his prayer. So he focused on his parents she left became the third day. He called him again, he was in prayer again. And he said the same thing. And he did the same thing. And then she walked away. But this time, Allahu Mala to Malik who had Jambo Rafi will do him Rumi said, Well, I do not allow him to die before he looks in the faces of those who performed the horrible sins of prostitution. That's what she said. Heavy dua from this mother. I don't know why she said that. Don't ask me why later, I have no idea why he decided to say that. But she said

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it. Apparently, if you come from a part that depending on what part of the world you come from, especially for the Middle East, there are certain things that mothers and fathers will say when they're really upset with their children. And there'll be really weird by the way, I'm not going to share it with you with my parents was

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out of respect for me, so I'm not gonna do that. But if you go back you'll probably find out there are certain things they will say. Now they don't usually mean it but sometimes someone will say it and they'll actually mean it. Now this lady said it and she meant it and we'll come back to that in a moment. Forgive me if it may take me five six minutes longer than it usually is. If you get tired please feel free to leave any but I want to get through the story for you cuz I think it's important story.

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She said that caught off guard at your age.

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Roger Goulburn he was someone who was beloved, but he kept on nurse or doctor well, who were emailing and people were talking one day about his taco and about his Iman.

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The hadith and so, Fahad desu anymore 18 Buddy, with a master will be first Neha, and they brought and they were talking, you know, people, they talk about anything. So they talked about how, how much Taqwa you had and apparently the conversation went into the opposite so he talks about a lady who was actually a prostitute and how beautiful she is and who to home and one of them people who were talking saw her and talk to her

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and George came up in terms of his duckula Because that's an alert don't attend to hula hoop Latina who Aliko if you want a dome, if you if you want me to do it, I can go and I can I can I need to cause him to deviate.

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And I can I can do that I can get him to perform a sin. Call if I let go ahead try. But Baba Ji Li Verma na Alia Well, let me tell you who she couldn't she went and she could

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didn't get anything done

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by Nokia Tada Ian Fennec, I'm kind of tall enough see her? There was a shepherd who was right beside his Salma so she did it with with this person for Hamlet

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and she became pregnant. But Emma whether that's civilian when she gave birth to the boy or the woman Aina Harada where who is the UCLA 2am In George? George's kid, westerns, aluminum Salma it he was the Rabu they took a demo Salma it they pulled him from his space of worship, they destroyed it and they started to beat him I forgot I mash up Nukem What are you doing? Follow zone a zone eight. You perform Yeah, you're acting like you're all pious and he performs in

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Takada moment he who is the person for cannula and this is the person Okada YouTubers. So they bring bring the boy, the they bring the boy remember the beginning of the of the of the Hadith, the beginning of the Hadith was a Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, later, Canon and Philomathean left, only three individuals spoke when they were infants. And he pointed out a 7 million sound of Mary and he pointed out the person within this story of Georgia there's a third person that's at the end of this hadith I want to talk about today.

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Call for a tow who was sabe they brought the boy by on their own you had to also Lee give me a second to pray for the harbor for Salah. So murder Fatah, Anna who feedback me he, so he prayed and then he came in he poked the boy in his belly, the infant

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was called Allah who meant a book it Oh, who's your father, but the kilometer flew akala Bobby, Roy, and he's and this infant would speak and say My father is the shepherd.

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Other than that, I'm gonna be your age, worried about raccoon and be here, because you loved me so much I come into hub. So they, when they saw what happened, they're going to do Eurasian, they started to take baraka from him and say we're going to rebuild your Salma from gold Bacala believe we know her mean clean and come out kinda know just rebuild it from any clay as it was before facade. And they did that. And that's the end of this hadith of this story.

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it's a very obviously, it's a story that there's no other examples for and it's very specific.

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This man, this is why this story is important. This man was a level of piety. He was one of the earlier a level of Wilayah with Allah subhanaw taala that only three individuals historically spoke during infancy, and he was able to produce one of them.

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Right. The other example is the ISA, reciting isa that's the that's the person that you can have the example of this person was such level of piety, he was so highly ranked in the eyes of God himself, that he was able to produce an infant that would speak during infancy, to defend his reputation.

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But he, the moment he decided that his prayer was more important than his mother, her da, or do I reach him, I just had the level of piety that he had you think this is a well, even earlier Allah, he is. The example is the example is the fact that he was able to produce this, he pokes the kid that can spoke as an infant today oh, they pumped the kid to get smoke. This is like this.

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This is like the biggest Kurama that you'll ever you ever you'll ever witness.

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However, his mother made a genuine dua against him, and there was no way out of it for him.

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And he didn't die until he saw he had to look at the

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diambil Rafi or you will miss out you have to look at her. You have to talk to her and you have to talk to the kid you have to do all this as an acceptance of Allah subhanaw taala for her to

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understand that this is why this story is important. So it doesn't matter how highly ranked you are. All it takes is a parent to be upset with you. And if they mean it, it will be your end. They will end you don't need to do it God physically, they can do it through a

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real heartbreak. If you if you if you cause them real heart, they don't have the majority of scholars, the majority of scholars say that he wasn't in a Salah that was affirmed. He was in a solid that was a nephila. It's like when you stand for it for extended Asia. That's what most scholars say. And majority, some of them don't. By the way, just as a disclaimer, some of them don't. Some of them said that he was in front of them, he still still should have listened. The majority don't. So what I'm being honest, the majority, don't the majority say that if you're praying and you continue to look, but some of them do. So as he doesn't matter what plateau you're

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praying. If you're if your parent is asking for your help or needing you, then that's the status that they carry. Now she shouldn't have made the DUA I think we can all agree to that. That was a bad move by her. She shouldn't have done that. But she did it.

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And that's not the point of this hadith to talk about her and why she did that when the point of the hadith is that this person of this he didn't ignore his mum or his parents, because he was

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doing the thought of risk. For example,

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We are seeking knowledge. He was in the midst of prayer, the most intimate act of worship that we're not supposed to cut for any reason anyways. And he was of a level of piety where he could produce an infant speaking, they could make an infant speak. And yet, all it took was the heart of his mother to be unhappy with him, and it almost ended him. It was almost his demise, it almost ruined him. Well, he got beaten up pretty badly. And they destroyed a Salma and he had to go through his whole reputed, he lost his reputation for a little bit.

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Because his mother was upset with him. And that's the point of this hadith. It doesn't matter who you are. It doesn't matter how highly ranked you are in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala. Remember that once you say La Ilaha illa Allah, your next focus is okay. Am I doing right by my parents? Am I loyal? Am I decent? I mean, making sure that I'm doing what I need to do. So yes, he made a mistake on me or solidarity. You should have went with me.

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He didn't do it with solidarity didn't mean something else. It wasn't something else. It wasn't some silly yet no, no is solidarity. Understand how this is a very difficult storytime to actually comprehend. The differentiation here like the the options he had was not only in some active leisure, no, it was his mother and then his prayer, his intimate prayer. And when he chose prayer, he almost lost everything because he broke her heart. Because she felt that she was disrespected. And she and she made dua against the military.

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And it this is not a this is why this is such an important story and descendant of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is why it's told in Thai Hey, and isn't just like, because it's explaining in a very, very scary concept. Now, the flip side of this hadith, and I'll end with that extra minutes that I want to talk about.

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If you're a father or a mother, don't make dua against your kids Puppyish. Never make dua against your kids, I don't care what they do. If you're a father or mother never make dua against your kids ever.

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It's very important. You will love your children, no matter what they do, they'll always be your children. And you'll always love them. And you can't get over that and can't get around that don't make dua against them. This hadith teaches two concepts Now, believe it then, of course, this is what in my opinion, the strongest evidence of the importance of that and what I mean by far, but it's also telling something else, that as a parent, be very careful. If you lose your temper, you get upset because they're not listening to you or they're not doing the right thing and they're wasting their life or they're wasting their potential or they're making mistakes that you you raise

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them not to make and as in as driving you nuts and mad because they just won't do the right thing. Be aware Be very careful to make dua against them. And as a young if you're not have children yet that right now that's fine, but at some point you will, you'll understand that you'll be very, very compelled to do so. Oh, children will make sure they compel you to do it. Now you have compelled your parents to do it many, many times in the past. You brought them close to doing it they didn't. But as a parent, be very careful of what you say because this strength that Allah this advantage that Allah gave you over your children is real. Use it wisely. Use it wisely. Be very cautious. You

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want them to go to gender Be careful what you say. Be careful of how you feel. Don't fill your heart with Haldol don't fill your heart with with with with contempt to do with your children even if they're not doing the right thing as a child be careful your age. One of the earlier he produced a speaking infant and he just chose the option of prayer over his mother prayer Salah Hmm Ah yeah and then you almost almost entered him that's the story of your age and hope that was a benefit to you always share him with Africa and even Hadith Abraham Yatta probably Allahu Akbar NWSL Allah has said I'm no medical and Fatima de la Raza au seven no Malian or for Hebrew your age al Hadith sadakazu

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Some Allahu Allah Huntington Allah He was really well so Allah who was telling them about like on the beginner Muhammad means like Malachy and particle Murphy from Santa Monica later