Sajid Ahmed Umar – Being Polite, A Characteristic Quality In Islam

Sajid Ahmed Umar
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the struggles ofielding children to their parents' comments on their appearance and culture. The children are addressed with a respectful label, and the parents ask how they can address their children in a sweet way. The transcript also describes the struggles of the children in their families' eyes and language.
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the DA Rahim Allah you Salam is politeness in speech How many times did you hear? Oh my dear father yeah pretty. Oh my dear father yeah booty. Oh my dear father yeah booty. Oh my dear father Yeah, apathy. Allahu Akbar. How many times did you hear that just now in this is that we recited his father was upon misguidance. But look at the patience. Look at the respect. Look at Ibrahim alayhi salam, we were just discussing how forbearing and humble he had this was part of this was Ibrahim. Because this story is telling us about Ibrahim as a young boy, he was much younger than when the angels visited him before they went to note. And even here, his qualities are the same. His

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qualities are the same. The character of Islam existed. He wasn't a person who in one portion of his life had a certain character. And in another portion of his life had a different character, a person who lost his identity now, they always say to the identity crisis, our youth are going through an identity crisis they would ever went through identity crises. They knew who they were, they knew where they came from. They knew where they were going, and they knew how to get there successfully. They have their values they were people have perspective. People have perspective. So he's speaking to his father in the mildest of ways today by Allah how do we address our children when they make

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mistakes? What words come out of our mouth Allah who was to honor that our child might remember that word in old age and it will give them a low self esteem because of our crime. And no fault of this. Today, even in our data are sometimes how do we see people addressing other people that they want to correct? Oh, innovator. Oh, misguided one. Oh, move to there. And so on and so forth. Hola. Hola, Stan, look at you Brahim. Allah. He said, I'm talking to an idolater he sang my dear father, the softest of speech, the softest of speech. And the scholars of the Arabic language say that

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there are 10 ways to call your mother and father in the Arabic language, the softest of these 10 is Yeah, herbal tea

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with the tab

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and this was the Sunnah of all the prophets of Allah subhanho wa taala. For we see this in the story of use of either his Salah when he went to his father and also said here about tea, and Subhanallah we see in how or we see that these children, these young, they addressed their parents, with the respect gained from the way the parents addressed them, because the parents would address the children are the Gambia and emo salatu salam, they will address their children in the most sweetest of ways as well. Have we not seen in the Quran? Yeah. Boonie Oh, my dear son, yeah. Boulais Oh, my dear son, even in the life of Ibrahim alayhi salam, look how he was, Look how he was when he was

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older. And Allah tested him with his married because Allah loved this to heat. And Ibrahim was making dua for years and years and years. Yeah, Allah grant me a child, grant me a child, grant me a child. So when Allah gave him Izmir, eel, Allah tested him that who is more beloved to you, Allah and His command or your son is Marine? Does Allah commanded him to put a knife to his neck? Right? When Allah commanded him to this act, Ibrahim alayhi salam turned to his son. And Allah tells us this in the Quran, Allah says, well, Bella Mara, who say Ebola Yeah, Boonah here in ne RA in ni are off in Miami and knee as Baku Kapha

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Tara, Allah says that once it was understood what was required of him, he turned to his son, and he said, Oh, my dear son, indeed I see in a dream myself slaughtering you. So what do you say about this? Oh, my dear son, what do you say about this? And it's married Allison Salam turns to his father and says, Allah Yeah, Betty. Oh my dear father, if to carry out that which Allah has commanded you to do. So taggi Dooney you will find me in Masha Allah with the permission of Allah and the will of Allah may now saw beteen from the patient.

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We alarming because diligent parents

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and make us diligent children.

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And may Allah grant us

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diligence in our speech and data

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