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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the word "the day of Judgment" in Islam, as it relates to the implementation of the new law on the Day of Justice. They also mention the importance of watching programs that are displeasing the area and the need for people to be mindful of others' behavior. The speaker warns against calling people for prayer and recommends staying out of certain areas.
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Then my brothers and sisters, when the massage, the restrictions are lifted, and their doors are flung open to the general public, as it should be. Remember, don't drive past the machine, knowing that it is the time of Salah, and this is the house of Allah. Allah only invites to his houses those whom he knows are close to him. Subhana Allah. And why I say this is because there is a clear cut Hadith that talks about the VIPs on the Day of Judgment, and I've mentioned this many times where the prophet SAW Selim clearly says, or Julian paliku, Mr. Lacombe masajid. A person whose heart is connected to the houses of Allah to the places of prostration

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Subhana Allah that person will have a special shade on the day of reckoning, when there will be no shade but the shade given by Allah so that your heart be connected to the masjid in such a way that even if there are restrictions, the pain that is felt in your heart depicts the connection that you have with the houses of Allah. And the fact that you're prostrating, even though you might be at home is something amazing? It is a sign of closeness to Allah.

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It brings me to Musa alayhis salam and Harun alayhi salam, when the two of them made a dua to Allah to protect them from the Pharaoh and Freetown and to save the people. Allah subhanho wa Taala says thereafter, por la causa ouji, but tokuma festa Pima Indeed, the dua or the supplication of both of you has been answered, so be steadfast, be very steadfast. And in the verse just preceding that, Allah says Egi Lu Taku kybella

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Aki masala.

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Make sure that you have taken your houses as the direction of prayer towards Allah and make sure that you fulfill your prayer. Obviously, their prayer was slightly different from that which was prescribed upon us through Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but they too had a direction. They too, had a prayer, a type of Salah that they fulfilled for Allah sake, according to the instruction of Allah. And Allah says, If you want the goodness, make sure that even your homes are considered places of worship, places of prayer. How many of us have a lot of dirty things at home, take them out, whether they are magazines, whether they're whatever else it may be, sometimes we sit in our

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houses and we watch programs that are displeasing to Allah, knowing that this is displeasing to Allah and your surroundings become hostile towards you because they are bearing witness against you ready for the day of judgment.

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When you do something bad, the bricks and the walls and the floors and the roofs and the ceilings all of that bears witness, it is watching Subhan Allah, it is watching.

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Like a CCTV Subhana Allah, it is watching and it will bear witness against you or for you Subhanallah you need to seek forgiveness in order to wipe it out. It will all be gone and you make peace with Allah. When you make peace with Allah and everything is wiped out. You will achieve peace at home. Some people say I have no peace at home. Well, my brother, my sister, is something wrong happening at home. Are you worshiping Allah at home? Do you call the call to prayer and pray when it comes to your Salawat? Do you call the event five times a day and fulfill your prayer now that the massage did have restrictions and even when the massage do not have restrictions? It's not wrong to

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call the call for prayer and have Salah with Gemma for those who are remaining within the home.

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But we have no idea is your is your house filled with boron and Tila and liqueur and rabada and good character and beautiful teachings for your children and so on? Or is it filled with swear words? Is it filled with hostile behavior? Is it filled with that which is displeasing to Allah? If that's the case, how do you expect that house to be filled with no and with peace?

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Do you respect the scholars? Do you respect those who carry the deen? Even if they have faltered slightly here and there they are human beings or do you jump on the bandwagon to swear them and belittle them and then expect the mercy of Allah when you don't even know who you swore perhaps might have been a friend of Allah, Masada Lee and then to who will help whoever

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hurt a friend of mine created enmity with a friend of mine. Whoever has harmed a friend of mine Allah says, I have announced war against that person.

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Would you wind up

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war against Allah never. So stay out of it. If you see others belittling scholars, you can stay out of it and you should stay out of it. Make dua for the betterment of all. And if you really have to correct someone, it should be done with utmost respect because you don't want to be doomed. shavon definitely keeps trying with us and wants us to fail. My brothers and sisters. Don't let that happen.

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