MASJID Masjid Al Haram closure – Leaving Makkah without seeing Kaba

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AI: Summary © The host of a virtual tour describes the devastation of the houses of Islam, including the closure of the Kaaba and the negative message received by one of the participants. The host also talks about the importance of protecting the houses and the dean of the Muslim um Supporters.
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smell, not a human handler Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah I'm next to the Helen today is Joomla or after the mothership of Joomla 13th of March 2020. And it is 18th of Rajab 1441. And this is my second attempt to enter how long before I leave back to the UK tomorrow. Subhanallah to be honest with you, brothers and sisters Wallahi It is so sad. It is so sad

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that you could not see even the Kaaba, you could not pray inside I prayed mother outside the Hello, there are so many messages about this the closure and how it is managed, and with the scholars were consulted or not.

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There are so many messages but anyway, I want to send a very brief message to all of you brothers and sisters, which is SubhanAllah. A, there is a narration by Abdullah and

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it was reported as a hadith but it seems that it is not a hadith set by the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is a statement by Abdullah he had been up to ask one of the very close companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam where he said I mean Abdullah Mohammed off, he said it stemmed the rule behind Al Bayt, stem to be handled by the inner who

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are devoteam Murata you know so your outfit dalata stem to be handled by enjoy this house, the house of Allah Allah Allah what does it mean? It means whenever you have a chance, then do the bad, the bad for the main ADA to be performed here is a laugh and of course hijama because they include power. And as you know that Allah Allah Allah Allah says to Ibrahim, way the Daniel beta metabo telling us your Amna why Ibrahim noise man either I'm back here on the ball in our I'll give you one okay sujood Ompa here are at the PA a fina once when alakina and once Walpa me and so, in both verses Allah Allah Allah Allah started with Bhawan

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and they say that they cannot be performed anywhere in the world except around Al Bayt al Hannah. That's why whoever can enjoy as even cameraman and as I've

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said, by doing a lot of tawaf, a lot of hats, a lot of camera, then he should do so. Similarly, my dear respected brothers and sisters,

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if you can do any bad, do it with a Salah with a sadhaka with a soul with a righteousness and kindness to parents, with a good o'clock, with any kind of ADA that whether enjoying the good and forbidding the evil, with their dower to Allah, Allah Allah do that a bad before you are unable to do so. Wallah here again it is so sad that not for me for many people, as you can see here. They came from different places

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to enter haram just to see the house of Allah Allah Allah Allah al Qaeda. But unfortunately, we couldn't do so as I said, there are so many questions here, but at the point at this point, let me just stop and send this message. May Allah Allah protect this house of Allah, Allah Allah this house belongs to all Muslims, all Muslims, perform their Salah towards this house. That's why Allah Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran, Daniel beta metabo Tenley NASCI. What Amina

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and Allah Allah Allah Allah says Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah capital beta harana, the yam and Nina as your shahada, Rama will have the Bala. Ter manliness means that this caliber establishes the dean of the people and their dunya the P the dean of the people, it means that people perform Salah towards al Qaeda, people come to do harm towards al Qaeda, Saudi to in or around al Qaeda in this place. So the dean will continue to be established and as far as people come and enjoy their Ibadah around this house that belongs to the entire Ummah, it doesn't belong to one

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single person that doesn't belong to a certain community, it belongs to the entire Ummah, the entire OMA, they pray towards this house, their entire Alma they perform how to this house and they come to do tawaf also around this house. May Allah Allah Allah make it a secure place May Allah Allah Allah elevate this calamity so we can enjoy the house we means the entire Muslim Ummah. Not very few people enjoy the house of Allah. Allah Allah

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said I'm on a call