You Must Love One Another – Power of positivity in our dealings with each other

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah when he was so happy

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you know, ever since what happened to me on Saturday even though I've had near death experiences in my life for

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what happened to me on Saturday

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really felt like the closest call I've ever had. And it reminded me, you know, that I that I'm not ready to go

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and that I probably never will be ready. But it also reminded me to start doing things to prepare myself for that inevitable eventuality. Because Allah Jalla wa Ala tells us in the Quran, Hulu nefs in the ether to note that every single soul will taste death. And the beautiful thing about it is that Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna uses the word that into the ether means something that you just try something that you just taste. So death is not the end, Allah Jalla wa Ala is reminding us that death is not the end, that death is only a stopping point onto the next destination onto the next destination. It's like punching a ticket on a card that this is your first destination. Then when

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death reaches you, you click that ticket and you go on to the next destination which is the grave, the grave as your next destination directly after this life. After you taste that death, that soul gets returned to its body and it will inhabit its grave. And that grave will become either a part of paradise for you, or that grave will become a part of Hellfire for you. And then after that, the next ticket will be punched is the day of TM is the day of piano with a couple young men and two Gerona for heal Allah and fear a Day in which you will be returned to Allah. So that is the next one that will be punched is the day of judgment. And then on that day, you will either be given your

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book in your right hand. And if you're given your book in your right hand, Allah Jalla Varela says, you will go around saying, Look at me, read my book, read my book, see my book, look at the look at the fruits of what I have done, and you will be blessed. Or you will receive your book in your left hand behind your back. And that means that you are not going to have a good day. And you will say, Well, to me that this day had ever come to me, Woe to me that I have ever been created for this purpose. And then on that day, when that ticket is punched, the scales will be brought forward and your deeds will be weighed. And those who are blessed Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring them close

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to himself, and he will cover them, he will cover them so that no one will hear the conversation between he and them. This is his honor for them. And he will remind them of all the sins they have done, remind them all of the sins they have done. And then once he's reminded them of all the misdeeds, they have done, he will say But on this day, I have forgiven you. I have shown you mercy, and I have let it go. You are forgiven therefore enter into paradise and they will go on to live in the gardens of bliss. That which the eye has never seen nor has the ear ever heard of the gardens of Jenna underneath.

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May Allah grant

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Jannetty If he touches the hill and Haru

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Jana underneath which rivers flow in up and down in between the mela grant us this beautiful, beautiful space enter into that garden, seeing trees made of gold, their leaves softer than silk and sweeter than honey. And I mean it's softer than silk and the fruit that comes off of them is softer than butter and sweeter than honey,

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our homes beautiful dwellings with rivers running in between them that we can't imagine or understand.

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Being able to drink from the river of honey, the river of milk, the river of Halal wine, being able to sit with our loved ones in perpetuity.

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Being able to meet the NBA, being able to meet the prophets of Allah Heidi was seldom being able to meet this happen. There's no more death. There's no more hardship.

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There's no more struggle. There's no more pain. There's no more sadness.

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There's no more killing. There's no more suffering. There's no more oppression. There's no more weakness in the body. It's all gone. Because on that day when ALLAH SubhanA who had to n has decided all matters. He will bring forward a ram. There'll be a ram that is roll forward. And he will ask everyone, do you know what this is? And they will say yes, we know this, it is indeed death. So he has taken death itself and made it into the form of Ihram on the day of judgment. And then Allah subhana who had to add

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As that final lead on that day when everyone who's going to hell is going to hell, and everyone is going to gender is going to Jana, Allah will take that RAM and he will order it to be slaughtered, and it will be slaughtered. And after that he will say there is death no more.

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His death no more.

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And for those of us who made it, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant this grant us the goodness of his mercy, the goodness of his forgiveness in his interest bounty. Those of us who made it we'll put our two feet in paradise and say that now we can rest. It's over. It's over the hardship, the suffering, the the terrors of this life, the worry, the stress, the grief, it is all gone. So if someone were to ask me, what is the thing that you're going to be the most grateful about in Jannah and that is there is no more hardship. There's no more grief, there's no more suffering, there's no more stress. There's no more worrying about bills, there's no more worrying about people, there's no more

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toxicity, there's no more negativity, there's no more sickness, there's no more disease, there's no more nothing.

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We just get to enjoy it now. So brothers and sisters, you got to hold on in this life.

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You got to hold on in this life. Because it's so short, you just need to hold on a little bit longer. You just need to hold on for that little bit more because once you taste the first sweetness of paradise, you will forget all the hardships in this life. You'll forget all the anxiety of this life. You'll forget all the the depression of this life, you'll forget all the darkness, you'll forget all the injustices. You'll forget it all the moment you taste the first sweetness of Jen. So may Allah subhanahu wata, Anna make us all, all people of paradise or people of paradise, we just have to keep holding on. This is why Allah Jalla wa Allah says in the Quran to hold on to the rope

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of Allah together, Jamie and Allah commands us as a community to hold on to the rope of Allah together. And that means that we have to help each other hold on to that rope. This is one of the things that we miss so frequently, is that we as an ummah, as a community, Allah subhanahu Aton it says this ummah, your mutton Wahida is one among what hon comfortable doing and I am your Lord, Therefore worship Me. So He has commanded us as an ummah hold on to the rope of Allah together, we have to help each other holding on when you look at your brother or sister that's next to you, or around you, or on social media. And it looks like they're letting go of the rope. When it looks like

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the ropes getting too hard for them to hold on to, we are supposed to hold them up, we are supposed to reach and put our hands on them and say brother, or sister, you got this, you got this. Let me take a little weight off of you. I'm gonna hold that with you. I'm here for you, you can keep holding on. That is what we are supposed to do. Not this nonsense that we do that we see somebody struggling to hold on to the rope and we just kick them off, kick them off, or they weren't going to be any good anyway, this is what is destroying us and it's a sickness in this Omen every time I see it. It really does get me irked to the deepest of levels to see how much we love to tear each other

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down. Well Allah He you do not understand the amount of horror that is waiting for you on the Day of Judgment. For you putting your brother or sister down for you making your brother or sisters life harder for you making your brother or sister go through hardship and difficulty and drama and stress. And all of these things you have no idea the amount of horror that is waiting for you the day you meet Allah subhanahu wata, Anna. So watch yourself because we are watching and Allah subhanho wa Taala is always watching. But those who help each other, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah is with his slave, as long as his slave is with his brother or sister and

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helping and supporting him, Allah will help those who help their brother or sister, we need to help one another and not tear each other down. It is something that I will never allow in my space ever again in my life, if you bring it to my space, I will delete you, I will block you, I will erase you. And you are very, very lucky that I have still enough energy in me to hold my tongue and not give you the lashing that you deserve. Because if that day comes, there will be no withholding it back because you are a sickening individual and sad and something deep down inside of you is very wrong and you need to seek help for it. This space is positive and we will remain positive and we

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will help one another and we will support one another. And I will tell you I don't care how far you've gone astray. I don't care how much wrong you think you've done. I don't care how many sins you think you've amassed. I don't care how far away from Allah you think you might be. If you are still here with us.

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We will help you, we will support you, you are safe here, you are welcome here. We love you, I love you for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I have love for you, and I will help you too, I cannot help you anymore. And I will find you help if I can't be the one to help you. Because until we have this, this understanding, until we have this mentality, that was the mentality of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, then we are going to continue to be losing as an ummah, we will continue to be under a state of the law, a state of humiliation, because we don't care about one another. We don't care about each other. And if you don't care about each other, if

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you don't love one another, then you are a loser. And I'll tell you, you're a loser straight to your face, if you dare come to mind. But that's the thing about internet bullies. That's the thing about us internet bullies is that we love to do it hiding behind the screen hiding behind the fake profile, hiding behind anonymity, knowing good and well, that you do not have the audacity, you don't have the conviction. You don't have enough a character and enough

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tenacity and enough honor to come and say it to anyone's face. Because you know, that's what will happen. You're a coward.

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Cowards and are almost filled with too many of them today. If you have a problem with your brother, or sister, work it out, talk it out with them, talk it out with them, try to get some help. If something inside of you is hurting you so bad, that you feel like you need to lash out at other Muslims. Cut off social media, turn it off, delete it from your phone, delete it from your life, and go and seek some help. Because what we need is positivity. And that is something and that is something for 100%, I am going to make sure from this moment forward. And I've always done it in ever since I started this whole streaming and mgL. And my new life of on social media is that it

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will be nothing but positive. I will not speak negatively of another person, I won't do it, I'm not going to do it. And you can call me whatever you want to call me, I don't care, I will not speak negatively of another person, I will not tear another person down. I will not allow another person to be tear down torn down in my presence. Because we all need help. We all need help to move forward and increase and grow in life. And you never know that person you're tearing down might be somebody who ends up being a person who inhabits his genital filled dose above you a bigger palace than you sitting on pulpits a light above you reaches gender before you, you never know. So what we need to

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do is try to make sure that we're offering help to one another help to one another, rather than the tearing down that we see. And that space will not allow it. But this has reminded me that death is always waiting for us around the corner and it could be there at any moment. It could find us at any moment. So we have to try to do the best with what we have while we can. That's it. This is all I want you guys to do. Do the best with what you have while you can because you could be gone tomorrow. And when you're gone, you're left with what you did. When a person dies, the only thing that is left behind them is three. That's it. They go with their deeds, and the only thing that can

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help them is set up Cottle geria knowledge which is a benefit in children which makes dua for them. So may Allah subhana wa Taala grant us all goodness, may Allah grant us what is known as hustle hot hustle Hakima a good ending, a good ending. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to see his forgiveness. And I say it so many times and I'm going to end it with this and I will repeat this until I am blue in the absolute face. Treat other people the way you want Allah to treat you on the day when you meet him. Treat other people the way you want Allah to treat you on the day that you meet him. If you do this you will find your life to be much more beneficial. Batticaloa Alfie Kohn,

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Jimmy and Santa Monica Bronto bye