Suleiman Hani – The Story of Choice

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the shift in ideology from secularism to modernity and the return of women to roles. The importance of guidance and a clear understanding of one's actions and events to avoid confusion and confusion is emphasized. The importance of having a strong point of view to avoid confusion and confusion, and the need for individuals to be open-minded and reexamined to avoid negative influence. The importance of sharing stories and themes from the Quran to benefit Muslims and their families, and the need for a clear and logical framework for life is emphasized.
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in the hamdulillah nama do who want to start you know who want to sell fetal? When our will do bIllahi min Cerulean fusina Wamena Dr. Molina Maria de la who follow Malala when a young little fella her the ALLAH, why should you Allah Ilaha illa Allah hula hula hula Cherie color what a shadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah who are pseudo? Yeah you Hello Adina. I'm an otaku Allahu Akbar to party. Walter Mutanda Illa one two Muslim moon. Yeah you Alladhina amanu tabula, while Tandoor Neff, Sama pada Mata Johan, what type of Allah in Allah forbidden beam antimatter,

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all praises due to Allah the Exalted, the One who created death and life in order to test you to see what's best in their conduct in their deeds, and he is the oft forgiving the Ever Merciful. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of our sins and the evils within ourselves, whomsoever Allah guides, because they sincerely and truly seek guidance, non kin misguide and whomever he rightfully causes to be led astray because they do not truly seek guidance, none can guide and I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah alone. I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam peace be upon him, is His servant and final messenger. Allah the Exalted reminds us

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for our benefits in the Quran, what is translated as, Oh you who believe, be conscious of Allah as he deserves, be conscious of Allah as is his right upon you. And do not die except in a state of submission. Oh you who believe be conscious of Allah, Allah so Allah reflect on what you have sent forward for tomorrow for the Day of Resurrection, and be conscious of Allah verily, Allah is aware of all that you do.

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Today's hotbar is about a conversation, a story of choice, a conversation from the Quran, from the people of paradise. And the story often times overlooked in Surah, two soft fat, a story that is brief.

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But it has many lessons that are applicable for all of us today, and relevant in a way that is universal and timeless, as is the speech of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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The story of two friends, the context here, I'm giving you the background before we get into the story. Allah subhanaw taala begins describing the rewards for the people of Jana, may Allah make us amongst the people of paradise. The people of Jana are enjoying these rewards. And one of the things we notice again in the Quran, is that there are conversations, reflecting that there are memories for the people of gender, remembering what they did in this world. So there is an indication that the people of Jannah will remember the things that they did, and the things that they said in this world.

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And this is the context now you hear about Jana

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and then Allah subhanaw taala says for oppo Bella Tao Humala, Barili, Tessa Loon, they turn to one another, asking questions or talking

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on up or you know, I mean, whom in NECA and Anil 14. So one of them says, Now the spotlight is on the story on this individual and Jana, he says to the other people around him in paradise, I used to have a very close friend. In New Canada, Korean a Korean is a very close friend. If poutine is not your Facebook friends list, a party is not somebody you just see here and there. A party is someone so close to you, that you trust with your life. You open up to this person, you are vulnerable with this person

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in the economy for him.

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What do we know about this friend

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Musa clean? He used to ask me Do you really believe? Are you amongst those who believe at either meet now welcome to Robert Wallman in the medina moon, that if we were to die and become dirt, dust and bones, that we are going to be resurrected. This is the first part of the story.

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So the person of Jannah is talking about a non Muslim friend who was so close to him that he used to cause him to be on

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The border on the verge of doubting. So who used to ask and not in a way in which he was genuinely trying to learn about religion? He used to ask with a type of mockery, a type of pride, a type of arrogance, a type of stubbornness? Do you really believe you're going to die and be resurrected? Is that what you believe? And these are the same types of questions we hear today. In fact, more so today than any other time in human history. With the age of secularism. 17th century onwards, ideology shifted with the downfall of the church as an authority. And the very first thing that was born in modernity, the age of modernity in history, was secularism, the replacement of God with this

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world and the replacement of the athlete or the pursuit of the next life with what I have today live for today.

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And of course, from secularism, we see many ideologies, many byproducts, you see atheism, you see certain movements and strands. within feminism, you see certain movements and strands within agnosticism perennialism, hedonistic lifestyles. All of these are byproducts of rejecting the afterlife.

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So this person used to ask his Muslim friend, and I want you to imagine our context for today, this is timeless, two people, one, perhaps even from this message from this community, and a classmate, a close friend, a party in from somewhere else, a non Muslim, it could be a family member, it could be a community member, it could be somebody in this city here. Do you really believe you're going to be resurrected in a mocking tone in a prideful arrogant tone? And the objective here the first objective is to emphasize the influence that we all know of the influence of your environment, and what you and who you take as a companion.

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Doubts Shubo hat. We are dealing today with the problems of doubts more than any other time in human history. Because people believe they genuinely believe that there's no certainty there's no clean. There's no clarity, there's no truth with a capital T everything is subjective. But we know there is a truth, there is one clear truth. We know there is a reality that is rationally justified, intuitively justified. We know this is the reality. And yet we see all around us many people thinking there are so many options, so they become confused. Rather than ignoring the options and going for the crux of what they want the objective which is yet clean certainty, certainty is not

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found in looking at all of the confusing things. And considering that because there are many options that this justifies a lack of certainty.

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The devil gains victory over a person or a civilization when they no longer believe in life after death. Because consequences no longer matter, motivation changes, attention changes.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us, a close friend has the ability to influence you. A close companion accordion has the ability to change your life and therefore change your entire afterlife. Therefore, the wise person does not think little of this matter, does not overlook it and brush it off. The people you take as close companions by choice are your responsibility. Because on the Day of Judgment, that Pauline in the Hellfire is not going to stand there and defend you. I caused her to go astray I caused him to go astray. That person on the Day of Judgment will in fact try to blame you. You made that decision. Even the shaytaan himself the devil himself will avail himself will say

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do not blame me fella tanto Mooney, one human one full circle for Allah Azza pneumoniae Do not blame me why? Because although there are whispers, although there are influences, they do not force you to make the wrong decision. This is a story of choice. And this life, this one life is the only opportunity you have to make the right choice. There is no other opportunity. And while we are not held accountable here and now, once we die and depart from this world, inevitably, we will find ourselves in a place in which there's only accountability and compensation with no opportunity for action with no opportunity for choice once again. Choose your friends carefully. I want us to

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consider that the latter person in the story the disbeliever.

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The issue here is not having relationships and colleagues and classmates with non Muslims This is not the problem. A 14 As we mentioned before, is someone you take so close to you that they will inevitably have an effect on you. Every friend of ours every person in your life that is very close to you and trusted to you and you spend time with will have an effect on

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You and we will come to see the effect of a good friend or a bad friend in the next life. So choose your friends very carefully. The ladder here is someone whose entire worldview is different. Their moral worldview is very different than the Muslims. What they consider good and evil is very different. Yes, they may even have good character. And in fact, this is why the Scholars say, the danger in having a chosen party in amongst the non Muslims a chosen party, not a colleague, not a classmate, not a general friend, we're talking about the closest confidant. The danger is not in someone, perhaps a non Muslim having good manners. Because there are many non Muslims who have very

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good manners, meaning from the perspective of Islam. And they may be even more polite and more respectful than some Muslims. We know unfortunately, May Allah guide us in our manners.

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But the risk is not in their manners. The risk is in the athletes, the belief system, you're talking about two very different worldviews. One that accepts reality, and one that covers up the truth. That is what Cofer is, and we cannot as Muslim sugarcoat what we believe, does this mean we cannot be kind to people coexist with people have good friends and colleagues and networks and alliances? Of course not. In fact, we encourage this as long as it's done properly. But we also must be very explicit and very clear and cognizant of what it is that we believe otherwise. When you use wishy washy language, vague language, obscure language, about your beliefs, amongst non Muslims and

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amongst our children and our youth, more and more people will become confused. More and more people will find things all to be accepted as they are as truth. We all have a truth.

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A very vague statement in and of itself. May Allah protect us and guide us and allow us to make the right choices in our environments when we can.

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The story continues as they're talking, and this person is mentioning that he used to have a close friend who mocked belief in the afterlife. He says all

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too, Pawnee rune he said will you take a look? Do you want to see where he is? Do you want to see his feet now that we're here in Jana? Now that we're here forever. Falk? Paula Thora, who FISA in jostling. So he looked, and he indicated and they all looked in paradise. And they saw this friend, the one who tried to cause doubts about life after death, being punished in the midst of the Hellfire. And this is actually one of the things that is mentioned many, too many a hadith and the commentaries. One of the possibilities for the people of Jannah will be the ability to see at times the people of the how far especially those who oppress them, especially those who took them astray.

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So this is one example of that. He sees this friend being punished in the midst of the fire. Listen to what he says.

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Paula Tala, he in Katana Tononi Dean, while learning Rama to not be like, to me not in my body in this Muslim in paradise, enjoying eternal bliss sees this bad friend who tried to cause him doubts about the afterlife. And he says look at his feet. And we imagine that perhaps they are given sight, a perception a dimension of some sorts to see into the hellfire. And then he says, By Allah, you almost ruined me. You almost took me astray, you almost cause me to doubt as well. You almost cause me to lose my faith. The very same words that people are saying today, the very same words that some Muslims have already said, and the very same pathways that some Muslims have fallen into losing

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their faith over a friend losing their athlete over something temporary. You almost cause me to lose Jana, to law he in ket tele tour Dean, you almost cause me to be ruined. What saved me? What saved this person what saves all of us today?

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When hola and Yamato Nabila continental Marine, had it not been for the grace of Allah, my lord. Had it not been for the Mercy of Allah and His favours and His bounties upon me. I would have also been amongst the people of *. May Allah protect us? May Allah protect us, May Allah guide us May Allah grant us clarity. May Allah keep a steadfast May Allah make us a reason for others to be guided. May Allah grant us conviction in what we believe and to be proud of what we believe and to call others to join as well. Well, I will Annamma to rabita countrymen and Maclaurin The question we asked here is a rhetorical one. Is it worth it? Is it worth having someone pull you away from the hellfire? Is

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it worth having that companionship in this world? What are they offering you? What's greater than gender? What's greater than the pleasure of Allah? Is it to feel good for 5060 years? Is it for their entertainment, their friendship, their personality? Their

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sense of humor, what is it that's worth it about this friendship, that you're willing to give up an eternity of paradise for it? Of course, it's not worth it. And the reality here is that there is no friendship in this world. There's nothing in this world. And nobody in this world that is worth getting in between you and Jana, between you and the One who created you, between you and the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. Nothing is worth that.

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And this does not mean that we cut off all people who have a bad influence on us. Rather, know yourself and know what is influencing you and filter and reassess and review. When there is a negative influence on you control the interaction, control how often it is, believe an open door with other people leave an open door with non Muslim colleagues, friends, family members, Muslims as well who may not be practicing as much. Why because if you are an open door for others, so that perhaps one day they will be guided by your friendship or your actions. Perhaps Allah subhanaw taala a lovely if the most subtle Rahim, the Ever Merciful, will also put in your life, many people and

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sources of guidance that will keep you moving forward.

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When we think about this reality, well, I will continue on Maclaurin had it not been for Allah's grace, we would not be in this messenger today, we would not be similar in our law today. There were people before us who said La Ilaha illa Allah, and they are still alive, and they walked away from this path. They turned away from Allah, they made a choice, and they will be held accountable for that choice. And we ask Allah to guide them back and to use them as a means for others to be guided. But we cannot forget on a daily basis, the living fact that we are blessed every second of the day, by Allah subhanaw taala in so many ways, and the greatest of these blessings is saying law in law is

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believing and knowing the reality as it is seeing with clarity, that you will die and return to your Creator. We are not meant to stay in this world. We are not meant for a dunya

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and we when we are aware of this reality, someone might ask, how did this blessing of Allah manifest what does that look like? Well, hola Ana turabi. Think of the cautiousness that sometimes comes into your heart or your mind your thoughts, when something risky is happening, and you start to reassess. Is this a good idea? Think of that feeling? Where did it come from? I'm reassessing This is about influence. I have to make better choices. Where did that thought come from? Don't ignore it. Another form of the name of Allah. Think of the parents who raised you, the parent who taught you the parent who told you stay away from this and do that, be cautious of this dude, more of this. Stay away from

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these types of people. Be cautious of what you say. Be cautious of what you do online and offline. That's also part of namah turabi that if your parents taught you Islam, that is a blessing not not everyone has in this world. Praise Allah for it. And even if your parents did not there are other sources of guidance and signs around us. That friend that reminded you when you were on social media and your your eyes fell on that line, that hadith, that reminder, that beautiful clip, that re citation of Quran you heard that time you are guided to go to the masjid that time you heard a Friday hookless a reminder. Well Hola, Ania matura B these are signs of Allah for people of

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reflection. Allah is a lot leave the most subtle. He guides us helps us sustains us and protects us in ways we don't always recognize. Your heart is beating every second by the mercy of Allah Cleef. And we are breathing today that you know, Allah, by the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is why when people enter agenda, the very first thought is this reality. And that is why they say Alhamdulillah Hila de Hidalgo hada when I couldn't early Natalia, Lola and her done Allah, praise me to the one who guided us to this, without him we would not be guided, praise me to Allah Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah and I met in Islam.

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I want us to consider

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the receptiveness that we should have

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when you're online, especially today, with an increased usage of the internet, and offline as well.

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When any thoughts comes to you that is positive and brings you potentially closer to Allah don't ignore it. Don't ignore that sign. There are people who are on the verge of faith who gave up their faith. And they admitted later on, they had so many signs and so many reminders, but they ignore them, like the one who drives speeding down the highway. And there are signs warning them signs everywhere, and they ignore and then they hit into the consequences. They reach a conclusion that they know was within their choice was the byproduct of a decision. May Allah subhanaw taala always guide us to the best of decisions alone that I mean. The conversation continues and this is the last

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after discussing this friend and after recognize

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I think that Allah is the One who allows us to stay guided because we had something good that we did or some sincere in our hearts.

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Now the conversation in gender shifts to Jana

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Thumma Anna NanoBeam 18 Are we not going to die

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FMO NanoBeam at 18 in Loma Waterton

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national be more than been, are we not going to die after experiencing that death meaning once you depart from this world, so the people of Ghana are now saying, Are we not going to die anymore? This is not a question in which they are wondering. This is a rhetorical question of amazement. Can you believe it? We're not going to die anymore. This is it. This is forever. We can't even we cannot process the idea of forever today. We cannot understand eternity here in this world. But the people of Jana May Allah make us amongst them are enjoying it and thinking can you believe it's we're here? Can you believe it? We're not going to die after this after we died already. And we are not going to

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be punished. There is no punishment for us. And then what in her the Allahu Al foes Oh, lovely. Indeed. This is the ultimate success. This is the ultimate triumph. This is the greatest victory you can gain. If you pursue every success and victory as defined in this world in a material sense, and you lose out on paradise you have not gained anything.

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And if you have gained Jana and the pleasure of Allah and you did not have much in this world even though you sought it, you still have everything in her her mother in law. 1000 alim, this Jana, eternal Jana is the ultimate success that is the measurement of success.

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Li Methley her the family our family law me noon for this Allah says let the people strive let the people work hard for this work hard for this strive limitary harder for the Armenian Armenian, I want us to consider here two things. First, the people of general reflecting on the fact that they've made it, there is nothing after this. You're not going to be tested anymore. There are no more anxieties, pains, trials, tribulations. There's no more pain, no negative thoughts, no negative feelings, no negative desires, nothing negative, eternal bliss, you've made it. When you look at certain charts and certain you look at certain maps and guidelines. Oftentimes they come with a key

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and legend. And if you use this legend at this key properly, you find yourself reaching a correct conclusion.

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The one who uses the wrong key with regards to life and the afterlife, the one who uses the wrong legend, their own legend societies legend, a random ideologies legend, a random movement that just came out of nowhere in the last 2030 years and will fall in 2030 years. If you use the wrong key in the wrong legend, you're going to find yourself in the wrong place. Allah Subhana Allah gave us the legend and the key so that we have clarity. So the human being is not confused. What do I do? What do I need to do? How do I move forward? How do I make it to Jannah? It's all clear. The questions that they say are existential questions and philosophy and psychology, they are clarified for us.

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Allah did not create us and put us on this earth without purpose. Subhanak he's perfect above such a thing. And Allah gave us out of His mercy guidance. We're not just here without purpose, you have greater purpose and responsibility. And this OMA depends on every single one of us, recognizing that we are all responsible to move this situation forward, to move goodness forward to spread goodness in this world. May Allah subhanaw taala make us we're amongst the people of goodness and the people of righteousness. Not every hard work is equal. Not all hard work is the same. We know this because some people rush and run and chase worldly things. Some people run out of Run after alcohol. Some

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people chase drugs, for example, we know this, we see this. So the logical rational person says, if I see that two human beings can chase two very different things, and work so hard for two very different things. There must be a guideline, there must be a legend or a key that shows us the thing that I want to reach is actually good for me. Because the one who's struggling to overcome their drug abuse or their alcohol addiction, may Allah Subhanallah help them to overcome that and guide them as well and make us a source of guidance for others.

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That person is working hard for something as well. Everyone strives everyone strives for something, and you will see the results of what you strive for, while I lay still in sunny Illamasqua for the human being, you will find nothing except what you strive for what Anessa who sofa Euro, you will see your deeds in the next life and the byproduct and the product of your deeds in the next life. May Allah subhanaw taala purify our hearts and grant us the productivity and the optimism and the strength and the guidance to always be spending our time on things that are lasting and things that are pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah forgive us for all of our sins

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The major and the minor the ones that we remember and the ones that we forgot seek forgiveness from Allah. He is the oft forgiving the Ever Merciful accordion probably ha That was stuck for too long he went from Philadelphia to in the Hall of Fame

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while Ernie he was so happy woman Werner in Allahu Allah Iike who you saw Luna Allenby, you Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa salim Otis Lima.

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From this story, I want you to consider just one question. One question that is a critical thinking question in terms of comprehension, and one that inshallah will bring some benefit today.

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The question of

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what from this story of the Quran? Can you take as the most important lesson or two or three lessons for Muslims to know today? And what can you do in your life, with your family, with people you know, with your social media platforms to benefit people through the story? If we hear and see and reflect on stories from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And we know there are lessons upon lessons and there are so many more lessons we can cover from the stories, then the wise person, the believer, takes lessons from the stories thinks about them, reflect with tificate and today about proper contemplation, and then act upon it. We don't simply share stories for the sake of entertainment for the sake of a

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lecture, we want to benefit. So ask yourself, what do you feel are the most important lessons from the story and share them with your loved ones, share them on social media, share them with other people? This is the benefit that Allah subhanaw taala gave us let us share that benefit with others as well, because two of the main themes of the surah these two themes which are in depth, and we will cover perhaps in a future hotline sha Allah, are the themes of companionship, and the themes of the afterlife, belief in life after death. Intuitively, psychologically, theologically and philosophically, why this is so crucial today, when the world is struggling with so many oppressions

00:27:13 --> 00:27:57

with so many temptations with so much corruption with immorality and yes in light of all of that there are a lot of people have good there are a lot of people of height are there a lot of people working for good causes for the sake of Allah. We want to emphasize the themes and the stories so we can make some kind of change in our lives and the lives of our families and communities by the will of Allah subhana wa Tada. Today, my brothers and sisters and I will end on this note marks 133 years 133 years since Salahuddin a UV Rama Allah recaptured and liberated inputs amongst many other cities and regions. That was not the works and efforts of one man. That was a byproduct of many factors.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:06

For there are many people before him perhaps 50 6100 years, their actions and their decisions as Muslims in the community.

00:28:07 --> 00:28:48

Maybe a century before, facilitated and helped to contribute to the end result which was the liberation of all courts. May Allah subhanaw taala liberate it once more. The reality is every single one of us when we reflect on the athletes, and the people we take as close quote on as close friends and companions will recognize that the more you believe you're going to leave this world which is the reality that the more you will strive for noble goals in this world. noble goals do not always manifest in your life. You cannot always change the world overnight. It is the byproduct of a collective Ummah, the byproduct of knowing our own money, knowing the religion studying the

00:28:48 --> 00:29:01

religion, and surrounding ourselves with good environments and good companionship. And there's so much more to say on this. But I want us to reflect on that note today 833 years, October 2 1187.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:36

As a result of a collective group, not to one man, but this group was working for a noble cause a noble goal. And the point here is for us to reflect on our goals are our goal is noble in the sight of Allah. Are we working for something greater in our lifetimes and perhaps something you might not see but your generations thereafter we'll see. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from amongst the people have noble and lofty goals for his sake, that people have sincerely that people contribute to the collective OMA and may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for all of our shortcomings and allow us to live upon and die upon Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah fitted in what meaning you know when

00:29:36 --> 00:30:00

you're not when a Muslim you know when a Muslim out? Even when and what Allah homophily Well, Idina, what do you why did you why did you know? Along the Yom or hollyburn colluvial Upsource a bit Cubana de Nick, Allah Allah Dena, Divina what Jana sir suburban limitada along with alHuda what to call one Alpha One Alina Aloma disciplina Hurston. Hi, Tina. Hi, John. How are you? Not a Yamuna Yeoman el parque Allah Matsuda Islam or wearresistant

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Muslimeen Allah Who runs toward Islam or isn't Muslim in Allah Who wants Odin Islam or isn't Muslim in Allahu Masada a bad side of Hina if he could Lima can Allahu Makaha MSgt ox I'm in at a volume in along that Bahia de Masjid upside will be not in Muslim he met at a volume in Allah mode is up now if he hears Salatin cobbler Natya or hamara Amin Allah masala EBA that aside if enough equally makan fie Colima can be equally makan. Yeah, they'll generally when he Crom La Bella Tina for dunya Hassan Warfield Filati has worked in other been now working

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