What Does Abu Huraira Mean To You

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AI: Summary © The customer is discussing the use of various words to describe their experiences with Ebola. They mention " Bro tango" as a special bond in their experience," " homes" as a place for sharing knowledge and resources, "opportunity" as an opportunity to share experiences and resources, and "assurance" as a place for growth and contribution. They also discuss the concept of "quarantine virus" as a possible combination of these words.
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Okay, so our first question chef is, what does that refer me to?

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The first word that comes to mind, thinking about Ebola center is brotherhood.

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It's a very special type of bond that I find in this place. And it's not easy to grasp and connect to, it's more of a deeper kind of experience in terms of bonding. Another word that comes to mind is home. It's Ebola feels a lot to me, like a base that I can always come back to. It's like,

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it's, it's support that I can always, you know, lean on.

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It is the true brotherhood that's always there for you.

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Another word that really jumps to mind is, is an opportunity, an opportunity, or I say, it's an opportunity to share,

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share, whatever you have, whether it's knowledge you want to give,

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or even share,

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support and help. Whatever skills you have. whatever resources you possess, you can actually there's always a place for giving here. You can support with your with finances, you can support with your hand, your physical strength, you can given your time.

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So it's a place for contribution, I would say.

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And that's how I think these words capture what a boy means to me. So it is brotherhood, it's a place of belonging.

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It's home, in a sense, and it's a place for contribution and, and I would say sacrifice, sacrifice that is combined with you growing, it's an opportunity for you to give and grow.

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So this is what I can think of when I you know when when I'm considering or thinking of Ebola virus