Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #21 – You love the present life and neglect the Hereafter

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Well, I will

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feed me the hall fee. That was early

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on do more ala you came home in a mobile setting in

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him in a shape on your Ragini Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wakanow in WA muda Moroccan AutoHotKey Hoffman our Lena our lamp Nomad Kyla whom how Raman mean? Your job is Amara to condition. This come in don't work in axon la, la Moon Sadat, Allah Who loves him. So in verse 57, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about one of the many lame and feeble excuses of the policies of Makkah. So they had a host of excuses. At times, they would say, You know what this whole concept of hate and mono theism is strange and foreign and alien to us must now be heard at the ABA in a welline. But our forefathers never spoke about this year. And we are doing precisely what our forefathers did. Majid

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and Ali Baba know that this is how they've been worshipping all these gods and that's why we worship in it. A Jalil early had the ILAHA and Wahida in a huddle a shaman or job has he condensed all the gods into one, but this is peculiar and this is strange. So they had different excuses, then sometimes they would say, No, I'm not convinced he's a prophet. He needed more prominence. He needed more wealth, he needed more affluence he needed more presence around him. Or then you know what he must cause the earth to split him has caused the earth to split, and he must revive some people that have passed on when Leah bathla mme in Abba ena, and he must revive some of our ancestors, and

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amongst our ancestors, ancestors must be Kasabian, Caleb for in sodoku Casa de Kanaka. In caribou cook at the banana, if they stand up from the grave, and they say, No Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is speaking the truth, then we'll consider embracing your faith. But if they deny, then we won't accept and if you don't revive them, then we will not even consider it. So this one's the kind of baseless, feeble, you know what

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excuses that they would make. So now in verse 57, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, one of the excuses was lame excuses, what Carlu and they said in net tiberiu Da, okay, you know, what we gave it thought, actually, you do make sense and your teachings are correct. Not like it's pending their approval, not like it's pending their approval.

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But our fear and our concern is that if we do if we were to embrace the truth, no matter how tough men out of dinner, then we will be taken and removed from our land. So you know what things are going good for us. We go in with the norms, we're going with the flow, if we're going to embrace this thing that is strange, peculiar, foreign to our communities and our societies, then people will marginalize us ostracize us, and banish us. Now, how, how you know what? ridiculous and preposterous of them to say such a thing? Because Allah had Allah Allah Allah responds with three answers. Allah responds with three answers. So they claim and the narration say his name was Hadith be no fool who

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made this claim that if I become a Muslim, that's fine. But he mentioned society, they're going to they're going to shun me they're going to ostracize me. What Carlo and they said in Netanyahu that if we follow the truth marker with you know, the hot path coming out of dinner, we will be removed from the land people will just banish us what will happen to our livelihood, our sustenance, our income, our stability, so due to the safety of our economic condition, and the well being of our lives, we were not embracing the truth. So Allah responded in three ways. Number one, our lamb No Makin Lahoma Hara, mon Amina our lamb no Makela home Harmon Amina, have we not given them safety in

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the secured haram? Have we not anchored them? Have we not established them? So currently, you are. The state was that of disbelief, denial, etc. Yet they were given safety because they were the residents and the inhabitants of Makkah, in fact on their journeys to and fro between winter and summer months or kuranes Chapter 106

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Lee laffy Qureshi laughing him read her letter schita it was safe, carnally Corporation Balaton. Regulatory Affairs schita or regulatory affairs save the Quraysh would generally travel twice a year in the winter months and in the summer months. What can ofI reality him Armenian

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One nurse who Bay in a motorhome Puffin woman who been and whenever they would travel people would honor them people of Makkah people of the Kaaba, people of the custodians of the Kaaba, living in the presence of maca, maca, Rama.

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So not withstanding your disbelieve, you are given respect and honor because of your proximity to the Kaaba. And now you're saying that if you accept Islam, what's going to happen to you like how preposterous how ludicrous how insane currently, you are doing the wrong and yet Allah's grace, kindness, clemency and mercy is still giving you protection and people are honoring you, and in fact in Bernal Quran does an amazing reflection there. So Allah says failure Abu Dora Baha Al Bayt, you are enjoying the perks because of the Kaaba so worship the Lord of the Kaaba, and let the apartment whom endure who's given you food against hunger, what Amana whom mean clove and given your safety

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against fear, fi de la Latin Allah naman has Salah Humayun o Jahan be better Kathy che in Aomori Deen Jamberry A is that the shoot crew who are to hula hula Allah La a yet ha Well yes. While you're on NAFSA who Mr. hit pan lithological Ekrem we learn from this that if any person enjoys prominence or status or recognition, because of Deen because of the knowledge of the and because of the following because you know, Allah has given you something, then this should increase you in your gratitude to Allah and not in your arrogance. So Allah says number one, our alumno Makela whom haram and Amina did we not given give them a safe place in in the protection and of the Kaaba, you Jabba

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la semana to Cooley say that the fruit and the produce of everything is brought to mocha mocha Rama and this was the dua of Sydney Brahim Ali has Salatu was Salam, WA Gumina Thammarat. O Allah grant them the best of fruits, and yet the scholars say you Jabbar la he Thammarat to Cooley che. Allah didn't say Summerall to kulesza Jarrah, that the produce of every three Allah said the produce of everything, meaning every item, you know, what has been manufactured, what has been designed, what has been built, you would find that it is brought into Mocha, mocha Rama, and it is exported there. And during the times of hygiene or Umrah when when when 10s of hundreds of 1000s of people come and

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converge, there will never be a shortage. This is the prayer of Ibrahim alayhis salam. So currently you in a safe place in a secure place of the Haram and you enjoy all the books through the prayer and supplication of your ancestor Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam huge Ba La Heath Amara to coolish a respond Mila Dona provision from our side when I can act Thoreau whom La Jolla and a moon, but the majority of them don't seem to realize don't seem to understand. Then Allah subhanaw taala says in verse 58, welcome luck, and I'm in Korea. Tim BottleRocket Marie Shahar the second answer, and how many a nations and how many a villages and how many a cities we destroyed, who were boastful on

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their effluence bottlerock Makhni Shaha

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they were boasting, they were bragging about their wealth, their economic stability Butler, right. Well, Arthur Conan O'Brien living in a horror dooming dare him buffer on worry and NAS so Bhatura they were proud they were arrogant. They were boastful. Allah destroyed them. What can a man Korea Tina ITEAD Umrah, Bihar, Rosalie, for her SubhanaHu serbin Shalida, what are the Bunnahabhain nohcra? What is the answer given here, you should be afraid that you would be taken away and you would be destroyed if you persist on disbelief and not to be afraid that you would be destroyed if you accept eemaan You like where is your logic? You're not even thinking what you're saying. You

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said no, if I become a Muslim, how will I eat? Allah is providing you with this despite your a disbeliever and then you say no, my apprehension of reverting to the truth is what would happen. And again we use the same thing and we say the person says no well if I give up interest, then how will I love you doing the wrong you in curse what you know with the Wrath of Allah and the anger of Allah and a lot of his clemency and His grace is still providing you and providing me so if you give up the wrong Why won't Allah bless you? Why won't Allah give you surely he will bless you surely he will bless you. On the reverse. You should be fearing the torment of Allah if you persist on what

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you're doing. And look and Allah is saying to them, welcome lucky now men carry it in the first 58 How many nations and tribes and villages and people with destroyed but let me shut down

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Ha hoo are boastful on the effluence because of the disbelief and the crime and the disobedience read this, we destroyed them fertilitycare Misaki newhome lum to scam him back at him in LA kalila. So those dwellings were not inhabited, but for a short stint, those inhabit those dwellings on which the Wrath of Allah came on which the punishment of Allah came. They were inhabited very briefly, in which context a passerby, a traveler away Farah, he just stopped there. People were wiped out the nation of art and the mood. We're in Nicoletta Morona Ali he must be Hanaa will be Leila Fela dark delude you pass by it morning and evening won't you pause and reflect and introspect. So these

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people who are boastful who are arrogant, who thought they were anchored and established who had the economic muscle, but due to the disbelieve, Allah destroyed them. So fear your disbelief and embrace the truth. The truth is a source of protection embracing the teachings of Nabil a Salam would attract the Mercy of Allah and persisting on your disbelieve might bring your not might will bring your downfall and your collapse fertilitycare Misaki new home lamp to scam embody him Illa kalila those dwellings those cities cities were inhabited only for a short period somebody's passing by allotted Hello massage gentle, loving Avila mu and for someone illa Anta Kuno, Burkean, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the Sahaba, as they passed by the Romans of the mood, that do not enter the cities of people who oppress themselves, and upon whom the Wrath of Allah came, but that you lower your gaze and you cry, and you move swiftly through their lease you are also, you know, gripped by the punishment and seized by the torment that had gripped them. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in Verse 59, Walmart Ghana Rob Booker Malika Kurata Yabba, Arthur fee, Omaha Rasulullah, and yet Lu la him. Yeah, Tina. So the arrogance was such they would say Okay, so if this belief is going to bring destruction, so why are we not being destroyed? Why are we not being

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destroyed? That this is how provocative they were. This is how arrogant they were. I mean, the nation of no set to new Halley has Salam, Paulo Yano how Khadija deltadna. Sarita Jada Lana at Nabi Mata, we do not lie ilaha illallah Oh, no. Are we tired of your threats? We tired of your promises, we tired of your warnings? Listen, we telling you bring the punishment of Allah and never been harder than said in Garnacha who will have come in or InDeck fountain arlena haidara Mina summer of 18 Robin Aleem Why are you telling us that the previous nations you know what received an evil shower a shower of stones that was sent upon them, um, Tirana Lee matara. Fussa moto Ruhlman, very

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evil indeed was the shower that came upon the wound nation. Why didn't you bring that punishment to us? Where's the punishment that you're talking about? Bring it upon us. This is how provocative they were. Pharaoh said Pharaoh said to Satan and Musa alayhis salaam the Rooney said to the people, the Rooney leave me alone. Up to Musa I'm going to assassinate Musa will yet the robber and he can call his Lord, I don't care. He can call out to his Lord

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Abuja who said we're going to call our army we're going to call our army, Allah subhanho wa Taala said familia de rana, Dr. Santa Rosa bernia. familia de Renard, the Senate there was a banya. Wow, man, this is just amazing. Tell him to call his assembly tell him to call his group tell him to call his cronies, Senator Arza Barnea, we are dispatching the angels of hell, Ali harmala Iike tune Villa don't shuddered. They now don't occur while she does fall, who are mighty who are strong? So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse 59, will not go not up book among legal Quran. And Allah will not destroy a nation Hatha Yoga RCFE oh me ha Rasulullah until Allah sends in its capital city in its

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main city in its mother city. That's the word or minion mother Assad's foundation capital city in its main city, rasool and a prophet yet to Lou la him. Yeah, Tina, who resides Our Verses to them. So this is the grace of Allah Omar can now more or the Bina had done Abba Rasulullah oh my god no more I ve been Hatanaka Arthur Rasulullah. We will not punish a nation until we don't send a messenger to them to remind them to alert them to advise them to guide them. And Allah subhanaw taala has had sent the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when Oceania Allah bafna frequently Korea in the era of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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We could surely make your task easier by sending a profit to every town and every locality. But then if we send multiple profits, the reward will be distributed amongst all we have sent you exclusively Caffitaly Nasi Jamia Polya Johann Nasser in near Rasulullah. He alaykum Jimena the baraka levena Zanele Farrakhan, Allah Abdi Helia Kunal al Amin and Avira. We've sent you as a universal prophet unto everyone. So we've we will not destroy a nation until we send a prophet to the capital city. From this we also learn the scholars say that by and large the prophets would come to the main cities and not to the small villages, but to the main cities. And of course, the villages would be

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connected and associated to the main cities. Like you know, at times you would have a program or an event, you would have it at the main and the capital, and of course, it would attract people from the surrounding areas here but if we only have Rasulullah yet to lay him Yeah, Tina, then maybe you would come and he would recite the verses of Allah, which is one of the functions of a Nebby robbing our Barfi him Rasul Allah mean whom yet to know Allah him. tikka, were your only Muhammad Nikita but well Hikmah tell us a key him

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well, Monica now I'm only kill Quran, Allah Aloha Valley moon, and we will not destroy a nation unless they are evil doers and oppressors they are evil doers and oppressors. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says the reflect that despite your evil, you have enjoyed protection because of the sanctity of the Kaaba, and you should fear that your disbelieve could will result in your destruction and look at the nations before you those who were arrogant how Allah destroyed them. So two answers were given to them. The third answer Allah subhanho wa Taala says, verse 61, ma ot two min che in fermata, all HYAH dunya even if per chance, even if per chance. After accepting the truth, some

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difficulty came to you some hardship came to you. Remember whatever you have of this world, other adornments of this world while ma ot two min che and whatever has been given to you from material hayati. Dunya was in it to her. It is the adornments of this world of this worldly life. It's temporary. It's transitory you know what, nothing is going to remain here forever. So even if you lost anything, even if you lost for us the Roma ubica Allah Yasna give preference to the eternal over the temporary gullible to hipbone Allah Arjuna the problem is the human race loves immediate and accurate is the letter what the rule null after and you ignoring and omitting and excluding the

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letter you just want immediate gain you want immediate game from our OT don't mean che in that even if perchance some difficulties, some hardship, it's temporary. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in pain. And Fatima Radi Allahu Allah is observing the pain of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she says while carrabba abota worker Ba ba ba da, oh, the pain of my dad is so much. One of the most difficult moments in life is to witness the pain of your beloved and you can do nothing. To see your parents in pain is a very, very difficult thing. You can do every comfort you you can offer them, but when you see them in pain, you cannot do anything. When the Prophet

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salallahu alayhi wa sallam was in his fatal illness and the pain the pangs of death were intense. And Sophia or the Allahu Anhu said oh prophet of Allah, I truly wish I could be in your pain and you could be in my comfort and that was the love that the Sahaba had Wednesday through the Allahu Anhu was been executed and abou Sophia and said, Are you not wishing that you could be in the place of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam to hippo in your corner Mohammed and Alana fee mechanic that Muhammad Salah is and be in your place, and you will be in his place in comfort. He said LAO or hippo a Hakuna Mohamad and fee McCarney, he who feed McCarney Levy who a fee he went to sleep whoo

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hoo showed katoon Tuesday he won Niger listen free early. I cannot imagine the Prophet sallallahu wasallam being in the place where he is and the phone must Prick him I will give my life. So Allah says whatever you have is the temporary transitory adornments of this world. Omar in the Allah and the reward of Allah Hey is better is wholesome, what Abacha and everlasting unending, perpetual, inexhaustible, AlFalah darkly known, don't you realize don't you ponder? Don't you focus? It's basic logic give preference to the letter over the temporary Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said if a person has to make

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A big quest that a third of my wealth must be given to the most intelligent person, the most wise person, then it would be given to the one who obeys Allah the most, because surely he is the most wise. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, el que eso mandanna NAFSA Ye is indeed is the person who controls his nerves and prepares for death and prepares for the life of Arthur. May Allah make us amongst those wise people Amenia are blossoming