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The speaker is discussing the importance of expressing one's love and attachment to Allah's teachings, rather than just using words to describe them. They stress the significance of expressing one's love through words to incorporate them into their actions. The speaker uses the phrase "we are the ones who give for me" as a motivation for expressing one's love.

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When you're making your art, you are actually connecting with Allah subhanaw taala you are feeling a sense of security, you are feeling a sense of closeness, a sense of attachment, knowing that you're not alone. And this is why it's very important to express you know, some to use words to incorporate no such words in our dua that allow us to feel close to Allah. And off those words is, you know, to express your dependency on Allah to say things like, Oh my love, or my love, meaning that all my love you are the one who created me. You are the one who provides for me, you are the one who nourishes me. You are the one who protects me. Who cares for me, who guides me? Right? These are all

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meanings of Rob. So you are expressing that you are entirely and complete