What Should Muslims in the UK Do about Gaza

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So as Muslims in the UK should, what should we do now? Okay Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. There are a number of things that we can do, first of all, the first message that I would like to send, and by the way, I have so many relatives in Gaza, and I am communicating with them. And I asked them about the situation, they said that the situation is unbelievable. Some of them even they said that certain areas in Russia has been completely destroyed. And they said that the occupation is aiming to destroy Reza at entirety and they want and they have declared this they said that we want to turn Russia into troubles. And this what happened in some areas later on that

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they stopped food, electricity, free will and they just want to kill them all. This is my first message. Despite the pain we received so many messages from relatives and other people in Russia. And they said that in those messages, don't worry about us. Yes, we are suffering but our moral is very high. And we are confident that Allah, Allah Allah will give us victory after all of this pain. So they said to the OMA, they should have very high morality and they should be confident of the victory of Allah, Allah Allah. This is a test that they are going through. And this is a very important message. If you go through the Quran, and study the verses that talk about the times of

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calamities Allah, Allah, Allah wants us to be always confident heads up, Allah, Allah, Allah wants us to be optimistic. You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was in a terrible situation, chased by the the kuffaar of Makkah, we think that he was in a terrible situation. And Abu Bakr told them, ya rasool Allah, they are chasing us if they look at us, they will see as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, that isn't in Allah, Allah don't be saddened, Allah, Allah, Allah is with us after the Muslims were defeated in the Battle of

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defeated quote unquote, Allah. Allah, Allah said to them, well, he know that He Has anyone told Ilona enquanto meaning don't waver, don't be sad and don't take grief because you are superior as far as you are. Believer and then Allah Allah, Allah Allah said, em says, Come Quran forgot myself, oh my god, if you are facing the challenges and difficulties then other people, even your enemies, when to through these challenges were typical, I am no doubt we will have a nurse we give those days in turns to different people. Sometimes you are victorious, sometimes you will lose even your enemies. Yes, they, it seems that they are victorious. Now they will not continue to be victorious

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forever, they will be defeated one time. So this is the Quranic message that we need to remember all of the time. My dear brothers, my dear sisters, and I would like all the happy all day mums who give hotma to give this reassurance for the Muslim community and just quoting this is my dear brothers and sisters of Surah Umbra and voila attain what I doesn't want to Ilona including to Momineen Wallahi. It gives so much confidence, so much comfort, and it will show us the way forward. This is one thing, this is the first message. And as I said the people, of course they are themselves. They said don't worry about us they got used to killing I saw a clip of a person. He said I came out from

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my building in Miami shopping, he said Around 200 people of my relatives are living and then the occupation forces is started to bomb the building and the neighboring building. All of the buildings were completely destroyed. He said, I don't know how I am surviving. Now I don't know about the 200 plus of my relatives, I don't know who is alive who is not alive. He said however, this is our land, and we will continue is struggling fighting until we get our rights as Palestinian he said we are determined to do that even if all of us vanish. We will remain firm and we will struggle until the end and we will fight for our freedom and for our right until the end. The second thing My dear

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brothers, my dear sisters, now we see that the battle is becoming a media battle because the whole unfortunately Islamophobic media they are trying to demonize Palestinians using or courting or using some militant groups and they are trying to make the Palestinians all of them as Hamas or as some

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of the other group in order what in order to demonize all Palestinians in order to consider all Palestinians, terrorists, legitimate targets to be killed. This is the tactic of the media, we have to be careful of that. And we should not subscribe to that we need to be careful. Of course, we need to use the right language to defend the Palestinian, right. But we should not under any circumstance, submit to this narrative because it is a very dangerous narrative. And this is, as they say, in military. They said before they carry out massacres, they do this, they demonize the people in order to prepare the public opinion, the global opinion that these people are terrorists,

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we should get rid of them and the world will become better if we wipe them out, as they have done in Iraq, as they have done in many other places that we should not submit to this. And my dear brothers and sisters, especially those who are active on social media, they should defend the the Palestinian narrative and there is a huge room to support the Palestinian Islamic narrative. So this is another important point that we need to do. My dear brothers and sisters. The third point is this conflict as you can see, America, America center this, they send what is the time of that era, they sent it to the borders of Russia, okay, why is this? They are the globalizing the conflict and we need to

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OMA size that conflict, we should not make this conflict as a conflict between Palestine and between Israel. No, it is a bigger conflict, why now they are making it as a global conflict. And America is getting into the picture and sending some troops they said, Yes, this is just next to the borders of Rosato we need to mobilize the entire Ummah, my dear brothers and sisters and Al Hamdulillah. There is a lot of higher in the OMA amazing amount of higher in the entire on that we saw a few days ago in Algeria or in in Morocco. Yeah, forget about the protests in the playground, the people were chanting and and supporting Palestine. So we need to mobilize the entire we need to own my size,

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this kind of conflict. And just and be careful not to make it just a conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The other thing is they don't have hospitals now. Yeah, some of the hospitals were destroyed. They don't have food, they don't have electricity, even buildings belonging to another one, which is the United nation building that should not be touched by anyone. They are out of the war zone. I think one of them has been destroyed. So those people will be in need of help, let alone my dear brothers and sisters that out. After the war, we will see so many of them. injured, disabled, they need real support. We really need to support them. My dear brothers

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and sisters, and finally da da da and Allah Allah Allah Allah says, I'm Manu Dibble Moqtada Ada, who works for Su and remember, my dear brothers and sisters, yes, the pupation forces they control the sky above rasa, but who is above them? Allah, Allah if Allah, Allah Allah is with us. If Allah Allah Allah is with the Huck with the truth with the Palestinian will Allah He, even if the entire world want to defeat them, they will not be defeated Allah Allah Allah, Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah so in Anessa, the JAMA Allah come, yeah, all people came to fight you and then what did they say? Call your husband Allah when Allah Maliki Allah is our sufficient Fen colorvu been admitted min

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Allah, He will probably in lamium says whom so Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will save them, because they relied on Allah, Allah, Allah and they did whatever they could have done to defend themselves, but I advise our brothers to be wise not to do anything that might harm their cause. And we have to be careful because unfortunately, some some real extreme groups might do something stupid in order to harm the cause. The right cause, the legitimate cause of the Palestinians and those who are defending them. We have to be careful. We have to be vigilant and we have to be wise and we it is the time for us to be more active. I'd like to say my dear brothers and sisters be confident of

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What Allah Allah Allah Allah says, This is a test from Allah, Allah Allah. And normally after Sobor comes, what victory? Allah Allah Allah says we're Interspiritual tabula rasa Kincaid homeshare Allah Allah Allah says or Jana who in Catania during the medina LEM mouseover. After the suburb comes what convicted in a narrow sabrosa suburb, after the suburb, there will be insha Allah victory and the Huck will prevail. This on my my dear brothers and sisters, is the owner of the house is the owner of victory. This OMA will never will never, ever be defeated, but will not be defeated. So have that confidence and Allah the Lord will show us the truth prevailing now. Desert Willow Haven,

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