Wahaj Tarin – Allah (SWT) says So Remember Me; I Will Remember You!

Wahaj Tarin
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So have you reflected on this verse?

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Amazing for Rooney, every call come and then remember me, I will remember you

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Subhan Allah. The first time I stopped on this verse, reflection wise

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and Allah Allah is let me see

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the wonder and beauty that he let me see in this verse.

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I was so excited like my heart to the level of dancing I literally rushed out of the house to try to find someone to share this with

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the cool Rooney of Guru calm. Then remember me?

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A lot of Bourassa says, I will remember you recall me or recall you mentioned me. I'll mention you. And in the hadith of Imam Muhammad, as narrated by an officer of the Allah Juan, he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said knock the nondrug behavior ALLAH SubhanA Hadith they could see you have been Adam, son of Adam. In the car attorney fee Neff seeker the quarrel took as the Neff see,

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if you sign off Adam, if you remember me to yourself, I will remember you to myself. Like if you mentioned me to yourself, I will mention you to Myself Allahu Akbar.

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and imagine

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we're in the car attorneys were in the car attorney fee mela in the car or Toka fee Mala in Hawaii remin. Home. And if you mentioned me and remember me in a gathering, all mentioned you and remember you in a gathering better than that gathering and reference to the angels visualize this, you're in a company, you work in an organization

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and you do a deed which is meritorious, something good. And then the bosses or the head of the company mentions your name at the table of leadership

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over the table of the heads of the company,

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you know,

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from that department, fantastic job. If news of it comes to you that you were mentioned by the boss by the owner.

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You would walk around with your heart dancing like you're on cloud nine you people will see it on you they'll say look at him glowing, you know,

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because you were mentioned, you're acknowledged you are remembered where it matters and where it affects you.

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And then imagine

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that Allah or Buddha, Isaiah mentions you and Allah or Buddha Isaiah remembers you is the honor beyond this. And when you reach that level, ask yourself the question. Is there anything else worth doing then the remembrance of the LaRochelle imagery?

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Like you're in an activity, busy with something in which you're remembering the beloved and the beloved is remembering you? Dun

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dun, dun.

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I'll give you a glimpse of what Allah Allah is remembering you.

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Seems like or looks like. So the hadith is Narrated by Abu Huraira or the Allahu Anhu and again, it's a hadith report See,

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he says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, narrating from his Lord, Assam to Salette veiny will be now IBD in this vein, I divided the prayer between me and my servant in two portions. So when my servant says In the beginning of the Salah, when you start with the Fatiha when you say Alhamdulillah Hey Rob, Bill, I mean, you have remembered Allah or Buddha, Isaiah you have mentioned him, what does Allah or Buddha Isaiah do? He has our journal proclaims Hamadani IBD My servant has praised me

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Subhan Allah Allah my serve

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Then has praised me. And then you say are Rahmanir Rahim

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Allah, Allah Azza says ethna Isley RBD My servant has glorified me, do you see and this also highlights the value of victory

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in the quote of Allah Akbar Lysa that it is important enough significant enough that Allah or Buddha is mentioned that

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to the company of the angels. So, if there is a task you should busy yourself with. It is the remembrance of Allah Akbar Lysa fifth guru Guney of Guru calm

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