Tom Facchine – Modernity Vs. Relationships

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of individualism, which is the transferability of resources from one parent to another. They also touch on the idea of deen, which is the deification of a blessing given to individuals by their parents. The speaker explains that this deification is a reflection of the way people behave and how they relate to their deeds.
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If you look at sort of all venture, hegemonic projects, I'm gonna guarantee Okay, individualism is one, okay? So it's attempting to get you to view the relationships that you did not choose as a burden upon you to liberate yourself from that's called autonomy, okay? And you actually undergo this process of self making by breaking those bonds and rebelling against those bombs and sort of acting autonomously from them. So you view your, your relationship with your parents and your, you know, opposite the way las fundata wants us to view them, which is an indebtedness that's supposed to bring us to gratitude, right as he pairs the verses of Tawheed, with obedience to parents,

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because there's a sort of indebtedness that's there. So it's a transferable skill, right? The practice of gratitude, which is our deen is all about the practice of gratitude. The idea of individualism is quite different, where you're, you know, now sort of resentful of something he didn't ask for it. Was there a guy in India that sued his parents for giving birth to him? Right, so this is kind of like the final logical expression of individualism, right? It's like, it's kofler in the linguistic sense, cool for a NEMA, right? It's the denial and rejection of actually a blessing that Allah subhanaw taala gave you to relate to it in a mode of gratitude. So that's just the one

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and that you know, goes to the relationships with your neighbors, your relationships to your brothers and sisters relationship to your extended relatives, your experience of duty that you have, or when you're called upon to fulfill a duty to them. Modern society is trying to make you into an island of your own self silo of self meaning, right, and self referencing. It's basically like the echo chamber of social media, but in real life. That's just one thing. You know, there's also secularization which is my favorite thing to talk about. So that has to do with how we even relate to our deen. Okay, so when we come to Islam, and we make an SN we like to slap that Islamic label on

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something to how Allah Fie, Islamic finance, Islamic feminism, Islamic everything, right? This is actually part of the playbook of secularization, where we're changing the way that we're relating to our own Dean in a secularized way. We're privatizing it, it's becoming more about personal piety and less about those sorts of communal obligations that the brother was talking about earlier.

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You know, all these things, you know, relating to the world and in this in a sense of scarcity or from a scarcity mindset, which also crosses over into red pill. This is part of the modern sort of assumption that what's real is material and that the spiritual is something you can believe in on your own time, but it's not really real. I could go on there's a ton of things. So you know, this is like you need to do an inventory of these things if you want to push back against them because they operate in the background without you even noticing it.

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