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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of guidance and support during quarantine, emphasizing the need for individuals to be guided and not let anyone convince them to do so. They stress the importance of being a part of the message and not caring too much, as well as the importance of showing up at night and learning different languages. The conversation is difficult to follow and the potential for litigation is real. The speakers also mention the need for more people to use different languages while driving.
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On today's episode of terror with travels, we will begin in two minutes. We will begin and how long two minutes? In the meantime if you would like to say

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where you're from that would be nice.

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Salaam Where are you from? Two minutes of saying slams, and then we'll begin

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we've got hum now we've got Rahila a Facebook user from Houston

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Los Angeles Hamina in India I shot abroad Alec Muslim Rahila and Malaysia they come Assam Yes. On time somebody said

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showing you the names of the people when they post so if you want me to see your name you're gonna have to type it in because I actually can't see the name we've got Omar from Periscope welcome I'm up

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let's do this What day are we on? Are we truffles day 90

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Well sand in the Netherlands Ralick masala

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for us

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going to give a lecture on the little color that's awesome in Charlotte that a good for you? I did

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a hook on the little other than native power when the night equals 1000. If you search for it might give you some ideas.

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Patricia like Mr. Graham, and a bunch of other people I like Mr. Mnemonic Mr. Nomadic Mr. guys think we should continue this in the last 10 nights of normal bond? Or should we stop doing these broadcasts? What do you think? My thought was we should continue on one side? Because this isn't like last time. So I'm about where everybody's one of the massage and you got all that party going on? This is everybody at home and they might benefit from the reminder. On the other hand, maybe we all just need to be quiet and focus on our a bed. In the last two minutes. I don't move on. So what do you guys think? Anyways, we'll get started and then I'll read your comments later in Charlotte.

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Let's begin take one more is that Mr. Lake wanted to live in a Catholic Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Order early you are so happy Amala and welcome to today's episode of taraweeh truffles. So today is a very special day for my papa from my dad. And because it's a special day, I wanted to give you know,

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some nice words for my father and how hamdulillah Hamdulillah. He raised me good and Charlottetown I'm a good guy.

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And I'd like to share three points, things that I appreciated from my father growing up, and how it shaped me as an adult. So number one is my father taught me to pray in the masjid no matter what. So we grew up in Winnipeg, and Winnipeg is crazy cold. And there would be mornings when our car was buried in snow, like you would come out of the house. And the car you couldn't see the car. Because it was encapsulated. Like it's just completely covered with a snowstorm the night before. And this actually happened often in Winnipeg, freezing cold. But my father wouldn't take that as an excuse to not go to the messages. So it's like minus 40 degrees. And he would

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dig the car out for like half an hour, 45 minutes before the time to go to the MR would come. And then he'd wake me up. And he'd say, Mohammed, we're going to the message and I was like, you're talking about

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I must have been like 11 years old or something like that. Really? Yeah, maybe even younger than that. I'm saying 11. And I think that was old. I was probably younger than that. Now I'd be like, No, it's too full that outside and we just ran home. And my dad would be like, No, we're going in the machine and we'd go to the message sometimes we're the only ones in the message. But that taught me that you know, rain or shine.

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We need to pray in the messenger handle that as I got older. It took me a very long time to get this message through my mind to sleep on time and this but I never forgot. That's my father's upbringing for me. And I didn't want to let that legacy now. The second thing that I really appreciate from my father is he really worked hard to push me to study Islamic knowledge

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Ah, so when I was wishy washy lazy this and that my dad was like, Look, don't have a decision, you're gonna go memorize Quran. That was when I was 11 years old, like, okay, I guess I'll memorize the Quran and come to life it completed the memorization form later on and I was actually at a border boarding school that was like two hours away by airplane from where I lived in Winnipeg. And I only saw my parents maybe like once or twice a year when I was like 1112 years old.

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So a big sacrifice but my father pushed me and later when I was in high school, and somebody encouraged my father, hey, you know what, how much should go and study in Medina University. If it was up to me, I would have done nothing to go to university. That's just you know, my style. My my father did the phone calls. This was like in the early 90s, did the phone calls, did the connections did the interviews for me, all of these things. And I remember one day, they said, you know, my high school diploma has to be signed by the Minister of Interior and fair affairs of Canada. And I forget her name was

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Barbara McDougal Harper McDougal. And I was like, How can I ever go to if they want the Minister of Internal Affairs or external affairs or whatever to sign this paper? How are we going to waste her time to sign my paper but my father hamdulillah went to the foreign foreign affairs ministry in Canada. We parked outside this is the early 90s I'm sure they don't let you park like that anymore. And he went in he said would sit with the car and it came out with Barbara McDougall's signature the foreign affairs minister and a lot my father said about when I would study in Medina university he said you know what Muhammad, you're going to one day you're going to sit with these great scholars

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and and you're going to be opening these big books of Islamic knowledge and and turning the page and reading in them and I didn't even know how to read Arabic at that time. I didn't even know Arabic, usually pretty much at that. And so Pamela after I graduated and I moved to the US and I got to sit with so many scholars and and I remember those days being with very, you know, top tier scholars and thinking about my dad saying one day this would happen this panel I'd be in those those meetings, just sitting quietly going up like oh my god, I'm the day has happened. And finally, the last thing that I would like to you know, continue continuing on from my father's letter, you know, praying in

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the masjid. There's the Hadith of the prophets of Allah Mason, which he said, give glad tidings for the people who walk in the darkness is evening fetcher and Asha. Give them glad tidings of complete Nora on the Day of Resurrection. Alhamdulillah my father is one of those people who's always walking out in the darkness is to go to the masjid and I hope inshallah Tada I'll be able to

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live up to that legacy. So

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I'm doing pretty good. I'm doing pretty good this past year, and I let my dad know. I'm doing better getting to the masjid and so on. So Special. Special shout out for my father on this special Papa day of his. Alright, let's get into today's title. We had a truffle episode. Today is the

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the 19th of Ramadan. That means the night tonight, wherever you may be. I don't know about your moon sighting but the night is the 20th night. The last 10 nights of Ramadan actually begin on the 21st night of Ramadan. They don't actually start on the 20th Night economists conception they start on the 21st night so tomorrow night is the last two nights of Ramadan and you want to start worshipping a less kind of Donna with full focus from tomorrow night all the way till till he pretty much

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we're supposed to seek labor to cover on the odd nights. But I just want to give you a heads up that different Moon sighting committees are different places that have their moon sighting on they may have had a day difference now later the other is one night and you don't want to be the person who sleeps all night long while some other Masjid in another country or down the road maybe is praying like crazy and then the next day you find hey you know what the night I was sleeping was you know all the signs of labeled for color showed up for that night so you don't want that to happen every night of the night last night you make your dogs and worship Allah subhanaw taala it could be a Lena

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from Qatar night and on the odd nights put in that extra effort as well in in LA. Our verses that we're dealing with today are sorts of negative verse 91 and 92. Less kind of data says in these verses I will learn ship origin in

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omen to Bordeaux

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till the how warm loving how warm I wanna, who do shy. Well,

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Poonam in a room was naming at least one report

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from any

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Nana daddy NFC 101

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Dini, and

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in these verses of us Panasonic telling the profits of a lot of us and I'm speaking about

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in the moment to speak into the disbelievers. This is the response of Les pannacotta. Saying that, you know, they're making these claims Damn, and they're attacking him. And he's saying, Look, this is all that I've been told to them in the moment to verily I've been commanded to worship the Lord of this land in which Allah has made Haram has made set as sacred, and the sanctuary of Mecca. In the moment to verily I was commanded to worship the Lord of this land, who, for whom Allah subhanaw taala made, made haram, whatever color che and To Him belongs, everything well meant to and I was commanded an akuna minal muslimin now expanded to be of those who submit to

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submit to Allah. And you know, it's kind of like just a side point. For those like revert brothers and sisters who people are harming them. They're like, why did you believe in God and you know, you've, you've let us down, you let our family down your letter of ancestors. Now, these words are also you can be like saying this, that at the end of the day, this is what I've been commanded to do Umberto and Abu Dhabi Maha Bandha, Tillery, ha Rama, whatever Kulu che well mitad to an appointment and God commanded me to worship Him to be of those who submit to him while at low Quran and God commanded me to recite to recite the Quran

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feminie did so whoever is guided for in them and they acted in NFC they are guided for their own benefits that guidance is comes back to them and benefiting them woman Bala and for those who are myth are her fall astray or misguided

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for political say to them in them no minimum dating I am nothing more than one or two and nothing more than a warner. So to start off when I've gone for I'm gonna gone for hygiene and led groups. A lot of people get confused by why is the kava called the hub? The haram like is it like forbidden? So they get confused by this words? does it really mean haram? And the answer is actually it does. That's the same word haram like the Mecca is called Mr. Little haram. The Masjid of forbidden is because it's a sanctuary things are forbidden there. So things that are forbidden are like no one's allowed to bring weapons into the harm area to Mecca. No hunting in that area, no cutting of trees

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and no fighting. So the place is haram and it gets that prohibition the better word to translate it to an English is sanctuary. It is a sanctuary if you see like a bird sanctuary, like no birds can be hunted in that area, the birds are safe. So similar concepts similar meaning to mesangial How long is the safe place sanctuary and in this universe, Allah subhanaw taala is telling the prophets have a lot of setup to remind it's almost

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It's to remind them because these are mushy keen and Mecca. And they have received the benefit of Mecca being a sanctuary like they've received all their life they've they've received that benefits because nobody how I met less penetrator says don't they see that we made the Holman Amande and it's a safe place with a hot awfulness woman holding him, even though that all around all these other tribes are getting attacked in the night, or you know, being pulled away and fights going in all these other tribes. But Maccha had the sanctuary in his protection from Allah subhanaw taala. And so the prophets of Allah isms are reminding them to be thankful to Allah, the One who gave you this

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peace and gave you the sanctuary and gave you this good life. Here in Mecca. I was commanded to worship that thought, and they recognized you know, they recognized God and even though their worship idols, but they did recognize that the prophesy some said he's the one that I've been commanded to, to worship, but it's not only Mecca that Allah subhanaw taala has, is the Lord of Allah has kind of gone as the ISS well who couldn't a che and To Him belongs everything to Him belongs everything.

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And that reminds me of you know, when place some

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times we go somewhere and, and we act in one way when we're one place and then when we go somewhere else, we act in a different way. And it reminds me that, you know, the Lord of one city is the Lord of the other cities as well. And the Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of Chabad shall while all the months,

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all the months of the year, Alaska, Canada is the Florida and all the cities, Allah subhanaw taala is the Lord of everywhere you go on Earth, and in the skies, in the in the sea, everywhere, Alaska is the Lord, what a Hokulea Sheikh and to Him belong to everything.

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What moved to an economy in a Muslim in a cruel Quran. So here the province of bison says and I was commanded to recite the Quran tilava. So what is meant by he was commanded to recite the Quran. So the resuscitation there's three types. One of them is to recite the Quran, to learn people to tell them the misguidance of their ways, Tila the Quran, in fact, the Sahaba

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the scholars were known as polities people who read, as you know, like in those days, and I'm sure in many, many cultures as well, when somebody knows how to read, they become a knowledgeable person in places where illiteracy is rampant. So here the prophets of Allah commanded to recite the poem. So that is to warn the people to teach the people and cannot are very bad worship Allah subhanaw taala. by reciting the Quran, sometimes we approach the Quran only from the direction of to worship Allah, which is beautiful. But we also need to learn from what the Quran is teaching us the last paragraph it says fly, is it a balloon? or won't they contemplate one thing, you know, think about

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the verses of the Quran, it is Mobarak it is. And we do read for worship. But we also learn for to that book. And we also read to take mourning and to give warning so that we don't fall into things that the Quran has, has forbidden.

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And the end of the Versalles monetizes feminine data. And so whatever. So whoever is guided this guidance that they take, when you do good deeds, the good deed benefit comes back to you. The good deed benefit comes back to you the Barkada blessing, all of these things are made are commanded to be done, because we're the ones who benefit from it. But then we understand that benefit you don't understand we're receiving the benefit the baraka and the blessing of what we're doing. So for many do that in them, is that enough? See, and so whoever is guided the guidance is for them, is for them. It's not for the prophesies, it is for you that this guidance that you receive and you

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surrender to is for your own benefits. Women blah, blah. And then this verse, woman, Bala and whoever is misguided and it's interesting, diverse, it doesn't continue the sentence it says woman Bala and as for the person who's misguided, then say, say to them, in them. And I mean, among the mundane say I'm one of those who warns. And

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just Just a footnote about this, when it comes to the messenger of Islam and warning, a lot of times these days, that message of warning doesn't get said too often. So we're, you know, we recite nice verses, everything's nice, everything's nice, everything's nice. But then what about the warnings, and actually helping guide people to Islam saying, You know what, these actions that are being done, they lead to, they lead to not good results. And so there's a warning for those for that disobedience who Allah subhanaw taala

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woman believer, and the big lesson for those who spread Islam and it should be all of us better than wanting to spread this message of Islam, even if it's one if the prophets of Allah, you see here that your responsibility is not the guidance of the person you're speaking to, because guidance is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala you're responsible. So if you try helping someone except Islam, or maybe a Muslim, to worship Allah Spano Tata more, or to stay away from their sins, if they don't listen, and they don't change their ways, you're not responsible for that. And it's not something that you should grieve about or worry yourself about. Instead, you need to worry yourself all of us

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is did I convey the message? Did I convey the message? Did I share it? Did I pass it on? That's what we need to be worried about for putting in the metadata and remembering that if they reject and say I'm only one of those who warns and just kind of like, an encouragement for all of you is you don't have to be the Content Designer creator like the one who makes this climate content and that and then you have

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around in teaching, the way that we're living these days, and you know, the technology and so on. People who share good content are very valuable. They're very important in the passing of the message. So it may be for example, like maybe I don't need to prepare a lecture, but I can encourage you to listen to somebody else's lecture or two. And I'm not saying Islam is just listening to lectures. So there's more to that. I think that's just a default cliche, but being part of the passing on of the message and supporting all of these good things a lot.

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And if you've got some questions, I've got

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I've got about 10 minutes if you've got questions, I welcome your questions.

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Here we got

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Farzana says I've always wondered that about Mr. de l'homme. Yes, I knew I go I'm gonna write it down. I thought everybody should know but I go I know there's people out there who don't know that. Why is it called a haram must

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Sarah says what party re citation do you follow? I don't know what you mean by that if you just mean wash the standard one that's that's why that's who I mean. That's the citation that we recite. Did we talk about like who am I copying?

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I don't know. I'm not quite sure

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Thank you, sir. Yeah, we'd love to continue

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for the last two nights of Ramadan

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Oh, check out all those comments afterwards

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if you can guys make dua for my dad, he'd appreciate it for sure.

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All right. Aisha

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a big shout out for

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your 14 year old and 13 year old nephews Schreib and Muhammet.

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How are you doing tribe and Mohammed

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Zavala says, Please when this calf start today or tomorrow, so I don't know if there's fetch was

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decaf cannot be done at home. But I think what you're talking about the when's the last 10 nights of Ramadan start a lot. I'm from my understanding. It starts on Wednesday night starts Wednesday night, the 21st night of Ramadan and I would pay very close attention to the 21st night because many years I'd be pranked aware.

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And the signs of little color seem to show up on like the 21st night and every year and then the other nights will be like really cold and stuff like that. So pay attention to the 21st might

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Breathe in to you just wrote me composition. You need to summarize that question into two sentences, two sentences

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for harnesses if it isn't locked down, what things can we do according to Senate to make most of it even quarantine? To be honest, you can do everything that you normally do in aid except go outside. So I'm taking a shower or having a breakfast and

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prayer after the sun has risen, doing the tech beers in the hall, and so on. Maybe you'll organize some social online events or something like that physical distancing, that doesn't mean you can't be social and maybe have an online party with friends and hop around so things like that a lot.

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For sure, making the hot for those who are

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sick with the COVID Allah subhanaw taala grant them ease and grant them a complete shift for those who passed away or less how to how to forgive them and accept from them.

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This issue when I can see who you are, I can pick out what your question was.

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You have to put your name

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is it mandatory to offer 20? Rockcastle? Or can we offer 10? And then wizard. So total width is not mandatory. It's not mandatory 10 or 20. What's mandatory photomed? Is, is our five daily prayers. So that's what's mandatory. The issue of tantra cars are 20 Iraq, guys, is a long, enjoyable conversation. I'm sure masajid if you're praying at home, if you're praying

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maybe you're in a community where they're like, You got to pray. 20 You got a pretty 20 You got to read 20 I think in the end, if you pray, and you're praying sincerely, inshallah Tada. And you're doing your best, and maybe you do 10, and then winter and stuff like that. Tell me a lot, except a lot. So it's not about

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it's about showing up. Yeah, it's about showing up. It's not about a number. It's about showing up to your prayer and praying to a less sincerely 10 or 20.

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So numerous says, I don't have question may Allah bless your father. I mean, I'm so glad he sent to you to Medina University. So it's interesting, just to kind of like, another mini story about my dad, when I when I he took me to a put on school, this was in the late 80s. And we drove there. And after I saw the prom school, I was like, No, I'm not going here. There's no way I'm going. And I was like, 11 years old. And

00:27:14--> 00:27:15

and then

00:27:18--> 00:27:38

when I came back to my city, and this, you know, when we drove to this time of school was like, 24 hour driving 24 hour, Canada is a big country, 24 hours of driving, we got home. And then I was trying to tell my parents look, you know what, I don't want to go to that school, I can just, you know, get some software, there's this Olim

00:27:43--> 00:28:03

about a snap, I can do it on my own with my computer. So even in those days, late 80s when there wasn't internet, I still wanted to pretend like I could study all of this at home on my computer. hamdulillah things have adjusted. But you know, sometimes you gotta study Stan proper.

00:28:05--> 00:28:09

This Facebook education stuff is just you know, I don't know.

00:28:24--> 00:28:40

Facebook user says, Do you have to pay us to huddle for every dollar or should we pray to rock and say this autodoc and mentioned all the $6 and you don't have to do either of them. You don't have to do either of them. The one that I do when I'm when I'm trying to make a big dog. And I'm like, you know, because I take my dogs very seriously.

00:28:41--> 00:28:42

I'm going to be

00:28:45--> 00:29:04

on whether I should include something so big that I should be asking for this, and I do is to have a per dog. That's what I do. You don't have to do it. I just find that it helps me get clarity on whether I should be so serious about this specific job or not. And a lot of my daughters don't pass that test

00:29:20--> 00:29:44

what type of a bad ad you recommend for last night's a vicar such as the last night such as they care and so on. So I don't recommend anything in particular other than you've got like the standard stuff. So there's the title we have right so you're praying at night, you've got the resuscitation of a Quran you could do that without praying can sit down and recite you can do that. But of course as you said, you are

00:29:47--> 00:29:58

da Of course as well. If you can give charity in the last 10 Nights, that's obviously something very good. Maybe you can do it online. If you are

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

making the offer other people that's also good. I think what you're trying to allude to is something like what about so lots of tests be right? Is there some special prayer that you do? And I would say no, I don't recommend like you don't have to do those things. You don't have to do those things. Obviously there's differences many routes a lot to test via inshallah Tada it's it's, it's okay, but it's not saying that on the last nights of Ramadan you should do so lots of test it because it's, you know what I mean? So I don't got anything like out of my pocket to use is something special to do that nobody knows about that kind of thing.

00:30:40--> 00:30:42

There's one more minute

00:30:46--> 00:30:48

here we go. Ma'am. Yours is last one.

00:30:54--> 00:30:59

Are we allowed to make gotten sued you during fired namaz also should be made in every situation.

00:31:01--> 00:31:09

So the Prophet said a lot I said, I'm said, and that the closest the slave of Allah is to his Lord is when he's in Sajida. So the

00:31:11--> 00:31:22

the likelihood of their dog being answered faster, quicker, is more insensitive. So that's what you want to do is when you're in Sajida, to take advantage and as

00:31:25--> 00:31:46

Ross, we should make dog in Sajida. So now, is this only for people making dot instead of in Arabic? or can people make dua in their own language in such stuff? So a lot of scholars say that, no, it must be in your own language, or sorry, in Arabic, because it's prayer and so on.

00:31:47--> 00:32:25

Some will say, well, from salah, you can do it. They have to do in Arabic and in Knuffle prayers and the prayers you can do it in your own language. And then other people say that, no, you can do it in your own language in any prayer. There's no distinguished being far. And therefore, my opinion is that third one based on the fact that I've asked this question to many scholars, every time I get somebody doing a bonus for Visionaire and they're talking about Doha they're answering questions always ask them this question everybody all the students will be there I'm like can you make your own language and says the chef have fish I've actually never

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sorry well what I've concluded and Allah knows best is yes you can make on your own language and such that you don't feel comfortable doing that you don't want to do it you want to go with that opinion that says no you can't do it no problem made on your own language after something similar

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but you'll see that as he the issue right there is

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that all because you don't know Arabic you're not allowed to do center that's the thing with that opinion that I've got a problem with that is it only Arabic speaking people that can make set dot and says that nobody else has access to it? I don't believe that I think everybody can make John says even if it's in their own language a lot with Tata auto. And that's it. We are done just Sokoloff finance pug long into hamburger ash. How do I learn either hella antecessor to be like, tomorrow is the 21st night of Ramadan inshallah I will still continue with these tearaway truffles, we'll see how it goes. If it's a little bit, you know, what if the emotions feel and nobody shows up

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and everything like that, and no worries, we'll tap out until the end of Ramadan. But if you guys still show up and are still benefiting, then we'll continue. I appreciate during the director falls because I get a chance to go through some verses and read some tips here. And if I didn't do the truffles, I might not put in that attention to reading tafsir like that. So I appreciate that as well. Does that go off and on Subhanak along and Hanukkah, eyeshadow Lila and Steph Rocha to make a SAM icon