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Episode Notes

Secrets of the heart

It’s very important to realize the critical role of the heart. Cultivate your heart and treat it in the best way possible.

Do not treat the sadness you have with an evil (harmful) happiness – perhaps it makes you happy if someone else is in difficulty…this is a disease of the heart, but one easily treated with medicine from the Quraan and turning to Allah.

Illnesses being captivated by sins and desires and affecting the deen, is harmful and destructive. More important to note is that a person who has an ill heart doesn’t realize the downward spiral. Alcoholics and drug addicts are fine example of these diseases. They keep needing more to numb themselves against the effects of the sin. The sin becomes bigger and bigger and when a person wakes up from the numbness and feels the pain of his sin is more, he turns back to the false treatment, falling deeper into a cycle of running away from treatment and trying to cover up the pain.

“The remedy for an ignorant person is asking questions” – Ignorance is a disease/ Illness. When a person is ignorant about that which is crucial especially in deen it could lead to major problems, diseases of the heart.

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La Jolla,

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la Maria.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we thank him and we are so grateful to him for everything he's given us. And we send peace and blessings on our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, welcome to the secrets of the heart. In this show, we are trying to uncover the secrets of the world of the heart. So hopefully, we will be able to cultivate our hearts understand the important position that they occupy, and the wonderful role they play in our lives. Because living this life, and aware of the reality of the heart is like being debt

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is like living at the same level of animals. Without realizing the higher form of life, the higher level of happiness and real tranquility in this world. And in the next, we spoke previously about two types of diseases of the heart. These diseases are very harmful to the heart, one of them is light, one of them is at a superficial level. And the second one is very serious. The superficial one, everyone feels the pain of it, this is why people hasten to treat it. But the problem if they treat it the wrong way,

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the disease will get worse.

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an important thing that we have to learn, for example, someone, someone's right is taken away

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the right way, he feels sad, he feels frustrated, the right way to treat this disease. This is a light disease of the heart because feelings are in the heart.

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The right way to deal with this illness is to get him his right back with justice. But if he transgressed against that person and takes more rights than he really deserves,

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his illness will intensify what will happen is heart will be affected, and he will become a more aggressive person himself. And then he will find it easy to take the rights of other people. So he has closed his heart, an illness on the other side.

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A person is sad for a certain reason.

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How do we make him happy when we bring him something that is good, something that is happy, happy news. So happy event that really makes him happy. But some people, some people treat the sadness that they have,

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by a wrong type of happiness. Because this happiness is based on oppressing other people or causing them damage. For example, some people find happiness in torturing others, why that's an illness of the heart. Because they have tried to treat the sadness, the frustration they have

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with a certain treatment, but they exceeded the limit. So they went into confiscating other people's right or oppressing others. So what happened, they caused themselves a more serious illness. This is too easy to manipulate and to treat. The more serious illness we said, are the illnesses that pertain to the religion, illnesses, about the desires, overwhelming desires, the heartbeat, and taken, being captivated by a sin by a desire being overwhelmed by certain passion to something that is forbidden, or the heart being so much taken by an innovation by a bidet so that the person becomes confused and becomes consumed with that innovation. So he cannot free himself from it.

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So these, this is this type of illness, we said it's very, very harmful, it's very destructive. And the most important aspect of it and the most serious is that the person who suffered suffers from it does not really realize that he has a serious illness, because his own involvement in these wrong practices will make him numb, his heart will become numb, it will not feel the pain that the disease is causing him. We give the example of a person of a heavy smoker, the more he smokes, the more he will need of smoking. The same applies to drinking a person who's so much inclined to drinking, he will need to drink more every time. Because once he is awake when once he's you know conscious

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again, and he's not under the impact or the effect of isn't the effects of drinking of alcohol. He wakes up he realized he cannot face the reality so he still needs to drink more. That's it

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issue. The same applies to drug addicts.

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So this is the problem they still they need. Such people always search to cause themselves more numb, more numbness so that they do not suffer or they do not really feel the pain of that the pain, the diseases causing them. The same applies to people of innovation and the people of sin, the people of sin, they start with a small sin, and they keep adding to that, because a sin will breed another sin. A person cannot, you know, do a sin, then dwell on that and stay on that stage. No, he either repents, or he goes to more extremes in terms of sinning. That's the seriousness of this illness.

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So the person starts with a small sin, for example, looking at women staring at women. And the person this staring will take the heart, the heart will follow the sight, the heart will become attached to that woman, to a certain woman, a certain person, then it develops into a passion and overwhelming passion.

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And then heart falls captive, then it leads to other sins, such as

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adultery, fornication, and even worse than that, and we know that a sin always leads to a greater sin. And why because the person cannot stop because once you fall in the sin, it will harm your heart. And once you're done with it, you will feel the pain of that, you will feel the pain of it. And once you feel the pain, you want to run away from it, but you don't choose the right treatment, the right remedy, which is the call and have a lot of that last one has sent us that's the son of the person that's repenting, are the three measures that we mentioned previously, get rid of the harmful things, make repent a lot of panels Allah and move on to righteousness. But the person is

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not so much inclined to that. The only option he has when he's suffering from the pains of this, the pains that the sin has brought upon him. The only way

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to escape that pain is to do more sin, keep himself busy, preoccupy himself with more sin. And the situation will worse and worse and worse, and and how many people you know how many people's lives could be summarized in this small statement of this small principle, that they fall into sin, they fall into innovation. And once they wake up from that single that innovation, they cannot handle the pain that this sin has caused, because during that time, they feel numb during the the time of sin, or the time of innovation, they feel numb. But after that the heart has been created, by the way to love Allah and to be obedient to Him.

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So when you wake up from that sin, the heart will cause you pain, it will push you What did you do, you caused me harm. You've harmed me, you've damaged me. So the hardest, you know, keeps pushing you to find for the remedy. But your thought will make you go into more sin. Why? To run away from that pain. And the only option you have, if you are not attached to a lot of penicillin, you're the only option you have is to do is to do more sin and have more and more of that numb feeling. So what you do what such people do, they fall into motion, motion, motion, and every time they have an interval where the heart wakes up, and it gives them so much pain about what they have done or what they

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about what they did. They try to escape with adding more disease, more illness, more harm to the heart.

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So they cause more damage. That's the serious seriousness of this illness, and also applies to the innovation a person doesn't innovation, and innovation leaves a scar on the heart. Because it is something that is against Islam, although it seems to be like an act of worship seems to be like righteousness. So what happens the person when he wakes up from the numbness of that innovation,

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he needs more of that feeling are in toxic and it's like an intoxicant feeling.

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So he wants more of that. So he goes into more sin and more sin, also more innovation, more innovation, and the innovation grows and grows and grows until the person is engulfed with that. So he lives all his life feeling numb and the problem the final stage of that would be a dead heart. And it heart has so much hatred for the truth has so much detestation towards the people of the truth.

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And that's a real disease and the real illness. Once you get to a dead heart, you will have enmity to the righteous people. And the dead heart means life on the level of animals.

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But we need a life on a higher level, the spiritual level of life of the heart, this is what we need to acquire.

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the prophets of Muslim pointed out that there are different illnesses or there are certain

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diseases of the heart. And actually, we said, these are two types, the sin or misconceptions. Part of the misconception, by the way is ignorance. When you are ignorant about something, it means you don't have an understanding of it, or you have a wrong understanding about it. And this is called ignorance. And this is also a disease. And the process automatically called the disease in the story of a group of Muslims who went out on an expedition. And one of them

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you know, he was hit on the head, and he caught his head.

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The following night, he had a wet dream. So he had to make also he had to take ablution. But he realized that if he was taking pollution, he might, you know, harm himself. So he said to his companions, he said, you know, you know that I've cut my head, and I have to make ablution. Can't I just make to your mom, they said, Well, if you can use your water, we don't find you an excuse to make to move. So he washed himself, and because of the cold water and the wounded, he hasn't he had in his head, he died. When they inform the profits or loss them about that, he said,

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he said, they kill them. May Allah kill them. Imagine, the prophet SAW Selim said

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helis aluminum yalom. Why didn't they ask if they didn't have knowledge? If they were ignorant about it? Why didn't they ask the professor and said he gave a very beautiful statement. He said, in the match, he felt

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the remedy the medicine to an ignorant person his question ask, if you don't know that's an illness that is that's a disease. How to how do you treat it you treated by asking and requesting knowledge is very simple. So the process is called the ignorance he called ignorance, a disease or an illness.

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This is why when the person is ignorant about something that is very crucial, something very important, specially questions that pertain to the reality of this world. Now, where did we come from?

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What are we doing here in this world on earth? What's the meaning of our existence? These are questions that are engraved in our hearts. No one can escape these questions at some moment of our lives. These questions come up to the surface, and we have to provide answers otherwise our hearts will feel uneasy there are the searching for these answers unless and this is what most people do. They run into the numb feeling of either sin, innovation, etc.

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So the heart will always feel uneasy, until you quench the thirst, this ignorance need answers this this ignorance needs to be removed from the heart the heart feels uneasy with that type of ignorance, especially with such questions about the reality of this world, the reality meaning the wisdom behind our creation behind our existence. And where are we heading to what's going to happen after death? Is that the end of humanity? Is that the end of life? The hustle always asking these questions and with the case with most human beings that always try to run away from that this is what you find, especially speaking in countries that don't have Islam. People run into drugs, women,

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partying, alcohol, different things people try to occupy preoccupy themselves with anything with football, with any kind of sport, any practice any way of life, just to run away from the feeling of emptiness, because of having no answers to these crucial questions. So, this ignorance is a serious illness. And the heart keeps, you know, giving you hard times like sadness, frustration, a feeling of emptiness, because it needs to be healed and it needs that treatment to tell you it needs the answers to these questions. But most people try to run away from that, hopefully inshallah in future episodes, we will elaborate more on this and on this serious disease of ignorance, and ask us to

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help us cultivate our hearts and treat them in the best way possible until we meet next time. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.