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Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The heart is the leader and the axis is the pivotal point around which everything follows. The heart is the leader and the heart is the axis, and the heart is the leader and the heart is the axis. The heart is the leader and the heart is the axis, and the heart is the leader and the heart is the axis. The heart is the leader and the heart is the axis, and the heart is the leader and the heart is the axis. The heart is the leader and the heart is the axis, and the heart is the leader and the heart is the axis. The heart is the leader and the heart is the axis, and the heart is the leader and the heart is the axis. The heart is the leader and the heart is the axis, and the heart is the leader and the heart is the axis. The heart is the leader and the heart is the axis, and the heart is the leader and the heart is the axis. The heart is the leader and the
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Welcome to the secrets of the heart. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we asked for his forgiveness, we seek the protection of Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides them can lead us astray and whomsoever Allah leaves a stray, non can guide I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, but Allah alone, who has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. So Allahu, Allahu Allah, and he will send them.

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Welcome to a new episode of the secrets of the hearts. And

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you're seeing that we are trying our best to see this, and to discover this beautiful world of the heart. So we know. And we realize what we really have inside allows given us something very wonderful. And the lies have given us so much potential that we have to utilize and learn. And we have seen that real potential is in the heart. Because if you want to change a person change, it has changed his heart, and he will change. Everything else will follow suit. The heart is the leader, the heart is the commander, the heart is the axis is the pivotal point around which everything rotates. That's the reality of the heart.

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So, and we spoke about the reality of the heart, the status of the heart, we talked about the illnesses that affect the heart.

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And the main goal behind this is once we know the illnesses, we will be able inshallah to treat our hearts and to take good care of them. We spoke previously about the illness of the disease of ignorance. Ignorance belongs, we said to the issue of misconceptions, or lack of understanding generally, and ignorance and doubts are strongly related. And we said that the heart is always looking for answers, because this is how it's been designed. The heart has been created to guide you to paradise. And it will all you will give you will always give you clues and signs that this is not the right way I'm

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suffering when you fall into sin or innovation. When you follow the wrong way. The heart will tell you it will push you it will not let you rest. It will give you signs and clues. I'm not feeling well, that's not the right way. Wake up, okay, you have to do something about that. The heart is always calling you to the truth. But most people run away from that, as we said, into the numb feeling of sin or innovation, etc. But a wise person should really look after his heart or her heart and

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see what they should do to their hearts, how they should respond right to their hearts and the only answer is in the Quran. And the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we said ignorance as the prophet SAW Selim

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COVID is a disease is a disease and the way to treat it is to ask the people of knowledge, ask the people who know and they will give you the treatment, which is knowledge, knowledge based on evidence based on the plan or the authentics.

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Now, the heart is income does not feel content with ignorance. This is why human beings by nature are inquisitive. They are curious about things. Why? Because the heart does not like ignorance. It loves knowledge. It wants to know, this is how I lost control, I created it for our own benefit. And there are certain things that the heart always wants to know, it feels, you know, it doesn't feel a tryst unless it has the true answers. Or you can have another solution which will worsen the situation, as we said, run into the numbness of innovations and since

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the way we treat ignorance is by

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getting the proofs getting the answers from the Quran and the Sunnah and the people of knowledge are our,

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the other our guides in this regard.

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Now, some people go wrong with treating ignorance what they do.

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They, the heart always, the heart is always thirsty, wants knowledge. It's

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Asking for knowledge, it's pushing you to ask more. And unfortunately, there are many sciences, many disciplines that are not beneficial at all. But what they do, they keep you preoccupied, and they give you the same feeling of numbness, you feel numb. Why? Because you're busy acquiring that knowledge. You're busy always acquiring that knowledge, pursuing that field of knowledge or that aspects of that field of study. You're always in that. And once you are out of it, you cannot handle normal life. You have to, you know, go back and have a feel numb about that. And forget about the the real ignorance that your heart is trying to tell you about. That's the seriousness and

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seriousness of it. Many people are so happy about especially I'm talking about people who are much into philosophy, philosophy tries to give answers about this world. And about the origin of things and where things came from, and what's the meaning of existence. But without guidance from Allah subhanaw taala. humans cannot arrive at knowledge like that, because it's beyond their comprehension. It's beyond their old senses. They don't have a clue about that.

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And this is why philosophy is different schools, most of them are Muslim conflict.

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And they claim that philosophy is all about having an organized style of thinking, a logical set of thinking, yes, there are some logical methods of thinking there. But the reality of philosophy is something different. Philosophy tries to explain the meaning of existence. No one can explain the meaning of existence except the one who created it.

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So many people pursue this philosophy many people fall into

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fields of knowledge that are on truth, especially in the field of shady AI people

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fall into the trap of studying sciences or disciplines that are not authentic, like they have the wrong understanding the wrong principles of the names and the attributes of Allah. Some people

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you know, we know we have some Muslim groups that were in the past and some people are trying to revive that, although it's almost dead. The School of Mr. Tesla, they say they don't believe in the attributes of of a loss penalty and all the arguments are based on philosophical principles that have been proven to be untrue anyway. And there are others as well.

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Like people who

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study certain books who claim to be on a paid and they call it a multilane.

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They say this is the Akita and they twist many of the texts of the Quran and the Sunnah. And they deny many of the attributes that are there, by twisting the meaning and they say, we only prove among the,

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among the attributes of Allah Subhana Allah

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that pertain to the self have a lot of lame self to be that have a lot of self a lot, we only prove seven, and all the other attributes that actually go back to the seven.

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We say everything that has been proven in the Quran and the Sunnah, in an explicit Arabic language,

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knowledge about a lot planted at the heart needs that the heart needs it. And when Allah gave it to us in the Quran, and the Sunnah, Allah gave it to us because we need it because the heart not feel comfortable, unless it acquires that knowledge, because there's a perfect match between creation and legislation. Allah says, In the Quran and sola to head off, an homage to Allah belongs the creation, and To Him belongs the command the legislation, Allah created us in a certain way in a certain fashion. And he created for us a way of life. There's a perfect match between between both.

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Allah created us and he provided us with the guidance that is perfectly suitable for us compatible with the way we are designed the way we are created. And that's the only way of life that will make us lead a life of tranquility, a life of happiness and contentment, any other solutions will be manmade, and will will not be able to capture the real design of the human being.

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So anything that we what we find in the Quran and the Sunnah, we believe in it in its explicit meaning because Allah spoke to us in a clear Arabic language.

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So many people going back to our main points when people try to treat the illness of ignorance, by sciences that are not based on true principles, sciences that are actually harmful, or at least have no benefit. Those people run away

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From the pain, the heart suffers from ignorance in order to feel numb with these, you know, sciences that are not beneficial, at least, or they are harmful in the worst cases and the soul and the heart will not feel at rest, except with certainty through knowledge.

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Imagine when the heart gets all the answers that it wants, from the Quran, from the Creator, from the Sunnah of the prophet of Islam, the Messenger of the Creator, when it gets that the heart has been designed to accept these truths. So once it gets the answers,

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the perfect match, the perfect situation of a heart, the perfect scenario has been designed for a certain way of life. And it gets that way of life is just exactly like having a key and having a lock, only that key opens the lock any other thing, any other key you will suffer with it. And you will not be able to open the lock. Exactly. That's a similar example of what unless penetrated the guidance has given us the answers Allah has provided us with, to the questions that we have in our hearts. So once we get these answers, there will be a perfect match. Our hearts will feel comfortable, because of the certainty that they will get. And then

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all the pains of the heart shall we go away. This is what a lot of panatela said.

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sort of Allah Allah says, from a euro dilla Yeah, do so. So the whole Islam, the one that loves to guide Allah opens is just luck causes peace, happiness,

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comfort to come into his heart so his heart opens and it widens. It feels so happy and so relaxed. From a utility level you know, at home

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is hard, opens and is addressed with the truth with the certainty that's the real comfort that's the real happiness that people are searching for. But they can't find it so they run into feeling that to get numb and wrong answers lung knowledge. So from a unity level at home yourself so the whole Islam the one that allow us to guide Allah opens his chest to lockers his chest to relax and it embraces Islam. So it takes the true answers

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yourself to notice the moment you

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can halogen cannon I saw for some of the ones who go astray, the ones who take the wrong disciplines the wrong sciences, what will happen, the chest will contract and will feel so tight and suffocate.

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As as the person who goes so up in altitude so they have no oxygen to breathe, they feel as if they are they have been you know, strangled or they've been denied air fresh air to to breathe so they cannot breathe.

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It also though they have been housing under my side of center. So this is the example of the people who treat ignorance with the truth and certainty. They will be relaxed the people who treat it with wrong sciences, they will feel numb, but when they wake up, they will see that they can hardly even breathe. inshallah, in future episodes, we will try to learn more about the diseases of the hearts and how we can treat them so we can save our hearts from these illnesses and these dangers. So you are invited to join us every time we have secrets of the hearts. Until then Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Secrets of the heart
Moutasem Al Hameedy

The wonders of the Heart

Allah has given us such a wonderful thing and that is the heart. If you want to change a person, change his heart. That is the pivotal point.

The disease of ignorance is very dangerous. Ignorance and doubt are closely related. But one should listen to the heart which calls one to the truth.

“The remedy to an ignorant person is asking questions” Ask the people of knowledge you will be prompted to ask because the heart does not love ignorance, it craves knowledge and truth. Do not let your heart run into numbness, falsehood and innovation.

Humans can not arrive at true knowledge without help and guidance from Allah. For e.g philosophy tries to explain the meaning of existence but only Allah can do this. With this we see that the flip side of knowledge as a treatment is to be absorbed in knowledge that is not true or beneficial.
Knowledge which is treatment is knowledge of Allah, Quran and Sunnah.
“To Allah belongs creations and to him belongs the legislation”
Allah’s laws are compatible with what he created – the perfect solution.

Beware of sciences that try to treat ignorance which are not grounded in Islam. The heart gets all the answers it wants from Allah!

“The one whom Allah guides, Allah softens his heart to the truth. The one who goes astray, their chests will contract and they will feel suffocated.”

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