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Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of maintaining healthy heart health and avoiding diseases like COVID-19 is discussed. It is essential to avoid vulnerable individuals from becoming infected or vulnerable to future diseases. The heart is damaged and can lead to heart-related problems such as sadness, fatigue, and addiction. Those with these diseases tend to avoid pain and become attached to their past.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. All praises do to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, none can guide I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped, but Allah alone who has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, welcome to your show, the secrets of the heart.

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Still, in this show, we try to uncover the beauties of the world of the heart, some of the secrets, some of the tips some of the measures that we have to take, in order to cultivate our hearts after we have done inshallah, good job hopefully, in explaining and in showing and clarifying the high position, heart occupies in this world. And it the major role, and the pivotal role that it plays, in arriving or in securing our place in paradise. We talked enough about some of the diseases of the heart and we said that a person when a person maintains a very good heart, healthy heart, that is so full with the ball and and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, that is so close to

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Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah, such a heart is very powerful, it's very immune. When it faces, illnesses, diseases, it's so powerful. So these diseases do not penetrate, and affect the heart at all.

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But when a person's heart is so weak, it becomes very fragile. And the slightest trial can take him away. Just a blow of wind of trials can blow him away. That's the problem is just exactly like maintaining a good health when a person really eats very healthy food, exercise. And he looks after his health resembles talk about the about winter, when it's cold, these people are less likely to catch cold, or to have flu.

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But you find people who whose health whose diet is unhealthy, and who do not really look after their health very well. What happens most of the time you find them ill because they have not taken good care of, they don't have enough credit to face that illness or that disease. The same applies to the heart. So this is why you find the people of the people who always tried to practice this and love the process allows them to do more righteousness, recite the Quran with contemplation with understanding those people who are always mindful about a loss penalty when a trial trial comes to them, like for example, when they have to go into an environment with whereas free mixing there are

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women that don't get affected, they don't easily get affected by that, because there's a huge distance between them. And between that evil. I've placed, you know, shields layers of protection against that. So the evil takes quite longer time and needs more effort to penetrate through these walls, and then get to the heart. So this is and this is something that I this is a very important tip that we have to think about and consider and benefiting from that when we strengthen our hearts jhala will become more immune to sin. Some people say you know, I have a problem with music, for example, I have a problem with the issue of women. I don't have any problem with any other thing,

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but that's my own problem. Or somebody has a problem with drinking. They say I, I can do anything but I can't give up drinking. I can't give up you know this women issue. It just I can't you know escape from that. We say to these people, because you have not done enough work to protect your heart, strengthen your heart against that trial. So you have become so weak.

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And it's when you face it. So what you have to do, you have to follow the procedures that we prescribed. In order to strengthen your heart. You have to strengthen the natural or you have to reinforce the natural strength of your heart by acts of righteousness by reciting Quran remembering a lot of praying fasting, these will strengthen your heart. Second thing, anything that is harmful already that you have already get rid of it by means of seeking repentance. You you ask a lot of forgive you repent a lot sincerely, you ask a lot to help you and the third thing whenever

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You feel that you are about to fall in that trial. And that's, you know, in that innovation, or what you have to do, turn away, run away from it. Escape from that.

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And if you prove that you are sincere, even if it'd be for a short time, you will feel the strengthening in your heart, Allah will give it to you, your heart will become more immune against that sin or against that bid against that innovation. So you will inshallah be protected from that. But if you still convince yourself that you cannot escape from that, that's your point of weakness, you will not be able to escape from that, put your trust in Allah, follow these procedures, and inshallah you will be able to escape from it. Now, just speaking about the diseases that affect the heart, there are actually two types of disease that affect the heart. There are natural diseases,

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we can call them natural diseases, they are simple, and quite

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benign. They're not so much harmful, because they are easy to deal with. And they affect every person. such diseases are, for example, sadness, that every human being goes through sadness.

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We have frustration, disappointment, anger,

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the, the need or the strong feeling of revenge or avenging oneself. These are diseases, but they are light, they're very easy disease they're very easy to deal with.

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And the way we treat these diseases is by dealing with the cause. For example, someone loses a dear person, and he feels sad, that person passes away, you feel sad about that, how to deal with the sadness, you try to bring something that brings happiness, something that will bring joy. So you treat that sadness by that, for example, a person feels sad or disappointed because his wife has been taken away from him, his right has been confiscated.

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What is the right way of dealing or treating the sadness of this frustration is by giving him back his rights.

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This is how we treat these light and simple illnesses of the heart that every person goes through. This is one type. The second type is the malignant one. And that's the most serious of illnesses. So here we have another classification of the diseases of the heart one is very light, very simple. But the malignant one is

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very dangerous, very serious, very destructive. And one of the most serious characteristics of this illness is like tumor, it's like cancer. Most people who haven't, who have it, don't feel the pain until it's too late.

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People don't feel that pain. And these are the the, the diseases of the heart that have to do with issues of religion. That's the problem. And these they are the ones that were described before. The Shahada, the desires, giving one's desires, a precedence over Allah's commands. Second one are the doubts and the misconceptions, which include with innovation and disbelief, and polytheism, etc.

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So, the problem with these diseases, the second type of malignant diseases is

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the person who suffers from this disease does not feel anything about it. That's the problem.

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The person who has this disease does not feel about it, for example, the disease of sin, loving the sin, okay, it's somebody who loves adultery, has fallen into that he is so much taken by that, and he cannot get out of this trouble out of this dilemma.

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But he's happy about it. He's he doesn't feel it is harmful. But in reality, it's very harmful to his heart and his heart is suffering. But because he has blemished his heart, His heart is engulfed with a veil of darkness. The heart cannot see the truth. It's just like, let me give a practical example people who smoke people who smoke are so you know, addicted to smoking, and they know that the more they smoke, the more of smoking they need. You know, a smoker starts with one cigarette, then goes 234 until they some smokers, you know, smoke up to 60. Some extreme smokers, heavy smokers, they smoke up to 80 cigarettes a day.

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The more you smoke, the more smoking you will need. That's the problem, the more disease you take, the more poison of this smoking or the cigarettes you take, the more you will be inclined to smoke. This is a very harmful and destructive and serious illness.

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And the more you smoke, the more destruction you will cause to your body. But the person doesn't want to realize they know deep in the heart that is very harmful, because they have lied to themselves so much because of the desire the overwhelming desire, the overwhelming love and attachment and addiction to cigarettes and to smoking. They convinced themselves and they twist their own vision of the reality. So they lie to themselves, they convinced themselves that it is something good. And this is exactly what happens with the illnesses of sin and bitter.

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With desires, innovations,

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the person always tries to treat himself with

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adding more illness to himself of the same kind. For example,

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someone falls in love with a woman. What caused him to fall in love with that woman. He didn't lower his gaze, he didn't control his sight, he kept looking, staring at women. So he was caught by that one. And he fell in love with that woman.

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And the more he looks at that woman, the more he stares at her, the more his heart becomes attached to her, the severe his illness or his disease will get what does he do to treat that illness, that pain that he has in his heart, he falls into adultery, he commits Zener. What happens after that

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the case gets worse and worse and worse.

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Why? Because he treated the illness with the same illness itself. The same as people who smoke, they treat their smoking with more smoking, those who drink, they treat this more the drinking with more drinking, they cause more harm to their bodies. And they twist their own vision of the reality because of the overwhelming desire, the overwhelming passion for what they are doing. And then they lose track. That's the seriousness of these illnesses, a person falls into innovation.

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Okay, those who have for example, two ways of remembrance ways of making a record by gathering together making the same record in a certain way. Some of them shake their heads, some of them dance, some of them start jumping up and down. Some people go to the graves or call upon, you know, certain peers or righteous people who are dead in order to help them or intercede for them.

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You know, to Allah Subhana, WA Tada, or people who go to the graves and have their own festivals around the graves, they become so much attached to that. And the more they become inclined to that fitness to that trial to that disease, the more it will draw them down and they will sink down and the illness will worsen. And the problem is that because of this overwhelming passion, because of the fitness, because the fitness takes control of that person,

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they become numb, don't feel the pain of that try they don't feel disease of the illness. Smoking is very harmful to the body and the body feels that but but the the taste of the sweetness as they describe it of cigarettes.

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It overcomes that so they feel numb about the pain. And that's exactly the most serious disease that could touch the heart which are the diseases of sins and the desires of innovation. inshallah, when in future episodes, we will focus more on this beautiful subject, and hopefully we will be able to benefit from it and uncover some of the secrets about how to free our hearts from the prison of innovations and sins until we meet next time. Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Secrets of the heart

If there is a specific trial you may be facing be it alcohol, music, opposite gender that afflicts. Know that you have not done enough work on your heart to protect you from these sins. Start with tawbah and continue to turn to Allah, Allah with strengthen you against these diseases.

Two types of diseases that affect the heart are malignant diseases and benign diseases.

Benign diseases are not so harmful that they will cause destruction: sadness, depression, disappointment, frustration, anger, vengeance. These can be dealt with easily by dealing with the cause. For example, a death in the family – will make one sad…the way to counter this, is to find that which brings the heart happiness.

The most serious disease is the malignant one – those who have these diseases don’t feel the pain until its too late. These are diseases concerning the deen, shahawaat and shubuhaat. Why these diseases are so dangerous is because the person loves the sin and they don’t feel the pain of the sin.

For e.g. someone falls in love with a woman due to a sin, he didn’t lower his gaze. The more he looks at her – the more he will love her. He feels to treat himself he needs to be with her and falls into adultery and causes more harm to his heart. The deeper into the sin, the farther away from reality he goes. He will become numb about the pain of the sin, the minute he spends time with this woman he forgets the sin.

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