Haifaa Younis – Ramadan The Month of Love – Day 12

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The importance of good actions and deeds in Islam is discussed, along with a criteria for being a servant that involves spending one's wealth in a pleasing way to Allah. The speaker explains that individuals are born to be successful because they are working hard and have a certain level of success, and that individuals are born to be successful because they are working hard and have a certain level of success. The speaker also highlights the importance of avoiding publicity and finding one's own values in order to achieve good deeds, as well as avoiding seeking one's own success in order to achieve good deeds.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato, Alhamdulillah, lack of blasphemy, another beautiful day, another moment of living, and other minutes, hours and days in sha Allah, Allah or off living in Ramadan, with more opportunity to please Allah s pantalla. And to practice another deed that will qualify me to become beloved by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Let's remind ourselves, that what we are learning is actions and deeds, that are not only good deeds, but they are specific, or they are special by the fact that Allah loves them. So imagine, when there is a lot of good things, you know, but there's a couple of good things you personally love, there's a special thing about them. So

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imagine a lot the majestic, love these criterias and he loves to see these criterias in these characters on his servants, and that servant he or she becomes beloved by Allah pantile and again, if I undo will become beloved by a loss pantalla I will be protected, I will be mice, my supplication and yours will be granted. And I and you when we turn to Allah, seek is seek refuge in Him, He will give it to me. So today another criteria actually more than one in one hardy in one saying of roswaal ASR towards center, this actually no, you will find it in Muslim and it is narrated by Satan Assad of know of your boss. And he said I heard the Russell earlier software set

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up say the following

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in Allah, indeed, worldly, Allah, your head loves

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four criteria. And in another narration, five actually, in Allaha, Indeed, Allah loves, I loved the servant,

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Ducky, Allah conscious, Allah and he, the rich, self sufficient and Javi, the hidden the unknown. In Allah, Indeed, Allah loves, I loved the servant at Ducky, Allah conscious, constant, and money, the rich are the self sufficient.

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Oh Javi the hidden let's take them one by one. So I need these four. Analysts pantalla one love me. Number one, we are all servants of Allah. No a bad law, we are His servants. But when I say this, specifically,

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I need to remind myself What is obudu what is sort of the queued to last pantalla simple.

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I am or act of worship very bad at all the same. A bad act of worship, hugged is the servant servitude is also an a ballad is every act and saying Allah loves and pleased with internally and externally. Everything I see everything I do, internal, external, Allah loves and please do.

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So that's number one criteria, I become a servant. But not only this, he wants more.

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tukey the one that person who is unlock conscious and we went into detail, Allah who your head will Mottaki I think they three or four of this series, you can go back to it. Allah verily loves those who are more Ducky, they put a barrier between them and the punishment of a law or the anger of a law at tucky. In another word, I am a lot conscious in my daily life as I am going through life. Always Always I remind myself with a lot of singly and there is angels recording my actions and deeds and I'm always trying to say and do things are pleasing to Allah so Utley

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now comes to aligning the rich or the self sufficient. And lohani which is one of the names of a las pantile l honey let's take the rich first. Allah your head loves rich people. Hmm. So what does that mean? and honey is the person who is rich, wealthy, however, spend this wealth sufficing himself and his family and then spending the extra is Allah gave in a way pleasing to Allah pantalla

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Charity zeca helping people starting projects to help people to make other people self sufficient. And honey, the rich, the other meaning of money, which is so interesting. What about people who doesn't have wealth? Allah doesn't love them

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self sufficient, whatever they have, she or he is enough for them Alhamdulillah and the name of honey is the name of a wasp pantalla self sufficient, meaning I don't have enough, or I have barely enough, but I am a honey, I am self sufficient. I am connected with a honey as the one who is the only one who is self sufficient. And I do not need people. I don't feel internally that I my survival, my happiness, my need, is given and fulfilled by people. Rather, it is by Allah subhanho wa Taala. How is that? Well, I may need something from someone.

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It's true. But internally, I don't see that person, individual human being benefiting me or harming me giving me or withholding, I see a lot of money, the self sufficient moves that for some, lets him do it or don't do it. So if I am self sufficient, I don't need human beings. Meaning when I need something, number one, I turn to Allah and I say your law, please give me please make it easy, and how he will respond Suppan by making people does these things for me, he probably will open my door to as a human being that will help me reach what I need. But it's not that person who did it. It's Allah who facilitated. So Allah loves that human being, that rich person who is spend his money, or

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how to money or wealth in the way pleasing to Allah pantalla. And feels internally they are self sufficient. They don't need people, if they need anything, guidance, how to do things, material things. It's only Allah is the one hookups. So that's number three. Number four, in the same Hadith, which is the most beloved one, because there is a relationship with this criteria, and the last pantalla is a huffy the hidden,

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the hidden person who is unknown, the person who no one's No, I'm sure many of you have seen this amazing picture of that cleaner, that cleaner in the home. When the whole mop off, the whole area around the Kaaba, huge is empty. No one is there, except that individual is stopped he's there, on his knees,

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and making dua to Allah, what a special man Do we know who is this person?

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Because the picture was too far and Javi that person had Allah knows, but he has a relationship with a lost pantalla that Allah gave him this status. I and you need to establish especially in Ramadan, they call it a hidden a bad, hidden, unknown act of worship, only you and Allah knows when the Allah and you know, extra total God and the night, extra charity only you know,

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I do have a special dua a feeling of forgiveness towards someone nobody knows, except Allah and Javi that means to, for me to be the hidden person, I should never look for fame, praise and that people are seeing to me, I don't do things to be seen. I don't do things to be appraised to be praised. I'm sorry to be praised. I don't do things so I can see how many followers or how many views how many likes, which is very difficult these days. It may be that Allah will give me a million followers but I didn't do it for that reason. That's the difference. My goal is I don't want people to know I want only the one then know the one who knows to know al hafi. And and the raw swatting Salatu was Salam

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said in another Hadith, or on a shotgun about it could be a man who is so untidy, unclean, and the hair is not done and full of dust, full of dust, no X amount of law, actually that people don't even pay attention to him.

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No XM Allah, Allah. If he

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You say to Allah by you, you will do this to me or you will give this to me, Allah will give him what our relationship this person has with Allah. Although people don't think about him or her anything, no value in their eyes, but what value that person has with a law. And how do I reach this by having hidden good deeds. So four criteria law will want to meet to have so I get his love. I need to be the true servant. I need to be a law conscious, I need to be self sufficient. I feel Allah is more than enough for me to give me a to suffice me. And then the most important thing, oh, Javi. Let's do our good deeds hidden. We don't have to announce it. We don't have to write a post

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about what I did in Ramadan, and how many huduma of the hora and how many Tara we don't do that. Do it only for Allah. If Allah wants to make you public, he will make it but don't do it with that intention. So let's try today to look at four things that we will do practically, I'm going to try to be the servant of a lot today, say and do things external and internal, that pleases Him. I'm going to do my best to be a lot conscious when I'm eating when I'm fasting when I am after talk when I am with my family or when I am in my act of worship when I'm speaking and then Alani inside me. I keep reminding myself, I don't need anything. I don't need anyone except the one and then let's

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start establish an act, an act of worship that only Allah knows and keep it hidden. Unless a lot punk diner wanted to be public your ob ami May Allah subhanho wa Taala teach us what is beneficial benefit to us from what we are learning and make us every day better than the day before. This akmola higher

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