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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam, Arusha, mercy mursaleen said no Mohammed Anwar, early he was so happy he married. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa Tada. We send our sugar we send our praise, our Salutations, our, our love, we send all our evader to a loss of Hannah de la ilaha illAllah none has the right to be worshipped except Allah is nonetheless returned to accept him Allah subhanaw taala accept from us this walk of Juma ALLAH forgive our sins of last week and the week to come. May Allah protect us and keep us in his safety. May Allah subhana wa tada bless us and we sing our greetings and are left on Avi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I will lead our true leader, what a great leader and to his beloved Sahaba and his family and all the Muslim men that follow his Sunnah until the end of

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time. May we be of those people in this dunya and akhira, amin Al Hamdulillah.

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Al Hamdulillah been a busy week for a short week, but a busy week for for all of us. And we know it's a monumental week for us with the elections that have come and gone. And we said we're doing a series on the politics of Islam, the politics of faith. And this is a very topical issue, not just in South Africa when we had our politics, but we know throughout the world. America is going through its elections, the UK came through a very, very exciting or very, very busy time in terms of elections, and the issue of Islam is always on the agenda. And for us as Muslims, we have a lot of questions to ask, some of you might have, and this is a done deal. Some of you felt that it is

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permissible that we should vote some of you felt it is impermissible. We've spoke about the evidence for and against some of you when you voted you felt we should vote for Muslim parties. Some of you have felt Why do we have five Muslim parties? Why is none of those parties endorsed by our lemma, all these kind of questions? Perhaps we can discuss them more freely now after the fact now that the issue has come and gone. And we've said that whatever leadership is upon us, according to the Quran and Sunnah, we follow and obey that authority, so long as they do not command us to commit sin, then we respect and obey the authority and inshallah we'll take this controversial topic and try to

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explain of 1400 years How is Islam being managed? What is a halifa? Is there such a thing as a hotkey for today? How do we bring the hollyford back? Should we bring the caliphate back? Is democracy permissible in Islam? And how do we get through this very, very difficult issue? We a lot of blood has been spilled, a lot of violence has been committed. So we mentioned in the last two lectures, that the points the key points, that number one,

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obedience to authority. And the fact that Allah subhana wa, tada wants this oma to be united under a leadership. If you look at its structures in Islam, on a social level, on a religious level, on a political level, we should always have a leadership that says if three of you go out in a journey, let one of you select an Imam with the be a leader from amongst you, you should always have a leader, you should always have somebody of authority authority that makes the decisions and those who you select as your leader, and I say select very deliberately, because selecting a leader, democratically, maybe not exactly as we understand them, democratically, is part and parcel of the

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Sharia. We said if you look at the caliphs of Islam, say no Baccarat Dionne was selected democratically by the people a popular decision. It was a popular decision that led to say no book about your life becoming the halifa. So to say nalli, he was selected by the people as the halifa has a lot to learn by the people. It only became a kinship after that, and a few generations after actually became an issue of warfare, that the caliphate was taken by the sword, but selecting a leader through the permission of the people, this is part of Islam. So

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when a leader is chosen, both politically or religiously, you choose your Imam, you choose your Chairman, you choose the boss set the company, you choose your husband, we obey that leadership and authority and we advise and that authority governs in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. That is why the ayah which is the most fundamental ayah in the section of work, in this area of discussion, this ayah which you must know, at oma obey, Allah will appear soon, but will remain calm. Look at this. ayah Allah says to law, obey Allah and obey the law soon and those in authority amongst

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You so Allah does not say what it will it will remain calm. Allah doesn't use the word it again. Why? Because obedience to Allah absolute. You can never ever say, I decide when and when not to obey Allah. It's absolute and obedience universal Salaam is absolute. If nobody says do something harsh, you do it. But you leadership, you obey them, but there are times when you can just obey them. And we spoke about a little bit about that.

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Let's talk about Historically, the caliphate. Let's talk about this title, the halifa What does the hollyford actually mean? halifa. When Allah Subhana says in the Quran, or in Asia, I don't fill out the halifa I'm going to place on this earth my halifa was speaking about

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the item, man, mankind, you and me, we are the halifa of Allah subhanho wa Taala halifa is the one that represents you will not be we knew not they, he is the one that represents you. Right? Yo, yo deputy. So Allah says the angels I'm going to place on this earth, the one to manage the earth, my halifa meaning in Sun meaning mankind, and obviously specifically in a big family. So that was set up. So halifa is the one who means the one who follows the one who follows the one who's not there anymore. So the halifa, meaning the one who followed when the leadership, the leader, meaning the visa Salam is not the who follows him. And we'll talk about people that have held this title. So if

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we look at the history of Islam, and we broadly and this is a very crude division of how Islam scallops have been divided, they are up 110 ecumenical caliphs, the nice word ecumenical What does it mean, authoritative or agreed upon? Or

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lead like we have many people today called as Holly first, but they're not official believers. No one recognizes them as the halifa only a small group. We are 110 men who were by and large, the MSA. They were the official caliphs of the oma, right 110 men who held the title four of them the whole of our regime, meaning the we know the abubaker and amarnath mentality of the Lancome then we had the Omega dynasty of 14 years, we had 14 callups 54 of acid caliphs 37 Ottoman caliphs and we have one who knows who this one is, this has sounded the alarm and in fact, you should be of the whole of our OCD. But Satan as in the grandson of Nabisco, solemn, a very special Caliph, and he was in the

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period between the Abbasid Caliphate and the hula. And in fact, he is the rightly guided caliphs. He only stayed as a halifa for six months. But what he did in that six months saved Zuma from catastrophe did a great thing. By abdicating his role as halifa. He was the halifa for six months. And then he resigned and proved unity with the oma. So that is a very special man, that one the grandson of NaVi saw seldom when you had non official caliphs, people who held the title as halifa, like the Imams of the 12, imams of the Shia, have the same knowledge of their line. We agree with the Shia that say nalli is obviously the Caliph. But after that, we disagree in terms of scenarios

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in the house. And we agree with the Shia that those were the two categories of Islam, but we disagree with them on terms of who they regard as the halifa. Obviously, they call them Imams, and this is history, and whether we debate or not, not the area of debate. Now, you can go back to the website and listen to our lectures on Shiism. But we did say but they were not the caliphs, as per what we say the authoritative governance of the oma, the 12, the remaining 10 caliphs of the Shia imams when you had a dynasty known as the fatimid dynasty, also a Shia dynasty. And they existed the same time as the Abbas. It's the fatty meats were in Cairo. In fact, they established Cairo and also

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University comes from them. They built the city and you had a Khalifa in Baghdad, Abbasid Khalifa. So you have two people calling to be halifa.

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Two people calling to be halifa. In fact, you had the third in Spain, you had a new halifa the abass it the Omega Khalifa, and this is beautiful ECD to note, the Omega dynasty we're a family that ruled and they ruled like a political family. We'll talk about them in this lecture inshallah, but they were overthrown. They were through a popular uprising, but so they were taken over and the family basically the entire family was massacred, all of them. The royal family was killed. One of them escaped. And he ran to the end of the oma which is Spain. It was a Muslim country. And we he was accepted. And he can retain the title as halifa. But he's now outside of the government. Right? So

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we had a halifa in Spain, where the halifa in Cairo, and we had the hollyford in Baghdad. Baghdad was the official halifa of the Muslim ummah. So this is just the history. And then of course, the caliphate after World War

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One after the Ottoman Empire collapse this title, even the title disappeared. And now we don't have a halifa. Officially, we have many unofficial believers. One very famous one in Sydney at the moment, right?

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ISIS, this is not an official Caliphate is not someone that we supported, but it's someone who took the title. And throughout history, we'll find people like that. So let's talk about some of the great caliphs in Islam. And no one is greater in terms of the title, and no one deserves the follower of the Navara Dylan, the man who is the substitute for Mohammed Al Salaam, that when the visa Salam himself is not there, we have my representative meaning abubaker odilon. And in terms of elections, we said that if we look at how senior worker was elected, he was elected democratically, which is a good thing for us. We live in a democracy, where it might be asked what right do you have

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to choose a leader? You should just accept whoever the orlimar put in front of you, whoever democracies are part of Islam, no, say no record of the lion was selected democratically, the leadership of Medina, those who had authority, and they had tribes, so each tribe elected its own leader. So how it worked in the time of sino buckler, the amount of time that visa Salaam, you had many, many tribes within the city, each tribe selected from their family. So we know the heat of the families like the grandfather was the eldest son or the with the most senior member, the most learned person, he You are our leader, you represent our family, this is how it was. And then these

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tribal leaders would get together and they would sit on a panel and they would make decisions together. So these tribal leaders of Medina got together and they decided what should we do after the death of Nagisa Salaam who should be our leader? And long story short, ultimately, they selected Abu Bakar of the Alon as the halifa you should be in charge of the muslimeen we should not be so solemn did not make an official statement who should be the halifa but there is enough evidence to show us why the Sahaba selected Abu Bakar of the Alon, even today will come to the same conclusion. What proof do we have that abubaker was the best man for the job?

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Look at the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, electron suricata Nasir la Raja Raja Lavina Carruth Daniel is named Eve Houma Fillmore. So Allah subhanaw taala says, if you don't help Mohammed Salim, it doesn't matter for Allah indeed, did help him when the disbelievers drove him out. jealousies remember when the visa so much thrown out of Mecca. I helped him when he drove him out the second of the two when they were in the cave, when the two of them were in the cave. So a lot describes when we saw some lift macker and Cena boubakeur and that we saw somewhere in the cave. So Allah says abubaker is the second of the to you so he's number two, was actually calling Zeno

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Boqueria. He's number two in command. He is the deputy CIO overseas when the second of the two was in the cave and he said you know an interview some said to him Don't be said Allah in the LA Marina Nevis was told abubaker Don't worry, Allah is with the two of us. So Allah cool Cena boubakeur, he is the second like the second income on you understand this this angle of discussion a local senior banker, the second on the basis of being number one abubaker is number two. Another another evidence of senior bankers right to leadership is a loss of hand this is a sir What sir be called an overly nominal mahadji. Dina, what are what are the net of our own being the center of the Allahu anhu?

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What are the one that a lot of answers and the foremost the very first people who became Muslim, and the Mahajan and unsolved and this is an order of preference. Those who became Muslim first or based when the Mahajan are better, then the answer I mean, they are the next best then the answer after the Mahajan. And then all of those who follow the Mahajan and unsought in Islam, radi Allahu Allah is pleased with them. So what is the base of the base are those who became Muslim first, and we know who was the first to became Muslim? Abubakar Dylan is probably number one or number two, deja vu abubaker rhodiola. It's either one or two of them. Khadija probably and we say in Fallujah, in my

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view, Khadija rajhans, the first to become Muslim, and then Singapore, cara de la, the first man to become Muslim. It's a number of the Alon. And Allah says these are the VDB people from the Quran. What else Allah Subhana Allah sees, and who saw it and who obeys Allah and the messenger, then they will be in the company. And when we say this is our Sula folder, Mr. Latina and Mr. Nam Allahu Allah him never been or Sydney teen or Shahada. It was already in the house una una ecography. Allah Subhana Allah says that if you are a good person, and you live your life and you make this door that will always be then you will be working

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The NBA with the profits and the syndics and the shuhada, the martyrs and the Saudi Haim the good people. So these are getting four categories Allah gives you a list of four types of people Nabis see deixe shuhada martyrs and Saudi hain good people obviously again in terms of priority or preference and be on top of the list. The next best category that you can be you can't be an A B what's the base category often a b, c d IQ ICD. Allah calls Maryam in the Quran can see because she was acidic and who do we know being acidic v number one CD could not be so cool, acidic abubaker imagine it's like nobody's recording a man. A Shaheed this man is the number one Shaheed he says to

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abubaker you are acidic, the number one Siddiqa all the Sudhakar Allahu Akbar. Imagine that that's the title of abubaker of the alarm. So this is from the Quran, from the Sunnah evisa salaam gives a beautiful, beautiful Hadith in Bukhari, this sidel hoodie and this is this hadith. He says, Allah has nothing so Salaam Davis's speech, and it was like, you know, a, you know, for us it seemed like a normal speech, he was giving a speech. And so picture this, a few weeks or days before the professor passed away, he comes in he gives a quote, and he says, Allah has given a slave of his the option to choose this world or to choose with what is with Allah.

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Now besides me saying to the Sahaba, there wasn't the slave a lot gave him a choice the dunya or the archaea. So the slave chose the Hara. Mashallah good. So how about things he's talking generally, but nobody is talking about something else they don't understand. And when nevison gives the speech, everyone thinks Mashallah, good lucky slave, we chose the era of aka subscribing, and we will astonish the Sahaba saying, We so why is this mankind? Why is abubaker crying at this wouldn't be some saying, and the but what the prophet so they came to realize what Nagisa was saying. Allah gave me the choice, meaning obese or sudden the choice of living in the dunya will go into Allah in the

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era. So I chose going to Allah, let me make this decision. I want Allah I've done my job, I'm ready to meet Allah. So he's going to die. And abubaker understood this, so he was crying bitterly. So this hobbit say that the Prophet mentioned as mentioned, as a slave, who had been offered a choice. We learned later that Allah's Apostle himself was the person who was given the choice, and abubaker was the first of us to know it. And then the racism continued. And he says, and these were the last words of life, he said, the person who has favored me the most of all, with his companionship and his wealth is abubaker. If I were to take a holiday other than my Lord, someone that is intimate

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with me, besides a lot, I would have taken a bucket as such. But what is left is the Brotherhood of Islam and the friendliness of brotherhood and the Navy. So Salaam said and this is symbolic, again, the houses of Medina were attached to the masjid so each person had to do which into the master so you could come to the masjid, just by going through your back door is called the Whoa, ha. So now besides the lamps, it lit all the doors to the masjid big lock, no one should come into the masjid through those doors, except the door of a worker of the alarm. All those gates should be closed, except abubaker is dope, right? And so Salim said, in another editing party. And it's sad that maybe

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we're not so familiar with what is a beautiful Hadith and an example of his noble work. Maybe some said, while I was sleeping, I saw myself standing at a well over which there was a bucket. And I pulled out from it as many buckets of water as Allah wished. So I pulled out water from this, well, a lot of buckets of water can't count how much how many buckets of water then be kochava meaning abubaker he took the bucket from me and he pulled one or two bucket loads. And a bucket of Dylan lived for two years as Holly for two and a half years. So now he says he pulled two bucket loads out. And there were some weaknesses pulling there were some problems in the way he pulled it. And if

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you look at the halifa ship of Santa Clara de Alon, he came at a time of catastrophe. When he became the halifa the entire tribes of Arabia had rebelled everyone so now that Muhammad is gone, all the enemies of Islam said now that the man is gone, now there's no way they're going to survive. So they all turned on Medina and walk out of the land. Through his leadership and the grace of Allah. Islam survived. It was on the verge of collapse. Medina was about to be attacked. Every area besides Medina and Mecca rebelled against the Muslims. cinnabar couldn't take over leadership, new false prophets appeared all over Medina, many people said you see a prophet went to Medina. Is it so

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strange to think a little sin a prophet to to Yemen, a prophet to Kuwait a prophet to Riyadh. So people said yes, makes sense. All of us in the new Prophet saarbrucken had to deal with all these things. So nobody thought Abu Bakar

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Over the bucket from me, and he pulled two times and it was some difficulty in it when he gave the bucket over to say normal, and the bucket became huge, became like a like a basin. And I never saw anyone so proficient at pulling water out of a well as a normal. And we know that in the time of say, nominal Dylon. He was basically the most powerful man in the world. And it spread the boundaries of the oma all the way into North Africa and into Persia. And he did a great job as a Khalifa. So this is again, symbolism of what we saw of the future.

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more evidence of cinnabar could have been appointed as the halifa.

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So when the Madison was ill, a lady came to him and said, ask me some questions. So she said, What if I come and I don't find you anymore? Rasulullah sallallahu? If you're not there to answer my questions, who should I go to? So

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as if she wants to say so the narrator says your job even with him, the Sahabi says, As if though she means if you are dead, who do I go to? So he said, then go to Abu Bakar asked Abu Bakar what you need. And we said the greatest evidence that Nafisa Salaam gave to us in America was the was the best man for the job.

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Was the visa Salaam lived for two years when they were Hajj for two years there was Hajj but how many did he make? He only made one. So what happened the year that he didn't make Hajj, the year he didn't make Hajj, there must have been a Hajj tsunami. So sin, sin abubaker you go and you be the Imam of the Hajj. You all teach the people how to make a Jew or the Imam of Hajj. And we know that beautiful story when evisa salaam was ill and he told I shadowed Yolanda called abubaker and tell him he must lead the Salah. I'm too sick to be the Imam of the masjid.

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And I actually didn't want to tell the father to be the Imam Why? Because he cries and a bucket is the nature of crying. And the mom is crying and crying and you want to go to your shop and to your wife and and this man is taking so long to decide sort of it. So people are going to get frustrated. So she said, Why don't you ask her? Or the daughter of Sunoco says Why don't you ask Homer? And Nabisco says no aboubaker so then I shall want to have sir and said why don't you speak to the Navy so solemn also also your wife and tell him to make your father or mother I don't want to be the Imam who said no, I don't want anyone besides Abu Bakr. And when a worker one day say Norma Linda sala de

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Vaca wasn't a and maybe so Salam told them stop armor in the middle of Sora stop him, he must need to solder only Abubakar must need to solder. So this is you know this is clear that he will be so seldom appointed abubaker as the Imam and greater greater than that. What is even greater than this. Say no broker is leading the seller on the last day of the life of visa Salaam. Abu Bakar is leading with sada and in Ibiza Salam felt a little bitter that day and he stepped out and he went join the solder. He joined the solder. This is the last time he made solder publicly. This is the last time that pieces are made solid publicly. He joins the SATA behind signup aka

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Imagine no person evalina visa salamin Sala except abubaker only for a few moments because when navesink came out and he stood in the first soft, the Muslim sort of like a worker visa is here and say nobody looks over your shoulder. Nobody's gonna tell him stay leave the solder, but a worker couldn't step back. So now these are some straightforward but for that brief moment, maybe so salon was happy to be led by a worker on the line. This is not suddenly toxicity agreed upon by Sunni Shia orientalist, this is what happened. So this is over enough evidence to say no, because of the Alon that he was the man for the job and his leadership style. What a leader he was, in his time, the

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Quran came into a Muslim, that he he made the hufa come together and write the Quran down in a book form and checked, the most half we have today about karate, or if someone had to put a stamp on the abubaker to put a stamp because it was done in his time knocking fat print from Singapore could have the Alon in his time, the

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was preserved all the false prophets that appeared and he took care of all of them by the grace of Allah. And also an issue of Zakah came up with the people stopped playing soccer, and they said we only paid soccer to Mohamed Salah because he would make dua for us and do our job. So now that he's dead, there's no reason to play soccer, and some Sahaba even Satan, Ahmed felt, let's not fight these Muslims will deal with him later. But abubaker said, No, anybody who takes Zakah away from Islam like sada then in my mind, we make jihad against them as well. And had he not done that cinnabar said Ahmed said he had not made that tough decision. Zakat would have disappeared from

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Islam. So he stood alone, even to the other Sahaba. So this is a worker of the Alon What a great halifa he was and there's no dispute and debate as to his position and to his daughter, and they say Subhana Allah, Allah loves America, so much

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much, but even after he passed away, Allah made people to come that curses him. So he's the Raja increases of these this Subhana Allah right? If you know what I mean, you know what I mean? If you don't know what I mean? Well, hamdulillah bitter for you that you don't know.

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That's the first halifa in Islam, the first man, the first man who has the title of Caliph in Islam. And this is the caliber, that speech he gave his inauguration speech, what did he say? He said, Yeah, you know, whoever worships Allah, then a lot he means but Mohammed has passed away, and then he can speak, you see those beautiful words, I am not better than any of you. I'm from amongst you. If you obey me in what I do have good. And if I do something wrong, then stop me. You stop me from doing something as Haram. And I'm only strong and a good leader, when I take the rights of the poor, and the wealth of the rich and give it to the poor. When I stopped doing that, I'm no longer a good

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person. This is what say no abubaker at the onset. This was his leadership style. Now we jump forward

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to the man that is regarded as the best Caliph of the Omega dynasty, one of the great heroes of Islam. And again, why do we talk about the history of these great caliphs? Today, we lacked leadership.

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We don't have leaders, and we hope that we have leaders like these men, may Allah grant us to have leaders like these men. This man is so good and great and amazing, as a leader as a kind of that people have said the Obama had said, had they been another rightly guided halifa of the hashtag Ilan, it would be this man, he would be number five on the list. So number six, the fifth or sixth rightly guided caliphs. He is like Abu Bakr and Omar northman. And a lot of the a lot in his style of leadership. And what he did what we're talking about, we're talking about halifa Omar bin Abdulaziz or the La La Salatu was set up, but it wasn't a hobby. It wasn't a companion. He didn't

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live in the time of No, he never made an abyssal Salaam, and he only made a few Sahaba.

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He now visa sentences,

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within the Hadith, that every century, Allah will send a mujaddid He will send a revival at former at the head of every century, Allah will send a person who will bring the deen back on track and the very first magette did of the soma is the first man we held the title of magette did by consent of the Obama is this Khalifa Omar bin Abdulaziz Elisa to set up some background to his life.

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So he was born at the time when the mega dynasty had come into prominence, so that he is now taken control, a family ruled, so the time of the whole of our regime is gone. Now Lisa kingship is a king in Damascus in Syria. And He rules the oma and he is extremely powerful. And what he sees is low. He basically kills like he wants and he does what he wants. And he's the most powerful man on earth. The the Empire, the Roman Empire is the most powerful empire on earth and lay on the skin. You can see from Spain, they conquered Spain, they conquered all of North Africa. they conquered all the way the the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, all the way into China, and India, all ruled by one man in

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Damascus. And his rule was complete and powerful. This is the Omega dynasty very strong leader. So they ruled the world basically, they ruled off the world. And the family was wealthy and rich, and they spent and they did what they wanted. They were above the law, you know, extreme corruption. So Omar Abdulaziz, this is his family. He comes from this family. And he lived in a time when I said the family was at the height of the power when they just conquered Spain and they conquered into China. And they lived above the law. So who was he his background? He's

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the son of Abdul Aziz, the son of Marwan Marwan was the halifa. So Abdul Aziz is the father of this man, Omar Abdullah is his father. But he had an uncle, his dad's eldest brother was Abdul Malik the halifa. So he wasn't the son of the halifa. He was the nephew of the halifa. You understand? The halifa had a younger brother Abdul Aziz, and Abdul Aziz had a son Omar. So the halifa was his uncle, Abdullah Malik, this very powerful man who basically ruled the world. His mother was Laila bin Tarsem bin Omar, Laila, the daughter of Assam, who was the son of Omar and Farooq, Abdullah and say now modellen so say now Mike is his great grandfather. His mother was a notice granddaughter. And

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it's a beautiful story that this his father, we just introduced him today and we have to continue next week that his father Abdulaziz, he lived in Medina, while the government was in Damascus and his father was the halifa and his brother was ruling the world. He lived in Medina and Medina was a little more insulated from the corruption and what was happening politically. So this man, or his father, Abdul Aziz, was him.

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I have a young man with a very upright models. And he said to his father, I want to marry when I get married, I want to marry the family of say normal. I don't care who she is what she looked like, I just wanted to be family of say normal, I want to be related to say normal. So he proposed to this girl, Layla, the daughter of Asim, and he married her. And it's a beautiful story also, about the wife of us, him.

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The wife of us, him say about his grandmother, cinema, the lion is the halifa. And he had this policy, we would walk around Medina, and he would listen to what people say he wouldn't spy on him. But he, he felt that, you know, I'm, no one is so scared of me. They're not going to tell me to my face what they think of me. So you would race like a beggar and he would listen to what people say. So he came across a house and he found this lady and her daughter, bottling milk. So the mother said, you know, put mix the milk with water. So what is it? How can we do that we couldn't sell a liter lukianoff it is water, and specifically say not much spoke out against this. Don't worry man

00:31:05--> 00:31:46

is here to see. So she said the daughter said to the mother, but if Omar isn't here, his boss his master is here sees as a lot to say normally heard this. The next day, he told the son asked him go to that house is a girl v marry her. That's going to be your wife. So he married this girl. And from them came as daughter Laila, and she's the mother of Omar bin Abdulaziz was going to become the caliphate we get to see and we ended up with the same number drempt he had a dream, where he saw a descendant of his with a mark on his face will rule the world with justice. And the family of Sade normally would always check when a son was born. Does he have a birthmark and this disease when he

00:31:46--> 00:32:23

was a young boy, he was kicked by an animal and he had a scar on his head. And they thought is this the guy that's quite let's say, nominated him, we'll be bringing justice to the world. And yes, inshallah he was so we'll continue about him next week in sha Allah, the fifth rightly guided caliphs of Islam, moving up the disease and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada, makes more of these men, like, they don't run up although brings more of them. So we learn about these people so that inshallah our leaders can be like this. And we give advice to the new leaders, read the history of these people, follow them and you'll bring justice to the world and goodness to those who are

00:32:23--> 00:33:02

followed and you will be in the guidance of Allah Most Powerful give us an example. So let's say no Mohammed Yusuf Islam I mean, I mean just one announcement I think that we have our Hajj course happening this weekend. There's still availability if anyone is interested in signing up 25 people or so that have signed up if you'd like to learn all you need to know about Hajj inshallah A to Z will have a number of Rama and Dr. Dr. as well to be there to discuss this. So it's the course happening tomorrow at the new nursery school if you want to obsolete and will continue into Sunday. It's from eight o'clock in the morning until one o'clock go to the lower in the afternoon. So you

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have the rest of the day available. If you're interested in buying the notes or the audio inshallah we hope will be online. And if you'd like to attend the course then you can speak to myself with Italian insha Allah Salallahu Salam aleikum, forget