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The importance of learning from experience and the church's ability to overcome challenges faced by graduates is emphasized in Islam. The church is not a place for one to take advice, but a place for everyone to learn from. The success of Islam in bringing people to their minds and creating a pointless conflict between them is also highlighted, along with the need for organic growth and hardworking thinking. The challenges faced by Muslims in the face of a new reality, including drama and political issues, are also discussed, along with the importance of acknowledging and embracing the reality of life. The potential consequences of using Islam to harm the people and community are also discussed.

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autosource foothold barrier that makes it very difficult for any army to break into into the city, and also to gain an advantage against a bigger army.

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This was completely technical knowledge.

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It was not based on Revelation.

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And it would be completely impractical.

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And we from common sense for someone to say no, this should come from Revelation otherwise we don't take it. In life, we're faced with similar situations.

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Not all the situations we deal in we deal with require a solution from Revelation is Islam. The way Islam guides us, is not always at the direct level. So we have guidance for example, with regards to inheritance laws of inheritance, there is specific guidance that we are supposed to follow. But there are so many areas in life because there is countless numbers of scenarios that we could deal with conditions could be rearranged or could show up in an in an infinite number of clusters.

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And Revelation is not about telling us about the technicalities of each and every situation. Why because Islam is based on the assumption that humans are given reason, intellect. There are people who sort of

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reprove themselves in the sense that they would not accept any practical advice. Why? Because it's not from the Quran.

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Somebody would say I would not do this thing in that specific way because it did not come from the Quran.

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So why didn't the prophets or some other companions for that matter? Respond to Sandman and Pharisee ins in a similar way? No, this is from personally I wouldn't take it right. We follow the Quran and the Sunnah.

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That goes to show the absurdity of some times how we Muslims could go to extremes in narrowmindedness when we require everything even about matters of this life. Technical issues that we deal with, require them to come from the Quran otherwise, we're not we don't we won't accept them.

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The Prophet SAW Selim saw the companions the way they grew or the way they grew their harvest with regard or their produce of beets, they trees.

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The prophets are seldom recommended that they deal with the palm trees in some way.

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Especially with regards to pollination.

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So some of the companions tried the advice of the prophets of salaam it didn't work out that year, their trees did not bear dates. So they came and said to the Prophet SAW Selim, our trees, our palm tree, or our palm trees did not produce dates. The Prophet SAW Selim told them something he said unto him, Allah will be Ohmori dunya come, you are more acquainted, you have more knowledge than I do about matters technical matters of your life of how to grow your trees, or how to get this produce of beasts. Islam is not about how you grow trees, mangoes and oranges, right?

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Because these things, you can learn these things from experience in life from education. The same thing Islam doesn't tell you how to invest your money, but Islam has guidelines general guidelines as to how to handle finances

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so that it remains within the ethical realm of dealings.

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So sometimes our insistence on something that has to be stated in the Quran and the Sunnah, when it's a worldly matter, is actually an abuse of the Quran and the Sunnah. Now, this is not my topic, but this is something that will help me get into the topic.

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As a Muslim living in the West, it's not an easy thing.

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And it's difficult in ways most of us can't even imagine.

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Yes, maybe financially, it's easier.

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In many aspects, there are facilities, there are systems. There are this infrastructure that makes things way easier

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than where we come from. So this we assume, that everything in this in the West is just easy and is forthcoming, and you can utilize it even religious matters. Yes, there is a great level of religious freedom.

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You can practice your religion you can come to them as to you can dress up the way you want. You can see the things you want understood, as long as you don't break the law.

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But that's not what the practice of Islam that's not all what the practice of Islam requires. There is much more.

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There was subtle threats.

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There are RGR

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ideological issues. There are complex problems that if we keep responding to them in the same way we respond to problems that we are accustomed to, we will miss the point.

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And these challenges could actually bring about on the long haul, great consequences, grave consequences. And we see that the challenges the youth face today are not the challenges, the youth in the 70s and the 80s. And the 90s faced, they are categorically different.

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Simply sometimes a father or a mother think that the children are going through the same challenges and thus they respond the way they they responded

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in their own youth. But the reality is, the challenges are way more pernicious, or more difficult or very subtle. So we don't want to keep responding to a reality that is non existent.

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The prophets of Allah when he was sent them, if you look at how he handled these affairs, the Companions how they handle their affairs, there were very attendant their particular circumstances.

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At the time, specifically, at the time of Oman, Qatar, the Muslim ummah expanded exponentially, because there were new challenges, new issues appeared that were non existent at the time of the prophets of Allah when he was sitting down. You did not find the Companions going around, aimlessly searching for answers in the Quran and the Sunnah, they must have the Quran and the Sunnah. And they looked into the they lived according to the guidance, and they have they absorbed that guidance. But when you issues emerge, emerge, they recognize that these are technical issues, and we need to use our minds. Simple as that it's not haram to use your mind in Islam. Some people approach Islam as if

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it's haram to use your mind and why they read some texts or some advice from the scholars that anyone who follows an Afghan or a writing opinion and intellect, they will go with three.

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But the problem is those individuals don't realize that these words were sent in a context and the context was people who oppose revelation and oppose the religious legislation with their intellect. So that's a specific area. And this is why you find sometimes people dumbing themselves down, claiming they want to follow the Quran and the Sunnah, forgetting that the Quran and the Sunnah are based on the assumption that you are a sane human being. Because if someone is dealing with a situation, and they refuse to understand the situation and figure it out, and then respond to it, naturally, this is not a sane human being, they have an issue with their mind.

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And unfortunately, sometimes this seeps into the Islamic circles presenting itself this is really just city. So we create a dichotomy.

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The unnecessary, arbitrary conflict between

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us understanding between being a normal human being who's able to respond to their reality

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and then practicing Muslim whereas they go hand in hand at the time of Umrah hottub. The Muslims were extremely innovative, not innovative, in religious like they started introducing things to the religion, but they were innovative in governance. They were innovative in industry, in building infrastructure, in public relationships, and diplomatic relationships in so many areas. The Muslim kind of contribution to the to the global civilization grew to amazing heights.

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Some things even were seemingly changed like unbearable, hubbub changed many of the rules over data until Hurghada

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change some of the rules in Islam, in Islam that pertain to

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that any kind of natural resources that were founded the ground, any kind of mining, there was a certain distribution on how to change that.

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And in the new lands that were conquered, there was a certain kind of distributing new pieces of land. Something special was given to the early companions to the manager in the Ansel Amana hardtop change that some companions have posed it, objected to it. But he sat down with him, he discussed it with them. And he showed them that he was going in line with the principles of the Quran and the Sunnah. And the instructions of the prophets, Allah so and because the conditions changed. He wasn't changing Islam, but he was being responsive. And this requires a high level of knowledge is not for everyone. But the point here is, if we want to survive in the West as a Muslim community, we have to

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open our eyes. We have to understand what we're dealing with. We can't carry the reality from from our home countries and deal with it but

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We are dealing with a completely different situation there is, you can't get a better definition of insanity than this.

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And then some people have the audacity to call this religion, religiosity, Islam and traditionalism.

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This is clear insanity.

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And what you find today, and that's going to be my emphasis is that Muslims are going we through through so many challenges, we, most of us, actually, probably all of us, we don't realize how overwhelming it is to live in the world that we live in today.

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There are many challenges, social challenges, ideological challenges, emotional challenges, social challenges, and they are challenging us in ways we've never experienced. And then look at how we must learn to respond. There are great things we're doing, by the way, as Muslim communities in the West, there are great achievements, we have not to acknowledge them, but he were trying to pinpoint where things could bring us to our demise.

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And the reason I'm mentioning this,

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is that social media has exacerbated the differences among the Muslims. And I'm not talking about differences that have to be spoken about, but I'm just talking about, you go on social media. And I'm feel really bad for our youth who go on social media, and they search for some guidance. And all they find when it comes about Islamic education, debates,

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and oftentimes, debates among Muslims, yes, because Muslims are dealing with a new reality, there will be mistakes, there will be opinions, there will be weighed opinions. And we have to deal with that in an organic way as until we grow, that's a natural, that's a normal part of growth as a community. But the problem is a lot of the individuals who are speaking out and calling out some of the issues, they are present there, they are drama queens, and they want to dramatize every difference, they want to put down everyone who doesn't agree with them. And that's what our youth when they go online, or they see, you know, people putting others down people attacking one another.

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And, and people, oftentimes, a lot of these people they make maybe they have mastered one science, or two sciences, or some kind of skill. But they are speaking about complex issues when they have not mastered other relevant issues. They speak without knowledge. They speak without maturity, they speak without reason. And the polarizing the Muslim youth, some of the youth away the response that I don't want this, I don't want, I want nothing to do with this. And some of them take sides.

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And for them, the practice of Islam becomes about opposition, bringing people down, calling people out common people names, and so on and so forth. And you won't learn Islam, if that's how you how you approach it. We weren't, we weren't proper educators, proper, Robbie's people who can cultivate, who can ultimately help them, really fix their relationship with Allah subhanaw taala, improve and increase their knowledge of vocal arm of the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam, and how to apply it in their daily life. And

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then people who decide to choose to be politically active, socially active, etc, these people should go about acquire the skills and slowly, slowly, gradually grow into these areas and only speak with so much wisdom and knowledge and awareness of long term consequences for only our stuff, nobody will.

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Notice at the end, he was hardly any more than I do. So these times are challenging, just like all times, by the way, and if generally, the irony is that Subhanallah every generation, as they speak, they see our our our times are the most challenging. So this just tells us this is how life is this how life goes life is challenges. Oh, I'm going to be challenging. And the thing is not to get everything right, I think is to be really sincere and do our due diligence and trying to get the right things. But if we are so Jose

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if we act as perfectionist, who trying to get everything, right, anyone who makes a mistake in their attempt to me something right? We create a fuss about this. We draw a whole drama on that, and make a scene online and get everyone involved with our egos because I'm right, these people are wrong. I'm I'm going to save the younger generation, I'm going to fix the problems etc. We need a culture and we need a culture of selflessness, where we serve the Dean instead of using the dean to serve us where we serve our youth than trying to get get them to serve us by becoming our fans and our supporters and to be on our side.

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The challenges we're facing are far bigger than you and me or me being right and you being grown gets

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So on and so forth, is very sad when we come through. And this just brings a lot of detriment to our nation, to our people, to our youth, to our future generations.

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And in the name of what, in the name of what we refer to us speak in joining the good forbidding evil, we should not use the religion to service we should be at its service.

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Anyway, other than that, it's just going to bring about more harm than good.

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We need to learn how to be as selfless as possible, take ourselves out of the equation. And let Allah be number one. Let the religion of Allah be number one, and not impose our own resentments, our own psychological issues. Don't force them on the religion. Don't force our own demeanor. Yeah. And then call it Islam, we have to figure out this is a weakness within ourselves. And if I'm going to do something, contribute something, I should make sure I'm not using Islam in response to this deficiency that I have. That's the way you stem control. Other than that, we're just going to create more drama, more drama, and more people will be lost more people will be disenchanted with Islam and

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the practice of Islam. And then we're just going to our community is going to implode, it's going to kill itself.

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And that's something we don't want for our future generations. So may Allah subhanaw taala help us do the things that he's pleased with and handle our situations and challenges with maturity and wisdom alone buffalo menino aluminet Winston minimal Muslim Matt over here even on what I'm right along with another webinar myself I'm here with Domino's on how to pull me Kathleen llama filling out really well. He didn't even don't happen Elena the other God when they come

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along, I couldn't do most of it. They didn't want me and as equally McCann Hello Matt. They demand almost an hour long. That's about end now.

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Camera rahimian So cannot become a bigger city on my cell phone.