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Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The Bible is a parable that suggests that the spiritual meaning of Islam is death and darkness, and the parable is used to describe the church's actions as a gift and a mercy. The negative impact of practicing Islam on one's personal lives and mental health is discussed, including the importance of avoiding negative emotions and staying true to Islam. The segment emphasizes the importance of learning to live by the rules of Islam and finding the light of Islam in one's personal life.
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In Alhamdulillah Hina do who want to stir enough or want to stop futile when are all will be learned him in short order and fusina will see. Lena Mejia de la who Furla mobile Allah who won a YouTube little fella, the war shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah wa the hula Sharika wash. I don't know Mohammed Abdullah Rasool.

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Yeah, you heard Latina I'm an otaku la haka to party he Walter Morton

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to mostly mourn. Yeah, Johan. Shotoku Comala the Halacha comin FC Wahida wahala caminhadas Oh Jaha well Bethlem in Houma, rigid and Kathy are one is

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what double la Hala de Luna V Well,

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in Allaha Karna Alikum rock diva Yeah, you holiday in LA How are Kulu Poland studied? Useless la comme la come welfare lakum dono back home. Wanna up? How Allah Shula who fucka Jaffa was an alpha Lima backdoor for in US Dhakal Hadith the Kitab Allah azza wa jal wa Hiral had you had you in a beginner Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam, or Shavon Amorim of death to her Wakulla Mahadev 13 Bidda what will be the attend Allah, all praises due to Allah we praise Him, we seek his aid, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge and protection in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our own actions. Whomsoever Allah guides,

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none can lead astray. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, Nan can guide I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped. None has the right to our ultimate love and devotion but Allah alone who has no partners, and I bear witness that His Prophet Mohammed Al Salam is his messenger and his slave.

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Or you will believe fear Allah as he should be feared, and die not accept as Muslims in a state of submission to Allah. All mankind be dutiful to your Lord who created you from nothingness. He created you from one single person and from that person, he created his wife, from them both who created many men and women, and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kids. Surely Allah is Ever and all watch over you in all of us. All you who believe keep your duty to Allah, fear Him, and speak the truth, no matter what.

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He will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive you your sins and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed, attained a great achievement. The best speech is the speech of Allah. And the best guidance and way of life is that of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam. And the worst thing to do in matters of religion or innovation and Bidda something that is newly introduced and forced into the religion, because every innovation in the religion is misguidance and every misguidance leads its people to the hellfire.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says in the Quran, a woman can meet and hear you now. You're all Allahu Allah azza wa jal are wondering can I make a turn for you now what you're another who know Run DMC behave in us?

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come in who have a bolo, Matthew Lisa Bihari Jin minha.

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Allah subhanaw taala here is giving us a parable. A similar attitude and example, for us to understand the point behind this verse. So Allah is saying here the meaning of this verse, the interpretation of the verse, Allah is comparing the states of two people, two examples of people.

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One of them the first Allah subhanaw taala says, To whom we have given life, someone we have brought to life out of death. So he was in death in a state of death, we brought him to life. And that's not the life and death of the body. That's the life of the heart that Allah is talking about. So Allah is saying, Allah is comparing he's saying is one who has been dead, or who was dead and we brought him to life.

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So we revived him. We've given him life life of the hearts. What your Ananda who Nora, and we gave him or her lights, yam sheep.

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believe in us, that they march forward, this kind of journey of life among other humans, based on guidance and lights and clarity is here like someone who's messing around, roaming aimlessly in the dark? Are these two people similar?

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So Allah is describing Islam with two beautiful words first, its life. Second, its light. So Allah is saying is someone who possesses this higher form of life, life of the hearts, life of the soul, so he is alive, his life is lively, his heart is awake. And he has light with which he sees everything clear as it really is. So he knows where he is. He knows where he's heading. Is he like someone whose heart is dead? So he doesn't know anything about the reality of his life. And who lives in darkness. He doesn't know where he stands. He doesn't know where he's going. He doesn't know where he's supposed to go. He doesn't know what's the meaning of things that happen in this

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world. He's lost in the dark. He doesn't know anything. So are these two similar?

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Allah is asking this question.

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Allah is saying, Do you think these people are similar? So Allah is describing Islam as his life and lights hayah tune one all life and lights, whereas anything that is not connected to Allah, anything that doesn't come from the revelation, the authentic revelation that came from Allah, it is death and darkness.

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This is the Islam that Allah subhanaw taala sent down upon Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is what Allah Subhana Allah says in surah Tunis and another verse, Allah says, Allah Be Fugly Allah, he won't be automatically he won't be there. Lika Leah for who? Who were hiring my hiring manager everyone say to them, oh Muhammad,

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say to them, oh, Muhammad, sal, Allahu Allah, you were selling them. Let them rejoice. The main reason the only reason for them to find real joy and happiness and to rejoice is the mercy that was sent to them from Allah subhanaw taala. Through you or Muhammad, it's the favor of Allah and it's mercy from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So Allah is describing Islam again here as a favor from Allah and a mercy. What is this? What does the what do these two verses from the Quran mean? They mean Islam bring about life and lights. They telling us that Islam is the best gift from Allah subhanho wa taala. And it's full of mercy.

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And now we come to the hard question, because if we don't ask hard questions, we will keep fooling ourselves until we face death, face to face. And that's the only time we wake up when it's too late.

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are we feeling the mercy of Islam?

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are we feeling the Grace of Allah in Islam the favor of Allah in Islam? Do we see Islam as a burden? Or as a gift?

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Do we see Islam as restriction and confinement? Or do we see it as mercy?

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Do we see Islam as light? Does it give us light? Does it give us clarity?

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Do we see Islam as a lively aspect of our lives a source of light and guidance and liveliness and vividness and life? Do we see it like likewise?

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Or are we seeing it

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some other way? And that's the big question that each one of us has to ask themselves because if we if you don't really figure out the answers the correct answers to these questions, you might be fooling yourself throughout this journey that we call life.

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Why is it that when you tell Muslims come let's learn about Islam, they say wow, that's something boring, dull.

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When you tell someone that there is something about Islam to be taught in the masjid, people don't want to come tell them you come for pizza. They all join you right? To the extent that when we want to bring some youth, some people into the masjid, we say, listen, we're getting some pizza. We're getting some coffee. We're getting some snacks, so people flocked to the masjid. Right.

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So what's going wrong?

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What is happening with our approach to Islam? Why don't we see the light and the life? Why don't we live in this field?

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But and this mercy why aren't we experiencing that on a daily basis?

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Why does Islam seem to us or at least we relate to us, and we see it to be dull and boring. Why? When Allah is saying, it's the source of life, and life is the life of the soul, and this is the source of excitement, this is the source of attachments, and engagement

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and motivation.

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Where has it gone?

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So we need first of all to understand that Islam that came from Allah subhanaw taala, that the pristine message of Islam that came through Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is full of life is full of life is full of lights, is full of mercy. And is the gift from Allah subhana wa Tada. And if we are not feeling that it might be something wrong with ourselves.

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But I can't put the blame all of it on the general masses of the Muslims on the layman Muslim, on the average Muslim, who's not specialized in Islamic sciences, who sees themselves they want to do the basic obligations towards Allah subhanaw taala. And they don't want to stretch it any further. I can't put the whole blame on them. But sometimes it's the people who are practicing Islam that are sucking the life out of it. And these are the ones to be blamed. First and foremost.

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And this is something that Prophet sallallahu sallam was aware of, to the extent that despite the great damage, that then will not fit in the hypocrites. At the time of the Prophet Salam, they were creating so much damage to the Muslim ummah, so much damage to the Companions. They slandered the owner of the Prophet SAW Selim accusing his own beloved wife, I shouted, Allahu anha of Xena

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and they let the Muslims down in the Battle of LaHood when they pulled back a third of the army

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and they conspired with the enemies of Islam they plotted with them against Muslims.

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So they were backstabbing the Muslims left right and center in every on every occasion they could.

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Yet one of the companions says to the prophets of Salaam, why don't we deal with them? Why don't we get rid of them? Why don't we just kill them? Because these people are guilty of treason, proper treason. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says that we do and yet Anna kala NAS of your colon NAS in NA Mohamed, and he actually was Harbor, I don't want people to start coming up or assuming or arriving at a conclusion that we'll have met is killing his own companions. Because for the most part of people that don't know, it's just Muhammad and his companions. They don't know, they're hypocrites, they don't know.

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So this part was clear in the sight of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam. So when we sometimes approach Islam, and I'm saying sometimes I'm guilty of this, I'm not, by the way, like trying to pass the buck or acquit myself of the responsibility. It's upon each one of us, to really embrace the light and the life of Islam. Embrace the mercy and the favor of Allah subhanaw taala and experience it with Islam on a daily basis in your daily prayers when you first when you raise your hands and ask Allah and call upon Him. If you don't feel these aspects of Islam, there's something wrong with your approach.

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If you don't experience it as you raising your kids, when you treating and dealing with your spouse is when you're facing your challenges, and the hardships and the difficulties and the poverty and the trials of this life. And we deal with you dealing with your Muslim brothers and sisters, when you're dealing with non Muslims, in every situation, throughout this life, if you don't experience the light and the life, if you don't experience the mercy and the favor of Allah, in this beautiful way of life, there is something wrong in the approach

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and the approach that you're taking to this religion. So sometimes we practice and people make it hard for people to become truly Muslims, because we have a certain preference, and we want it to be the one and only truth. And we start judging people based on our own personal preferences.

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And this is why one of the greatest of the early generations Matan with a ship here.

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Well, the Allahu Anhu someone came and asked him about something and this is reported in Kitab magical Majelis with an authentic narration, a chain of narration. Someone came to him and inquired him and it seemed that he asked him about certain things that he wanted to push someone or one of a member of his family or his group to an opinion that he held and it was a strict opinion. So I'm sure he'll total

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him, Allah. Allah Yeah. How do come settle Islam in Saudi? Why does one of you limit the vastness of Islam to the narrowness of his own chest,

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you have a narrow chest, you have a strict approach. You have a negative personality, don't force it on Islam, because you can't hijack it. That's the religion of Allah. It's not your religion who gave you ownership over the religion of Allah to take one strand of it, one opinion of it and say, That's what Allah wants, everything else is wrong. You'll look down upon other Muslims. How dare you do the things and the work of Allah subhanho wa taala. That's not for you. That's not for me.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he sent the companions to Yemen, he said in a map with Tamiya, serene, welcome to bathroom or sitting you were sent to bring about ease to people, not hardship. So why is it now when we practice Islam, we'll make it hard for ourselves, hard for our wives, hard for our children, hard for our family hard for the people around us. And we say that's Islam. But then Islam or even, or even Canada, Islam, as the prophets of salaam said began as a stranger will return as a stranger but you use the Hadith to justify your own preferences.

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How often people fight with their parents, when they become Muslim, disobey them, this respect them, the wrong their wives, the wrong their children, the long wrong their brothers and the sisters Islam is vast Islam brought us life. Light, your life as a Muslim is supposed to be full of liveliness, full of excitement, full of events full of goodness, full of love.

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That's how Islam is supposed to be.

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But you find some times when someone starts practicing, he becomes blooming, dark, negative, judgmental person.

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Subhanallah, one of the early generations at the time of Imam Malik called the Allahu Anhu. He said, Can I head on that Oh, camel feta, fina either Carl Quran, but that badger to who Allah.

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Allah He this makes my heart cry, what we see today

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I'm taking a bit of taking it a bit hard on practicing Muslims, but I'm including everyone. I'm including everyone, because all the general Muslims are doing pretty much the same to a certain extent. We're all guilty of this. So during the time of Imam Malik, one of the great people at his time says the one the young one of us, our young people, our young men, when they started learning the Quran, as soon as they started learning it, the beauty and light of the Quran became apparent on his face shortly.

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Why is it now the opposite?

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Why is it now the opposite, that sometimes oftentimes wives of practicing people complain, they complain,

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I receive a fair number of phone calls, our scholars that I'm connected to and I asked him about these issues, they say on a daily basis, on a daily basis, we receive complaints from wives of practicing people practicing Muslims who say we live in in *. That's not the kind of life to live. I can't believe that Islam. And this is why some of our younger generations as soon as they go to university, and they are faced with doubts about evolution and about existence and the existence of Allah and about the reality of life, some philosophical issues.

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And they are faced with some political and ethical issues about sexual orientation.

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They see other people living a lively life, full of fun, full of happiness full of events. And they find themselves so constrained, so full of psychological issues and mental problems

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that we brought upon them under the banner of Islam falsely, falsely hijacking the beauty of Islam for the sake of the bitterness of our own souls and selves.

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Then when they go to university and face this kind of environment, they say, why on earth am I wasting my life for this kind of negativity? When there is an a possibility that it's all a fairy tale? And it's, it could possibly be untrue. Why waste my life? Live this kind of miserable life? Why? Because we taught them Islam is negative. We taught them through our attitude, through our example, through our own selfishness that Islam is negative. Islam is harsh. Islam is restricting. Islam is confining, Islam is pain. Islam is no no, no, no, no no to life.

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How could we stand in the presence of Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, how would we answer this? When the early times at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam people would embrace Islam, once they see the Muslims, because of the positivity because of the beauty. Because of the mannerism because of the love the mercy the justice, Allah describes the prophets of salaam that his mercy to mankind, the prophets of salaam says in Nama and Rama told me that I'm a gift, I'm a mercy there's been gifted to humanity from Allah.

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Then we have the guts, sometimes the claim that's the Sunnah when I'm practicing my own negativity on people in the name of Islam.

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And the problem is that sometimes we want to live, sometimes people and we know that from the

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explanations of our great scholars throughout the times, that the principles of Islam are always the same.

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principles of Islam are timeless, universal, they don't change. But with different situations, the way they are manifested, the way they are played out is different in order to attend to that specific reality. This is why the Scholars have established all the time in all their books and the beginner students of knowledge study this first one they study

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that the outcome of Allah the rulings of Allah are universal, and they are, they're consistent. They don't change. But the fatwa changes, the Fitzwater changes from time to time

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to answer the questions of the reality to bring about the best to milk out the best options in the present reality, when some people have no connection to reality, they are completely like out of touch of their time. And they want to force their own narrow mindedness on Islam and on the Muslims in the name of Islam, and sometimes in the name of sunnah. You need to feel Allah because the scholars have established have established that clearly, that no one can make a fatwa, no one can answer even if they are a scholar until they have two types of knowledge. It LAMINAM Walker explains this so perfectly. And he says, A person cannot give a fatwa, It's haram for him to give a feta

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unless he masters and instead the word he masters had you here until he must have something fully these two types of knowledge, knowledge of al-watan knowledge of the reality in which he lives.

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Everything he says he has to collect the Quran in and the amarachi and the alamat, all the QA, everything he has to study the specific reality thoroughly. He has to be fully acquainted with it. And then he has to have a mastery of the knowledge of Sharia. And then he arrives at the correct ruling by bringing the rulings of Sharia to the details of reality. And he says this is how the true footwear is found.

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Then we have people who have no connection to nothing. And they are confined their lives to their houses, they don't even work. They don't even work. They don't even produce anything apart from the negativity that they're spreading around. And they call this Islam. So they have no connection. They have no understanding, and they want to limit the vastness of Islam to the narrowness of their life.

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How on earth can we do this?

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And hopefully, Baghdad in his great book on 40 under North Africa, that's for beginner students of knowledge, who wants to study Islam, he is teaching them what is the right way to start studying Islam? What are the etiquettes of studying Islam, and he says, that person in order to be able to he says the 40 The person who, who's well versed in the knowledge of Islam, he needs to understand the country or the city or the place where he lives. He says he needs to study the norms of the people, the language of the people, he needs to understand the moments of seriousness and the moments of sarcasm, and jokes and and fun. This one he says you're 31 year old if I did the home was a home.

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Well who has a home, wire that to him. You need to know everything about them to be able to pass a ruling because someone might be sitting be saying something out, have fun as a joke. You take it seriously you pass a judgment on them. You can't

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you can't you need to be connected to the reality to be able to find out the ruling that Allah wants for this specific reality.

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This is how all scholars have lived throughout the time but what's happening these days people want to hijack and this is why by the way, the scholars have always written about camel Juliet's camel actually yet you wrote

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thinks of Muslim minorities living in non Muslim countries, these rulings are different. The fatawa for the people living in the West are different than the fatawa for people living in a Muslim country is different.

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And if someone doesn't know this, you have no clue about knowledge, because that's the first thing that students have knowledge studying when it comes to footwear. And that's the first thing

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is why the Scholars have written these books for Muslim minorities and it started earlier on even chicken Islam, even Taymiyah. So many parts of his books, he writes about the Muslim minorities and all of this started when Spain was when Muslims were kicked out of Spain, because some Muslims were living in non Muslim countries as minorities.

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So we need to embrace the light and the life in Islam. Islam brings us beauty. Islam brings us life. The prophets Allah Salam says in Allah Hi Jimmy, don't you head bull Jamal, if you talk to a Muslim community today about beauty and about Jamal, they say what's wrong with this guy? When the Prophet SAW Solomon saying in Allah Hajj, Amin on your head, bull Jamal, indeed, Allah is beautiful, and he loves beauty.

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But it sounds strange. It sounds weird to talk about your beauty. It sounds weird to talk about love.

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Instead of talking about love in a relationship, husband, wife relationship, people say oh, don't you know, I don't want to talk about this. Don't tell me about love. Don't tell me about connection. Don't tell me about caring. Tell me about rights and obligations.

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That's the approach. That's not the approach of the Prophet SAW Salem.

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That's not the approach that's only for extreme cases where the family's about to fall apart. That's when we draw the line. These are rights these obligations. But there are people who take this as the way of life and this is why the wife says some things you know, you'll go to the alpha

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Subhanallah where is this? Oh, the wife even says like, I don't want to be on the side of the sisters as well because sometimes the sisters makes it really hard for her husband to be a Muslim even to relate to Islam.

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Because she's taking it hard. I already had I was the Fulani when a common Collegium

00:27:24 --> 00:27:31

hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy that you mind man forgive my

00:27:32 --> 00:27:35

a little bit of excitement I would call it because

00:27:36 --> 00:27:46

you're not going to change the Muslim ummah. I'm not going to change the Muslim ummah, none of us is going to change the Muslim ummah. None of us should actually aspire to change the Muslim ummah.

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Because it's not your obligation. It's not your responsibility.

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Your sole responsibility is to change yourself. Fix yourself. Find the light of Islam and the Quran, in your in your life, your own personal life, your own personal life. Stop trying to fix other people. Because most of the time, this is an escape. You don't want to fix yourself but you want to fix others. It's an escape. It happens often. No face the reality be brave enough. Be courageous enough to face your own shortcomings. catch yourself doing something wrong, catch yourself judging someone. Catch yourself backbiting someone, catch yourself being negative to someone in the name of Islam and hold yourself back for the sake of Allah. Remember these two verses that the Quran is

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light and life.

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Islam is light and life and it's also a gifted mercy from Allah. It's a gift of mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. This is why Formula One sha Allah in our Friday hotbar what we are going to do because oftentimes we talk about, for example, kindness and we fake it. We think faking it faking kindness. It's just like kindness. It's not

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that's real. That's showing off that's being phony. And that's being true.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:10

And they are worlds apart. That's not the same.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:30

Oftentimes, we hear the statement of the Prophet SAW Salem Makena riff off a che in in lezana that is and easy going this kindness was never in anything except that it brings it beauty and goodness. But when it's taken away from something, it reveals its ugliness.

00:29:32 --> 00:29:38

And then we start faking kind of like easygoing. Enos, you can't fake it. Things have to come from the heart.

00:29:39 --> 00:29:56

You can't play you can't pretend to be lively with Islam when you're not white. These days. We read the Quran we worry about how many pages I have read. When the Companions if we read how they read, they never worried about how many pages they never worried about how many verses I've read how many verses have memorized.

00:29:57 --> 00:29:59

They would engage in the Quran and be able

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absorbed and be lost in it. They don't have time they don't have attention to focus on the numbers. But now it's all about how many pages of read? Are we three hours a day, how many how many hours you read, I read more than you I know more than you. I'm better than you.

00:30:17 --> 00:30:27

We read the Quran to count numbers. We read the Quran to win competitions. We read the Quran so people recognize us. We learn Islam so people start respecting us.

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But that's not what the Quran was revealed for. That's not what Islam was sent for. It's not for that. Don't burn your life. Don't suck the light and the life out of the Quran and replace it with darkness of Allah. It's haram, what are we doing to ourselves, we need to wake up. So from now on shall on Friday hotbar will be about Islamic principles to live by, we will try to focus on how to live Islam in very simple terms. Because Islam was sent to be lived not to be theorized about not to talk about not to brag about

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not to use it as a tool for our own selfish reasons. Islam was used as a center as a way of life. Some people suck the humanity out of Islam as if it's like, as if Islam is like an internet code, like a website code. It's not how humans don't function like that. We're human beings. We're human beings, Islam was sent to humans to live a human life.

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We can't live Islam like this, because that's not how the Prophet SAW Selim lived it. And if someone's mind is narrow, and they read the books, and they don't realize what's behind it, they strip it of the human side of the Prophet SAW Salem. They want you to be a robot who has no feelings, no senses, no human experience. I mean, that's their own fault. That's the one fault they should learn. That's what they should do. Instead of becoming teachers, self proclaimed teachers. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide us to the truth and keep us upon the way and the guidance of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we embrace it and live by it and we die upon it. And we ask

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Allah subhanaw taala to forgive our sins Aloma for me and I will help me out when I'm swimming. I will swim out here even on one and what Aloha modeled tonight you know the Nicola than Jamila. One thing I would close the hobo is just a reminder, you know, when the man is making the Adan if you have just come to the masjid prayer sunnah even during the other, listening to the other one is a sunnah is a recommendation. But listening to the hotbar is worship is an obligation. So if you come on, you're standing waiting for them to finish the advance. So you start you're too soon now to hear to the masjid. That's not the right choice. The right choice is to start even when the admin is

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calling the other end because that's a sunnah, listening to them. There is a sunnah, but listening to the hypervisor worship. So next time in sha Allah when the man is making the Adan you've just walked into the masjid prayer sunnah straight away, so that you get ready to listen to the budget. So Kamala, here was salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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