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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Muhammad Ali he also have a heat engine Marine. We're about to do

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just some points since we have people who are making it to cough as well. And don't forget this is Friday Juma and most likely this is the time where the DUA is answered by Allah subhanaw taala satis to Jama satin stitch so the speakers will only be working in the masala area

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so anyone who wants to make

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the one to recite Quran they want to sit and make the vicar and so on and so forth. They can use the multipurpose room or maybe the library if they feel comfortable. So we limited the speakers only to this masala area and to the sisters area in the masala so as I said, If anyone wants to make the cut wants to when someone wants to make someone wants to recite Quran inshallah there'll be to have the time the multipurpose room in the library Shala they have the luxury to do this. So the masala area here, so only the ones who would like to listen to the Hadith and a short explanation inshallah they can be here. So we want to get the sub those who want to do something else by move on to a new

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chapter Barbuto. Lemo Hello, Matthew, Lucy, meanwhile, Diane will hold on to him, or shift over to La him or

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the chapter is on gratifying the sanctity of the believers, the sanctity of the Muslims, and clarifying their rights and having a sense of empathy towards them and mercy towards them. So this is from some. So remember, no one here is going to put the Hadith that show that the sanctity of a Muslim is so great in Islamic cannot be violated. It cannot be violated. That Muslim has rights in Islam. And that we are as Muslims, we are supposed to have empathy and mercy towards our brothers and sisters. That's what we are supposed to have. This is a principle and you cannot violate it. You can it's not a luxury that, oh, if I want to observe your right I want to do I can do this. But if I

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don't feel like it, for some reason I can violate your rights. You can't. You just can't do this. That's not your right. That's his right. This is

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although it's intangible, it's abstract. It's non physical. But it doesn't mean it's less than his property, or her property or their money. Like you take someone else's phone.

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You take it, you steal it. We see this as a very bad thing. But when you violate that you have violated the rights because it's physical, we find it difficult. But what about if it's non physical? It's even more than that because the dignity of a human being is much more important than their phone and even their house and their money and every other belonging. So Imam know who is gonna mention the verses and Hadith that talk about the rights

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of the Muslims. Allah Allahu Allah, Allah want me you're out of them hold on Matt de la he for who was here on level in Darby, sorted Hajj, the rendering of the meaning of the verse, and he who gratifies and he who glorifies and sees in high esteem, the things that Allah made her on

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the limits that Allah is one that has set for us, then this is better for him and her with Allah subhanaw taala so when you observe the things that Allah made haram

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and the honor of the believer and the right of the believer, Allah made it haram. Allah made it cool, clean Muslim, Muslim Haram is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Kulu Muslim, Muslim haram. You're so every believer you cannot violate their rights. It's haram. It's the limits. So if you observe these rights because they are from Allah subhanaw taala then it is better for you with your Lord Allah to Allah want me your algorithm sha Allah He for in taqwa

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and he who glorifies and holds in high esteem, the legislations from Allah, Spanish Allah, the guidance from Allah subhanaw taala or the acts of worship that are from Allah subhanaw taala for Enam in taekwon Kulu This is a sign of a heart that has piety and righteousness in it. So when you observe the limits that Allah has set, the shows a sound heart these things come from a sound heart of Allah to Allah. Jana, how can you mean? Last one to enter the rendering the verse addresses the prophets of Salaam and this extends to all the Muslims

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Welcome Jenna, how can you remote minion and lower your wing? To the believers that means be easygoing with them. be lenient towards them, be soft with them. That's what it means. Well, Paula Tada, man Katara Neff Sunbrella Unison Oh facade in front of the fake anima batalla NASA Jamia woman here has a number in NASA Jamia Los Angeles says Whoever kills one person, one soul without

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killing without murder So as he's not a murderer, he's not a cinematic it's not a sinner in that sense, or causing mischief on earth, then it is as if he has killed all of humanity. Why? Because it's a crime against life against the life that Allah has given you commit a crime you kill one life it's as if you have killed all life. It's the same thing with Allah subhanaw taala

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the Hadith one heavy more subtly, Allahu Allah, Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and men are really not many Caliban Yanni you shouldn't do ballyhoo about Allah.

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upon Allah He is collected by Bukhari and Muslim narrated from Abu Musa and Asha, you obey Allah and he said, Allah's Messenger Salam said, The believer to the believer, they are just like, the bricks within one building or one structure.

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Each one holds the other together. One brick that does not stand by itself, what makes it hold or stay in its place. The fact that it's connected to all the other blocks. So all the blocks, they they create a net or a web where they hold each other. This is how the believers are. That shows there's a sense of or there's a there's a state of interdependency, interdependency among believers, that we are connected, we support one another, we help one another. We need one another humans cannot survive alone.

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And this applies to matters of the dunya.

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We buy and sell and we do transactions together, we help each other we socialize with each other, all of these things, help you be a human being survive and even live as a human being. And also matters of the deen. Where, you know, we humans pretty dramatic wounds from spray demand together. We need one another in that sense. We remind one another we advise one another.

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We remind one another and so on and so forth.

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We're unknown Paola Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Marga

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fishy in mid messaggi Dena swapped in a balloon for young sick, I will the younger Biden he saw the heavy caffeine. And you'll see that had a minute Muslimeen I mean heavy shape whatever. And a collected by the Bukhari Muslim, again from Abu Musa luxury that Allah's Messenger. So Salam says Whoever passes through a masjid or walks through the masjid,

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or even our markets or marketplace,

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and he has arrows in all the arrows, the archers have. So the Arabs lived a life where it was common to carry the arrows with them because they would, you know, engage in the hunt in the game. There was

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it was normal for people to carry their swords, and so on and so forth. So because that was the lifestyle that was the environment. So it was normal for someone to have arrows with the archery arrows. So the process has anyone who holds arrows and the arrows not or not all the time put in this fancy kind of, you know, container or bag. You know, where they carry them. Sometimes people you know, tie them around their waist, just wrap them around the waist or something so that we're hanging. So the President says anyone who walks in a place where there are Muslims, let them when they walk hold on the sharp edges of the arrows hold put them in the hands,

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lest they even unintentionally harm some Muslims harm some Muslims so when you were walking through or among Muslims, you might you know, get to injure someone or hurt someone. The process said said hold on them. Keep them in your hands. So you don't hurt anyone. You don't cause any harm to any believer that shows again the sanctity of the Muslim even harming them and knowing them is not allowed in Islam. That's the sanctity of the believer.

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Why not manly Bashir in lovely Allahu Anhu ma Nakata, la sala Hassan Allahu Anhu wa sallam the method of meaning efeito at the hem what's our homie him watch out over him method we'll just set it has to come in or unwanted who's there alongside it will just

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will have difficulty he collected by referring Muslim from an ATM and we don't share all the Allahumma that Allah's Messenger sort of said the example or the metaphor the parable of the believers in their mutual love toward mutual love you

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she will love and affection

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with our homie him and their mercy towards one another their concern for one another I care for you you care for me that's what it means it's an apparent attitude What are apathy him sympathy and empathy towards one another I care for you, and I'm concerned about you. It's not that just Okay, I just feel for you No, I go out of my way to feel your pain. That's what two out of means, method will just sit.

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So this kind of feeling and this kind of spirit from one Muslim to the other also translates itself or manifests in the form of actions, attitude and actions and deeds and a whole lifestyle.

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Either sticker Minho, old one is just like one body we are we form like one body, look at the body of the human being. He that register can hold on if any part of it experiences pain or disease or illness or infection, it has to come down again, tada who the whole body would rally itself behind it, the whole body would rally itself behind it and put itself in a state of emergency to support that infected part of the body that infected organ,

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Mr. Harry Wilhelma, so the whole body sort of backs it and rallies behind it. And you can see this in the form of sleeplessness and fever. So this is why you might injure your your, your hand or your arm, and you will find you start to experience and there's an infection, you start to experience fever, right and sleeplessness and uneasiness in your body, why is your whole body is rallying behind your arm to heal it. So a lot of the energy is going to go and will be directed so parts of your body will compromise on some of the energy that they get from your body and they're gonna direct it towards your arm to help it heal faster. That's how believers are supposed to be to one

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another. So just looking at this hadith, we know what's missing. We know what's missing among Muslims unfortunately.

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I'm gonna take last Hadith because we will take a couple of questions then we'll leave time for to make and as we said, it's Friday and the prophets of salaam says

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if you do want it set and used to use the geography and the Oli Rondo here is an hour in Friday and Allah subhanaw taala responds to the DUA and most of this car seats towards the end of us are time. So most likely we are within this hour so we're going to finish quickly inshallah and have a couple of questions then gives you the time before McCulloch to make so you have a good combination Friday. And you have also data to sign the day of the first in person so it's a very good time to make dua and you will overthrow the alarm.

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Bell interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it has an agenda it generally Allah who and whom were in W o'clock no ha this fall and after an interview Ashura terminal will build to minimum a header for Nevada healing here Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, Fatah lemon law Abraham now you're having a difficult alley collected by Bukhari and Muslim from Abu Dhabi Allahu Anhu. He said the prophets of Allah when he was sending them, kissed al Hassan Ali, his grandson, Al Hassan, when he was a little boy, the Prophet was had killed a Christian.

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And after I've been heard this, he saw the prophets loss and Allah COVID Habits is a big one he comes from, from his from the Bedouins who were living outside of Medina. So he sees the president kissing his grandson, he says, I have 10 children. I've never kissed one of them.

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So the prophets or Sanlam turns to him and he says, The one who has no mercy will receive no mercy.

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That means the one who has no mercy to the creation will receive no mercy from the Creator. And we do not know the Hadith, where the Prophet also says little hammelmann filled Himachal manifests. You have mercy on the pea on those who are on earth, then the one who is above heavens will have mercy on you.

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So, these are Hadith they're all from Al Bukhari and Muslim. They are authentic. It shows that this is how this is the spirit that we Muslims should live in. This is how we should care for one another.

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But it seems sometimes our minds are set on seeing what's wrong with one another. So we can criticize one another and be at each other's throats fighting, disputing, arguing, putting others down all the time. It is problematic and when we look at the state of the Muslim ummah all over the globe, not only in you know areas where there are calamities and and hardships to Muslims, and even while living in affluent life, comparatively and affluent, affluent life, Muslims living in the West

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Same thing, Muslims, Muslims living in a very state and other Muslim countries Muslim living in a very good financial, state social state, still we seem to be, you know, looking for other people's mistakes so we can put them down so we can find a reason to vent our anger in the form of enmity, regardless of what we back it with. Could be some times

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tribal, tribal backgrounds, that this is just a facade by the way, it shows some anxiety inside that we want to vent out can be tribalism, it could be nationalism, it could be ethnic based on ethnicity, it could be sometimes based even supposedly on religion. Yeah. So everyone claiming to be upon the right path and putting others down, even though they are upon the right path as well. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring about disunity among the Muslims that is based upon the truth and we ask Allah Subhan Allah to bring about this mutual mercy and love and to strengthen the Muslims amongst themselves. So I'm going to take two questions in order to allow you more time to make dua

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inshallah so I'm going to give it to

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my Dear uncle,

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Bob, thank you

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do words or this Listen, regarding

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an ally ally?

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And most likely

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what is the big major difference between these two

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plus some time where something happens we used to say this was okay to die because

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something happened. It would have been a bit late okay.

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So, how can we differentiate and

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okay, what's the difference between Masilela and reala?

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I speaking I don't I'm not aware of these concepts being used in that sense in the Arab world saying masala either here or read La Ilaha in that sense, but these are nevertheless Arabic words. We have to understand the difference between real law and masala masala means

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something is beneficial. It's a pragmatic thing. It works. It brings about good results. This is what muscle is. So in the end, it brings about good results. That's what muscles so muscle can be translated as benefit, welfare, wellness well being that's what muscle is. And Reba means satisfaction and agreement, satisfaction and agreement. So when we say masala masala, we say we know that Islam is all built on Muslims, like all the scholars of

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a lot of the great scholars of Islam like Shia Islam to me ignorantly and scholars who spoke about Mikasa the Sharia highlight lovers early Imams sharply b

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bar had been her short and others who spoke about the mocassin the objectives of Sharia is that Islam is built on jelibean masala bringing about good benefits, good results, making things work out that's what Islam is designed for. So Islam is a practical essentially and

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in its core Islam is a practical religion. Islam is a practical religion this is how it's been designed in this life and also for purposes of the hereafter. So that's what masala is.

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Riba means acceptance, no say it will not enter here that means Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with this thing. Please do this thing. And we have to differentiate between two levels of real law. There is because there's a rebar Cherie, and there's a rebar Alcone rebar Cherie. Allah is pleased with this as a religion. Allah is pleased. Is Allah pleased with Xena

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fornication? No, Allah is not pleased with it. For Reba surely Allah is not pleased with it as a way of life as a religion or as a practice. It's a sin.

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But we have rebar Kony, which is comes from Allah Allah Allah is Kony, which is

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things that happen in this life, Xena, does it happen in this world?

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It happens. It's actual it happens. It takes place there are people committing Zina, right.

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So do we say it happens against the will of Allah? That's what Mr. Tesla said. You say no.

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It happens by the permission of Allah.

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Athens by the permission of Allah be even Allah. Why is it evil and Allah allows it to happen because Allah gave humans choice.

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So we have to differentiate Reba. Reba, SHA II

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legislative religious pleasure. No

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It has to be good. That's what Allah has, please do. But Kony about this world universal thing, Allah could allow bad things to happen. Like Xena, Allah allows murder to happen Allah allows crimes to happen, right? But they are bad. They are bad. Why does Allah Allah love them? Because through his wisdom, he knows Allah is going to bring something good out of him. And he's allowing these things to happen. So he tests human beings, if Allah does not allow him to happen, how are the people have corrupt hearts? How are they going to sin if they are unable to sin where his free will?

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See. So this is why riba we have to differentiate between the two levels of riba there's a reversionary. Okay, reversionary something Allah is pleased with as a religious thing, from a religious point of view, from a legislative point of view, this has to be good. This has to be good. But now, things that happen, in actuality, in the real world if these things happen,

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this everything happened, good. No. And that's what the machine said. We'll call it at the National Columbia Allahumma Ashoka, what about honor, and those who were associated partners with Allah, they say, if Allah will, so we wouldn't have would not have associated partners with Allah.

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Now the blaming their sins of Allah, that Allah allowed it to happen, if it wasn't good, Allah would not allow it to happen. That's a no

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negative power or effect, to do that, negative things. Or you can say shaitan.

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Anything that's evil, anything that's Haram is evil, and it's bad. Allah is not pleased with it from a religious point of view. But does Allah allow it to happen? Of course, otherwise, it won't happen.

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Nothing happens except by the permission of Allah. Okay, so we had to differentiate between these two levels. What Allah has in Islam has to be good and has to be the truth, what Allah is pleased with, but Allah allows bad things to happen is that this life is a test Allah gave choice. And by the way, this is one of the main differences between Arizona and Montana. But as the law said,

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the things the bad things that happen do not happen by the permission of Allah. They said, How come Allah allow something bad to happen, these people are short sighted.

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These things Allah allows them to happen, because good things are gonna come out of them later on. Later Allah. And also one of the reasons is that Allah is testing people through giving them free will you choose, you can make you want to make this is bad. You want to do it, you do it, you have to deal with the consequences. So we have to differentiate between these two things so much as you know, they say, No, Allah does not even created the actions of humans, humans create their own actions. Some of them are Tesla who have a twist or some sense of of Korea, they say Allah doesn't even know what humans are gonna do. That's all. Okay, so that's what Reba is. And Mozilla, we mean,

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it's what is beneficial. So everything in this law is beneficial, everything is going to bring about a good result. But sometimes you have to things that are in a state of conflict.

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You have to situate situations or life or complex, or complex, right. So sometimes you're going to have to good things competing at the same time, in order to do one, you have to sacrifice one. Or you are in a situation where you have to choose between two bad things.

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If you aren't going to act from self righteousness, or I'm not going to I'm going to abandon everything, I'm not going to do none of this, you will end up doing the worst of them.

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So this is why we choose when there are two bad things we choose the lesser evil. And this is one muscle house.

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Another muscle has choosing the bigger good in any situation, who understands this is people who understand the structure of Islam very well.

00:23:52--> 00:23:54

So you do not, for example,

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there's no time unfortunately now, but there are there are real stories that I've seen myself, of people insisting to hold on to something. It is an obligation in Islam. But in order to hold on to that, to this, they sacrificed a bigger obligation and they didn't see it. So this is why even your worship of Allah you have to be strategic in that sense. And that's what we call an Arabic buslee Allah, deep inside, deep inside so masala not everyone is able to assess it correctly. You have to have a good understanding of Islam is a structure and you have to have a good understanding of life itself. If you do not figure out life you cannot even make a good judgment. There's ways you for

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listening to me. He says

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medulla mija Mendham. Yes, Luba fish, shallow will work I feel Hulk let me stop there. And yes, we let you down. What are the law the person who does not know the structure of Islam, the way the rulings of Allah in Islam and does not understand the reality of the situation he's dealing with?

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He was he will not be able to arrive at a correct conclusion as to what Islam says about the situation.

00:25:06--> 00:25:09

Thank you. I think it is almost clear

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00:25:19--> 00:25:19


00:25:22--> 00:25:24

what is the difference between mind and

00:25:26--> 00:25:28

what does it explain?

00:25:30--> 00:25:51

I'm going to give you a very simple difference there are many differences but the simple difference, man is a description of the person himself. You say someone or Allah is a man that means Allah's description, Allah's attribute is that he is merciful. And Rahim is more of a transitive that he is the Giver of Mercy. He is the one who gives his mercy.

00:25:52--> 00:26:28

This is a subtle difference. There are many other linguistic differences, but this is a very basic difference between both Okay, okay, I'm gonna remind you again, this is a very important time for dua. So these were two questions I apologize, I won't be able to take more questions about the logic. So inshallah next time so this is the last hour on Friday. Hopefully this is a time where inshallah your supplications are answered. It's also just before you break your fast, so make dua make dua for your family. Make dua for yourself or your children. For for everyone. include everyone in the window that Allah subhanaw taala brings about guidance and brings about goodness in people's

00:26:28--> 00:26:32

lives deserve all the highlights and last 25 years Vegas and a bottle of you