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The negative impact of schools on society is discussed, with the importance of learning and practical application in achieving mastery of the current education system. Teachers assess learning and make presentations about their learnings, while students create educational presentations and dramas. The goal is to make students understand their learning and apply it to their life. The school is designed to provide exposure to various topics, including entrepreneurship, social media, and learning, and is organized to provide educational materials and resources for students.

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sellaronda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shuffelin beaver mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa aalihi, wa sahbihi wa sallam, the Steven Kaziranga sera from abajo myrobalan sisters, we are in the,

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what I like to call my 3.1

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lecture on the series of lectures 2021 challenges and solutions. And this one is based on the effect

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the solution with regard to what

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disruptive technologies and AI and so on have done

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to our world and what we need to do in order to get mastery of that.

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I want to begin with one of Richard Feynman famous quotes about our current education system globally. And he says you cannot get educated by this self propagating system in which people study to pass exams and teach others to pass exams. But nobody knows anything. You learn something by doing it yourself by asking questions by thinking and by experimenting. And that's Richard Feynman.

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Obviously, I totally agree with him. And those of you who have

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heard any of my or read any of my own quotes on the subject of education, you know that I believe in this completely.

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Let me give you a little bit of perspective on this. And then my solution 70 and 68 in 40 1762 1840, is perhaps one of the most significant periods of human history. And that was only 261 years ago, not too not too ancient in historical terms.

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There's a period of the Industrial Revolution, when assembly line manufacture, change the face of society, culture, economy, education, fashion, role of men and women, family structure and dynamics, even then light in Europe and America. The Industrial Revolution was ostensibly about manufacturing, but its effect extended from the factories, into homes into schools, lifestyles, roles of power and authority, and totally changed life as it was known before that time. One of the most significant of those changes was in school education. There were no schools as we know them today, prior to 1760 Sure, there are schools in the world which are older than 200 years, especially in Britain. But

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those were exceptions. And they were not organized the way ours are. Standardized schooling as we know it today is an industrial revolution,

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revolution related phenomena.

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I mentioned this,

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not to give you a history lesson, but so that you understand the underpinning of the philosophy, the reason why schooling was organized in this way, that is the root cause of our problems.

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The reasons it was done, those reasons are not valid today, and therefore our system is irrelevant. Someday I will speak on this in more detail. It's an interesting tale. But for now, please take my word for it. The system is toxic, it's harmful, and it ensures failure in our world today. It needs to change urgently. Currently, our schools are run on a model that combines assembly line manufacture,

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and prisons.

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Let me illustrate that. Let me I'm talking to you the student. The gate shuts after you enter and you cannot leave until it opens again. Class times are indicated by buzzers and bells, because apparently you can't be trusted to keep to the time. While in class, you can do nothing without first seeking permission.

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Your day is scheduled not according to your needs, or desires. But for the convenience of the administration. You cannot study or eat or play or read or simply gaze into space, doing nothing when you want. You can only do those things at specific designated times foisted on you without consulting you.

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The last one gazing into space. You can't do it at all.

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Sound familiar? The reality is that those who schools are meant for that students have no say about what happens there to them, or how all decisions without exception are taken by parents, or teachers or school administration for their convenience.

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Let me ask you a question. Does your school have a Parent Teacher Association?

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I rest my case.

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The school is for children. The association with deeds is what happens to children is comprised of those who are not children, parents and teachers who think they know best what is for the children, the children have no input in that process.

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The way our schools are geared, we assess reward or punish the wrong people, that is students. Students are our customers, they must be benefited. And it's our job as teachers to benefit them. We must be assessed. And if we are able to equip our students to succeed, we must be rewarded. And if not, we must be trained to be able to do so.

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For this, we must teach differently, teach different things and test differently. Today, we teach by giving answers. We teach discrete subjects, as if they don't have any relation to one another, even though in reality they do.

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We try to stuff the brains of students with unrelated facts and grade them on their ability at random recall within a specific timeframe.

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What is the sanctity of that?

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Absolutely nothing.

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We just memory because that's the easiest thing to test. That's it. We do not test understanding much less application of knowledge, or value adding to it by someone who comes by default with a fresh perspective. That is the students greatest asset. We trash it from the word goal.

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we discourage questioning in our religious schools, it is sacrilege to question the teacher.

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We treat disagreement as treason and punish imagination and lateral thinking. Dumb obedience is our principal virtue.

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Today, students only need to be literate and numerate and have a desire to learn. They can learn anything on their own, with remote guidance if necessary. And that too, for the most part free of cost, no fees. on HANA Academy on Udemy. You can learn practically anything at all.

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MIT has put all its classes and data as open source accessible to anyone free. The message is clear that technology today has made the teacher who simply tells the student what is in a textbook redundant.

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What remains necessary is practical application, experiencing knowledge in action, problem solving human relations, conflict resolution, and collaborating with others to move mountains. None of this is possible to automate and need human interaction. Those who can teach in this way need not fear AI or job loss, they will always be in demand. schools must therefore be geared differently, not only in how they teach, but curricula must be redesigned to leverage the relationship of one subject with another so that learning becomes meaningful and interesting, instead of the burden it currently is.

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The focus of teaching must be on asking searching questions. To encourage students to go down paths unexplored. The teacher's job is not to give answers. Their main payoff is that they learn as much as or more than their students.

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The biggest responsibility of teachers is to demonstrate not enforce demonstrate, discipline, dedication, open mindedness, love for learning, curiosity and questioning, commitment, perseverance and research, respect for the other. Respect for dissent and diversity, etiquette of questioning and disagreement, appreciation for others, working collaboratively, kindness, charity service and just plain good manners.

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The world has changed and if we wish to remain relevant, influential contributors we must lead that change.

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That is why the therapy of the teachers

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More important than the students because one flows from the other. And that's the that's the nature of the flow not the other way around. That's the reason why the mother of Malik bananas ravintola he said, take from the akhlaq of Roberto rye before you take from his knowledge she is she she was advising her young son who was going to Roberto ryer how to lie to study in massages and Aviva Sharif, and she says to him, take from the o'clock from the other of arrabiata right before you take from his knowledge. And that is the reason why Abdullah bin Novara Hunter lanais said, I studied other I studied respect I studied manners. I studied Aflac for 30 years before I approached l before

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I approach knowledge.

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Today, the study of other the study of Aflac is not even a subject in our curricula.

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As I said, the world has changed. And if we wish to remain relevant, influential contributors, we must lead that change. That is what Islam came to do. We need real education which can make the graduates powerful, productive, responsible citizens of the nation and of the world. We must create leaders, not slaves.

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I call this integrated teaching. Please see my lectures where I've explained the concept in detail. This is what we need very urgently for the future.

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The purpose of teaching our teaching is threefold. Number one, to create people of understanding lol Bab number two, teach citizenship. Number three, teach entrepreneurship.

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Allah subhanaw taala praised understanding which is the peak of intelligence. It's not merely an IQ or EQ score. It is the application of IQ and EQ to live in the world as responsible contributing citizens working to create a positive influence on society. Allah subhanaw taala divided education and the methodology of education so beautiful the Quran itself tells you how we should teach unless you have a data set in the long run. I was wilhemina shaitana Raji Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in a vehicle Kesava de la la la la, la la la, la

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la de la coruna la pa mokoro. Don't wanna be him Wyatt.

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Wyatt Africa una de

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teba Lord ora Bana masala pata

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soba ha Naka verbena

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allows America Zed, which means very early in the creation of the heavens and the earth. And in the alternation of the night and the day, there are indeed signs for people of understanding allodial Bab, those who are they, those who remember our last battle tellers standing sitting and lying down on their sides, and

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I want you to remember this and and think deeply and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth.

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And they say, oh, our rub, you have not created all of this without purpose in vain. All Glory be to You. You're without partners. Give us salvation from the torment of the Fire.

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The key word as I mentioned is and Wyatt of a Quran Allah did not say who are the rules are Bab I'm not a Nazi allogeneic kurunegala have to mama hold on while I do not obey Him.

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Allah do not say. Allah said Wyatt of a Karuna fear.

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Allah subhanaw taala said, Allah did not use all he used and Allah subhanaw taala told us that the sign of intelligence is to recognize him first, and then see His signs in his creation.

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The natural result of that is that the slave recognizes his own position

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and his heart filled with the glory and majesty and love of Israel.

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And he seeks Allah subhanho wa Taala His forgiveness and protection from the fire.

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My brothers and sisters, the purpose of all education is to recognize our Creator Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and prepare for our meeting with him. That is why integrated teaching is designed to integrate Islam and science.

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Integrated teaching consists of

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Working with projects, learning individual subjects through the project. For example, we take a project called mountains, I ready to see what is project in our classrooms look like.

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In a typical classroom, there is more than one teacher, high speed networking, abundant technology, space and materials to make models arrangements to collaborate with classrooms across the world, with subject experts with astronauts on the International Space Station. The classroom has smart boards, filming and projection facilities, art material, rock and soil specimens, and a physical and digital library. Students are of different age groups spanning a band of five to eight years. Why? Because humans learn in groups of different ages and from each other, not when they are segregated according to date of manufacture, and punished for learning collaboratively. students study

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everything about mountains, how they farm and what the influence weather and rainfall for example, this covers geography, geology, meteorology, meteorology, chemistry and climatology, who lives on and in them. Biology, sociology, anthropology, ecology, botany, entomology, how to measure the height of a mountain without any instrument, how to estimate the weight of about how mountains affected trade wars the history of nations. This covers math, physics, commerce and history. mapmaking orienteering, mountaineering, rock climbing, tracking, and high altitude survival skills and camping are all a part of this course. students go on field trips in which they study flora and

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fauna abundance, and how they change with attitude. Their research, conduct experiments, take photos and videos, compare results globally, document and publish. they invent tools, they solve problems. They use technology,

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not only to get access to knowledge, but also to collaborate globally. In each of these areas, the study appropriate is of the Koran I had. These are seldom relevant rulings or fake stories from Islamic history and current affairs, or to help them to see the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And to understand the relationship between Islam and science, and bring alive the relevance of Islam in our lives,

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there are no exams as we know them. However, assessment or learning and teaching effectiveness is done at every stage of the project. students make presentations about their learning, they write logs, they make films dramas, paid published books, there are daily newspaper of their learnings, digitally published and shared school wide. Teachers assess the learning of each student throughout the year through this process, focusing on real understanding and application of knowledge, not on regurgitating and digested information. Because teachers are too scared or lazy to test understanding. I can go on but I want

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you want to go back to school.

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Number two, citizenship. Number one, people want understanding number two citizenship, citizenship is learned by practice. In my model, students run the school, the electors students Council, of which teachers are advisory members. The school is for the students, and so they must run it. The students council ensures that all the requirements of education are fully met, but does it in a way that has the participation and active commitment of all concerned students and teachers in all decision making. The students Council is responsible for recruitment and annual performance assessment of teachers, teacher and student exchange programs, ongoing teacher training, parent

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student teacher interaction, not only pts all timetables, infrastructure, housing and housekeeping, security and safety, health and hygiene, sports activity clubs external interface and collaboration. governance is according to a democratic system, that students device which may or may not be modeled on the system and practice in the country, but which students after a due process deemed to be most fitting to their situation. This system is enshrined in a Constitution, which is the frame of reference. The student councils overall mandate is to achieve the goals of the school while managing the expectations of all constituents ethically, morally and legally. The idea is to give students

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hands on experience of running the

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constituencies in society. This is about training future local, national and global leaders at all levels. an essential tool for the students Council, which they own and run is a media platform in all its forms print, video, messaging and audio, a media platform which practices freedom of expression within the framework of truthful, clean, principled, responsible journalism.

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Think daily newspaper, TV shows, podcasts, YouTube live videos, websites and portals, internet internet based messaging surveys elections, dealing with opposition dissent, disagreement, while maintaining mutual respect, and using dissent as a means of achieving greater cohesion.

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The possibilities are endless, so is the need. The student councils mandate is to care for the community as well as the members of the school because citizenship is about partnering with other citizens for the welfare of everyone. For example, students participate with a state in relevant and appropriate activities. I visited a school in Scotland called garden Stern, which has a functional fire service with two fire engines that takes care of emergencies in the town. The only adults are the two fire engine drivers. All members of the crew are students. They also have an 80 foot sailing yacht, the ocean spirit of Moray, in which they participate in the Tall Ships raises in European

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waters, which lasts for a month. Everyone on that ship is a student, including the captain with one adult Seaman in case of need. Imagine the experience of sailing a ship on the high seas with an 18 year old in command. Leadership is a contact sport. You learn by doing for those who are thinking, when do the students study? The answer is all the time. This is education, real education, which makes the graduates powerful, productive, responsible citizens of the nation. Three generations of British royalty went to Gordon stern.

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Number three, entrepreneurship, we come to the final piece in the garage, which completes the whole picture. Entrepreneurship is the key to poverty eradication and correcting income disparity, which is the biggest cancer of our society today. To give you an idea about income disparity in America as we speak, the median annual income in the United States for a white family is $188,000 per year, while for Hispanic family it is $36,000 per year. And for a black family it is $24,000 per year

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188,000 versus 24,000. As I mentioned, it was the poor, who lost the most jobs and the poor who died most of COVID because being poor also means being malnourished and not having access to the same level of health care. as Muslims, it's our job to address this. It is not about receiving or giving handouts, not about giving a man a fish, but about teaching him how to create efficient company. This must be done in our schools in four ways. Number one, vocational skill training, every child must learn a skill. schools must provide certification courses in various skills, so that the student becomes a qualified technician who can market his or her skill as a means of earning revenue

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is the wish. skill training is also about teaching attitudes, discipline, respect for the work ethic, working with your hands planning, quality, focus, relationship building, and taking pride in one's work. It's one of the best tools for character building that I know of. Number two, practicing entrepreneurship. Students run the school cafeteria. This includes assessing customer needs and likes customer preferences,

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planning menus, buying raw material, preparing meals and snacks service delivery, customer relations, health and hygiene staff training, budgeting pricing, making a profit at the end of the year. In addition, this cafeteria is a means of benefiting others in the community, including the homeless, the aged, the hospitalized and others.

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This is the second initiative to encourage

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or the third to encourage entrepreneurship is a venture capital rolling fund.

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Which is owned and funded by the students to which philanthropists can also do, can also donate. This fund vets all new business ideas, and provides either interest free loans or acquires a stake in the business. I won't go into the detail of the vetting process. But for those who are interested, there's a very good show called Shark Tank, where hopefully, our hopeful entrepreneurs, pitch their ideas to a group of VCs do watch the episode, especially about ideas that were rejected by the Shark Tank, but which went on to make millions go to keep the ego in check.

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The last of them, or the fourth of them is a duck shop in the school, which is yet for the duck shop in the school, which is run as a profit center, and stocks products from students enterprises, on a profit sharing basis. In addition to his normal daily activity, the duck shop does periodic sales and campaigns and also participates in charitable activities. The final initiative is a bank that the students own and run on Islamic principles. Knowing how money works, and how to make it work are critical life skills which must be taught in school. In conclusion, I reiterate that schools must become the training ground for real life by providing education that is practical, rooted in

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reality, highly responsive to societal needs, and which develops the faculties and skills of the students. We must raise highly competent individuals who are firmly rooted in a foundation of truth, which is modeled on the blessing of Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam This is eminently doable, and highly effective when done properly and completely asked Allah subhanho wa Taala enable us to please Him Ravana zahlungen fissara will have the full on our hamdallah Casa de Ravana attina freedonia Hashanah tabula

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rasa na masala la hora de Ville Karim Allah Eusebius may be relevant to me, while hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato