Moutasem al-Hameedy – People Of The Quran

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including its use as a means of political control and its importance in learning and practicing Islam to avoid confusion. The importance of learning the Quran and surrounding context in unlocking personal growth is emphasized. The title of the Prophet's story is also discussed, emphasizing the need to not count people when reading and not share information. The culture is centered around the Quran and designed to unlock the potential of individuals to achieve their goals, including business, human relationships, and even the world.
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where do we want to start? You know who want to start feel whenever we will be human surely fusina was a yachtie Anna Lena?

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Me the Hilda HuFa la mobila home woman up lil fella the

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wash Hello.

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Era law was the hula Sherry Keller was shadow ana Muhammadan Agnew who was Rasulullah sallallahu. He had he was selling them

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know tabula hepco to

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Walter Martin 123 Moon

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Yuan Sutopo Comunidad de cada Kaku mean FCM Wahida Wirkkala coming has

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with them in Houma Reja Alan Kathy from one is

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what hola hola de

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Luna b He will in hola haka Anna Anna Yuko Marathi Eva. Yeah, you hola Dina an otaku? La how Apolo colon studied your Salah Calm harmala Calm oil theory Welcome back home woman in our Rasulullah who forgot the hose and Alina. And that I do in the fall heavy Cara Allahu

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wa and had he had you in a beginner Mohamed in Salalah. Who are they he went early. He was setting them for Shabbat memorial to her Wakulla modesetting Vida Aquila, with the attend Allah. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray, and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, Nan can guide I testify that there is none worthy of worship. None is worthy of our ultimate love and devotion. But the Almighty Allah alone, and I testify that Muhammad is His final Servant and Messenger or you who believe, fear Allah

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as he should be feared and die not except in a state of submission to your Lord as Muslims, or mankind. be dutiful to your Lord who created you from a single person, and from him he created his wife and from them both he created many men and women, and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kin. Surely Allah is Ever and all water over you are you who believe, keep your duty to Allah, fear him and speak the truth. He will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement. The best words are those of Allah. And the best guidance is that of

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Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And the worst things in the religion are the newly invented matters. For all the newly invented matters in religion are an innovation and every innovation with its best guidance, and it leads to the hellfire.

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One of the great personalities in the history of Islam.

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Such an exceptional scholar who lived around 700 years ago. His name was Mohammed Abdel Halim Tamia

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was known as Sheikh Khalid Islam immunity Me or him a whole long time. A man who dedicated his life fully to the spread of the knowledge of the Quran and the authentic sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, he spent his life learning and he excelled. He reached a high level of knowledge. He is considered to be among the very few individuals in the history of the Muslim ummah, who reached a level that is called an emoji tattooed on the medulla.

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A person who can perform each jihad in almost any matter in Islam, because this Jihad and an or reason and analogy in Islam is such a high status it requires a lot of study requires an extensive kind of dedication to master the basics and understand them and master them so that when the person uses their logic and the reason they're using it correctly, within the dynamics of Islam, and they're not bringing some kind of alien understanding and forcing it on Islam

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So scholars, most of the Mooster heads in the history of the Muslim ummah, who were many, they would specialize in one area that would be qualified to perform. He had analogical reasoning in one or two areas, but it was rare individuals who were able to perform inch jihad. In all of the areas of Islam imagery, Tamia was one of them.

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And he is a person who dedicated his life as well for the clarification of the pristine way of Islam. So he would fight off, he would

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get himself into a position where he would expose people who brought foreign practices and concepts into Islam. Even if it was with good intentions, he would still clarify and strive to show what is the pristine and authentic message of Islam that was inherited

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by the companions? Probably Allahu Anhu and from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a man who spent his life traveling and in prison in solitary confinement just because of his upholding the truth. Without Oh, he had such an unrelenting stance when it came to that the he had an affinity to the truth only and he would not compromise it for any kind of other affiliation.

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The point here was that imminent to me it towards the end of his life, the last couple of years of his life, he was imprisoned in the Citadel in Damascus.

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And all of the books His books were confiscated, even the his pen and pieces of paper the parchments that he had to write on were confiscated and he was left with nothing but the Quran in his heart. And so he spent his time only in

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reflecting on the Quran reciting it and remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala and he died reciting the last two verses in Surah tokamak which state in the limiter cleaner future net in wanna help fie Mikado deplane and American mocked. Indeed, the believers, the righteous ones will be in gardens that have lavish green and rivers flow

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in a position in a seed of truth, close to the king, the king of kings, Allah subhanaw taala, who is the Almighty and this is a good sign. There's no guarantee for anyone. But this is a good sign that he died upon reciting this verse. The point that that he was in this imprisonment. He said, Louis, those Taco Bell two men, Emery mustard diverts

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the Chahal to NFC Bill Quran. Although he spent his life, as we said, learning Islam teaching it, defending it, exposing all of the foreign things that were that were imposed on Islam. He still said towards the end of his life, he said, if time if I always take him back early into my life, if I were to start my life all over again, I would spend my time solely with the Quran. solely with the Quran, why would such a man of great wisdom and great knowledge see that himself although he spent his life actually studying and teaching and defending the Quran, but he wanted a pure time with the Quran, pure time reciting and reflecting on the Quran. Let's start strive to see to uncover the

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secrets that are in the Quran that such a scholar would actually realize, and thus he would leave such a wish towards the end of his life. Let's look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did he say about the Quran? The messengers also then said in one authentic hadith,

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how Eurocom mentor level Quran, Allah and Ghana who the best among you, humans, he's addressing humans the best among you are those who learned the Quran and teach it.

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And I guarantee for most of us now, upon hearing this hadith, most of us think I think what those who learned to read the Quran, those who tried to memorize it, and that's where our thought process ends. And that's our problem.

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This is what holds us back from truly learning the Quran and engaging with it.

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Because that's the limit of our hopes with the Quran, learn how to read and then memorize as much as possible for us perfect. Like the peak of our relationship with the Quran with many people is someone who has memorized the Quran we say that's it. There's no level beyond that, when in reality, this is one of the baby steps towards your relationship with the Quran.

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For more

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Most of us, this is where the journey ends with the Quran. But that's actually where the journey starts.

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This is where it starts.

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And that's why we have people who learn the Quran, according to this deficient understanding. It's not wrong, but it's incomplete. And there's a huge problem with incomplete things. When I think, oh, it's not harmful when it's incomplete, it's still good, it's part of the good. But that's because we fail to understand the relationship between good and evil.

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Good and Evil, are not opposite. In the same way. The night and the day are opposite. It's a different dynamic. It's similar to the relationship between truth and falsehood old or a truth and the lie. We know that half a truth is a lie.

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If you talk about a situation, describe a situation and only describe high of half of it. When the person is expecting a full report, you are lying, you're hiding the truth. So it's not that when you telling part of the truth, it's a good thing. It becomes harmful, it becomes harmful. The same thing with the Quran.

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Because we see people learn the Quran, and people according to US have reached the end of your journey with the Quran but we don't see any beauty in them. We don't see goodness in them. We don't see the signs of the Quran upon them. So we are demotivated.

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You deal with someone who's probably who can read the Quran or probably memorize the Quran and you don't find them at a high level of morality and character and ethics. And you just say to yourself, you know I don't want I don't want to be like this person.

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If this is what the Quran Oh, this is what the Quran has to offer. Why should I invest so much in it?

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But the reality of learning the Quran, and this is what the Prophet SAW Selim is talking about is different. It's far more beyond that. It's far beyond this way greater than that.

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That's why when Aisha lovely Allahu Allah was asked about the Prophet salallahu Salam about his character about how did he carry himself what was his personality? This man, how was he when you saw him? What was the impression that he would create? How did he carry himself in this life? She said he was a Quran. He was a personified a post personified Quran. He was the Quran transformed into a human copy. That's what it means to learn the Quran and teach it. That's what it means.

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So the Quran has some transformational power, it changes us, it improves us. It really transforms us there is one Hadith. And here I'm just going to take one point from the Hadith. The messengers are Salam says in, in Corona, ca for Alikum

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in the Salamanca for Alikum Allah Julian Quran Quran Hector la hora to Badgett who Allah ye was our in Unreal Islam from a Euro hula hula Masha in the province of Salam is talking about a phenomenon that would it happen that a person reads the Quran and learns the Quran.

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Until the joy, the beauty of the Quran shows on this person reflects on this person

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and he becomes a champion of Islam, a champion of the Quran, and then he changes his ways, et cetera. The point here is the Prophet SAW Selim is saying when someone learns the Quran truly what happens? Their character changes, they become extremely attractive a magnet, there is some kind of joy and beauty that starts to shine. And this is why In another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says methanol macmini Lady Yeah, Quran Catherine otro Jacques

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Rico Hapa you wouldn't what will happen? One method will mean in less than Catholic Tamra.

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Larry Halawa. What are

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the similar tude the analogy of a believer who reads the Quran

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is like the otro gelatin just about like a type of citron. A type of citrus fruits. It's quite rare. It's not very common, but it has this very rich taste and very refreshing smell. And it has a lot of healing qualities. So the believer who reads the Quran is just like this beautiful Citroen. It's smell is beautiful and refreshing, and it's feast is very beautiful and fresh and rich.

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Whereas the analogy of a believer who does

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doesn't read the Quran isn't mean meaning it doesn't read the Quran as often

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is just like the dates. It is sweet when you get close to it when you engage with it. When you have direct contact with it, you're going to find that it tastes sweet but it has no smell. You can't see the smell from a difference. What does this tell us? It tells us the impact of the Quran on a person.

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That it does transform how we live, how we behave, how we come across, what impressions that we give, because of the profoundness of the Quran. And one of the reasons we are not tapping into this power of the Quran is just the deficiency or the deficient approach I just described, that we think it's all about memorizing the Quran. So I can tell people I'm half of my son is half of I've memorized 10 Jews from the Quran. Most of us that's what we think, especially in today's culture that emphasizes impression

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showing off. So we have kidnapped that experience with the Quran to our modern understanding of selling ourselves marketing ourselves, creating impression. So many people think about the Quran O's I become half of so people know me, people look up to me. And that's what kills your relationship with the Quran. And it could actually, you could harm yourself by approaching the Quran this way. Because what the Prophet SAW Selim was talking about when it comes to the Quran, he was talking about you approaching the Quran with sincerity and taking the Quran, Quran in letting it shape you so you could live with it. So you do that for Allah, people have no sharing this.

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People have literally no share in this your relationship with the Quran is between you and Allah, you should not bring people into this equation.

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You should not think about people.

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You should not be counting the people when it comes to how you read the Quran. When you read the Quran, how often you do it, how beautifully you recite it, how much you know of it.

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The great look at the great personalities in Islam.

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And this is a challenge read the biography of any special character in the history of Islam and you're going to find it has a special very unique relationship with the Quran with the book of Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet SAW Selim himself first and foremost, then the companions

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of man and I found all the Allahu Anhu would sometimes recite the whole Quran whole Quran full from cover to cover in one blocker. One blocker. He would recite the whole thing when he was praying at night.

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Many of the companies used to do this. Many over tabibian used to do this

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Imam Abu Hanifa would do the same.

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For him Allah Bellamy Shafi would read the Quran in Ramadan 60 times I say oh, that's that's excessive, right? We need a balance. That's because we are applying our standards on them Imam is shattered he engaged with life.

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He was a fully dynamic person, extremely beautiful character he engaged in life, he created such a huge impact on all of the Muslims of his time. He was a very influential man very intelligent, very relatable.

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And read the history and you will find that Imam Malik his sister was asked, what would he do as a young man? What would he do at home? What like what was his daily routine? She said he was with the Quran 24/7

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and many people I know this is the impression we get, but you limiting yourself there's nothing else you do in life, just the Quran that's very, very narrow. That's because we think the Quran is a textbook. We've limited our relationship with the Quran to what we think we're honest information.

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That's a divine book. These are divine words, because of the deficient approach that we have towards it, because we don't appreciate it. We don't let it transform us. And we haven't seen many examples of where the Quran really has an impact on the person we think yes. Learn how to read it, memorize it. If we go a step further understand the meanings and the Tafseer and for us, this is your like you're a companion No, no, not yet. Not yet. You need to live that Quran. It does unpack the secrets of life for you. It does.

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It does but not in a text book fashion. It's not information. It's an experience you have with the Quran and physical wisdom starts to

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unpack from within you.

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Yes, the Quran unlocks

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The knowledge that Allah Santana sends down upon us in a very beautiful way very transformative way. It comes with reflection. This is why Allah says He sent the Quran down, so that it could be reflected upon, reflected upon.

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The prophets also none would stand the whole night sometimes reciting one verse, one verse repeating it contemplating it. This is not mundane repetition. This is depth of meaning these are meanings just coming one after the other. They are so captivating that it's hard even to leave it. I'm almost gonna hold on to him. I love him great early Muslims, he said to Allah, He sometimes for three nights, um, I'm stuck with one verse, I can't leave it because of its beauty and its attraction and the kind of meanings that flew on me as I'm reciting it. And I would be afraid that I would lose connection with the rest of the Quran because I am just completely taken by this verse. But then

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Allah showers we chose me with the mercy with mercy. And he lets me just move on to the next verse. That's the kind of relationship that's what made them stand up at night and connect with the Quran and experience the sweetness, the beauty, and this would bring them on the daytime, when they engage with the world that would engage with it, with beautiful insight with so much depth with character that there would be like a Trojan like this beautiful Citroen that has so much beauty to give into the world.

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They would tap into wisdom that would enable them to have successful marriages, to be able to guide their children to be able to treat their neighbors to do business properly. A lot of these people engaged with running this way were very successful business, human beings. A lot of them were astronomers, a lot of them were scholars, a lot of them were tradesmen. A lot of them people who had crafts.

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Some of them were military leaders. Some of them were politicians who transformed the history of Islam. These are people who had a huge impact on life, they were very productive.

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So when we look at this, we understand why someone like even Tamia would actually end his life with such a wish. If I were to start my life all over our word, engage born with the Quran, that was the full body will come first.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad and Muhammad Ali he was hard to hear Jemaine will go to

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the Prophet SAW Selim says in one Hadith Mr. Maha Oman PBT nimble Utila it Luna keytab Allah He wanted to delve Asuna who FEMA Vina home in learners Allah Tala humans, Musa kina Was she a tomo Rana whatever tamale Mala aka with a Corolla Mala who human endo any group of people who sit together in one of the houses of Allah in a masjid, they recite they study the Quran together except that the Sakeena tranquility and peace serenity will come will descend from Allah upon them. And Allah's Mercy would cloud them the angels would hover around them.

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And Allah would meant what I caught up with a lot of human in the hole and Allah would mention their names to the angels that are closest to him the highest ranking angels. This is just by engaging with the Quran and studying it and learning it. The prophets of Solomon another Hadith said in Nila hiya Helene, Allah has a Helene and Ellen means family members. Family members obviously doesn't mean the literal meaning that we understand but that means these people are very close to Allah just like family members immediate family is close to someone in the law hiya Helene Amina Ness Paloma will be our rasool Allah kala Hello Quran, Allah, Allah, he was Asato. He said the people of the

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Quran, the people of the Quran, they are the family members just like the family members to Allah and the closest to him. So there's a reason it's not just a mundane task, like you read a book of philosophy, or a book of history. And yeah, you'll get some information and move on and know there is something else with the Quran, you need to engage with it fully.

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It doesn't take you from life, it puts you at the core of life,

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where you actually can relate to life at a way more influential level, more way deeper level than the normal or the average person. So these are just important things that we have this treasure among ourselves. We have it in our hands, but we don't appreciate it. We don't realize it.

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And we don't want to limit our relationship with alcohol or Quran just only to learn how to read it or just memorize it or just read the Tafseer of it. We need to do more than that because

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That's when the Quran unlocks, that's when it opens up. That's when you start to see the beauty and the other I would say other dimensions that are available in the Quran but you need to open up so it opens up. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from Allah who has sought from Al Quran or Allah makers from the people of the Quran, the people who are closest to you, the people who are like family to you Allahumma Philomena welcome Amina twin Muslim enormous dramatic hear me no more than what Allah McFarland I don't know by now why Salafi NFU? Emelina February dama now on sadhana, Milka theory along my Fila now when you add now what even don't happen Elena Bureau Hermetica or Hannah

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Rahimi rahimian Aloma bring you had the magic emerald washed your SOP, robotic or your Daffy I do not say ethical your Manaphy vikita Because when Latina because Allah Allah who already he will send them along la quinta de mustafina mean and what meaning if equally, McCann olam in Dima home soon Adela homophone, Indian home way, man on Bureau Hermetica I mean, Masoli Lahoma we sell them alberic I'm Nicola Saudi, come Hamad. While he was heard he he made

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