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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of fasting, including reducing one's risk of mistakes and helping to avoid them. They also touch on the importance of fasting for removing painful emotions and avoiding screenshot. The speakers emphasize the benefits of fasting for removing sins and shortcomings, and stress the importance of reciting the Prophet's daily prayers. They also mention the use of symbolism to convey one's beliefs and the importance of increasing one's understanding of the prophets of Islam. The speakers emphasize the potential negative impact of fasting on health and productivity, but also acknowledge its positive impact on individuals and their families.
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Having delay, let me know salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad in early he was a heavy edge Marine. All that again we talking about the merits and the excellence of fasting. The prophets of Allah when he was salam mentioned that fasting intercedes for us on the Day of Judgment. So it says in the authentic hadith reported by the management, by Law School of Law, he SallAllahu ala he was CMO. Well Quran which Veronica will abdomen piano your pool of Syrian Arab be Minotaur to hotel and I will show Hua Fisher for any fee. We have Google Quran omega two who a no maybe lady Fisher for any fee future for

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Allah's Messenger sal Allahu, and he will sell them says that fasting and Quran will intercede will intercede for the servant on the Day of Judgment. Fasting would say

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you're beaming out to her to Anna Oshawa, oh my lord, I prevented him from eating and from drinking from food in general, and from his desire, sexual desire. So let me intercede for him. That means, you know except my intercession and protecting from the punishment because of me, because of me, protect him from punishment or from any kind of chastisement. And the Quran would say, or Allah, I have prevented him from sleeping at night, because he used to recite Quran is to pray at night. So, let me intercede for him. And Allah subhanaw taala will accept the intercession. So that means when we are fasting, basically, you are gaining credit with Allah subhanaw taala, preparing for something

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to intercede for you. So what this actually shows that fasting will take a personality will take a figure on the day of judgment. And this is something part of the unseen, we don't know how this will be

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another another aspect of CRM or fastings, that it exports our sins, it washes away our sins. And that's a very powerful aspect. So when you are fasting when you're experiencing the hunger, and the thirst, and the tiredness and the disruption of your daily routine, remember that this is not in vain. It's not in vain because fasting is one of the best explanations of since Kafala, it's the Kafala from Allah subhanaw taala.

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And we know that in Islam, oftentimes you will find a lot of the kuffaar out are the explanations if you do something wrong, is that actually you fast. So for example, someone who may makes it really hard, he says to his wife, you are like my mother to me, we know that this person cannot go back to his wife unless he obviously frees a slave the he cannot find this cannot afford this. He

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fasts 60 days, he for 60 days, and a person who kills another one. Without intention by mistake. They could fall off on a patrol Hopper for murdering someone by accident you didn't intend like you're driving someone, you know, just pushed into your way, and you happen to run them over and they pass away. You didn't intend to kill anyone. But if that person dies, you have to make a follow which is fasting 60 consecutive days.

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So it shows that fasting is such a great act of worship and it exploits some of the great and grave consequences of some of our actions.

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And there's a hadith reported where I'm horrible photography Allahu Anhu. He when He was the Khalifa, he was with the companions of the prophets of Solomon. So you said a year Camilla Furbo, Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a few feet and who among you knows the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the times of fitna. So how are they familiar man, Omar hubub knows that how they finance the Hadees. So he wants him to talk about it. He wants him to talk about it, because they felt would not speak so often about these things. But Omar wanted khalifa to speak about it because her life is called Hatfield or Surya Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he learned a lot

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of things that the President did not disclose so much or so often to the public, because he used to ask very

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intelligent questions. And for example, the names of the hypocrites. The person was informed by Allah about the hypocrites, who pretended to be companions. So the Prophet knew them by name. He didn't disclose the names except for except to how they familiar man, this is where I'm gonna start when they came to him and they said, Danny Oh as a manual Rasulullah has also done for Mana 15 Did the prompts on them mentioned

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My name when he told you about the book rates, was that one of them? Or they phoned him and said, What would you bought? Hadn't bad luck over your luck? He said no, and I'm not going to answer this question. If anyone asked me after this, so because Bob really like he was pushing khalifa to answer this question. So one day holiday for asked the companions of the program and he wants for they've had to speak out. So he says, Who amongst you knows the Hadith of the Prophet of cinema, the Phaeton defeat and towards the end of time?

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Khalifa Ali Allahu Anhu. He doesn't want to go there. So he gives an answer. And he says fitna to Rajul if he actually he were mad, he was that he took a photo of her Salah to Assam or sadaqa. He says, the fitna the general fit and the trials, the tests, the mistakes that we fall into. Usually when it comes to how we treat our families, our kids, and how we deal with our money. Sometimes we don't make optimal decisions, sometimes we buy something we're not supposed to buy, or we don't place the money where it should be. Or sometimes we might get money from Shady sources, right? We all sometimes go into these shady areas, sometimes maybe knowingly, sometimes unknowingly. And

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and even the trials that we have with our neighbors, meaning not giving our neighbors their rights, which is something hugely neglected these days. However, agreement says all these sins and shortcomings will be expiated, by salah, praying and by cm fasting, and by sadaqa that you give. So that shows that fasting is actually a great

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act of worship that expiate and removes our sins. So when you are fasting, you should imagine and you should really visualize that your fasting is removing a lot of your sins. If you do it sincerely for Allah subhanaw taala just to finish the Hadith of the familia man. When

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asked who knows the Hadith of the Prophet, I'm in the Phaeton

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so they follow the law and who said you know, the fitna you have in your family and your money your wealth in your neighbors will be expected by Salah by fasting and by sadaqa. I'm gonna hop up said Lisa and her so I'm not asking about this in our annual fitness utility to Moodle Konoba. He says, I'm asking about the fitna that is so huge, like the waves of the ocean, like the huge gigantic waves of the ocean. And by the way, this is this kind of analogy or this kind of metaphor, we don't really appreciate it for the Arabs, especially in the Arabian Peninsula, the thing that they were scared of the most was writing the sea sailing,

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sailing. So the Arabs for them, they would go for death, but not sail in the ocean in the sea. for them. It was like this, this curious thing. So the Arabs feared that the Arabs feared the sea completely, completely. So this was a very big thing, a very big cultural thing among them. So when I'm going to wrap up says I'm asking about the fitna that is like the gigantic waves of the ocean. He's talking about something truly serious. Truly, truly serious. Okay. So David Newman said Lisa Alikum and habits meanie and he says or chief of the believers, you have nothing to fear about it. For in being a carabiner has been Magolor because you don't have to fear this fitna is gigantic

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fitna. Because between you and this fitna there is a locked door or gate.

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I want to have Bob understands this kind of symbolic language is very intelligent. So he says,

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a yoke so we'll babble on mute.

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He says this door, this gate as between me and the fitna. Will it be

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opened unlocked, or will it be knocked down?

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He said Bill,

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he said, Are you available? And if so, is it knocked down? Or is it will be will it be unlocked? So meaning the door will be opened with peace? Or will it be

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an aggressive way to open that fitna? So are they Funnyman says Ben looks or we're Ameerul Momineen will be knocked down, the door will be broken.

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So I'm on top of the law and shows you the deep understanding of the companions. So, Tom says even though you overlook who

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passes then this door will never be locked again.

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The students of Khalifa millenia man they did not speak in the presence of Rama Rama Bob as this haber has this you know respect and presence about him people free to ask him even Abdullah bin Omar

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We Allahu Anhu had some *y opinions that were against the filthy opinions of marble hottub

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he never disclosed them

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until Mr. Harper passed away.

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That's Abdullah abnormal his son and Abdullah Abbas is a keen student of honorable hottub. I'm loving it bass is a keen student to America club. He himself had opinions. He only disclosed when Amana passed away.

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His haber this kind of respect about the presence of among Fatah. So the the students of Hodeidah did not ask in the presence of Rama later on. They went to high def, and they said,

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there's a little hot tub. What does this club know?

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What it means for the door to be broken?

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I get three we're

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a year bad and Elma, who will Bab Falana and wallah he known as Allah medallic come in contact Allah Munna and Dona Dona, dona la de Leon.

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He's the ask, Does Tom know what is this door? What is this? You know, metaphor referring to? Are they from you? And said, yes, indeed, he knows. He knows it. Just like you know, before tomorrow is today.

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So who's the door, it's anonymous.

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himself. And when the door is broken, it's when he was murdered or assassinated by Ebola emergency. And this is why death of America top defeated started

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Subhanallah morale man, all the Allahu Anhu became the Khalifa and then later on, start a lot of the feet and started to come from mainly from Iraq, mainly from Iraq. So the house appeared and the roots and the seeds of Shia Islam also started to appear at that time. And this is why during the collapse of Mandalay Allah and towards the end of it, there was a great fitna to the point where a lot of the companions left Medina because they could not stay in Medina, because of all these people. The coverage we're living in, they were trying to kill a man on the Allahu Anhu all of them they were in Medina and they spoiled everything about Medina so so many of the companions left.

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Let's go back to fasting some of the excellence of fasting.

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The prophets also promised a special, particular gate and paradise for the fasting people. And he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith reported by Bukhari Muslim in the field Jannetty bourbon you call the whole region, yet Holloman who saw a Munna yo multi Yama riot Holloman who had gone over your home for either the Hulu Overlake Philomela Holman who I had for either the holography room overlay called woman the hall. Sherry woman Sherry Bellamy,

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Hadith the Prophet SAW Selim says in Jana, there is a gate called r1 Yun and Anwar Yan means basically quenching the thirst. When you quench thirst, like someone's too thirsty, and they drink water, this kind of sensation being quenched and satisfied. This is what a yawn means. When you get enough water after thirst. The only the first thing people will enter Jannah through this gate called Orion, and once they integrate, it will be locked. No one else will be allowed to go through it except for those who observe the fasting and whoever enters this they would drink and whoever drinks they will never go thirsty. And that's obviously and Paradise let's talk about Ramadan

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Ramadan. First of all is the month of fasting or the month of the Quran. It's the month of the Quran shahada Ramadan and Lady Zilla V Hill Quran

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month of Ramadan in which the Quran was revealed. So there's a special very strong connection between fasting between Ramadan and the Quran.

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There's a very strong

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And in Ramadan, we know that the devils especially the main the tyrant, one, the gigantic, the giant devils, the giant among the jinns. These will be chained and locked, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and the gates of paradise will be opened the gates of hellfire will be locked. This is only during Ramadan. So this is an excellent some kind of exceptional thing that happens and takes

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takes place during Ramadan. In Ramadan, there is little other, the Night of Power which is greater in the sight of Allah than 1000 months which is about 80 to 83 years. Such a profound time in one night. So if a person worships Allah during this night it is as if they worshipped Allah for all this time.

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This is why deeds are multiplied beyond imagination. In this in this light

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So fasting Ramadan is a is an excellent tool to to remove our sins. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the Hadith reported by Bukhari and Muslim says Muslim Allah Madonna Iman and YT Serban with your Allah Who Mata put them in them. Whoever fasts Ramadan, Eman and out of faith in Allah out of faith in the out of belief in the reward from Allah and in the excellence of fasting with Allah subhanaw taala and seeking reward, the sub seeking Allah's reward, even though there is hardship, in fasting, there is discomfort. You do this for the sake of Allah so you give up on your own desires for the sake of what Allah loves. Then, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says all your past

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all the past sins of that person will be forgiven. All of them will be forgiven. I mean, who doesn't want their their sins to be forgiven? We commit sins day and night. Most of the time we are committing sins. So with fasting, a few fasts, Ramadan, the whole of it completely, and you do that out of belief in Allah, and believing the reward from Allah and seeking Allah's reward then in sha Allah, this would explain it and remove all of your sins all of your past since the prophets of Islam says another another authentic hadith, or Salah what will humps will do more to Ilan Juma or Madonna Ilana Ramadan, mocha FIRA to lima beans 120 by thinking about

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the five daily prayers one after the other and praying Juma after Juma and then Ramadan, worshiping Allah fasting and and praying and recite the Quran, Ramadan after Ramadan. This removes the sense this removes the sense specifically if you abandon or few avoid major sins if you avoid major sins

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and an authentic hadith the Prophet SAW Salem one day mounted the member he got on the member. So the first step he said I mean

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the second step he said I mean third step he said I mean the companies were puzzled now the process isn't doesn't do this. So now he's saying I mean three times and we don't know what this was what the context is. So afterwards they asked him they said O Messenger of Allah when you you know students remember you said Amin, Amin, amin three three times. What does this mean? The Prophet SAW Selim says in algebra Isla allihies Salaam attorney for Call, man Abdullah Kashia Harada Madonna phelim Yo for LA who for the holla now for other hola mean for all to me Amin to the end of the Hadith which is about man Abdullah qawwali he will admit will be him and Jana

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for either hola me for call to me and woman Luca to end the whole film you're sol de la

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sol la he was Hola Hola Hola. Hola. I mean for call to Hamid. So the Prophet was in the command is asked him Why did you say I mean he said Jabril came to me. And he said, Any person who witnesses the month of Ramadan, he doesn't get his sins forgiven because of Ramadan. They may Allah distance him from his mercy and from paradise. See, I mean, I said I mean, so that's from the best of the angels. And I mean, it's set by the best of humanity and the best of the creation. This is absolutely an answer to I by Allah, and whoever, you know, lives and witnesses the old age of his parents and he doesn't into Paradise because of his beautifulness to him to them because of taking

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care of them. That may Allah distance him from his mercy and from paradise. See, I mean, I said, I mean, and anyone in whose presence the prophets of Sodom has mentioned, he doesn't say so low I do send them then may Allah distance him say, I mean I said me and endure in Ramadan, Dora is accepted. And Allah subhanaw taala frees people from the Hellfire each night.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says in this hadith reported by him and again and so and so, in the law, if equally a woman were laying in a tent, I mean an efficient Ramadan or inadequately Muslim in that what and it will be hard for us to judge Buddha who

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the prophets of salaam says

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in the month of Ramadan

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in each night

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and in each day, there are people that Allah will free from the hellfire.

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Each night there are this there's a a quota that Allah will free from the Hellfire each night and they based on what they do based on how sincere they are for Allah subhanaw taala and for every Muslim there is that they can quote There's a dua that will be answered by Allah that means everyday

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Every night and Ramadan. So this shows this is a very special time and we should not miss out on this. So what you can do is increase into an increase in worship. So don't forget to make that during the day and during the night. Hopefully you will, you know coincide with that time when the dua will be accepted during that night or that day.

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And, you know, failing to fast Ramadan when one is able and not exempted. One doesn't have any HR officer, and they fail too fast. They neglect the fast. This is a grave sin. And the prophets Allah mentioned the hadith of a sloth with a mirage. In one part of it. He mentioned

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that he came across a people

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who were hanged by their hamstrings, sort of by their ankles and hamstrings, they were hanged, or they were hung. Okay. And

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their cheeks were cut with scissors, the cheeks were cut with scissors, and they were bleeding. The cheeks were bleeding. So the prophets of salaam said Who are these Allah Ladino have their own apabila to Hell letter so mean these are the people who eat before it's time to open the fast which is another means people who don't observe the fast Hadith in Arabic that part had to either come to visa didn't generally either be a SWAT and Shalida pulled to Medina SWAT called who had had enough from Paula kabhi for either NRB Oh meanwhile, Latina VRRP be him. Masha cotton ash Darko, whom? To see you as Darko, whom dama Paola Kuhlmann her Allah, Allah Latina with their own accord letter, her

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letter, so we'll meet him.

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So it's a grave sin, to fail to observe the fasting Ramadan, imagine this punishment. Even the description of it is disgusting, makes you feel sick. So that's it shows it's a grave sin, not to observe fasting. So in sha Allah tomorrow, we will start talking about the rulings of that pertain to fasting. So if you have a couple of questions, we can answer them in sha Allah before we leave any questions.

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Any questions? Yes. What do you say every night? They have a problem. Yes

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no this is in Ramadan. Ramadan this is special for Ramadan people are freed from the Hellfire but Allah subhanaw taala and the day and the night that's only for Ramadan.

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Obviously there will be people throughout the year but this is a this is a specific privilege for Ramadan. This is exceptional in Ramadan well Allah here taco millenary Modelica frequently Laila Ramadan

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now Baba Ryan obviously ideally it's for the people who first Ramadan but the people who observe fast outside Ramadan will have more priority

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Yes, so a person who observed the obligatory fast and Ramadan they absolutely entitled to Allahu Allah this is how it seems to be because this is a door or a gate for the saw in in for the fasting ones. So if you fast Ramadan, all of the Ramadan's and that means also the quality of your fast so someone fasts but they keep using bad language getting into arguments mistreating others okay the level of their fasting or the reward for the fasting is much less and this might affect their eligibility to enter through this gate.

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Everything is you know is irrelevant there any more questions can take one more is it when you die during the faster was it even after the Ramadan you die and you're not fasting but you get go to heaven? That gate only because you know the gate has nothing to do with you if you die in a state of fasting or afterwards No, it has nothing to do with the time you die fast. Yes, yes as long as you fast in sha Allah at least the obligatory fast inshallah you will be qualified for that job.

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By Barak long fecal Salam salam ala Nabina Muhammad in mind and he also have the awesome