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This talk was given at the Abu Huraira Center on May 29, 2017.

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Apart from this, I'll excuse myself from answering any questions. So please, I apologize. I hope you guys understand. Instead, I'm going to make this announcement a few times to get to as many brothers as possible. I will not be able to answer personal questions or individual questions, the only questions I'll be able to answer will be at the end of this halaqa, or the end of the future halaqa insha Allah, just because most of the time are running between things, and people catch me and have to catch up with something and sometimes it's hard to excuse oneself. So

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I'll show you I'm sure you understand.

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Okay, issues with

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making up the fast making up fast. So if someone misses some days from Ramadan, when should they start fasting, these mistakes.

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This is again an issue of debate among the scholars. But we have our strong proof from Ashley Allahu and her that she used to make up the force that she missed, because obviously, women have menses. So they're going to miss most. Obviously, they're going to miss out some of the days in Ramadan. So she said, we used to fast the days that we missed or make up the days that we missed in Ramadan,

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in Shabana The following year, just before Ramadan of next year, when she was asked about this, she said,

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we used to be busy with the prophets of Allah when he was sending them Conan and shadow be rasulillah salam, what is that was his guests. His problem was a very busy person, so his wives as well, were very busy in the background.

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So the opinion that I see the most correct among the scholars, and seems to be the strongest is that you can you have a whole year we have 11 months to make up the fast that you missed, that's if you need to make up the fast. But another group of people, as we said, these are seniors, old people who can't fast. So these people have to give a video, it's not cafaro it's called video kafala is an explanation of a sin. Fit do you pay video is basically an exchange of an obligation that you are unable to fulfill. So if you can't fast, you have a chronic disease or illness, or you're too old or physically unable, then what you do you pay video. And this video is about mommy skin abramo

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miskeen, feeding one poor person a full meal, or a filling meal, a filling meal for one person.

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So usually the question that I received these days is how much is the kuffaar It's a meal.

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It's a meal, it's a filling meal. So it how much that depends where you're giving it. So if you give it to a poor person here in Canada,

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it's going to be the average meal, the average meal usually here like costs around, let's say, around $10, around $10 is going to they're going to buy a show arm, for example.

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So that's around $10.

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And that's a very basic meal. And that's what that's enough. But if you are giving out the video, let's say back maybe in Egypt, or in Somalia, or in Pakistan or in Afghanistan,

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it's not going to be it's not going to be $10 is going to be less so you need to find out a workout, how much a meal an average meal costs there. And then you make sure that it reaches the poor person as food

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because the last one that says videotron miskeen. So the video is feeding one person. So you need to make sure that the person gets food.

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You either buy the food yourself and hand it over his food, or you give it to an organization or a friend or a cousin who's going to buy food and give it to that poor person or the poor person you know him or you know her very well and you trust that they will buy food with it and eat it.

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These are the only possible ways to do this video. These are the only positive either give it as food yourself all you give it to someone to give it on your behalf as food so you give them money they go buy food and they give it to poor person or the poor person you're giving this video to is trustworthy, you trust them. So you tell them you buy food with this nothing else because if they buy clothes with it, it doesn't count as video for you. It just doesn't count because it has to be food. That's what Allah specifies in the Quran, you might say but you know they need something else more than food. Okay, give them sadaqa from something else, give them a fine but this is a Sharia

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law. This is one of the rituals of Islam you have to observe it. Allah says the video on pa miskeen so you give it as food as a Los Angeles specifies

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Okay, who are the people who are exempt from hot fasting and they can give the video we said the seniors and chronically ill people, but there's another type of people as well. And with this, there is a debate as well. But again, this seems to be the strongest opinion because this was from Abner Ambassador Lila, I know that pregnant women.

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If fasting

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is hazardous in the sense, it's a risk on her health and her baby's health,

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or it makes it extremely difficult for her. Then she can,

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like break her fast and not fast that day. And what she does, she doesn't make up a day, but she gives a fifth year. She gives a video that's the first one is lovely. And last one, the pregnant woman and the breastfeeding woman as well. So when woman is a woman is breastfeeding, her child is three years she's nursing, the child has three months, four months, five months, and they completely depend on the nursing process. So and if the woman fasts, obviously that's gonna cause the milk to dry she won't be able to nurse the child for a longer time. With some women there they are capable, they can actually fast and they can still nurse the children. But for most women, it's very

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difficult and they might even like stop or they might lose the ability to nurse the child. So the best well the law says this woman as well gives fifth year and she doesn't do

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as I said there is the other opinion is there in among the *a ha ha they're not the woman makes up the fast. But Abdullah bass gave this as a clear sign as a clear fatwa. And he takes as

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as a proof for this diverse what las panatela says well, Edina una Vidya Tonto Miskin and those who are able to fast with difficulty and hardship

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but they choose not to fast they opt not too fast. That wasn't the beginning we said people were given the ability were given the choice, you want to fast you can fast if, if fasting is difficult for you. But you can opt not too fast and pay the video but then later on the next year, the the level of exemption or the bar for exemption was raised higher. So the ruling only for to give video includes a chronically ill people and senior or elders who are unable to fast and we have the lovely bass mentions that a breast a nursing mother or a pregnant mother as well. They fall under this so they give the video

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how to give the video and it should nomadic probably Allah will handle the great companion of the Prophet send them because he reached an old age. I think when he died he was one was 103 years 103 years when he passed away. So it was the end of his life he couldn't fast she used to get

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so he used to wait until the last day and Ramadan. And then he would make he would gather 30 poor people invite them to his house, make a platter of food that is enough for all of them. And they would eat at once. So that was feeding 30 people for the month of Ramadan. The whole month of Ramadan. You can give it at the beginning of Ramadan you can give it in the middle you can give it at the end or after Ramadan sha Allah but the sooner the better inshallah.

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during Ramadan, we know that we have what are we supposed to do? What are we what are the acts of worship that we are supposed to do?

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Obviously fasting. Another thing which a lot of us do is gamma late, which we call tarawih. The only includes tarawih. And we're also we call as well towards the end of Ramadan. We like to call it the hedgehog. We like to call it hydrate which is towards the later part of the night. But all of them are considered to be a family. But these are terminology that were that was used and developed over time. There's nothing wrong with using it.

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The professor sometimes says man columna Ramadan, amen and YT seven horfield Allah omata condimentum be whoever stands up at night in Ramadan. Warfield Allah who matter. All his past sins will be forgiven. All his past sins will be forgiven. There's something specific about Labour's

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McConnell a little

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whoever stands knights of a cardinal

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87 orfila who might have condemned me whoever stands up in prayer in a little closer than he will get his past sins.

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forgiven we'll come to talk about

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later insha Allah

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the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah

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seldom during Ramadan

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one of the Ramadan's the prophet SAW said lamb came to the masjid at night. fijo filet. That's what the narration just says v jiofi layli in the middle of the night towards midnight, just before that the Prophet came to the masjid and he prayed.

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So, some companions joined him.

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Some companions person prayed by himself in the masjid family, which was which we call now some companions joined him by word of mouth, people got to know about it. So the process of them came second night and he prayed that the same thing started praying companions join him Now there were more numbers of people in the masjid so they joined him the congregation was

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was getting bigger. Then

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the third night the prophets of Salaam said the same there were there was more people and they prayed with him.

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fourth night, the masjid was full. It was bursting with people. When there was no space for people in the masjid that was towards the middle of the night. But the Prophet Solomon did not come out

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he did not come out so people were waiting waiting waiting for some didn't come out some people obviously left some people state but then it was federal time then the profits or send them tend to people after a lot and

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then he turns around he says and that in America in the whole family your mechanical? Well I can negotiate one two for ballet comfort and just one for two or three Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam salon cinnamon mo Allah Derek, so the problem tend to people and he said, I was aware that you were in the masjid

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at night that you guys came to the masjid were waiting for me to come and pray. But I didn't come out because I was fearful that it might be an obligate it might become an obligation upon you. The Salah this salon might become an obligation because of your level of commitment. Because of your level of commitment. I was afraid that it Allah could make it an obligation upon you. And this is based on something the prophets of Salaam knows about Allah.

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You might say why would it if it was if people started committing to it? Why would Allah make it obligatory? We don't really know. But, but the prophet SAW Selim knows so the person who did not

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do this again. He did not do this again. So how did the Muslims pray and Ramadan, then the narrator of the Hadith,

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I shall be low and that says, and the the state of Salah at night and Ramadan remained like this until the prophets of Salaam passed away.

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So in Ramadan, people used to come on pratyusha and got relief. That's it.

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But they prayed, how did they pray?

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They prayed either individually or home. Or they prayed as groups that would come later on the masjid. There would be one group here, one group there two three people here five people here would be each group printer, we are praying to me like by themselves. That's it. That's how sometimes they would meet in someone's house and they will do it together five people together. This is how they play family in Ramadan during the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam apart from the three nights that we mentioned. Then during the life of Abu Bakar Leila and who was the same

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during the life of Allah.

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I'm gonna help us to come Obviously, I'm gonna pop up used to check on his people. So he came to the message and you would see people praying as separate groups in the midst of the prayer family and Ramadan. After Asia. Some people would say some people would come later on, you'd find a group in that corner group in that corner in that corner and this corner in this corner, people praying separately, either as individuals or as small congregations. Avraham when he looked at this, he said, why don't we just get the people together? Because the Prophet Salim did that. for three nights he did that. Why don't we just get people together? So he called obey human okay.

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So I'm going to read the narration sexually.

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So the

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man ignore Abdullah.

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He said Carlos tomorrow morning, hobnobbing Allahu ala tanfield, Ramadan at the masjid for either NASA and whatever. He said, I walked with Him on hottub one night and Ramadan. And we came by the masjid. So people were separate groups, separate groups praying,

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ozone, whatever, if when you saw the Rajamouli NFC, where you suddenly a module for your Saliba Salatu Hara,

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you'd find a person praying by himself. And then you will find another person who prays then some group small group of people join him and they take him as the man

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for Carla Omar in the back to her either party in why he didn't.

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Pop says I have an opinion that I should gather these people together.

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And they will be led by one Imam. I think this is this is better. from asthma pajama Hamada obey unicamp from Maharaj tomahto. So he gathered

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People and he appointed obioma cabasse the Imam he leads them and everyone prays with obey vocab in the mustard

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from Maharaj tomahto a lesson on natural use alone Abby salata party and then another night we came out and we came by the mustard

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and people were praying behind the Imam the leader which is a way of no cap Carlomagno metal metal bit at the top said what a good bit is and when he says bit ah he doesn't mean bit against Islam because the prophets of Sodom says what could you do with it and Allah Allah Allah says every bit that is misguidance This is not what I was talking about. He's talking about bit Danny linguistic sense that this is something that we have not done in my philosophy of abubaker but the person who did it so this is a linguistic meaning something that's new, although it was there at the time of the promiseland but we have not been practicing it. So this is what he means it doesn't mean as a

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bit either against religion or against the Sunnah of the prophet SAW so on the contrary is the Sunnah of the prophet and and that he prayed that for three nights

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when he said well let's move on and we'll let you in our moon and have been mean Allah to moon Makana, NASA omona Allah then on top says and the one the prayer

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Okay, I have to paraphrase this to be able to translate it properly. He says

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people used to pray this all this data we had the beginning of the night that means after Asia after Asia, but I'm gonna have Bob says but the one that is later on at night later on when they are they all go to sleep that is better.

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So praying towards the later part of the night is better as Bob says okay.

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And this shows that selected tarawih is not an obligation is an obligation. We said previously that you pray the follow in the five daily obligatory prayers in congregation This is has gives you much more reward than telawi even if you pray it for your whole life. So precedence goes to the five daily prayers to the obligatory prayers and salata. tarawih Okay, um, Elaine is recommended. It's as soon as voluntary prayer there is no obligation about it. And you can see even ricotta was not praying with them. And hatami himself was not praying with them, but I would pray towards the end of the night, that was his habit.

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Now how many records should we pray salata telawi

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there are enough indications on narrations authentic narrations from about the prophets of Salaam that he never prayed more than 11 lockers at night. He never exceeded the number 11 lockers and that's basically means three what's up usually with eight family a truck as commonly. So that's that would be the best option that would be the best option to pray not exceed the number of records that the processor employed. But can we pray more? Yes, you can pray more. You can pray 20 you can pray 18 you can pray 26 you can pray you can because the prophets are seldom said similar to levy mathematics. So lack of a lien is to rock as to rock has to rock has to so unit of tour occurs

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for either a doctor or surgeon. So when federal time comes prayer will conclude with an odd number, an odd number. So and the practice of the Muslim of Arizona the scholars of Anderson has always been some people would pray. Eight than Witter. Some people would pray 20 some people tree pray 24 some people pray 36. This has been there among the scholars of Allison. And it's been acknowledged, and it's been there. But the as we said the province of Southern prayed mainly the maximum number of prayer of rock as was 11 rock has. So there might be some preference there is actually a preference to stick to this to this number.

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Okay, let's go back to and talk about a little puddle.

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So the name Laila Takata, and Sharla. It's in the last two nights of Ramadan. The last night of Ramadan, and this is a very special night is very, a very special night in different sense and in different meanings as well.

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First of all, Laila to color is better than 1000 months, so it's better than

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82 to 83 years. It's better than that. So when you worship Allah subhanaw taala. During that night, you can see how much the actions you do will be multi

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applied. So every sincere Muslim should strive and do their best to worship Allah during the last 10 nights of Ramadan. So hopefully shall they increase their chances of worshiping Allah during Laila. So this is why what I would generally recommend is that during the first 20 nights in Ramadan, don't push yourself too hard. Don't burn your willpower. Don't burn your willpower, increase in worship, and do more than what you usually do, and preserve some energy for the last 10 nights. Because you will find usually the first four or five nights in Ramadan, the messages are packed, people are praying outside. Once it's the sixth night, the seventh night,

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you know, the, you don't even get half of that number. You don't get held on that number, then you don't see people. Then when the last and lights pick up again, you will find the numbers increasing for a couple of nights, then they start going down again. Then 27th night people come even back they come back.

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But with a little colon, that's an issue we need to talk about later. Which night is it fourth, we know the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim that

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there were two Muslims, the person told the Muslims about Laila tolerance, the law and the law that there was later called in Ramadan, and he talked about it, then the Muslims haven't some Muslims had an argument, then had an argument the professor had already gone home, and he was going to come back in order to tell the companions which night it was, specify which night it was.

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So the professor said, when he saw these Muslims fighting these two Muslims arguing the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Hi, Roger to the OB Akamai daily lesson Hey, I came out from my house to tell you which night later otherwise, give you exact exactly when later have other false

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fidella how'd you learn to people had an argument for uncIe to her, so I was made to forget it. The person forgot it why because two Muslims fought among each other. And that shows you that one of the most important aspects of Islam is

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the respect Muslims have for one another that they get along

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that Muslims should not fight among each other Muslim should not have arguments. So when two Muslims disrespect themselves and engage in a fight or an argument, this cause the great thing.

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The I mean, the piece of information is when laser cutter is when data is another is the professor Saddam was made to forget it, he forgot it disappeared from his mind. For a while, then it all fell to me so half an hour. So see platelets and other and the last 10 nights in the last 10 nights in Ramadan.

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So this is why the prophet SAW some himself in the last 10 nights in Ramadan, he would spend most of his all his time in the masjid, they would do a T calf, he would stay away from his family from his wives, and he would exert himself in worship. And that's why Ramadan is the month of worship. And even speaking about our NT generations, like the companions of the prophets are seldom the early scholars, you know, for them Ramadan, and this is something that we really need to fix about our spirit when it comes to Ramadan.

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Even the scholars when they taught who used to teach, some scholars used to teach 1011 classes every day.

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When Ramadan came, they would cancel all their classes, all their helpers, all the janitors and they would say this is time for a bath, it's not even time for teaching, there would be no classes whatsoever, you would find people busy what praying, reciting Quran remembering Allah subhanaw taala making this default

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because you know there is a level of worship and a level of connection to Allah subhanaw taala that you cannot reach when you are engaged in collective effort in group effort. Sometimes you need to be by yourself.

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You need you need to have this, this sort of privacy with the last panel tab between you and the last panel tab.

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But these days, and a lot of us have become dependent. We want someone to give us the experience we want the Imam to give us the show. We want someone to get us in a state we cannot sit down and really recycle on or make liquor sit for an hour and recite because we cannot do this why we want someone to entertain us. So you find it has to be holochain domestic if there's no helicon domestic I'm going to go on YouTube and search for lectures right because i don't i don't i don't have any momentum of what my own self I mean maybe this is more of an emergency kind of procedure yes to boost your your connection to Allah but if you become completely dependent on someone else, you

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missing out big time on your within your relationship with the last panel data, you need to develop this kind of special time between you and Allah. recite the Quran, remember Allah make is to

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do the call of the morning and the evening of Carlos Saba Messiah, you need to have this time by yourself, no one can do it for you, you, you know, by the way, your connection with Allah, you can't outsource it. You can't outsource it.

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Because if you outsource it, you're not getting the benefit, someone else is getting the benefit. So don't become very dependent on someone else. For your spirituality for your connection with Allah subhanaw taala. That's very important. Because if you depend when that person is not there, if you're dependent, for example, an Imam to give an Allah Allah, the man has an emergency, he didn't come for the Holocaust. Now you're not going to experience what you what you what you expect it right.

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Or you check on one of the YouTubes or this lecture of this speaker is not so great this day, okay? It didn't really make it didn't make the cut for me.

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So this is why you need to depend or you need to you need to take responsibility for creating this connection with the last panel to Anna. Yes, if there is a halaqaat fine, we try to do our best here. Okay.

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Listen to it attended and benefit from it. But make sure you take a time by yourself between you and Allah subhanaw taala. And you actually just focus in your relationship with Allah, recite the Quran with reflection, make Vicar, take that time, seek forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, make draft for your parents. Make draft for the people that you love.

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Go over your past sins, go over your past years, you know, for the last five years in your life. And remember this sins that you have committed, as Tom seeking forgiveness for each one of them. That's a great act of worship, we don't do it, that's part of that's part of holding yourself to account which Bob advised us to do. So these are important things that we should do. As I said, take time out by yourself where you don't depend on anyone else to take you to Allah, because Allah has given you the means Allah has given me so take, make sure you have this time, every day between you and Allah subhanaw taala. And believe me, this is going to boost the level of your a man big time, more

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than any lecture more than anything else. Just hold the whole and reflect on some verses, and help yourself or allow yourself to feel these are the words of Allah subhanaw taala, I am reciting them and open up your heart.

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Allah is going to give you a lot is gonna give you because once you invest with Allah, Allah is going to pay you back big time. So I'm going to stop here in sha Allah and take a couple of questions if there are any questions. And I said, again, since the congregation is bigger, just something to draw your attention to. I apologize and excuse myself from taking any personal individual questions. If you have a question, ask it in the question and answer time after this halaqa. And we have halaqaat after February as well, you can ask your questions then. Apart from this, I really excuse myself, I won't be able to take your questions or comments, because most of

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the time I'll be running between things. So if you stop me, something else will get delayed. So please don't mind. Sometimes I have to say someone I mean not giving them enough. I like that sometimes I don't get to do it with due diligence, where I can really apologize for the person when I'm rushing. I had to say the person Sorry, I can't. I can't take your question now. And I move some people take offense. So please, if you have any question you can ask it during the questions and answers time. After this halaqa which is an almost an hour before

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or after surgery, we have HELOC as well, we have q&a as well, where you can show or ask your questions Apart from this, please excuse me, and I apologize, I won't be able to take your individual questions or comments. Just a couple of okay questions now. For

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What's it What about food? It's in about 10 minutes?

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No problem the food that you give us video, the video when you miss out some days. You can give them raw or you can give them cooked. Yeah, you can give them raw or cooked but when you give it is the food where the food that people eat. So don't say I'm going to give someone for example. Like they say in Canada, if you give someone rice that's not a meal, let's face it, a meal needs to have fish, lamb, beef, chicken, right. But in other cultures rice is a meal so that it works here it doesn't work. So you need to give a meal in that in that locality in that country. So give a meal that usually people consider to be a proper meal to say lunch or dinner.

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Yeah, that's what a meal is. So you can give it cooked or uncooked. No problem. Another question.

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Okay, the video if someone has to miss the whole month, they can't fast the whole month. You can either feed

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30 people one meal each or you can feed the same person 30 times and between these ends of the spectrum you can do whatever you have a whole lot of choices as well. Okay, take one more question.

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No more questions. Okay, so don't ask me individual questions about a cola vehicle. Bye. Think now we should. The brothers will give instruction such a law so I won't get that. Baraka Luffy come Zakouma Hiroshima Solomon Amina Mohammed when he was Abu Salim one thing now the time is photo photo person says when he saw me that one last word, and for the fasting person, a data that will not be rejected. So make the right now for yourself for your families, your loved ones, your parents, your teachers, and for me as well, and for the Muslims all over the world. So make sure I'll accept from all of us political upheaval