Iman (Faith) Is A Seed That Has To Grow Into A Tree

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When we speak technically about Islam, Islam highlights or refers mainly to the external aspects of Eman of the religion and that's why when Gibreel alayhi salam came to the messenger so Laurie was salam in the form of a man he said Young Muhammad, Bernie and in Islam, and Muhammad tell me about Islam. The Prophet SAW Allah or Islam said, the shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah and Muhammad Rasool Allah, we're talking about salah what is otter tooth is the cow otter Sama, Ramadan moto jailbait is that our daily savior, that's what is done is the five pillars of Islam that are

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the external manifestations.

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Whereas Iman covers Islam, and the inner dimension and the root of Islam itself.

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So it's not Eman, is the beginning is the faith in the heart. But then it starts expressing itself externally if it's true. And when you implement when you act upon this event and you show this Islam, it feeds back into your Eman and you get a higher level of Eman and faith.

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A higher level of faith and that's why Allah subhanaw taala instructed the Prophet SAW Selim to speak to those nomads among group or some hypocrites. Don't call yourselves believers don't say we have believed but say we have embraced Islam we have become Muslim.

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We are doing the actions of Islam. But your real Eman has not yet manifested itself in your hearts. You have not really done what it truly takes. Yes.

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We should be aware of this is oftentimes we confuse Islam with Amen. We think as long as I am a Muslim and how I have the title Muslim I identify myself as a Muslim. Or maybe even if I do better than that and perform the acts of worship, I pray I fast. I hold the Muslim name

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and I utter some Arabic words I say in sha Allah I said hamdulillah my c'est la ilaha illa Allah.

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That's Islam. But it doesn't guarantee I have Iman pro premium doesn't mean you completely avoid a female. But Eman is levels.

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The man has levels. It's the root is the seed of everything. But this seed has to grow into a tree if it does not grow into a tree you'll find the Quran referring to that but you don't have a man yet, doesn't mean you don't have a man at all. But you don't have the man that will get you into paradise and protect you from the Hellfire I

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still need to do more. You still need to do more externally and internally