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you can now purchase directly from our site, www dot graebert. Media. Dakota, UK. I'd like to tell you about something first. One time at the university, we're giving a class and the class was about, you know, tawheed and should and things like that. So then the sister put her hand up, she told me about a concept that I've never heard of before. She said, you know, back home, we have people called bees. Does it familiar with theaters, right?

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She said, these piers, you know, the you have to basically you run things by them, they have to give approval for some of the things you're going to do and, and she gave me a description of how the pier is operate. And she said, What do you think of that? I said, Well, I have never heard of that before. But if they have to approve of you, and you have to get their approval, that's a lot of pressure.

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I would say that's be the pressure.

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All right. So let's get serious for a second.

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I apologize that I'm giving a lecture from an iPad. I hate doing that. makes you look like a sucky old, the old timer who is trying to be hip to the Shabaab, you know, hey, look at me, I have an iPad.

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Little do you know, it's an iPad one. It's not even three year. It's not cool, you know, but I didn't bring my laptop so I have to do it. So excuse the the uncool illness for the youth. Yeah.

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All right. Great. Let's get started. Yeah, so we're talking about pressure. First thing you want to agree upon is that this is a normal thing. Everyone encounters resistance, pressure from either family, from society from the majority if you're a minority, from whoever it is, you always encounter pressure and this is like a lot sooner on this earth. And every single one of the prophets of Allah azza wa jal experienced this and experienced some type of resistance. And unless is in more than one place in the Koran gives us description of the prophets getting some kind of pressure or some kind of resistance from community or from their society at large. A large budget says in the

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Quran. What can liquidity Nabina do one child into Elgin? Your Heba O'Meara. bobbin zofran Cole? Yeah. zaful cola hora. So Allah is really saying, so we have appointed for every prophet enemy's Shelton among mankind and among jinn. So every prophet got enemies from mankind and from jinn, they inspire one another with adorn speech, beautiful words, fancy speech, use it as a delusion of way of deception. And if Allah Subhana, Allah will, they would not have done it. So leave them alone to their fabrications, just push on, do what you do, and don't worry about what they say. And you probably can all relate to this verse. Yeah, when the kuffaar and the people of Babylon, they repeat

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these phrases that sound good to them, and they they just bounce it off one takes from the other and they build upon it and they make it look like they've got some truth, but they're just using it to misguide people and you know this with the atheist you know this with all kinds of people who repeat the same old same old things they make themselves look rational, scientific and and you're the one who is silly and ridiculous for believing in a god. So they put pressure on you like that. Every one of the prophets of Allah went through that. And sort of Lacan Allah Gill says very similar to the one we we we mentioned earlier, okay Danica john nikolina been I do one minute imagery mean work

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FRB, Rebecca de la sera. So we have made for every prophet as an enemy from amongst the evildoers, every prophet had an enemy. So that means then be ready to encounter resistance. Be ready that your message will be refused. And people will argue against your ways people will argue against your believes be ready to be ridiculed. Yeah. And being ridiculed. This is nothing new. And everyone is doing everyone wants a piece of you now, right? Muslims will ridicule you and non Muslims want to ridicule you. Everyone wants a piece of the Muslim now that's why the Muslim has to be ready in our times. You know, and one of the descriptions of him even Tamia Rahim, Allah really amazing

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description. They said that whenever he spoke on a topic, you felt that he he spent his whole life preparing and that one topic, he gave a lecture about an issue. You felt as if his whole life was just doing his PhD on that issue. Then tomorrow, he speaks on a totally different issue. And you feel as if he spent his whole life preparing that issue, and they after that, and so on and so forth. Now, we can't all be like that. But we have to be well rounded because the atheist wants a piece of you, the Muslim who says they're progressive, even though they're regressive. They want a piece of you. You know, everybody wants a piece of you to be ready. You know, give this guy a punch

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in the face this guy a kick. Now of course we're talking here.

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Literally, not literally, figuratively. Yeah, figuratively. We're peaceful people up

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For people, we only punch people in our imaginations in my right. Thank you very much. So everybody wants to ridicule you this is this is not new. This is not new. We all know this from the Quran, in in levena Drama can omit alladhina, amanu jaquan. So, the evildoers, the disbelievers they used to laugh at the believers will either model will be him yet Obama zone. So when the believer passes by, what do they do?

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They bring the other guys attention, look at this guy.

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Watch, and they watch you as you pass by and then something funny about you they make fun of you. Old, nothing new here. So when you go through that it's a good sign for a year upon the Hutton chudleigh. Don't worry about it, don't worry about it.

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So it's been happening for a long time it will continue to happen. But then of course in the same sort of this sort of have been insane. Spoiler alert, just a few verses later on the reverse happens when there's the reverse happen when the believers then laugh at the non believers, the reverse happens the Day of Judgment for yom and levena amanu Miracle Fabi jaquan. Today, those who believed will laugh at the kuffar. So you remain patient because you know that day is coming. You remain patient because you know you're upon the truth. And those upon falsehood want to ridicule the people upon the truth. They want to ridicule you throw your beard, whatever it is, they want to ridicule,

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hijab, ridiculed niqab, Muslims are doing that to one another now. So if Muslims are doing it to one another, non Muslims will do it to us. And then we say, I know this is a little harsh, but I always tell people, like when someone says, did you hear about the news, this non Muslim came and harassed the Muslim sister for wearing hijab, you get angry, right? But you don't we deserve that. I know this is brutal, but we deserve it. Why? Because we harass each other. When a Muslim sister goes into the masjid with niqab in some places, the United States, the men harass her, sister don't cover your face, to cover your face just to take it off. Why are you harassing her? If you weren't a coward?

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You'd find something else to do. Go on harassing assistant, so we harass each other. You know, how many times has a non Muslim told you to shave your beard? Has it ever happened to you? Yeah. How would you one guy in the room? Anyone else?

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Yeah, just a few more. How many people in this room and how many people put their hands up? So few? Were non Muslim who come and say Hey, why don't you shave your beard? How many Muslims have ever told you to shave your beards?

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How many times a guy will come to you? And excuse my turn, but you'll be dirty shaven? I don't say clean shaven. What do you mean clean shaven? Were filthy honey. so dirty shaven. So he'll come to you? And he said, Brother, you know, why don't you?

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Excuse me? Why don't you?

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Why don't you?

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He's giving you advice to shave. Yeah. After 911 add pressure on people. And people just break under pressure. Look at the history of the prophets. Look at the history of an abuse of the law said it's about dealing with pressure. You know, if you read the cedar properly, you know that pressure comes to Muslims and you would stand you don't break you don't collapse immediately. But after 911 every Muslim was just giving the other person advice. You know, here's something for you, brother. You open it up Gillette Mach three. Okay, like what? shave brother shave and shave. Sisters removing hijab name is changing. You know, y'all know what happened, right? Mohammed became more. Bilaal

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became Billy

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and Omar Abdullah fieldbook became broadwick chadway, Kuru.

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Fresh extended a little bit. Yeah. But you know, something, we're, we're social beings. Yeah, we're social beings. We're affected by our environment very much. So because we're social beings. And when you are a minority that lives amongst the majority, naturally, there will be some form of pressure, you know, some years ago, and Halloween fell on a Friday. So I'm going to do my prayer. I'm wearing a robe and stuff. And this old lady saw me she's walking her dog. She looked at me, she said, Oh, you're starting early, dear.

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So I'm going to worship a law you think I'm going to some party dressed as some Muslim? You think this is a costume? I'm a pirate, or what do you think this is? You starting early? Who starts a Halloween party? At 12:30pm? What's wrong with you? Yeah, but you live amongst the majority that doesn't know you. So naturally, there'll be some pressure. So when we look at some of the what are the options any minority will face when they live amongst a majority? Muslim, non Muslim, it doesn't matter just when any minority living amongst another majority. So the first thing is that they assimilate that they melt. They just become like the majority, they leave their ways they leave

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their values, and they become like the majority and this also we see this happening with some Muslims. They they totally

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They totally forget, you know who they are, they forget their values, and they just become one of the crowd. That's one option. The second one is to resist and reject the dominant society. And you also see this and this is less common in our communities. But you see this, maybe it's more common in the UK, but you see people that live as if they're still back home. Yeah. And they're amongst the majority, they totally reject the ways the good and the bad. Then you have the third is an also a rarity, but they will reject both they'll reject their the, let's say the values of their parents, their religion, their culture, everything and they'll reject also the the mainstream, you know,

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culture the majority, so they'll become something else like, whatever other subculture Gothic or they'll become punks. You still have punks here. Yeah. Okay. I mean, I mean, the ones with the hair, the colors, not, not the standard punks. Yeah. Okay, then there is the fourth kind. And this is what's natural. The fourth thing is what is natural is basically is to take from this and to take from that. And so like, for example, as I speak to people in this room, I just assumed that I'm speaking to people who are, were British, and I don't look and see, you know, people from Sri Lanka, or I see people who are British, because, realistically, that's what you are now.

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And it's like, when, when you're when I'm in Canada, you know, I see a guy who is of Pakistani origin. And he's following ice hockey, you know, and I'm like, you know what, there you go. That disqualifies you from being a true Pakistan, you following ice hockey to this degree, you know, and you go to Australia, and they're following, you know, some other sport to such a degree, because you're part of this community. So you take your own values, you take the best of what you have, and you mix it with the best of what's in that society. We don't accept everything just as is. And we don't just reject everything. And this is what happens naturally.

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So because we're we are social beings, we take from these cues from one another, and we assimilate at some point or another. And this even happens in the animal kingdom. And there's a story that they say about a king, and this king was given a horse, a beautiful horse as a gift. So he showed the horse to his minister. He said, What do you think of this horse? The minister said, this is a fantastic horse. It's beautiful. It's a wonderful specimen. Unfortunately, this horse it was raised with cows.

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King just setting this guy there's no he's talking about next day. He's given a falcon beautiful Falcon as a gift. He shows it to the Minister. It says beautiful Falcon excellent. physical specimen, superb, unfortunately, was raised with chicken. He said, Okay, tell me about these comments you're making about my animals. He said, Well, your horse, I realized that it was when it has an itch, your horse will lick the itch. And that's what cows do. But horses, they scratch the itch with their front teeth. So because your horse was licking the itch, I knew that it was raised with cattle with cows. And as for your Falcon, Falcons, they like to stay perched at like a top high

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area. But your Falcon spends a lot of time walking on the floor, and it picks seeds and affects things in the ground. And that's not how Falcons behave. So I knew that it was raised with chicken. So basically, the moral of the story is that animals who communicate on a low level they can affect one another. If animals who don't communicate in detailed and intricate detail like human beings can affect one another. What do you think would happen with human beings? You know, most of you you have a British accent? Why? Why do you think that is? How come you don't have an Australian accent? Which by the way, I think is much much cooler than your accent I apologize. Fantastic accent who agrees

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with me?

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Only two people or three people? Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what you guys are thinking Australian accent is exciting. It's excellent.

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I always try to do the Australian accent Australia. I'm very excited to be here.

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So anyways,

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so So what I'm saying is that animals, they don't communicate on an intricate level and they affect one another. So what about us? Yeah, that's why, you know, for me, it's always a disappointment. I'm sorry. But when I meet a black person in the UK, it's always a disappointment for me. Yeah. Because, you know, I expect because I love African American people. And when I leave America, I always miss them. They're very nice. I love African American people. And so I see a black guy in the UK and I think, I betcha he's a brother. You know what I'm talking about brother. Not a brother, brother. Brother is just your brother and sister. My brother is a cool black guy. So I see. I see a black si.

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He's probably a brother. Yeah. And he comes over. He's like, Hello, I'm like, Oh my God.

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He just ruined it.

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You know? So so that means we affect each other. We affect each other very much. So actually, I saw this before on a television program this dog. He was raised with 60 cats. And he never saw a dog before in his life. This dog thought he was a cat. He thought it was a cat. He acted like a cat.

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He did cat things. And you know, catnip, it's a plant that is basically it's like marijuana, hashish for cats. Yeah, they smoke, they don't smoke it, they, they chew it. Yeah. And they start to roll around. And so he would sniff the catnip, which doesn't affect canines, and he started to roll around and pretend like he's high, you know. So he thought he was a cat. They didn't speak. He didn't speak cat, either. He spoke dog, but he was affected by them, because he lived with them. And they don't communicate in a deep level like we do. And they affect each other. There was another one about a dog. He never saw other dogs ever. He just saw human beings, this dog thought he was a human

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being. And he would try to stand on his hind legs like humans, I'm not talking about Scooby Doo here. He would try to stand on his hind legs, he thought he was a human being. So we're social beings, we're naturally going to be affected by our societies, we're going to be affected by people. And then people will want us to assimilate. So they'll put pressure on us to look like them. Because and we've discussed this before being ethnocentric. People think their way is the best way. So if you're different, no, no, no, you should be like how we are, you should do it the way we do it. Because everyone naturally thinks their ways the best way. Their cultures, the best culture, their

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whatever their attitude, whatever they have is the best way. That's just part of ethnocentrism, right. And I guarantee you people, to those of you in the audience who have, let's say, like, at home, you follow, let's say some indo Pak culture, you believe that's the best culture. And you see, it's better than Arab culture. And the Arab is sitting here, and he's thinking to himself, no way, we are much better than you watch better than you. And the Afghan is sitting here, he's thinking he's got the best way, we're all ethnocentric. We all think our ways the best way. So sometimes in the society wants to put pressure on you to assimilate to be like that. And so besides that guy who

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comes into

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the other guy comes until Jabra, shake the hand of them, what will happen if you shake the woman's hand, you will fake. Everybody just wants you to change to do something. Leave me alone. Yeah. Everybody just wants to put pressure on you in one way or another. When it comes to family now, especially for the young people in the audience. I know what you're thinking. Young people in the audience here, they just, they just want to be like, Sahaba, you know, fighting against a Buddha. It's your dad. It's not a Buddha Hubby, I respect him. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I'm upon the truth. That gives me the right to give them attitude. Be careful. So the youth, this is gonna say with your

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family, you resist, and you give advice. You don't run away. So your agent helaas. I move out now. So nobody bothers me about the massage. Didn't I move out? No. scholars say it's better for you to stay, stay and resist, but you also give them advice. And you have to remain well mannered and respectful of them. Because that's the relationship to your father. Yeah, this is a true story. As young man start to become practicing and everything and he came, and he found his brothers and sisters watching a television program, maybe it was some movie that was not very appropriate. So he came and he broke the television. He broke the television. Now realistically, does he have the right

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to do that? No. Unless it's his television, he can break it, sell it, put his foot through it. It doesn't matter. But it's not his it's his father's. So the father comes home from work, the televisions, who broke the television, your son broke it. And you know what they call the television till fuzion belagavi. Right in Arabic tvzion. They called a new CD on because it brings facade into the house. Yeah. So he broke the move CD on this guy, you know, enjoying what is good for bidding what's evil. So the father, he when he they told him that he immediately took out like his belt, and he started to beat the boy. And this is a true story. And while he's beating the boy get what guess

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what the boy was saying? I hadn't.

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I hadn't

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really got the story wrong here. You know, this is not about shirk. And that's your dad, okay. It's not who Jehovah will have or something.

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So, when it comes to family putting pressure on you, you resist, but you remain well mannered. And you always give them advice. And you're always patient. Always well behaved with them. You don't forget who they are. They're not enemies of a law and you're like on the truth. No, they're your family that you want saved from the hellfire. So here, you resist and you give advice, and you don't run away when it comes to that. So with family, you resist with society, you resist and you know something. This is really the best thing. Maybe one of the best things about being a diet when you see yourself even if you're a part time job is being a diet calling people to Allah. There is no way

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you can see someone else who is misguided. And as far as you know, collectively, their destination won't be paradise. There's no way you can see someone like that, that you know they're destined for the Hellfire to be superior to you. There's no way they can bully you. There's no way

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You can feel inferior because I was put on put here to guide you. To show you the truth. How am I ever going to see myself inferior to you? It's impossible. That's the benefit of being a Dyer. Yeah. So if you're not a diet become a part time or full time diet, always in your head, you're walking all the time. So you never feel inferior to someone. You never feel like well look at their way, that's the best we're looking at. This person is better than me. Now. They're misguided. You need to direct them to the truth.

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Okay, so.

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So we agreed, then you're always going to encounter pressure, you have to resist it. You have to give advice. And that's your job. You rectify conditions in your immediate society. And whether they're Muslim or non Muslim, the hair comes out of you. It goes to everybody you know, and that's why I lost count dialysis. Quantum hydro Mateen rayjet Nina's the NASS, you know, when a loss is a national currency. It means that Muslims and non Muslims, we were the best nation brought forth to humanity to mankind, the Muslims and the non Muslims. For many years, the the effect of Muslim communities in the West only affected poor Muslims and we gather donations, we give it to the poor

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Muslims, we gather food to the poor Muslims, we always give back to the Muslims in society. But we, for the longest time, we're not giving back to society, you have to give back to society. And so

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there was there was an incident and and I repeat this many times, and but there was an incident one time in the United States where they wanted to build a marriage and a community. And so the people in the community, they didn't want the masjid there, you know, parallel parking and all kinds of problems and littering on Friday. Yeah. And these things happen, unfortunately. And there was one Masjid in an affluent area, and very clean neighborhood. But after July, it looked like a hurricane hit that city hit that town, that neighborhood and because there were chicken bones everywhere, and plates and cups, and horrible, so they didn't want the masjid there. So they took it to the town

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meeting that had this town hall meeting. And then an uncle got up to make a strong point. He got up and he said, we have a right to build a Masjid in this society, we have a right to build domestic in this neighborhood, because we've been a part of this community for the last 25 years. So this lady got up and she was genuinely surprised. She said, You've been a part of this community for 25 years. She said, I've been doing soup kitchen for 20 years. I've never once seen a Muslim in 20 years help out. Not once.

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You don't give back to the society. So that's that's all your role will be. You get pressure you either break. Or you just go home and cry in the corner. You come out. Yeah. People are afraid, afraid.

00:22:47--> 00:23:13

I always tell people how can a lot of people they pray. They pray in the electrical closet, right? They pray the top of the stairway they pray in some hidden small, small area, you know, between the wall and the refrigerator in the kitchen at your office. There's an area you pray right there. Yeah. Don't let anybody see me. Yeah. Well, people are praying in the closet. And I was telling Muslims Yeah. Why are you praying in the closet, gays are coming out of it. And you're still praying inside it.

00:23:15--> 00:23:19

Just make sure he doesn't cross in front of your sutra one. Yeah, the gays walking out.

00:23:23--> 00:24:01

Thank you, sir. Seriously, you know, so. So the fear comes from Muslims. It goes to everybody. And when that's the case, it's not a matter of, Oh, you know, you people give me pressure and what should I do? It's a matter of, yeah, you think your way is the best but let me guide you to what is better. Let me guide you to the truth, and you're not going to put pressure on me. So that's your job. That's your job. You rectify conditions in society. The hair comes from you and it goes to everybody. One of the most amazing things when they've been teaching me how to handle a law passed away. A Christian man came crying at the death of a bin Tamia. Okay, wait a minute. Why is a

00:24:01--> 00:24:10

Christian not happy at the death of Libyan Tamia Rahim Allah? Didn't he write volumes? This big refuting Christianity. Okay, was this big?

00:24:12--> 00:24:47

refuting Christianity he should be happy. This enemy of Christianity died, he came crying. So they said Why are you crying? He said I'm not crying because the man died. He said I'm crying because the good that he used to do won't be done anymore. He used to do good in our society. And now that he died, it's not gonna happen anymore. I'm crying for that. So this man or him Allah, he did so much good that went to the community went to Muslims, and it went to non Muslims and this is how the Muslims should be. This is how the Muslims should be. And I'm always surprised at the speakers and he there's one speaker who travels the world and he tells Muslims that if the non Muslims want to,

00:24:47--> 00:24:54

you know to do drugs or they want to get drunk, leave them alone. It's not your business because it's hard for them and it's their country.

00:24:55--> 00:25:00

First of all, Is this our role that I walked by a guy selling

00:25:00--> 00:25:28

Drugs and liquids. Hello, Frank. And first of all, it's not hard for him. And we're in the Bible that say that's hard for him to do that. It's not hard for him. That's the first thing. Second thing. Maybe my child will walk in front of this corner A few hours later, you telling me I don't have anything to do anything against this against this man selling drugs in this corner? So no, the hair comes from us. We enjoin what's good. And we forbid what's evil in our society. That's our role, not just to take the pressure and then go home and see how we're going to react to it. Yeah.

00:25:29--> 00:25:30


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but you know, something even with that, and even as much as it's, it's not a pleasurable experience to be under pressure, or to be part of

00:25:41--> 00:26:13

the minority, because that has its difficulties sticking out has its difficulties being different, has its difficulties and sisters understand that? Yeah. And some brothers understand that. And perhaps in the UK, it's not as bad as it's, it is in the US. And he, I think they I see folks all the time, and I see beards all the time, in the streets, everywhere in London and here, but in the US, it's maybe not as common, you know, when people stare, but they just stare more more politely. And, you know, I think some of you who have been overseas and been back home, you know, how people stare there, it's like this.

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And then, you know, usually when someone is staring at you, and you turn around, what do they do? They look away, right? But overseas, that you look at them, and they're still looking straight at you.

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You know, I used to live in a country and I don't want to say where it was.

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and you just be sitting in the car and you feel like something is burning a hole into the side of your head. You turn on this guy's just staring at you.

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So you stare back. And it should be enough indication to do this, right? But he keeps staring at you. So you do this to him.

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And he just does this.

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So anyways, people stare in America, you know that they're just a bit more tactful when they do it and got some style, you know, you know, they pretend like they don't notice you the minute you pass by. They're like,

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they stare and something if you're careful, you can catch them staring. There's there's pressure that comes with that being stared at all the time. There's pressure with being singled out all the time at airports. You know what I'm talking about? Yeah, asking you're getting random searches. You have random searches here. Yeah. Yeah. We have random searches in America. They're so random that any, every time you're, you're pulled out and in line is just like Kareem Abdul Karim Muhammad Ali, not just in LA in the random line, you know. So obviously, it's not random anymore. But the point is, there is difficulty in being a part of that. And the good news is that any difficulty you

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experience takes away from your sins. Let the blessing of being a Muslim, any difficulty. You walk into a restaurant, people stare at you, you feel uncomfortable, good for you. Taking away from your sins, you get cold takes away from your sins, any discomfort you get, and they'll be so seldom said had the shoka use alcohol even as a thorn, not not talking about a big cut here or knife or anything. Just the thorn bricks, your finger a little annoying, and it goes away in a few minutes. Right? Even that takes away from your sins. So the pressure of being difficult takes away from your sins, people staring at you takes away from your sins, and the sisters and we will have to commend

00:28:24--> 00:28:57

the sisters and it because some of us may we can get away with it right? And some of us can't, some of the brothers can get away with it. They they can blend in a little bit. You know, sometimes I pass for an African American, a handsome African American. I mean, in America, they may not recognize that I'm a Muslim. But for sisters there always always have this indication that says they're Muslims because of the way they're dressed, and they don't have an option concerning that. So this pressure takes away from their sins. This pressure is part of what Allah subhanaw taala has written for the believers. But what do you do? Do you break? Do you crack under pressure? Or do you

00:28:57--> 00:29:40

stand strong? Why you're amazed that groups and people who fight for rights that aren't really their rights anymore? We're not gonna give specific examples but just about every other group is fighting to be recognized as this or as that and it's all valid for the for the most part, just the love and the Muslim still hiding. Still escaping so wants to blend in wants to blend in, sent to guide people seeking from the hellfire. And can you imagine someone sent or not sent by a lion but your job is to guide through from the Hellfire and then you want to dress and blend and look like someone who is going to the Hellfire? I'm not saying jeans are haram please then there's always the brother in the

00:29:40--> 00:29:46

audience who insist on the jeans being haram brother. And lecture is about who's your brother?

00:29:47--> 00:29:48

What about the jeans?

00:29:50--> 00:29:55

philosophy? Relax. Yeah. So we're not saying that we're just saying that. Just imagine the idea.

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

He was from Bangladesh, that brother by the way. Okay.

00:30:00--> 00:30:16

So just imagine the idea of someone sent to guide people or to bring people into paradise to show them the truth. And he decides that will let me blend in and look like people who are misguided. Does that make sense? Very bad ah huge failure mission has failed. So.

00:30:20--> 00:30:57

So at times of pressure, you turn to Allah subhanaw taala. And you will think, well, what kind of pressure is this we need to turn to Allah any kind of pressure doesn't have to be severe peer pressure turned to a larger family putting pressure on you to turn to Allah make dua to Allah to make you patient with that to keep you steadfast make dua to Allah to guide them. So they're on your side and they do your work. You always turn to Allah azza wa jal. Some people think that it has to be a calamity before you run to Allah xojo you know, the early Muslims, one of them if if like Jani Shira canal is basically you know, when you wear the sandals that have the big toe by itself, and

00:30:57--> 00:31:38

then they have just that middle part, if it breaks and they have the material to fix it, they would still make dua to Allah to assist them in fixing it. They still make the out to Allah azza wa jal. So, you and making the right to Allah is a win win situation. You never lose when you make dua to Allah true or false. Just look at some descriptions. They're just amazing. And they'll be so seldom said in the law, ha ha Yoon city, Allah Subhana, Allah is high from higher. Yeah, and there's not an exact translation. But being shy, it's a combination of being shy, being bashful. Wait a minute, describing a large ledger like that Allah azzawajal, the master and owner of everything shy of view,

00:31:39--> 00:32:21

bashful of view, why? Because he hates that you put your hands up, and you ask him for something, and you return them empty handed. That's really unbelievable, then, really, you know, that's why the companions when the President explained to them, they understood it really well. And they just said a short sentence that showed they really got the concept. And that is also explained to them how it works with da, and they said something very simple. They said, he then fell nuclear isn't for nuclear. That means then, so they're saying in that case, we should make a lot of That's it, they got it. You never lose. Your hands never go down empty handed, you always get something, you either

00:32:21--> 00:32:40

get it immediately, or you get something similar, some similar good to it, or you get in the next life. No way you get nothing zero, you always get something. So this isn't fun look there, you should make a lot of data then you never lose. Imagine not. So you never lose. That's one

00:32:41--> 00:33:22

and Allah Subhana Allah give you this world means nothing to him. And if it if this world, and everything in it was equal to them to the wing of a mosquito to Allah, what's the wing of mosquito to you? Nothing, no one in this room values the wing of a mosquito, it's an it's useless. It doesn't do anything. It has no weight. You can't use it as a paperweight. You can't do anything with it. It's useless. So what is it to a lot of than even more useless. But But if this whole world and everything that's in it was equal to the wing of a mosquito with a law, he would not have given a Kaffir, a sip of water to drink. So that means this world means nothing to Allah. So that means I'm

00:33:22--> 00:33:49

putting my hands up to a Lord that is merciful and generous and loves to give and hates to, for me to put my hands down without giving me anything. And this world means nothing to him. And he is so merciful, that he would respond to the door of a cafe at a time of need. So how would you lose in this situation? Absolutely a win win situation situation isn't for nothing, then we should make a lot of

00:33:50--> 00:34:23

you know, something the last third of the night, whatever issue Yeah, and if some people say things like, what doesn't unlock just have some kind of like, quick, like magical solution or just something you can? Yeah, there are plenty But who will wake up and do it the last third of the night. It's incredible. Like the last third of the night is Unbelievable. Unbelievable. But how many people wake up to solve their problems there. So a guy has a calamity at night. He's thinking okay, in the morning when I wake up, I'm going to go and visit this guy and call this person to help me out. Why don't you think okay, let me wake up in the last third of the night and call the last panel

00:34:23--> 00:34:59

Todd. Allah is legit, in his greatness descends to the world, the heavens and he asked, Is anyone asking for forgiveness so that I may forgive him? Is anyone asking so that I may give him and this happens every single night. And when this is happening, we're in the deepest part of sleep at that moment. And we have our list of problems. There's nobody in this room except we have pressures and problems and issues we want solutions for. But we're asleep during that time. When Allah zillion in his greatness is asking that question. We're fast asleep. What if a local millionaire from Birmingham, he came in he said, Look

00:35:01--> 00:35:21

He took his Shahada and he was in a good mood. And he's really let's say he's a billionaire. Okay? Very, very rich guy. He says, You know what? Anyone who has financial problems in this community just come at 2am be here at 2am. And all you have to do I'll bring my checkbook Just tell me the amount and I'll give it to you. What do you think will happen at 2am?

00:35:22--> 00:35:38

What do you think? Everyone will be fast asleep while he's Millionaire? Here's a toy I'm seeing Oh, who has a problem? I'll write you a check. You think everyone will be asleep? So some guy who got his wealth from Allah and we trust him? How can we not trust Allah? Not so much?

00:35:39--> 00:35:44

It will be a I think some people just wouldn't leave after Isha. Do you agree with me? Just after he

00:35:46--> 00:36:08

said, I want to take the pillow out immediately. I'm waiting till 2am. You know, before to You're up early and stuff, make sure you're in front of the line. Another brother comes tries to sneak in I had. This is my I put this brick here earlier, which means I was waiting here. There'll be fights and stuff and just the guy who got his wealth from Atlanta, Georgia. What about the one this whole world means nothing to him.

00:36:09--> 00:36:23

It's less than a mosquito into a larger budget. last third of the night. Yeah, the last third of the night is like opening a chest and taking what you want from it. Well, law is like that. We just got up, if we just get up and fix our problems then.

00:36:25--> 00:36:59

But we know when there's pressure, you become closer to a lawsuit. And that's how things work. Any kind of pressure from family from peers, you know, you're a young man or young woman in school, and people are putting pressure on you, you're getting a share of what the prophets went through. That's, that's what the truth looks like. Yeah. So the the benefits is that you get closer to Allah did you make sure to Allah subhanaw taala. You know, speaking of making dua with for sure. This is a true story that happened in in the early Muslim journey. There was

00:37:01--> 00:37:17

a man who had the taxi and you know, I know there were no cars. Yeah, but they still had taxis, which is basically a man with a donkey. And you say, I want to go from here to there and you agree on a price and you get on the donkey? And he takes you? Yeah. So he said,

00:37:19--> 00:37:55

A man came to me. He said, you know, take me to such and such a place. They agreed on a price the man got on the donkey. He says I'm leading the dunk. We got to a certain area demands that I know a shortcut. Go from here says I've never seen this route. I always go from here. So now Trust me, I know this route, go from here suddenly went, we started going on this different route. And I've never been on before he got to this area. And there were all these people dead on the floor. said the man came down from the donkey took a knife out. He said, Look, I'm going to take your money and I'm going to kill you. He said, I told him listen, take my money and don't kill me. And the guy

00:37:55--> 00:38:10

said, I'm gonna take your money and I'm gonna kill you. He said, Listen, I have children. I have I have a wife. And you know, he said, Look, the killer says this. Listen, you see these men on the floor here? Every one of them said exactly what you said to me and I still killed them.

00:38:11--> 00:38:44

Yeah, what are your What are your chances there? It's pretty bad, right? And he's trying to tell me I have mercy. I've got children. You know, they're in first grade one is in kindergarten, they've got two wives. And, you know, it's like, doesn't matter all these people said the same thing. I killed them. So that means How Are You the man then realize he's gonna die anyways? He said, Okay, if you insist on killing me, at least Just let me pray two rakaat That's it. Give me two aka the guy said I'll let you pray to God. He said I started to pray to like act. And I didn't know what I was saying in this regard. I know what you're thinking, right? If someone says Oh, cool, you have to to

00:38:44--> 00:39:04

rock out you're gonna be like a long walk. And you're gonna have questions and stuff. No, you're just thinking like, right after I make this leap. I'm gonna see the angel of death I will experienced Death to the wholesaler. He said I couldn't focus. And he said to make things worse. The guy kept poking me with the knife. Hurry up. Hurry up.

00:39:05--> 00:39:50

couldn't focus so I didn't know what I was saying till the end of the Salah. I just said yummy. Ugg boots, Torah, Eva da. Oh, the one who responds to the one in desperate need when he calls upon him. He's saying, Oh Allah, you're the one who responds to people when they're in desperate need when they call upon you. So he said yeah, Mujibur, matara da, and he's asking Allah for help. He says, As soon as I finished the Salah, I see this warrior coming down from the hillock and coming straight towards us. And when he got within reaching distance, he threw a spear and struck this man dead. And he turned around, and he started to walk away. So I called upon him said, Who are you? So the man

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

turned around and he said, I am an angel from the heavens, the soldier of the one who responds to those in desperate need when they call upon him.

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

desperation, pressure, tribulations tests in life, they bring us closer to Allah azza wa jal you make it sincere there are that you wouldn't make when everything is okay and there are no problems in your life, tears, genuine tears roll down, actual for sure. you beg Allah did you cry to Allah subhanaw taala. That's the benefit behind that. That's the benefit. And that's why there's discord to say that real hypocrisy, it never really spread in Islam or never really started to enter until the Battle of better. And after the Battle of better, then hypocrisy started to spread and start to appear really within Islam. Because before that there was no reason for people to be hypocrites.

00:40:41--> 00:41:19

There was pressure, there was difficulty. They were starvation. There was torture, there was beatings, you know, so people didn't have to pretend to be Muslim. After Islam became strong, then hypocrisy came in. So pressures. And if you want to make this equation pressures get rid of hypocrisy. So the question isn't no will, will I have pressure in my life or whatever type of pressure? The question is, how would you react? That's the question, how will you react? Allah azzawajal? is testing you? What do you want to get in front of a look? And a plus? Or do you want to get an F? Or do you want to get a C minus in front of a loss of Hunter, I think everyone knows the

00:41:19--> 00:41:49

answer to that in front of a lot, you want to get an A plus, you want to get an A plus, a lot of times people know that there'll be tested, when they're tested, they can't take it. So the patients that alaric requested the requires is a beautiful patient's first bit of suburban jameelah. It's the patients where you don't complain. And you know, people now when they have a calamity, let's just pick on the woman. How about can we agree? Yeah. Okay, so sisters or brothers said, Yeah, so let's pick on the sisters, yeah, sister will have a calamity.

00:41:50--> 00:42:07

And she says she will be patient. Then she'll go through her phone, and just call every one of her friends and complain. And then this happened. And then we said this, I think we said that. Then she called the next one and complained to her then call the next one complained to her. And then at the end of each conversation, this is what she says, well, we're just being patient in Sharla.

00:42:09--> 00:42:46

Well, you're not being patient. Yeah, you're complaining for hours here. This is not beautiful patients. Beautiful patients. You don't complain. Yeah. So you know, Allah will test you. So how will you what grade will you get when you get an A plus? Because if you don't want to be tested, if you don't want any pressure, if you don't want any discomfort, if you don't want any difficulty, you're a step ahead of us. You're thinking of gender, that's gender. This is Earth. Yeah, this is Earth. It's all pressure and discomfort and trials and tribulations. If you're not tested with anything, be afraid because there's something wrong, right? If you don't have any problem in your

00:42:46--> 00:43:02

life, be afraid, because the greatest people went through difficulty, the greatest people, the prophets, they went through pressures and all kinds of challenges. So if nothing happens to you, there's something wrong there. So I don't know how much time do I have here?

00:43:04--> 00:43:25

10 fantastic. That's a good time to stop. So again, you know, we all love Allah right? Every Muslim loves Allah azza wa jal, but that's not the big question. The big question is, do you love Allah? Every Muslim will tell you I love Allah. It will be in the middle of a sentence. Oh yeah, I love Allah. I sinned, but I love the laws legit. Everyone says they love Allah. The question is, does Allah Subhana Allah love you?

00:43:26--> 00:43:34

That's the real question. Does Allah is legit love you. And imagine we're sitting here right now. And Allah looks at you and he doesn't love you.

00:43:36--> 00:43:52

That's the biggest loss. That's the biggest loss. If Allah doesn't love you right now, that's the biggest loss. It doesn't matter all the other things, how much we claim to love Allah and how much we do these things. To show religiosity in public. What matters is the loss of heart I love you.

00:43:53--> 00:44:05

And if we truly love the low end, he would test us we would know how to react. If we truly love a low and people put pressure on us we know what to do. We know what's right from wrong and we know that we're going to face pressures.

00:44:08--> 00:44:10

Anyways, so and there inshallah.

00:44:11--> 00:44:55

You know, a preemptive die You know, what pre emptive do is, make the art before the difficult situation comes? Yeah, the art of Allah Pharaoh ha yeah. rifka should get to know Allah Subhana Allah at times of ease, he will know you at times of difficulty. It is said that when Eunice la Salam was in the belly of the whale, he made artola right He called on to Allah azza wa jal. So the angel said her the Soto maroof Minh abdeen maruf Madhava. So this is a familiar voice from a familiar slave or sir or servant any familiar voice from a familiar person who is this? Yeah. And Allah says this is Uranus. This is my servant, Uranus or my my Uranus. So the angel said will you

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

not save him at the time of difficulty for what he used to do in time

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

of ease. And he used to worship you and make documents and asked you a lot during times of ease. So will you not save him because of that now in his time of difficulty, as opposed to fit on when he was dying, and he started to say that he believes in, in what is believed in. So the angel said, I need this soul to Moncure mean Abdi Moncure an unknown voice from an unknown person. This is not a familiar voice we hear in the heavens, this is not someone who constantly make makes the alto Allah subhanaw taala. So preemptive The idea is when you start to make the auto follow, you have a great relationship with Allah at times of ease, not just the times of difficulty, and of course there is

00:45:45--> 00:45:54

nothing wrong with whenever there's difficulty you rush to Allah Subhana Allah and you rush towards Allah and he will rush towards you even faster. So with that,

00:45:56--> 00:46:08

only We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who stand fast against falsehoods and stand upon the truth and doesn't look very very attentive listening so llamo Baraka Mohammed, Redmayne, Saira Malik.

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Amina shavon

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