Iman (Faith) Transpires Into Actions

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Amen is a dynamic concept. Throughout the Quran, you will see Allah addressing the believers. Yeah, you are Lavina Hammond, all you who believe or you who believe you will find all of the scholars of Tafseer they say, it's not just Allah is calling upon the believers as if he's calling upon a proper name. As if he's calling them all believers. That's it because you just believers, then what follows has nothing to do with the name believers. What you when Allah says, Yeah, and you handler the inner armor, No, Allah invokes in us.

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Our faith is faith is dynamic, if you truly believe and you're going to do what I'm telling you to do,

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if you truly have faith, your faith is going to get you to do this and that, for example, Allah says at the beginning of sorbitol Magadha Yeah, you have Lavina Herman Oh phobia, road, or you who believe fulfill your agreements, your covenants, why is faith is an act of loyalty. A man is an act of truthfulness, an act of commitment. And then Allah says, oh for widowhood, commit your agreements. If you are truly if you truly have a man, this is going to show in how you handle your commitments and your agreements.

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So whatever follows,

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actually extends from faith itself, showing that faith is dynamic. So a believer wherever you put a believer, the faith transpires in action. Now we understand how they respond, how they behave, what they initiate, how they carry themselves along. what faith is, but if faith for us is a decoration, I have a man it's I keep it in this closet or this clause it and it has nothing to do with my reality with how I handle my spouse, our handle my children, how I handle society, how I handle the challenge, how I deal with an opportunity, or how I deal with animals, I deal with the environment, how I deal even with my emotions, and with my different states. If my Eman does not have an impact

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on this. It's a mere decoration and that's a very risky place to be in. So remember, Eman is a very dynamic, very dynamic concept.

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It informs you it gives you the the will the motivation to act in ways that are in alignment with the will of Allah subhana wa Tada We ask Allah subhanaw taala to increase increases in Eman and make us better Muslims day in and day out.