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Ta-Ha 77-104 Word Analysis and Tafsir 81-82

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good omen for you by demelza kanakam each of the good things that we have provided you these good things meaning man salwaar freshwater that we have given you eat of them.

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Because using the blessings that Allah has given is part of gratitude.

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Remember that

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if Allah has given you a blessing, it's available to you, you can use it, there is no you can say piety in abstaining from it.

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There is no righteousness in avoiding it.

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And remember that it doesn't mean that if something is available to a person, he uses it excessively to the point that he becomes negligent of other things. No, there has to be violence, which is why the command is given that well at all and do not transgress because sometimes we go to extremes, right? Either we overuse or we completely neglect, there must be abundance.

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So coolum anti gravity models economical, while etouffee and do not transgress in it.

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Now what could be the transgression when it comes to eating and drinking, of the good things that Allah has provided? Especially with regards to the Bani Israel when they were given money and someone? What can we

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think about it?

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They were supposed to eat daily in the sense that whatever food was sent to them, they were supposed to eat it that day, and not store any of it for later.

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So this was what else could be doing.

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When you're given food for free, so be grateful, do not be ungrateful. Don't commit any transgression, meaning do not show any ingratitude.

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Let Adolphe meaning Do not waste it. Just because it's for free. You don't have to prepare it yourselves, does not mean that you waste it. Because many times this happens when we're given something for free. We don't have to pay for it. What happens we use it excessively.

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Like for instance, if a person is living in an apartment building, right? They are told that you don't have to pay any electricity bills, everything is included. So what happens they never switch off the lights.

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They never switch off the lights. This is what again, this is incorrect. Fine, you don't have to pay for it. Even if it's for free. It does not mean that you use it excessively, that you waste it.

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So do not waste it just because it's for free.

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Sometimes it happens that you go to a wedding, you go to a party, there's so much food, people fill up their plates. Even in our cafeteria. It's amazing how sometimes it happens that people fill up their plates and what happens? What happens half the plates are left, the food is still on the plates. It's amazing how sometimes if you go after school, when all of you have gone sometimes when I'm leaving, I'm surprised to see plates that are full of food that are sitting by the garbage can

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sitting by the garbage can.

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And this is after somebody has to buy the food. Imagine what the state would be if the food was given for free.

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Perhaps the food is extremely cheap over here. Perhaps it's not that expensive. So we think oh, what's the big deal? It's only $1 it's only $1 50. This is not right, just because something is not that expensive. Just because it's for free. It does not mean we waste it.

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Similarly at weddings at parties, people fill up their plates and they don't finish the food.

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Just because it's for free.

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And sometimes, just because food is for free. What happens people eat excessively, even beyond their need,

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even more than what they need to eat. So let at all fee to summarize, meaning eat according to need. Don't over eat just because it's for free. Secondly, use it, eat it. Don't waste the food just because it's for free.

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Thirdly, be grateful. Don't be ungrateful.

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Fourthly, this also includes that after eating after using the blessings, give the hug of Allah.

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Meaning once you have benefited yourselves from these blessings, then do something to show gratitude to Allah.

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Don't make the purpose of your life food.

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Don't make it an obsession. Just eat in order to fulfill your need, and then do something.

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What happens with us, we have our food and we sit down. Then we have our tea. And then we sit down and then we say we're so tired. Then we go and lie down and sleep.

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This is not right. Once you've eaten once you've gotten some energy into yourself, then do something give the hook of Allah

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gave you this food not to just eat and enjoy. And then you waste your time you sit and watch TV for the next half an hour for the next one hour. Know, the food that Allah gave you to give energy to your body so that you could do something for the sake of Allah to give the heck of Allah.

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And fifth, this also includes that don't withhold the food from those who are deserving of it. Because sometimes that happens when things are being given for free. People like to take as much as they can only for themselves.

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Right? Just imagine things have been given for free. Take as much as you can. And forget about if somebody else has gotten anything or not just take how much ever you can for yourself. So do not withhold it from those who are deserving of it. Just because it's for free.

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Because if you do cross limits for your Hiller Aleikum, hobby, then my wrath, my anger is going to descend upon me.

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This is something very frightening.

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That if you transgress when it comes to eating and drinking, then what will happen? My wrath, my anger will descend upon you.

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If we waste food, if we eat food and don't get the heck of a law,

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if we eat excessively, we don't give the heck of a lot. If we eat and we are not grateful, this will lead to what the anger of Allah, the punishment of Allah,

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woman yellow la la de la Toby and whoever my anger descends upon for called however, then in fact, he has fallen, he has perished he has been ruined.

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However the newsletters how well Yeah.

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How are you we literally means to fall down from a height.

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The word however as a noun, it is used for space for atmosphere.

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And then the word house is also used for desire.

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So for the house, well, what does it mean that such a person will have fallen, fallen? How he will be fallen in the sight of Allah degraded in the sight of Allah,

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human beings? Allah subhanaw taala has created them and he has given them the highest status, isn't it?

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What are the Koran napanee Adam, Allah subhanaw taala has honored the children of Adam Elisa.

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But when a person is ungrateful, when a person becomes greedy, when a person becomes wasteful, then he goes down to the level of as far as having the lowest of the low.

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And we see that when the money is not you, they will repeatedly ungrateful that Allah subhanaw taala gave them money and sanwa instead of being content with that, what did they ask for?

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What did they ask for?

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bustle, right? Or this, etcetera, etcetera. They asked for so much. Why because their obsession became food, they began storing the food they began withholding it from those who had a right in it.

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So, this led to their degradation, they completely fell in their ranks in the sight of a loss.

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Allah had given them such a high status, such high status, but they completely fell from them. And we see that even Prophethood was taken away from them.

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That the final profit did not come from them, but rather it came from wool, but he is married.

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So we'll see that when a person is not grateful for the blessings of Allah, then it leads to the anger of Allah, which leads to humiliation and disgrace in this dunya.

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And further however, then he will have fallen This is also understood as then this person will fall in hell in the hereafter.

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Because remember what a min Camilla where you do her. Each person is willing to cross over Hellfire, but a person on whom the anger of Allah has descended he will fall into hell.

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So what do we see over here, that exceeding the limits is a means of inviting the punishment of Allah the anger of the law.

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And part of exceeding limits is what bad eating habits

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because bad eating habits they're extremely detrimental to a person's health and well being.

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extravagance, in food,

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excessiveness and eating. It affects a person like nothing else does. And it creates such an imbalance in the body that makes a person unable to do what he should be doing.

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Think about it. If a person eats up

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A lot. You go to a wedding and you eat excessively, you eat one thing after the other. And you eat heavy, oily, greasy food.

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When you come home, will you be able to pray easily? No. Will you be able to sit and do your homework, no way,

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you won't be able to do that. So when a person eats excessively, it makes them lazy, it makes him want to sleep, you may have noticed the day you have extremely greasy, heavy food, that's it, you go and sleep for an hour or two, at least, you can't stay awake, even if you are awake, you're constantly on it.

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On the other hand, if a person eats very little, or a person eats less nutritious food, then what will that do to a person, it will make him weak, he will not have the energy. Even if he wants to do something, he will not be able to do it.

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And eating food that is old, that is not suitable for a person's body, what can that lead to? sickness.

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And in all of these circumstances, a person is unable to do or the other

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person is unable to fulfill his duties to a loss.

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And when a person falls short, in his duty to Allah, then that leads to what falling in the sight of Allah.

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Because just imagine if you don't eat properly, you come home and you don't pray property. You don't have the energy to pray your son. You don't have the energy to pray, you're with it even and you go to sleep, you wake up late, you barely prayer, Father, only you leave your son, then at all time because you had such a huge lunch, or you didn't eat lunch. And now you're so tired, will you have the energy to pray your son No way.

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At mother Have you exhausted because you spend so much time cooking food and clearing up all the mess Will you be able to pay your son No way. So eating food affects our lives like nothing else does. And we have to fix our eating habits. Because if we don't, they're going to affect our data.

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And if our advisor gets affected, whose site will we fall in, in the sight of a loss penalty,

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because the heck of a lot will not be given properly.

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And we think generally the eating has nothing to do with religion. It does. It's a major part of your life. And Riva is a major part of your life as well.

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Exactly the more you eat, the more you want to eat. And the more you sleep, the more you want to sleep. And it's not just about quantity of eating, it's about what you eat as well. Because sometimes people don't eat that much. And because they don't eat that much because they don't eat properly, even that affects their bodies.

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So going to any extremes, whether it's in the quantity, or it's in the quality of the food, both have to be checked.

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And the thing is that the more time that a person spends in trying to eat the best food and trying to satisfy his taste, he has to spend a lot of time doing that. Right. So it's not just that your physical body is being affected because of what you're eating. But your time is being consumed as well. Your very precious time is being consumed.

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And when a people's focus becomes food, that all the time they're thinking about food, then it leads to moral decline. Because you see that the Bani Israel also what happened with them, they weren't satisfied with money and sell what they said, We want, you know, a lot of variety in the food.

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And that led them to

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decline, moral decline. So similarly, when people are only concerned about what they're going to eat for breakfast, and what they're going to eat for lunch and what they're going to eat for dinner and what they're going to snack in the middle, what D they're going to have what coffee they're going to have what iced cappuccino they're gonna have and what this and what that it leads to a lot of time consumption, then how will you have time to do the car? How will you have time to read a book? How will you have time to contribute to writing something for you know, a magazine or something like that writing something beneficial, you will not have the time?

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How will you have the time to go to the masjid

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to attend the class to attend the halaqa you will not have the time because your time is being consumed by these little little things. It is sometimes just to have one iced cappuccino, you have to drive all the way and you have to wait in line. And then you have to come back and then you have to drink it, how much time is going. And because you're thirsty, believe me if you go have a glass of water, that'll be much better for you. It'll give you more energy. It'll save your time, and it's much more healthier for you.

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If a person eats too much, then it increases his desires and if a person eats very little, then it reduces his determination. Right? So again, what you eat how

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To eat, it affects you.

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Therefore, it has to be in moderation. If you look from the very beginning, from the first just we have been learning about eating good things. Right? The bunny is told to eat good things in the second use, we learned kulu when it matters.

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Constantly we have been, you know, given this command, we have been reminded, because it's a major part of our lives, and it affects our lives. It affects everybody.

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We're in Neela Feldman, and indeed I am the Perpetual Forgiver. Love fell, fell.

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One who forgives again and again, constantly. One who forgives one sin after the other one big sin after the other, provided that a person seeks forgiveness.

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So we're on the one hand, Allah's wrath is mentioned in the previous ayah for your halo Allah you've ever been. On the other side, his forgiveness is also mentioned. But to be the recipient of a loss, forgiveness, a person must fulfill certain conditions. And what are they? That what in Neela fell on for who? First of all Lima, and for the one who turns in repentance, for the one who apologizes for the one who turns to Allah seeking forgiveness?

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And then what am Anna and he also believed he renews his email or army lasallian and he doesn't just stop there, but he does righteous deeds as well to make up for the wrong that he had done in the past, so much data, and then he continues in guidance as well.

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So Allah is Forgiving towards who the one who believes, the one who seeks forgiveness, the one who believes the one who does righteousness and the one who remains guided.

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What does he mean by this so much data.

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If the yesterday if data is to be the recipient of guidance,

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do accept guidance to internalize guidance, to become firm on guidance.

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Or data said that this means that he adheres to Islam until he dies. So, so much data, meaning he adheres to guidance, until he dies until his last breath, he does not leave it.

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Even our boss will determine who said this means that then he does not have any doubt

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that he does, though, but he believes he does righteousness and then he does not have any doubts. He does not have any shakiness.

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Sometimes what happens you do something but later on you feel wasn't even right what I did,

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wasn't even right, I wonder,

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but some method that means that he is certain he is convinced that what he did was right because it was according to the commands that Allah has given.

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And they will assume he said, so matter that means that he then acquired knowledge in order to act according to it.

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Because the person who repent, the person who believes he does good, he continues on guidance. Such a person will remain steadfast.

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And a person cannot remain steadfast until and unless he continues to learn.

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Remember this, a person cannot remain steadfast until and unless he continues to learn.

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Because acquiring knowledge, it leads to perseverance.

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You can think about yourselves even like for instance, throughout the weekdays, every day you come here, listen to something you've reminded, right? But on the weekend, what happens one day without

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one day without the lesson. We forget so quickly, so quickly. And then on Sunday, as you open up your edges and you start revising, or you do your assignment, you get reminded again,

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right? So acquiring knowledge, continuously seeking knowledge, it leads to perseverance.

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And when a person is like that, then Allah forgives him. Allah forgives him for his shortcomings.

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Because making mistakes is a part of life.

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Human beings they do make mistakes, no matter how good they become. There is never a state that a human being can reach in this life where he becomes perfect and after he never makes a mistake. No.

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All of bunny Adam are who they are sinners, every single human being committed since. But what's the solution that a person keeps learning? A person keeps doing Toba? He keeps renewing his Eman. He keeps working on normal salia and what will happen allows forgiveness will keep coming to him.

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As long as he's trying. He's doing his best alone. We'll have to forgive him.

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We learn in Swarthmore.

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hammered number 17 when Lavina deado, Zed home Buddha, taco, those people who accept guidance, what happens a loss penalty increases them in guidance. Those who try to remain guided Allah increases them in guidance.

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Because the one who has really accepted guidance, he will realize that I need to continue learning.

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And because he will continue learning whether in the form of reading a book or listening to a lecture or reading the Quran, or joining a class or it could be different different things. A person who continues in his learning a lot will increase him in his guidance

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was down Dakota Home and Allah also gives them their righteousness.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I have left two things among you.

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As long as you hold fast to them, you will never go astray. And what are those two things? The Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu sallam.

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So what have we been taught? As long as we hold fast?

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some data that a person hold on to them, he keeps learning them, he keeps revising them.

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They doesn't say that, yes, I have read this chapter of renewable solar heat, so I don't need to read it again.

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No, he reads it again.

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Just because I have read the surah I don't need to read it again. No, he reads it again. Because every time he reads, he will improve he will be reminded. And when he will seek forgiveness, Allah will forgive him.

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The whole foods

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for washing

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person's focus in life is just his food that he's eating or he's avoiding eating or he's eating one thing after the other. He's affected by what he eats, then will he have the ability to do tava? or Amazon or Amina sila, or something like that, he won't be able to.

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So only when a person's focus becomes other than eating other than food other than having snacks all the time, then he will be able to do something in life. Then he will be able to learn more, acquire more knowledge and improve himself.